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My first battle since I came back versus XxScatterxX. May the best writer win.

Keron, The Moon of Hatred- Strength and Speed, Flight, Immortally, Death Beam
A long day of hard training and all I want to do was lay on my bed. But that, unfortunately, was interrupted by someone calling my name like a mad man.

Nope nope nope nope

I struggle to get in the closet, pushing aside all the junk I’ve stuffed in here. I get in finally and then accidently close my hand in the door.


I slide my hand in just as one of Atropos’ soldiers gets to my door and peers inside. It was a female. The first thing she noticed was my pile of clothes and other various items I stuffed into the closet on the floor. She walks over and examines it then looks up at the closet.

Double fuck

She reaches for the handle and I quickly grab it on the inside and pull tightly. When she pulls it and it doesn’t open she looks through the little windows and sees me.

“Our Goddess to speak with you” she said struggling with the door handle

Triple Fuck

“I’m not here, I’m not here. You didn’t see me.” I hear something break

“Hey hey, you can’t open the door? I’m not pulling on it anymore.” I shout and she tries desperately but the door doesn’t budge

I hate my life

I sink down and put my head between my knees

“Go get Kyzar, he’ll open it with smartness and tools” I can hear her run off as I sink further and further into despair

A couple minutes later Kyzar comes in with his nerdy toolbelt on and unjams the door. I roll out and onto the piles of various shit that was in my closet. The female soldiers hands me a piece of paper with a picture and the letter Y on it.


“It’s a target for elimination from Our Goddess, Atropos.” she said

“But his name’s Y?”

“I guess A through X was taken?” she tried making a joke

There was an awkward silence then I just got up and walked out. I run into Kaminari in the hallway and before he got the chance to say anything I started yelling

“Blah blah blah blah, I can’t hear you at all. Blah blah, blah” I run down the hall

I finally make it to the helipad and notice no ones there to fly the plane. I look to my left and stare at the sign that read “Don’t touch my fucking helicopter -Ryuk, the pilot”. I casually walk up to it and go to poke it when a wrench hit me in the side of my head.

“I am a super elite how dare you hit me!” I shout as I turn to where the wrench came from and was surprised when no one was there

Fucking ninja pilot

“Take me to the damn city. I gotta go murder someone in cold blood then come home and contemplate if I murder him right or does he have a family” I shouted

Ryuk came out fast and was already in the helicopter before I had a chance to hit him back for throwing the wrench at me. I climb in and during the ride I look at the picture.

“Burning his face into your mind?” Ryuk asked me when he noticed me staring at the picture

“No, this girl in the background is really cute” I said still focused on the cute girl

When we arrived in the city I instruct him to stay here until I come back. I already had a general location of where he would be, all that was left was his quick demise. I transformed and jumped from rooftop to rooftop peering down into the crowds of humans. I spotted him finally and jumped down on top of him as I was about to turn his face into sushi he suddenly sunk into the ground, well into his shadow more precisely. He popped out suddenly behind me and tentacles from his coat flew at me.

I dodged them both easily and advance towards him. As I get close to him one of the tentacles grabs me and flings me into the air. I recover midair and stare at him. Thats when i notice that none of his skin was visible. He wore a trench coat and a hoodie and bandages wrapped on his arms, hands, and legs. As I’m in the air I think about how to butcher him. A spear of shadow hits me in the arm I pull it out and then charge at him. I dodge the tentacles with finesse and this time make it to him. I go for his jugular but he falls into his own shadow and then pops out of mine and stabs me.

I spin around on my heel but he was already gone before I could retaliate.

“Okay, listen here. You are going to fight me like a man.” I barked as I stomped my shadow

This was starting to piss me off. He should of just died nice and quietly but now that he’s irritated me, I’m going to have to torture him. I’ll flay him alive and then wear his skin as a jacket. He jumped out of my shadow again but this time I prepared and grabbed him by the throat and then shoved my claws deep into his chest. I was disappointed and even more pissed when no blood came out only shadowy mist. A shadow tentacle came from inside his jacket and went right through my chest. I kicked him and he stumbled backwards, the tentacle retreated as well.

Everything about this guy was pissing me off, especially the fact that no blood came out of him. What kind of guy doesn’t bleed when you stab him?

I examined the hole in my body, I had enough energy for another couple of minutes. I charged at him dodging his onslaught of tentacle attacks. When I reached him I gave him a hard knee to the chin and a powerful one-two then a right hook to knock him down. He fell backwards and I slammed my foot on his face.

“You know, I wanted to flay you but oh well.” I said sadly

I charged all the negative energy up in my right hand and then put it to his face. As a last ditch attack he stabbed me with tentacles but it was futile.

“Die, scum”

The beam eradicated his head, neck, and his upper body. It left what seemed like a bottomless pit in the ground.

“Guess the next guy I fight will be my new jacket”


Y, The Shadow Manipulator- Shadow manipulation (Duh)
wRHG 2
Y the Shadow Manipulator VS Keron The Moon of Hatred

The night sky was scattered with stars. The city glowed bright with many lights staying on over night. The central park was quiet and the only thing keeping it lit was the lamp posts on the sidewalk.

A black figure soared through the sky before it crashed down into the park just like it would be an asteroid. The loud crash would be heard through the city and would send a message that he wants to battle for any wRHG’s in the area.

The figure stood up from the 3 cm deep crack he caused in the ground he looked around before the light posts all suddenly crack causing the entire park to turn nearly pitch black. The only thing keeping the park from turning pitch black would be the moon and stars that shined bright.

