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Welcome ladies and Gentlemen, to the battle between Devi’s Light and Shock’s Penny Dreadful. Who will win? We supply, you decide.

Shock's wRHG: http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?92596-Penny-Dreadful

Devi's wRHG: http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?80681-Light

The town seemed quiet tonight. Where Penny was now, one could usually hear albeit faintly the usual bustle of people going about their day. Tonight, however, the flow of the river below her was the only thing keeping the scene from silence.

Penny leant against the bridge railing, looking down to the waters below, the trembling reflection of her figure silhouetted against the moon. Her first battle was tonight, and she had arrived early to scope out the scene for potential advantages to play to her favour. However, having been told nothing more of her opponent than his or her name meant Penny had little to go on, and eventually resorted to waiting for the challenger to arrive. Time passed. Five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen. Whoever Light was, they were late now. The battle was arranged for half ten. It was now twenty-nine to eleven. Penny’s hand gripped the sleeve of her coat in irritation. This was unacceptable.

Eventually, after another few minutes, her attention was brought to her right, a figure making their way down the bridge. A hulking mass of armour, the reflected moonlight twinkling in its every movement as it approached. Well now, Penny thought to herself, how often do you see a Knight of the Round Table walk through town? This had to be her challenger…

The armoured being came to a stop a respectable distance from her. The deep voice it spoke in confirmed Light to be male, just in case the stature and attire didn’t give clear enough a hint. “You must be Penny Dreadful…”
Her first response was a small sigh, mostly to herself. She couldn’t believe that was the name the Organisation was actually going with. Needless to say, the mute wasn’t the one who had come up with it, but once Ms. Dempsey did, she couldn’t exactly object to it either…
Penny nodded to answer Light’s question and slowly raised her left arm, deciding whether to reach for her weapon or point to her watch to indicate the battle was starting three minutes late. As Light drew his own sword, however, her decision was made for her, and she pulled her machete from her coat, poising for anticipated attack.

“This organisation,” the voice boomed from the armour once more, as Light took a step closer, “is filled with… disgusting beings, sinners and monsters.” Raising his sword, ready to strike, Penny could feel his eyes glaring down on her. “I have slain each and every such atrocity to come my way, and now they have the nerve to send me… an ant?” The ‘ant’ simply stepped to one side to avoid the swing as the blade sunk into the floor and she gave her own attack in turn. The machete bounced off the armour, leaving but one paltry scuff. “Whatever secrets of yours they hide from me do not matter, vermin. I shall see to it you are butchered.”

The steel was raised once more, and the gladiators engaged.

It would be clear to anyone were witnesses present that the match in swordsmanship was fairly one-sided. Light’s fighting prowess, refined through years of war, battles and hunts, was proving a challenge to the relatively inexperienced Penny, whose prey was usually unarmed and defenceless. Nevertheless, she was showing to be capable of holding her own against the knight, shirking most attacks with little effort and countering others with her own blade. She wasn’t striking back just yet, however, but biding her time. She’d spotted a crucial weak point, a gap in the armour between the chestplate and upper arm to allow for the wearer’s movement. It was only exploitable at the right angle, and Penny couldn’t quite reach it without risking opening herself for an attack with that sword. She’d survive a stab, maybe, but the force of Light’s slashing would end her, enhanced healing be damned.

Penny felt the back of her heel tilt back, trying in vain to find support. She’d been pushed to the very edge of the bridge with Light’s assault, the railing the only thing keeping her from toppling into the river just now. If she could make a move, she needed to do it before she was made to take a swim. Calculating her window of opportunity perfectly, she made a dive to her left to gain some moving room. Pivoting round, her first attack came fierce and precise; the machete sliced through the air and sunk into the designated weak point, Light’s arm collapsing under the weight of the sword it could no longer brandish. The mighty being roared in pain, a last burst of stamina bursting through the wounded appendage for one last heavy swing-

Penny was still somewhat experienced against the supernatural, but from her previous battle, she’d learned that anything involving sudden lights was bad. Very bad. No sooner than Light’s sword slammed to the floor did the night sky turn bright as day, only for an instant, and the floor below her feet swayed and crumbled, an entire section of bridge cascading into the river. Had she moved any later, she would likely have been buried and drowned. Though had she moved earlier, she would certainly have been able to avoid having her left arm severed by whatever sorcery had just been conjured.

