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04-11-2015, 08:28 AM
As is natural for me, I'm breaking yet another person into the forum and battles, because god forbid I fight someone with more than two battles under their belt. I know Cavaliere technically shouldn't count but uhh, he was new to the forum.

Today though, a glorious battle is happening between me and WafflesMgee. Today the battle Omega the Usurper King and The Horror, Handyman. Limbs will be EVERYWHERE.
For those who do not know the characters, here is Handyman (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?78734-Handyman) and here is our glorious ruler, Omega (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?88837-Omega-The-Usurper-King)

Now for me to shut up and you to read and brutally berate us with glorious CnC

WaffleMgee's Story (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qtbmJdtoTzPm9SC_OxKxBWSXq3wgFV9lXiCVcqqueec/edit?usp=sharing)

The sun set behind a colossal city trapped within giant stone walls, their outsides dotted with dozens of lights, giant towers of skyscrapers risen up from within the fortress. These walls were not made to protect the people inside, they were made to keep the people from ravaging the world outside. This metropolis was surrounded by fields, a single highway ran through one side and out the other, the only way in and out of the place. It was built in utter isolation because of the people within it.

This was the RHG City. Two giant halves, heavily populated by the unique peoples of the world, people who defy the normalcy of regular human lives. They flock to the city to either fight, to test their skills and to make the most of their potential, or to relax and live a nice civilian life amongst others who, like they, are also different.

Though chaotic at a glance, the place had order. There was peace for all inhabitants. Yet there is one who wished to change that. One who wished to rule the home of peculiar people and special somebodies. An alien creature watched the city from afar, a scheme-ridden mind behind its hungry eyes.

Cold air filtered through the forests behind, the breeze-caressed leaves created a cacophony of clicks and calm white noise. The wind dodged through the trees as it flew over the foliage and into the back of a metal humanoid. The air currents danced around and through a cape arranged of appendages.

“A chaotic place full of warriors too powerful for the normal world,” it spoke in an accent not of this world, a voice like steel upon steel, “befitting for an army.”

“But first,” he pondered out loud, “how to get in?”

He decided he should rest for a while, a break before he decided to move on. He had a long journey so far, and a God must appear at his best before his subjects.

Then suddenly, the wind stopped. The air fell still and the world turned silent, as if all the motion in the universe had stopped. A chill spread through the air, the skin of the alien penetrated by the cold, a feat which the wind failed to do. Omega, the one who thinks himself a God, felt the mortal lure of sleep pile up through his body. His limbs turned heavy and his thoughts slowed down. His joints slowly started to lock, his eyes started to dull to deep, dark red, his mind prepared to succumb to slumber as his vision started to fade into black.

A twig snapped behind him.

Omega’s senses flared up, jolted awake from this brief bout of drowsiness. He spun around, his many tentacles whistled through the air as he did so, before they landed down at his back where a few of their sharp points sliced lines into the dry dirt. He stood before the forest, dark and gloomy gaps between the strewn-out trees, murky from the dusk that started to creep over the tops of the trees, where the darkness slowly flooded out from the wicked woods that stood in front of him.

He witnessed a shadow vanish from the corner of his eye, some large shape that withdrew within the trees. Omega was no coward; if someone dared spy on him, he’d seek them out and obliterate them. If someone wished to challenge him, they should have the nerve to do it face to face at least.

Omega started to stride towards the forest, every alien footprint imprinted onto the earth placed with confidence, lines in the dirt where the tentacles trailed after him. And, with the glow of his Halo to guide him, Omega started to navigate this labyrinth of lumber.

“This won’t do. I need more light.”

Omega sparked a ball flame in a raised palm. The fireball threw out its brilliant shine, flickers of its light danced along the bark of trees all around, except the one that shuffled behind him.

“What? Come out!” he roared as he spun around once more, though all he saw was wood.

“Hmph,” he scoffed. He stepped around a few trees as he tried to get a good vantage point on whatever moved. He almost considered it just a trick of the light, until he looked up to see something long and dark slither up a tree’s trunk.

“You think you have the higher ground, eh? Not for long.”

The tentacles from Omega’s back floundered into life, their points dug into trees around him. They started to climb higher and higher, his body dragged along with them.

“Come out! Can’t hide forever!” he teased as he tried to coax his follower out to meet him.

He raised his hand once more, fireball still nurtured in his palm, and flung it out into the direction of the shadow. It was unable to hit anything and the flames extinguished themselves after a short distance. But, though nothing was left scorched, the flames managed to stun something large. Very large.