The figure looked around before his tanned white skin turned black and his bright red eyes turn dark red. The shirt blasted off of his body and he faced his palm out at the darkness.

“You better not be a weak opponent. Because if you were you wouldn’t be any fun… And we don’t want that now do we? Just so you know you better go full out because I am Keron and I show no mercy” He spoke out to darkness.

“Die…” A withered voice echoed around the park.

All was silent for about thirty seconds before dark shadowy tentacles jumped out from the trees and smashed to the spot where Keron stood. Keron dodged by dashing backwards. He dashed back forward with amazing speed and jammed his arm into the tentacles. The shadowy tentacles evaporated a few seconds later.

Keron looked around to see any figures in the darkness before a dark figure in a buttoned up trench coat with a hood covering his face jumps out of nowhere and slices into the side of Keron before disappearing back into the shadows of the park.

Keron held his side. He let out a slight gasp of pain. Holding his side “You bastard…” Keron said towards the shadows.

He stood there quietly before the hooded man jumped out of the forest the hooded man was quick like before trying to impact quick and devastating attacks.

He began to swipe before his arm got grabbed and crushed into little shadowy dust clouds. He jumped backwards holding his arm. Keron ran over with sudden speed jabbing his arm into the dark figures chest.
Keron looked into the dark hooded figure where his eyes would be. “Mind telling me what your name is so I can start writing it down on your gravestone” He said

The figure grabbed his hand and jammed it into his face. Keron flinched for a second. Without knowing the figure ripped himself in half and reformed in front of him.

“I have no name. I need no name. People cower before me. I’ve lived forever. I see you when you try to hide. So don’t try to run from the shadows… But if you want a name to call me a name. Everybody calls me Y… The urban legend.”

“So the rumors are true…” Keron spoke out.

A shadowy wall surrounds Keron. He looked around at the wall and then he looked up at the hole at the top of the wall. “Sucker…” He said to himself before he crouched down and flew up towards the hole.

The floor cracked under him and he reached for the stars that lit up the area. The roof suddenly shut right on his face. The sudden impact from his speed made a loud bang noise and Keron fell back to the bottom of the 50 meter tall room.

He lied on the floor holding his face. “Bastard…” He whispered to himself. Keron stood up looking around for any holes. The walls suddenly started bloated up kinda like forming bubbles. Shadowy spikes popped out of the bloated bubbles stabbing Keron in the arms, legs, face and basically everywhere without crushing him.

The spikes constantly jabbed him and retracted. The spikes finally cut off his right arm. Keron pointed his hand out at the roof where Y stood.

Y on top of the 50 meter wall looked around the area and towards the city where he could see people observing the park. He would wave at a young child before a sudden large beam would basically annihilate him.

The 50 meter room would disappear and Keron would lay in the center holding his arm twitching. “I win… Hehe…” He would say to himself. He would look around before a shadowy arm grabbed his face.

The arm would turn into a black shadowy cannon blasting Keron off into a tree. His face and body would be smashed up and bloody. The cannon disappeared and Y would get out of shadowy lines of the forest.

He looked at Keron before coughing up blood. He fell to his knees and held his throat. He felt like he was going to puke up a waterfall of blood.

“So the blast didn’t kill you…” Keron said. They both stood up. They’d slowly walk towards each other. Both tried to run but they were extremely tired. They punched each other in the face and fell to their knees.

Keron suddenly punched Y in the face with sudden strength. Y’s body would stretch out like a slingshot. He would swing back smashing Keron. Keron dodged somehow gaining his stamina back.

Y would stare confused on how he gained stamina before he gets punched again. He flew backwards landing on the back of his head.

He stood up looking at the hole in his chest coughing out blood. Keron crouched down preparing to charge. He leans back and dashes forward, the speed was so intense that before Y knew it he would be getting hit multiple times with devastating punches.

Keron stopped sliding back. Dust would fly behind his feet and Y would fall to his knees.

“I won… Heh, sucks for you” Keron would grin and walk up to Y. He’d prepare a punch before a tentacle would choke him. The forest around him would decay. The rotted leaves would fall and Keron would look in shock.

“I'm afraid I don’t die easily. He’d pull out a sword and decapitate him and kick the body down. The head would roll around spewing blood around. The head would stare at Y, “YOU FUCKER!” The rolling head yelled out.

Y flinched and stepped back looking at the head. The head would yell furiously before Y would summon a shadow eating up the head and body. Y would talk to himself “He may be immortal or some what… But it wouldn’t mean he can’t be sealed up…”

(I had to rush this but whatever)

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Woah nice battle. I had to rush most of mine because I didn't want to extend more and I was sick yesterday and I've wanted to work on my 4 way rhg and ect. Basically you challenged me at the worst time but I accepted anyway ;-;

04-08-2015, 07:15 PM
Mmmmmmm.... I think you could of done better to be honest Ruko it was good though.

Scatter, you shouldn't rush your work. It was much too short and not very descriptive.

04-08-2015, 07:58 PM
Yeah, as expected Ruko got my vote. You forgot italics though.

04-10-2015, 06:23 PM
I have to go with Scatter on this. Despite being rushed, he did at least have a longer fight sequence than Ruko's. Ruko's fight with Y only happened in the last few paragraphs of the story while the remaining segments is just him hiding in a closet to avoid anymore orders. It kinda sucked the excitement out of me since his story is surprisingly shorter than Scatter's.