As she picked herself back up, Penny glared back to her opponent. She could see her machete still lodged in his upper arm, with no ideal way of retrieving it. Likewise, Light seemed incapable of using his own now, it firmly lodged in the remains of a stone pillar below. She could feel his eyes burning into hers, neither backing down. “Well now,” he said, a faint hint of veiled irritation in his voice, “it looks like this shall be settled with our fists. I will take pleasure in crushing you like an insect with my bare hands.” As he looked back down to his isolated blade, Penny could detect the voice wavering slightly with his next sentence, “…I wouldn’t have needed that to kill the likes of you, anyway.”

He wasn’t so much convincing her of that as he was himself. What was worrying was that he was probably right. If the battle kept going the way it was, Penny would likely be dead within ten to fifteen minutes.

With no warning, Light charged forward, and the melee resumed. This time, ‘battle’ was not the word. The merciless serial killer was made the victim of a brutal pummelling. With her dominant arm lost, her defence was effectively null against the hulking metal beast’s rage-fuelled blows. Evidently, losing his weapon upset him a little more than he was letting on. His bad arm cracked Penny’s carpals. The good arm shattered her mask and mandible. His knee slammed into her abdomen with enough force to cause her to spew blood, desperately gasping for air.

Finally, after an estimated two-and-a-half minutes, the assault ended. Light stepped back, fatigue starting to set in. And yet, somehow, the little wretch was still standing, albeit barely. “…You…You’re impossibly… stubborn!” Light had blatantly lost his cool, raising his voice. “I am yet to fail in my hunting vile cretins like you, and I shall not let you be the first. …Why can’t you just die?”

Through the bloodied face, a smirk slowly grew. The Ripper had found her confidence.

“…Oh, I don’t know. Maybe you’re just not hitting me hard enough.” Her voice was slow, monotonous. Now the battle was going to turn in her favour. Light did not respond immediately, clearly taken aback by both finally hearing the girl’s voice, and the utter nerve of her taunting him. Like it would work. “…Y-… You’re mocking me?! I’ll have you know I’ve refrained from ending your pathetic life thus far. I enjoy watching worms like you squirm.”
“And I’ll have you know that thanks to a healing factor, you could beat me to a pulp ‘till the cows come home. I’ll still be here.” Penny took a step closer to her victim, closer to the bridge’s remaining support pillar she’d estimated to be near enough directly below her. “But we’d both grow bored of that, eventually…”
Light straightened himself, towering over the impossible girl once more. “Well then, perhaps I should just blow a hole through your head! I see this ‘factor’ you speak of didn’t grant you your arm back.”
Penny’s smile shrunk slightly, partly through a slight twinge of pain as her ribs started repairing themselves.

“Hmm, that might just work. Maybe. But you’ve no way of doing that, surely?” There was the possibility that Light genuinely didn’t, but Penny was counting on calling the armoured man’s bluff.

“Hmph!” Light’s hand raised level with Penny’s head, light emanating from the palm. “Poor choice of final words, hellspawn.”

The trap had been sprung. Within her clenched hand, Penny had concealed a throwing knife. A flick of her wrist, it whistled through the air, finding a bloody home in the helmet’s eye socket. With one more roar of agony, Light unleashed his wrath. A burst of concentrated light pierced the scene, sky lit bright as day once more, and in a cloud of dust and rubble, the entire bridge crumbled, stone, flesh and steel alike disappearing into the waters below.

Silence consumed the park for minutes. Finally, the victor emerged; a while downstream, Penelope finally managed to pull herself ashore, left arm lost prior clenched between her teeth.

For an amount of time she could not possibly determine, she lay on the riverbank, staring skyward. She’d had her prey try and fight back before, but that… there were no words. She, the Fifth Ripper, the stoic assassin. Thanking every religious entity she didn’t believe in that she’d managed to survive. In all her life, she’d never felt so… weak. So helpless, so scared.

So… alive…

“You are to defeat a young woman suffering from a mental darkness, you must purge of her of her darkness.”

“I shall do this my lord, I shall do it in your name and word.” Light stood back up from his right knee and exited the darkened room, a small light extinguishing itself as he left.


“Next please!” A man from down the lit up corridor shouted, standing right outside a door. Light approached the man, stopping in front of him, staring with a cold frozen stare right into his eyes. The man was wearing a suit and tie, as if he was dressed for a formal occasion.

“If looks could kill.” The man whispered to himself nervously, he was completely dwarfed in comparison to the man in armor’s size. “You must be Light, correct? The battle manager wants to see you inside.”

Light simply shoved the man away into the wall and opened the door forcefully. He looked inside the room and saw a desk with a silhouetted figure sitting behind it. The room was hardly lit, with the roof lamps seemingly low on power, with curtains down right behind the desk, but with no light emanating from it.