Omega was unsure of his success at all until he saw a colossal shape, limp and lifeless, crash down from the leaves above, with countless twigs and branches shattered on its way down, a rain of leaves and wooden shrapnel flooded down as it slammed into the forest floor. Omega descended down after it.

“Hah!” he roared in satisfaction, “There was something following me!” He didn’t much care about the size. All he knew was that he shocked the thing stiff, and if something was this scared over a little fire, it probably wasn’t that big of a threat.

His feet touched the foliage-littered ground once more, this time with something in sight. The soft glow of his halo showed some mass of black flesh as it writhed away from the gentle light.

“Scared of me, are you? Should be! Hah!” Omega started to laugh, a few of his tentacles raised above his head in preparation for attack, the rest flung into trees for mobility.

He thought that his mockeries would have made his audience stand up and confront him, so Omega wasn’t prepared for this giant thing to scurry away like a scared dog.

“What? A WEAKLING?” he cried out, his laughter suppressed. “I’ll show you what we do to WEAK-”

His sentence was left unfinished, the last of his words drowned out by an immensely loud noise, like a whole tree was just snapped in half. This sudden shock of sound caused Omega to be briefly paralyzed, but he eventually decided that this must be the creature’s roar. He believed that he should release his own battle cry against the beast, so that it knew what it was going to deal with.

But he quickly realised that the sound wasn’t a roar, and that it really was the sound of a tree snapped in half. Omega couldn’t even start his battle cry, the vocalisations in his extraterrestrial throat being lost in a scream as a meter-thick length of log flew past him, thrown like a mere javelin.

A shock froze his body briefly, many thoughts raced through his mind, mainly centered on ‘this creature may not be weak after all.’

Ascended to the trees once more, Omega slowly strafed through them, an attempt to move closer to the mound of darkness that shifted restlessly before him. He had never encountered a beast like this before. A thought formed in his head. Could he talk with it? Of course. Surely, all beasts can be tamed.

Soft light between branches started to get closer and closer to Omega, his prey’s shape defined through the gentle glow of the night’s half moon. He broke into a clearing, one he had encountered earlier from his travel.

The creature he had followed was indeed a grand beast. though its body appeared thin and frail, its joints ground and cracked like a lame animal. Heavy thuds pounded the earth as it slowly retreated to the other side of the field, somewhat vulnerable now it was out of the forest. Omega knew that, just beyond the thin wall of trees the creature headed to, there was a busy highway road full of bright lights and loud noises, audible through the quiet night air as tyres rolled over tarmac and horns blared, the distance made their harsh noises sound like a seamless part of the gentle atmosphere.

“Come, creature. I have you cornered,” spoke Omega, his voice soft. He knew this creature had mighty strength behind it, though in the open it had nothing around to throw at him. “Be my pet, and know the comfort and purpose that comes from being at my side.”

The creature stopped dead in its tracks when it realised where it headed. Its teeth chattered inconsistently as they heard the multitude of sounds beyond its destination. Lights of cars moved behind the trees and gentle lines of light shifted across the creature’s tarnished black skin, tingles left in their wake. It saw the figure behind it had stopped, and it turned to face it.

The sight disturbed Omega. He felt something human about this creature, even though it was far from anything that resembled a man. The smile, the eyes, the faux ribs, the lame attempt at feet from disfigured fingertips. Its proportions were way off, the spine a spindly stick and its fists giant bricks of knuckle and black leather skin.

“You are indeed a disgusting creature, but I shall have you nonetheless. Come.”

The creature started to panic slightly as its fingers fidgeted and body shifted restlessly. Its head started to vibrate and dart from side to side. It knew its only escape were the sides, but it knew whatever Omega was could make light, and so it needed to try and deal with him.

A giant open palm struck into earth and crushed through the rock underneath. With a deft movement, it unleashed a wall of stone shrapnel where a storm of blinding dirt and dust followed. It tried to scurry away from Omega towards a part of the forest where it was darker and calmer, but it fell as it scrambled helplessly as its joints broke themselves apart under it, unable to cope from the stressful movements.

The distraction did not work as stone ricocheted off Omega’s steel hide and dust just breezed past his clear crimson eyes.

“Pathetic,” he growled. “A marvellous creature such as this, and it’s a coward. I’ll have to beat that out of it if it’s ever going to be a worthy minion.”
Segmented tentacles dug into ground before they thrusted Omega forwards, their movements swift like the legs of a steel spider. As steep points dug and tore through ground, he travelled fast enough to catch up to the beast. He had to keep quiet and stay in the beast’s blind spot; he felt like a tactical genius, of course a creature this dumb wouldn’t think to look behind it as it retreated!