“You called for me, mortal?” Light was so cold in his words; you’d think his voice would freeze into solid ice. He sat down on the ground in front of the table with his legs crossed, still being the largest thing in the room.

“I guess I did, we have arranged a new battle for you. We felt as if it was time for you to ‘avenge’ yourself after your last battle.” The silhouette said, with a large cartoony smile appearing on his head and illuminated brightly. Light gave no reply, he simply clenched his iron fist, rattling his armor as his whole arm shook in rage.

“I’ll take that as you want to fight, you will be fighting a Penny Dreadful. She’s an autistic killer with a superiority complex.” The shadowed man read from a piece of paper resting on the desk, it was blank when Light tried to see what it said, but the shadow continued to read it as if there was a whole biography on it. “You interested?”


“What is this autistics you speak of? Is it some sort of evil spell? What is this superiority complex as well?” Light questioned, still not familiar with many concepts in this new world he was to explore.

“In my words? No. In your words? Yes. It’s a mental disability that people can be born… now when I mean mental disability I mean a demon is stopping her from using her mind properly. Don’t worry about the superiority complex thing though, that’s nothing important” This immediately made Light stand up with a great big smile under his helmet as he shouted.

“My lord! I have found this darkness-controlled woman you speak of! I will purge her of her darkness and show her the right way in your honor!” The silhouette simply sat there staring at the armored man’s outburst, but he couldn’t help himself from a slight chuckle at this display.

“Where is she? I must know immediately where to find her!” The paladin declared, barely trying to hide the joy and excitement in his voice. He was nearly shaking with excitement.

“The town market, its to the right of the police station that’s down the road by this building, and to the right of the big building with a clock on it.” The shadow man barely finished his sentence, when Light simply started to sprint to the outside, breaking the door and some of the wall when running through the doorway. The man from earlier barely made it out of the colossuses path.

As Light left the building, the shadow figure simply smiled his bright smile and chuckled. “The fool has no idea what he’s up against, but no matter, at least the ratings will sky rocket.”


As Light approached the market, he noticed the amount of people lined up, anxiously waiting for something. It wasn’t too hard to guess what it was they were waiting for; news had leaked out about the fight and people wanted tickets to experience it firsthand. Continuing onwards, Light passed by the guards in the main entrance, with one trying to stop him. But before the policeman attempted to stop the armored intruder, a second one grabbed the man by the shoulder, whispering something into his ear. Light paid no mind to this and continued through to his battle.

Inside he found the market still fully intact, but with large walls set up around the whole area, where people were seating themselves, enthusiastic to see the event. Kids, teenagers, adults, and older were among the crowd, as money was passed around, presumably for betting purposes. This enraged Light, but he calmed himself down, reminding himself of his task. As he turned around to face his opponent, he was startled to see a young woman with a porcelain mask right up in his face. Light however was sure to not show his surprise, refusing to show weakness to his enemy.

“It is not too late my child, release your darkness and I can show you the right path.” The woman gave no reply and simply stood there staring at him with her blank eyes, but not at his eyes. A large holographic countdown sign illuminates a high distance away, going from 20 seconds and slowly going downwards as Light continued his discussion.

“If you choose this passage, you realize that your fate will be sent down the path of purging? You must repent! Free yourself in the name of our lord!” Light carried on, getting louder and louder, waving his hands in the air, not minding that she wasn’t even looking at his face. He had a mixture of kind sincerity but also with a feeling of extreme brutality.

The woman again gave no comment and simply started to walk backwards, away from Light.

“Very well. You made your choice.” Light said silently, enraged inside, but with a hint of pride and sadism, he started to feel his blood boil. He felt a strong urge to attack his unsuspecting prey, and free her from her evil.

The counter finally went to zero, a loud horn blared as the masked woman spun around, her black coat flying, revealing her white shirt. Before Light could react, he felt cold steel penetrate his armor and drive into his skin. He looked down as saw small knives sticking out of his chest, blood dripping from the holes. He felt his anger growing as he unsheathed his sword from his back. He let the blade violently hit the ground, puncturing the earth, causing a minor shake and cracking in the ground. The crowd went close to wild, they were ready to see blood spill onto the ground.


It felt like a sudden stop in time as Light ripped his sword from the ground and charged right at his opponent. She made no reaction, seemingly stuck in complex thought as the titan of a man ran at her, blade in the air. As he struck down, the sound of two blades clashing was sounded, as Light’s sword somehow plunged into the ground, pulling Light down with it to the ground.