Though he quickly learned that it need not use its eyes to see. Its two fists struck into the ground which caused the rest of its body to flail to a messy stop. Omega started to tumble as the tentacles fumbled to a halt to the side of the beast. The creature’s fist ravaged a path through the dirt as its weight was slowly dragged into a powerful slug. The creature twisted its whole body, the gained momentum of its clenched hand came to a sudden halt as all four knuckles connected with Omega’s chest, the alien’s body tossed a good distance back from the blow.

Omega’s yells stopped when his back slammed onto the ground, his whole body racked with tremors. He glanced down at his chest and saw four massive dents where knuckles struck. His eyes darted to the as it fumbled and scurried as it reached closer and closer to the forest.

“Th-That’s it” Omega’s voice stuttered, “T-Time t-to deal with y-you.”

He raised his clawed fingers from the ground, followed by the rest of his right arm. Open-palmed, he aimed towards the beast, and with a clutch of his fist, the trees once more bent to his will.

Several small, loose trees shook themselves out of the ground, their masses thrown towards and around the beast’s body, its body now clutched in a lumber prison. Omega slowly raised himself up on to his feet, careful to keep his focus on the trees. He felt his elemental control weaken as he had never used it this much before, with the pulses of power that emanated from his fingers turn fainter and fainter. The trapped beast slowly hovered towards him locked in place. Omega knew what he needed to do now, he had to punish the beast back. He had to show it who’s boss. This is how you train a pet.

His left hand readied at his side, prepared to light a flame, though it was immensely tough, he had too much focus on the bundle of wood and limb before him.

The beast was sick of it.

Limbs started to flood wildly from the beast’s skin. Multiple hands and arms started to push the beast free of the trap, the air filled with sick sounds as skin tore and bones shattered.

“W-what is this!?” Omega yelled as the creature morphed and moved like something he’d never seen before, not on any world he’s been. The sudden transformation into a mass of limbs that convulsed and jerked in hideous ways shocked Omega out of his focus caused the bars of wood to drop around the body of the beast. Now released, it raised itself high with its arms, legs ditched for long, powerful arms; the creature had now attained a monstrous height. The trees that once held it were now held in various hands, poised to throw a barrage of wood at the thing that tried to capture it. And it unleashed it.

Omega’s tentacles dug into ground and threw him away from the stakes of wood headed towards him, though one timber missile managed to peg a tentacle into the ground, the alien suddenly pinned to the spot..

“Gah!” he shouted in frustration as he was yanked towards the wooden pole, like a disobedient dog chained to his kennel. “Well!” Omega retorted to his assailant, “I can throw trees too!”

The pole- now torn in half from impact- was uprooted violently, a chrome appendage wrapped around it. With a spin and a timed whip, Omega returned it to the sender. It hit the creature squarely in its face, it now disoriented as it crashed backwards from the sheer force.

“Ahah!” Omega laughed in his small victory, the heavy pain in his chest ignored through his sadistic ecstasy, “Down, boy!”

The beast was, once more, sick of it.

Light from the half moon was slowly obscured as clouds moved over the grassy clearing. A powerful chill ran through Omega’s whole body, a tell of the horror to come. The creature before him writhed and spasmed as limbs withdrew back into it, the beast once more in its humanoid shape, though this was not to last long.

It thrust itself up with its giant hands, its stance like that of a gorilla’s as its knuckles thudded on the floor. Its seemingly-innocent face stared through Omega. Its blind and unblinking eyes showed a childlike joy through the whole horrible ordeal. That is, until they started to move, along with the rest of its head.

Parts of its skull started to clump up into balls of fingers as its head slowly tore itself asunder. It raised one foot and battered it through the dirt, particles of dust and blades of grass shot about from the force, and then the other.. Before Omega knew it, there was no longer a cheerful smile of live yellow teeth, but now a mess of teeth-lined tentacles that convulsed and jerked in hideous ways, a hole in the head’s center blacker than the deepest parts of space. Omega now realised the pain in his chest that once screamed in his ears was now drowned out by the sound of an unending roar. The vociferous vocals of the monstrosity turned louder and louder, the noise like a scratch on the universe itself, like the chalkboard of reality slowly torn asunder by the nail of some elder god..

Fog started to flood out of the beast’s head. The thick mist hit the floor and started to spread to the world around it, the grass above concealed underneath a white veil.

“I-I-” Omega tried to speak, but he could not. For the creature with a complex of a god was now faced with a creature with the power of one.

Earth started to quake and crack, clumps of crumbled dirt and grass lifted by massive black arms risen from the ground. Fingers started to wriggle out from between the cracks, like the surface itself was alive. Everywhere Omega looked, colossal stalks of arms raised from the earth, the creature its epicenter. He now realised that this was no mere mortal beast. This was a force of nature. This thing was not something that thrived off mother earth, no. This creature was her hands. He was part of this planet, an antibody to rid the Earth of this alien virus that wished to corrupt and infect.

Omega tried to run, but any path he had planned to escape down was now blocked off. Branches of arms slowly grew out of the monster’s trees, the alien swiped at by a blizzard of limbs, all hungry for him. He turned around to try and find a way out, but the trees moved through the ground as the world warped itself around him.

“GAH!” He was taken by surprise as a mass of fingers clasped his foot and started to drag it into the Earth itself. He tried to use his tentacles to pull himself out, but wherever they touched they were caught by a sea of appendages, all desperate to apprehend him.

He wondered why they hadn’t grabbed his body yet. His head darted from side to side, the determined alien surrounded by hands, all stopped by the soft glow of the circular blade at his back. His Halo.

“Aha!” he rejoiced. The beast hated light. Although his magic was no longer powerful enough to conjure up flames, he did have this glowing chakram to help.

He quickly summoned it to his right hand, fingers and appendages sliced through easily as it flew into his grasp. He could move somewhat now, and with the blade in his hand, he angled himself for a better view.

Now able to move his arm, he realised that the creature- the source of all this horror- moved ever slowly towards him, a boom with every foot that tore into the ground.

“Shame,” Omega said, his Halo prepared for a mighty throw, “you would have made a fine pet.”

With a swing of his only free arm, the alien expertly thrust the Halo towards the flower of fear that used to be the beast’s head, but it was interrupted as a giant tree leaned in its way, the trajectory casually blocked.

“What!?” he cried. It was stuck fast. He couldn’t do anything to retrieve it. At least it could keep the beast away for a while, right? He could attempt to grow his tentacles to break free, and-

The tree swivelled around, the glow of the halo now vanished behind it. The beast thundered on further.

In desperation, Omega tried to extend his tentacles, but wherever they went they were matched with fingers, the grip of each one superhumanly strong.

“G-get away from me!” said the god as he broke, reduced to a weak pile of scrap.

He was helpless as the mass of toothy tentacles drew near to his face. They twisted and jerked and reached. They touched and licked and grabbed. They slithered around Omega’s skull, his eyes forced to see into the black void. He couldn’t see the red tentacle, lined with white tendons and tipped with five fingers, slide its way over to the back of his neck. But as the fingers bore through his iron dermis, he saw a spark of light in the creature’s void.

He only saw it for an attosecond, illuminated from the sparks of connection as minds met, but he saw the endless void of the beast’s dimension. Planets of arms crawled on the walls of the thing’s universe, the size of the space near impossible to fathom. In the short time that he beheld it, every facet of his existence was deafened

And then, Omega’s mind turned inside out.


Omega looked back at the pod behind him, crashed onto the green ground of this planet. Tall stalks of brown flora surrounded him, tipped with bushy green photosynthetic flaps.

“These things… they are strange,” he murmured, “I prefer the plants from my own planet.”

He moved on through the underbrush, tentacles limp behind him. He hadn’t realised his Halo was no longer there.

A few branches brushed past his face as he stepped out of the city’s park and onto the streets. He turned around to try and see his pod, though he was only met by tall concrete walls.

“Huh.” He thought nothing of it. His mind was blasé, this all felt normal to him. He started to walk down the empty streets, devoid of all life. He was happy, surrounded by all that was his.

He gazed around the impossibly tall structures, content with his land. “Mine, mine, all mine…” he murmured as his voice trailed off into nothing. He walked down the empty streets, this whole unexplored world laid before him. He didn’t even care that his kingdom was empty, just that it was his and his alone.

The concrete buildings all looked the same. Brutalist skyscrapers towered above, patterns formed from glassless windows lined up and across their walls, like holes in lotus seed pods, but with order. His red eyes casually glanced over the empty gaps, until he saw a window with three characters in it, whose eyes stared down at him. They seemed familiar, but for some reason he couldn’t put his finger on just who they were. one was draped in black clothes with short black hair, anther was cloaked in white with a stony gray face and the third stood tall in a suit, two arms on either side of his body, face decorated with a cleft chin. Though they varied strangely, what was most off about them were their red eyes, just like Omega’s own, the crimson triangles on their foreheads glowed as they intensely stared at him, emotionless.

His eyes scurried about. He came across another window, but this one had a copy of him in there who stared down at him like the two men. He looked at another and saw the same thing. Confused, he looked back at the two men and saw that they, too, were replaced with his own visage. In fact, all the windows had him in them with thousands of red triangular eyes that glowed and glowered towards his direction.