Before Light could collect his thoughts and understand what happened, he again felt the touch of cold steel going through his body, right through his back. He couldn’t get back up, he struggled and struggled, but he couldn’t move his body. The audience gasping in surprise and cheering.

“Looks like the armored child has got a iddy bit of metal stuck in his spine, I guess this means he can’t move then, right?” A unfamiliar voice said in a patronizing tone, with a slight chuckle. Light attempted to turn and face the voice, but he simply couldn’t move.

“You will now slowly bleed out, should have brought your bandage, kiddy.” Light felt great sorrow in his heart, staring into the ground which he was forced to face. Was this truly the end? Was this the end of his serving of god?

“I refuse this fate you give me! I’ll show you ungrateful bitch!” Light shrieked, his body getting more and more tense from anger, but blood continued to pour out of his body as he started to feel numb.

There was no reply in any language, loud screeches replied as Light felt more and more blades penetrate his skin. He even felt a foot stomping on some of them, lodging deeper into his body. But then he felt something awakening in him and he felt a pure sensation.

“Lucifer!” He roared at the last of his voice, his body finally giving up, his breath being the only thing left. The following was the sound of blades being ripped out of metal, as footsteps began and started to recede.

He was dead, wasn’t he?


But this was not the end. No, Light never felt more alive. He saw the ground he faced slowly moving away from him as he floated upwards, stopping in mid air, noticing that his cross shined brightly with a darkness by his leg. The sound of an otherworldly bellow coming from his body, followed by a pitch-black energy swirling around him. Attaching to him, getting stuck to him like a glue, covering his whole armor, as Light was put back down to the ground on his feet, slumping over to the ground.

He lifted his head, looking forward, seeing the masked woman staring in seemingly awe at the spectacle. He lifted his back up again, simultaneously unworldly voices of evil and darkness echoed and repeated in his, influencing and morphing his thoughts and feelings.

He felt the power of the unholy flowing through his body, giving him new power to face this opponent. This time, he knew what to do, how to kill this darkness inflicted being.

Light lifted up his sword with his right arm, the darkness on his armor wrapping onto the sword, as he sliced downwards, releasing a straight blast of dark sharp energy. The masked woman ducked just in time, only a small hair piece being cut by the blast, as it shot right by, cleaving through anything in its path.

The woman quickly took out more knives from within her coat, and immediately threw it at the dark enveloped man. Light quickly dodged out of the way, and charged at the girl, sword prepared for stabbing her. She quickly retrieved a bloodied machete from within her coat and moved it upward to defend herself. The two blades met and the armored man and the masked woman faced each other closely between their blades.

“That was a smart move earlier, angering me into attacking, so you could easily strike me in the spine.” Light said in a voice that was no longer his own, a sadistic cruel smile appearing on his face as he pressed his sword downwards. The woman didn’t have the strength to hold the lock of blades, as Light’s blades slashed down to her arm, the sound of flesh and blood coming after.

“But I can assure you, your tricks won’t work you dark harlot.” Light laughed manically, his voice distorting with the laugh continuing. The woman showed no emotion, simply picking her other arm up. Light stared at her confused, as she placed her arm back onto her arm and reattached it as if it was never cut off.

“I guess I’ll just have to cut you faster!” Light shrieked, lifting his sword for another strike, the masked woman only just dodging the blade, meanwhile lodging her machete into his stomach. Blood dripped down from the wound, but Light was unfazed, and used his other hand to form into a fist and punch her away. The crowd screamed in excitement while some booed in anger. The sound of bone breaking intoxicated Light’s mind.

He wanted more.


The woman hit face-first onto the ground, her mask still remaining intact surprisingly. She quickly pushed herself up from the ground and took a knee. She lifted her head, and faced Light, again trapped in a state of thought. Light paid no mind to the machete sticking out from his stomach, and slammed his sword down into the concrete. Sounds of bones cracking and breaking come from Light’s body as he tightly gripped himself in pain, his body moving in static sudden ways.

“No further Lucifer! I have allowed that much control, but no more!” It was now or never, the woman quickly pulled out six more knives, having three in each hand, and threw them right for Light’s head. The cheered in excitement, shouting aloud while clapping in a synchronized manner.

“Penny! Dreadful! Penny! Dreadful! Penny! Dreadful!” The sound of flesh cutting was sounded, as the crowd was silenced as if dramatically snuffed out, while blood dripped on the ground. But she struck false, Light had raised his hand and blocked his head from the knives.