“Hhh!?” he tried to speak, but his vocals were paralysed. “HhhHHH!?!?” He clutched at his throat, unable to force anything out, no matter how he endeavoured.

The sound of his wheezes were quickly drowned out by the sound of footsteps headed towards him, no rhythm in their beats. Clones of him marched briskly by, their metal bodies crashed constantly into him, like he wasn’t even there..

“HHH!” he screamed, silently. He tried to move his tentacles, to clear some room, to gain some height, but they remained limp. Copies of himself continued to bash into him as they swarmed the streets, and he tried to fight back. He was filled to the brim with fear and anger, the world against him like he was a generic insect.

How absurd was all this! There can only be one of him, after all! He tried to fight back, his body pushed against the ceaseless forces of himself with all the strength and confidence he could muster, until he was thrown off-balance and trampled into a heap on the floor, defeated. It didn’t matter how much he pushed, they pushed back the same a hundred-fold.

When everyone in the world is a god, nobody is a god. Because of the city, he felt inferior, he felt common, he felt small. But another feeling nagged at him. He felt vulnerable.

“WHERE AM I? ANSWER ME!” he screamed to the heavens, only to wake up to be outside of his pod once again.

You are home, whispered a voice over his shoulder. One of his tentacles moved again, but of its own accord. Its tip twitched and shuddered, its movement synchronized with the whisper in his head.

He looked around. The grass was black, its texture like steel wool. He felt it scrape across his feet as he shuffled away from the pod, his legs tingled with every nostalgic step. My god, it’s been ages since he’s felt that.

Gray stalks surrounded him, delicate wire-like tentacles covered their bodies, the appendages slowly twirled through the air as a light breeze lifted them. Omega gently brushed his hand against them.

“This is… home. It really is,” he marvelled. He placed a steady palm against the steel-coated tree, he felt its inner warmth seep through into his own. “I had nearly forgotten what it looked like.”

You can never forget, another whisper said. A different one of his tentacles hovered next to his head.

“What’s going on?” Omega questioned his own body. “This isn’t right.”

Once again, he found himself in a forest with nothing to do but move forwards. Though this time, instead of brown bark and green leaves, he strafed through the forests of his home planet, desperate to find someone, anyone. If he could speak to someone, he could-

A graveyard. Endless. Each turned patch of grass marked with a glass tombstone, names of fallen warriors written in alien glyphs.

“The… the war? But I won! I reigned for a millenium!”

Nobody won. You lived, they died.


Look. Another tentacle came to life and pointed at a close-by gravestone.

“Wait… why is my name here?”

And there. Another tentacle pointed.

And there. Yet another.

And there. And another.

He could feel the metal appendages tug at his back, though he could stand perfectly fine, regardless of the weight. He saw. Every stone had his name. Every single one. This couldn’t happen. He’s immortal, he can’t die!

With his hands thrusted into the steel grass, he dug. Metal. He swiped the black dirt off it and saw his own face. It stared back at him, eyes black and devoid of power.


He darted to another grave and started to dig. Same result. He tried again and again, but they were all him.

They were all like you.

You were all like them.

You just didn’t care.

“Shut up! If my soldiers died, they died in glory! They died in my name! Their deaths were-”


They did not die for you.

They died for nothing.

You can not die. But they could.

Why did they die for what cannot?


Their lives were yours.

Their deaths were yours.

Your deaths.

“No! They-”

They weren’t your lives to take.

And now they’re going to take them back.

And then they stood up.


The forest died down into nothing, only giant gapes now left in the ground. Fingers and arms were reduced to black liquids. They vaporised into the air and dissolved into the ground. His work was done now.

He plucked the metal man from his head and let it return to its regular, cheerful-looking state. He carefully placed the comatose immortal onto the ground and started to migrate once more. By the time it broke out into the dark world from the darker forest, it had already forgotten the alien.

Click, click-click clickclickclickclick

Its teeth danced around themselves, the sounds of their shudders and jerks echoed off into the vast land before him. The skies were empty and the ground was clear, save for a massive walled-in structure in the horizon.

And as it heard the bustle of the massive city before it, it started to move.
And even though it had just eaten its fill, its mind started to slowly drift out of his body again.
And so it started to migrate once more, a tiny wave of hunger caused its head to vibrate in gleeful anticipation of more meals to come.

There was an orchard, or at least that’s what the long-since beaten and faded sign outside the gate said. Beyond the gates were numerous dead trees, their arms and fingers long since withered. The ground was gray and the overall gloominess was further enhanced by the full moon. In this area, a figure hoped over a fence.
The individual was very thin in structure and almost entirely metal, what was even odder was he had a cape of eight tentacles adorning him. To further make himself look more impressive, was a halo-like object floating behind him. The halo was decorated with eight tentacles originating in the center and working out towards the edges to grip them just barely. But even he, in all his grandeur and height, looked as an insect in comparison to the trees surrounding him.
After a few minutes of walking, the air became dry and seemingly… apathetic. As it did, Omega announced, “Come on out, I know you’re there.”
There was a rapid and repeating clicking noise far to the left of Omega. As he turned to look he saw a black shadow rapidly moved out of the right side of his eye. He immediately tensed and pulled the halo from behind him. He quickly lost sight of it, but whatever it was had to be huge.
“So that’s what it feels like…” Omega muttered to himself as he relaxed and proceeded to start uplifting the earth underneath the trees, separating them from their roots. After walking and clearing the area for what seemed like hours, the alien was staring full into the face of a monster.
He immediately drew the halo from his back a second time while dropping into stance, once again tensed and ready for combat. His opponent stood before him at an impressive ten feet in height and was clearly as inhuman as Omega. The creature before him seemed entirely composed of hands and arms, even his head was just a tightly woven mass of fingers. His body was as a arm with innumerable joints and he had two arms at where his shoulders would be if he were more humanoid. Even his eyes were gray fingernails. The only thing about him that didn’t seem to revolve around this theme were his almost perfectly human legs.
After a brief pause of Omega full taking in the complexity of the creature, he then heard a clicking noise followed by a fist. As he saw the fist fly towards him he barely had a moment before he held up the halo to take the blow for him. Despite his last-minute reaction though, the alien’s feet still left the ground as he flew into a tree and then fell to the ground shortly after the impact. The force was enough to put a noticeable dent into the metal being’s back.
Just as Omega was standing up from his fall, he saw yet another fist fly at him. This time the king sidestepped and took a view of his opponent again to see that he now had four arms coming off of what acted as his torso. As he took view, he heard the familiar clicking noise, and a fifth fist sprouted and immediately launched at the warlord. Then the alien once again utilized his mastery over nature and erected a rock wall. His hopes for defending himself were quickly dashed as the fist burst through the wall and landed solidly against his chest; once again he was sent flying into another tree and leaving a dent in his chest along with his back.
Omega decided to take flight before the monster forced him to yet again and he darted up into a tree. He then found himself swinging through the trees. Just as he thought he was safe though, he heard wooden limbs cracking behind him. As he dared to look back, he saw his adversary grabbing a hold of trees and propelling himself forward, breaking more than just the tree’s arms as the alien had originally thought.
“Never in my travels across the galaxy have I met something so odd…” Omega was muttering to himself as he desperately tried to think of a way to get this creature off of his tail. It occurred to him that many of Earth’s creatures were afraid of fire. He immediately applied this knowledge and set fire to a line of trees as he swung past them, which unfortunately blinded him of the results. But, it had accomplished the task of giving him a break, and that’s all the warrior cared about.
Omega sat down and proceeded to think through this situation. He knew he was being stalked by something a little more than human during this week, but this? This was a complete and total surprise to him. A creature with the strength to accidentally break trees that can also apparently grow limbs at will?
The king’s train of thought was interrupted by a giant fist appearing behind a tree before it then launched the tree through the air. Omega’s arms shot up in front of his face just before he was then picked up off his feet and then landed in the fire he created earlier. After only a few seconds of contact with the flames, the warrior felt as though his skin was welding to his flesh. His cries of agony were unheard by anyone other than the monster who did this to him.
Beneath the tree, the alien spent no more time idly waiting for the beast to unleash another assault. He breathed in deeply before then bellowing out a cone of fire. The tree evaporated as eat consumed as though by a starved demon. He propped himself up with his tentacles; now standing, fully white and orange with his screams of pain indistinguishable from a war-cry of an angry god while the forest around him was emblazoned with divine flame.
The creature turned and fled. Omega quickly sprinted after it, flailing his arms and throwing spheres of flame while shouting, “Come back here! I’ll show you who’s truly in control!”
The hand-thing took to the trees and was tossing his bulk from tree to tree, destroying the foliage and snapping trunks in his wake. Meanwhile, the warlord flung himself carelessly through the forest with using his tentacles as harpoons. The chase lasted for what seemed an eternity, in what were merely a few minutes. After just a few moments of leaving a wake of destruction, the entire forest was set ablaze and the contestants were at the gate.
The beast was cowering as Omega approached, looking as though a coward before execution. The warrior brandished his halo, holding it up as one would before bringing the axe down. But then, the alien was backhanded in the chest, which caused him to fall flat on his rear, although the blow barely had any force behind it and caused little harm to the metal being. The beast took the moment he had and quickly hopped the fence and was running out into the open field beyond orchard.
Given a few moments to think, Omega covered his still-glowing body in water. Now covered in mist, he ran after the hand-thing, leaving the orchard to burn. He made it into the open field, the full moon shining down on the two competitors. The beast typically acted like a sheep under the light, and that was no different with both the conqueror’s halo, and the moon. As the alien approached, he saw the monster perform the oddest action he had seen it do yet. The innumerable fingers that made up his head started uncurling.