The woman quickly reached to retrieve more knives, but was abruptly interrupted as a large dark energy violently crashed into her, shoving her back onto the ground. Before she could recover, another hit her, slamming her into the ground again, and then another, and another, and another.

Until they finally stopped and she stood up, badly bruised and tattered from all the punishment she had received. She then felt a freezing cold hand grab onto her hair, and lift her high up from the ground. It was painful, her hair nearly being ripped off her head, faced right into Light’s dark helmet, her hair dangling in the wind. She felt as if that the dark energy on his armor was pouring down on her hair, it had the feeling of ooze, a disgusting and uncomfortable feeling.

“You had such potential to serve a higher cause, lady Penny, it’s a shame to destroy a potential believer. But the lord’s commands must be followed.” Light said, with a hint of pure sadness in his voice.

“Goo-“ Before Light could finish his sentence, the woman spoke, of course, more likely screamed.

“I refuse to lose to a f—ker like you! I refuse! I refuse! I refuse! I refuse!” She pounded on his chest in her extreme anger tantrum, shaking his armor and making a loud clanking noise. Light simply stared at her feeble attempts to hit him. He lifted his unused hand and started to point at her with his index finger, because right on the tip of his finger, a miniscule ball of black energy formed. The woman made no notice to it and continued her outburst of rage.

The crowd gasped in horror


A sound of wind whooshing by came as blood splattered onto the ground, with Light letting go of the woman’s hair. She dropped onto the ground like a brick, as blood poured out from her head, making a large pool of blood on the ground, staining her dark coat with a thick red color. Her mask cracked and shattered onto the ground, the pieces scattering around her.

“The darkness was in too deep, she had no chance.” The paladin mumbled to himself, as the darkness on him receded under the armor, disappearing from sight. He stood there silently, but felt a strange sensation inside him. Before he could react, he was down on the ground, on all fours, vomiting, making sure not to fall as he had not extracted the machete from his stomach.

He tried to take his helmet off, but he couldn’t summon the strength, as he continued to vomit a dark and sludgy ooze, it barely dripping out of his helmet. When the hurling ended, he took off his helmet and put it down on the ground, taking deep gasps for breath.

His blonde hair drooping from his head, some locks even falling into the black sludge. After a long time of breathing, he got himself up with his helmet in hand and put it back into place.

Nearly all the people in the crowd booed and shouted insults, some even throwing food and other things at the armored man. Light scoffed at them, thinking that their time would come someday, as he walked out of the arena, pulling his sword along the concrete.

Before he took even a single step he felt yet again steel penetrating his armor but not cutting his flesh, he quickly turned around to see who threw the steel objects at him, feeling his rage brewing again. It was the woman; she was still alive, standing there with knives in hand, but without her mask. Her face was what some men would call beautiful, but the blood on her face overshadowed it.


“Now, now its over.” Light muttered as if he was praying, ripping the machete out of his stomach, blood from the blade and from the puncture in his armor dripped to the ground.

Light attacked, slashing his sword down at the woman, making a crushing sound. She had dodged, but Light struck again with a stabbing motion, this time using the machete. She only just dodged it, her white shirt underneath her coat getting slashed. She quickly spun around and landed behind him, jumping onto his back. Light quickly tried to grab her but she kept dodging his hand.

Retrieving two knives from her tattered coat, she stabbed him in the neck of his helmet, barely holding onto the raging man despite her holding onto him with her legs. Just as she stabbed him however, he grabbed her hands just in time before she penetrated his skin, and threw her down to the ground. Slamming her body against the concrete, he stamped on her arms, practically nailing them to the ground as she shrieked in pain.

There was the bone cracking sound again, and now, Light felt it was finally the end. He held up her machete with his right hand with all his might, and slashed at her neck.

Her head rolled on the ground, blood squirting and dripping with clothes scattered on the ground. Light was however not done; he slammed the machete into the woman’s chest and walked over to the decapitated head. He stomped on her head, somehow managing to crush it, the bone was crushed, the brain was crushed, all that was left of the head was a blood paste.

The crowd was horrified, some even vomited. Light made no comment and started to walk out of the arena, slowly ripping out the knives in his armor, and letting them drop to the ground. Something blue illuminated behind him but he paid no notice. Then a speaker spoke aloud.

“Light, the forsaken paladin, wins!” All that was followed was the sound of booing, as if it was a chorus of hatred.

Penny Dreadful, has been purged.

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Looks great you guys! It was a close fight, but Penny edged out just a little bit for me!

I've got a lot of scrambling to do on my end, but I'll try to leave you guys some CnC in a week or so, depending on how many shifts I'm getting scheduled