Omega stopped dead in his tracks in complete confusion as the creatures head became flower-like in shape and sported an innumerable number of small white finger-things. As he did this, his foot sunk into the ground and mist poured over the field and giant 90-foot tall jointless hands slowly rose from the ground and small fingers sprouted around their bases. The entirety of the area around the warrior became a forest of hands and fingers in the time it took him to take in all that was happening.
What light from the moon there was ceased to be visible in the army of trees around the gladiators. The king took a step back as he saw the beast slowly approach him. It’s foot dragged through the ground as though it had been chained, but even the Earth’s chain was not enough to stop the hand-thing. As Omega stepped back, he tripped and millions of fingers on the ground awaited him. Despite warrior’s great strength though, he was effectively pinned. The beast lumbered towards him, but instead of finishing off the alien, the creature picked up the tentacled humanoid.
As Omega felt his feet leave the ground, he also held witness to the giant’s mass of what was formerly vaguely in the shape of a head. As a desperate attempt to leave the grasp of the titan, Omega launched his tentacles at the mass of tooth look-alike fingers in the flowery mass. Upon seeing the tentacles move though, the animal grabbed the four tentacles on the right side of Omega’s body and he quite casually ripped them off. The alien let loose an inhuman screech once again from the torment he was being put through. The hand monster then ripped the metal off the back of the humanoid’s head and outstretched his tongue, which was also shaped like yet another hand, and placed it on the now-exposed flesh. Then all was calm.
The god found himself in a throne room with his servants worshiping him, all of them metallic as he. It felt as though he had awoken from a deep nap. He looked around the room and saw that all was well. Upon seeing where he was, he muttered to himself, “Was it all a dream…?”
The worshipers immediately stopped to hear what wisdom their deity had to depart to them. As Omega stood to prepare for his speech, his followers convulsed and twitched suddenly, their own metallic form became pieces of arms and hands before the rest of the titan came out of the ground as the lights in the room cut out, even Omega’s halo. The warrior tried to create fire for a light, and found that he just couldn’t conjure what he needed.
Omega immediately started hopping around the beast. As he began, a barrage of arms came at him, each one barely missing by just the grazing of skin. Although, this dodging was exhausting and eventually a fist fully connected with the emperor. As it did, the chest of the alien dented half a foot inward. Seeing the monstrosity lumbering towards him, the king scrambled to his feet and ran out the door, the movement so sudden that the dumb brute couldn’t react quickly enough. The false god ran through the doors to see a crowd with signs saying things as “Omega is not a god” and “down with the Usurper!” He immediately stopped in his tracks. He turned to see the beast coming at him and he in a futile attempt punched the creature. The fist stopped at the stomach skin of the beast. The gargantuan thing didn’t seem to even not as it did the most brutal haymaker anyone hade ever done in the presence of Omega.
As he flew into the crowd, he was grabbed by them and he was rapidly overtaken by the numbers as each of his limbs were grabbed and held back tightly. His body was fully facing the creature, waiting to take punishment. As much as Omega tried to break free, his body wouldn’t budge. Without his powers, he was merely a lamb for the slaughter.
“This can’t be happening, this can’t be happening!” Omega was screaming and struggling as a fish trying to escape a net. Only right after the living nightmare approached him and was ready to execute him did the king realize what he was saying was true, there was no way this could be happening.
Once again awaking, Omega saw the beast with it’s finger-like teeth displayed similarly to a flower. Unlike before though, it was raining so badly that flash floods were guaranteed to happen anywhere. Upon realizing his fortune, the emperor gathered water around the area where the creature’s head used to be and proceeded to freeze it’s mass of white tooth-like fingers in place. Then Omega was released from the animal’s grasp and fell down to the earth, landing on his feet.
The creature seemed unable to breath and decided the best course of action to rectify this problem was to punch itself in the head. It shattered many of the teeth the monster had. It’s pain was enough to make it screech, but it was quickly drowned out as more ice formed around it’s head. Unable to see, the giant began throwing it’s fists wildly, not even sure if it was doing a damn thing.
Meanwhile, the alien was standing coolly on top of a hand-tree he had climbed up as the creature got blinded. He was waiting for the beast to take it’s foot out of the ground. After watching it flail it’s limbs, it eventually let it’s foot leave the soil and the scenery was changed back to a field. Then the god’s feet touched the ground and he was looking across from a monster.
The beast began to turn heel and flee. Before it could leave though, a wall of flame rose before him. What came next was some of the most awful country music singing nobody would ever hear, “I fell into a burning ring of fire.”
The titan turned to face Omega, and proceeded to charge. Omega sidestepped and froze it’s head. After doing this, he made a true circle of flame while still singing, “And the flames got higher”
The hand-thing once again hit itself in the head to break the ice. It then wildly swung one of it’s arms and managed to grab the four left tentacles of Omega’s body. The tentacles were then severed as the others had been, “And it burned, burned, burned, the ring of fir-aaaa-AAAAGH! THAT’S IT, YOU’RE DEAD.”
Omega made the flames grow as his impatience diminished and encaged the beast. The hand-thing chose not to move as opposed to walking through the fires. Then Omega gathered all the water he could from the air and froze the titan in place.
What was left was a fossil-like capturing of the lurking giant that Omega had gone through so much pain to deal with. Instead of idly staying any longer, the warrior without any tentacles and his flesh mostly fused with his skin, dragged himself away.
The next morning, news reporters were all gathered around the place of the battle scene to view the burnt-down forest and scattered chunks of ice. The titles everywhere were all about “Evidence that Bigfoot is real” as they focused on exceptionally large footprints leading into the wilderness, away from the city.

We also have two different mediums of presentation. Eventually I will convert to Google Docs, I promise.

EDIT: Waffle's Story is available in Spoiler and Google Docs form!

04-11-2015, 08:38 AM
WAAAA that was a great battle....
Waffles: AW YES THAT WAS GOOD! Now I know more about your character..
Malacal: AW YES THIS WAS GOOD 2.. It seemed a bit, shorter, but still sweettt
I am too inferior to do anything :( But it seems like Waffles won this one.
Sorry Malacal! But gj both of u!

04-11-2015, 10:30 AM
Excellent work, peeps. There were points that both of you were similar in but they differ in execution which is rather nice.

CnC on the Nemesis of Pancakes:

What I liked about your story is how nicely you caught both personalities. Everything seemed to flow nicely from scene to scene. When I read Omega's voice crack slightly, I just went along thinking its time for the Usurper king to know fear and through the process of breaking him down, we see the character inside. Very nice descriptive touches as well, adds to the feel of the creepy.

I see no tense error. Very nice. [Maybe someone else will spot it, probably, hopefully none.]

I find nothing wrong in the story. Good work, Waffles.

CnC on Malacal:

You should really space things out, man. Anyways, keep working on your descriptive skills. I can see you improving on them bit by bit and its nice to see it. You made a mistake though with Handyman having perfectly human legs whereas its stated in his profile that they're also arms and hands.

You are progressing well, Malacal. Keep going and you'll improve, from what I see you already are steadily. So keep it up :)

04-11-2015, 03:10 PM
I am an idiot. I will never make a battle thread without screwing up the poll somehow I swear.
Instead of putting "Malacal's Story" I put "Omega's story"
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04-11-2015, 05:48 PM
Formatting clinches it for me, and Waffles' sounds more...realistic and descriptive imo.

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Now I know this place isn't very populated but... only 5 votes and hardly any CnC? Come on guys, at least nitpick me to shreds.

04-13-2015, 11:31 PM
Nitpick to shreds means these people: Lobotomizer, chromium7, jessepinwheel, Crank and Hewitt.

All of which are there to sincerely help you. Ask some of them :D

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Hewitt, how could you not be famous? Also, could you please CnC, senpai?

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Heh Malacal, I don't know if you're either really brave or really stupid for continuously fighting people out of your league, but I respect you for it nevertheless, you ballsy mofo :).

But sadly I can't give you the vote based off of that ;3. Waffles gets my vote here but I'll try to paste some CnC for you in here once I got a moment :D. Don't expect too much of it but I try my best.

Regardless, keep up the learning attitude, I can already tell you've been improving and the only way is forward.

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Well for one thing, it gives me something to compare to. Two, people CnC alot better when there is a contrast of quality and therefore I improve.
Three, sometimes I just don't realize who the heck I'm up against.