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06-04-2015, 10:55 PM
Everything is a lie.

The ground shook. The skies blackened blackened and churned, bringing forth a crimson hue. Charcoal trees rose above them; no, not trees, but arms and hands that twitched and writhed.

They knew nothing of what had befallen them. A world which made no sense and refuses to be tamed. A world which seemed to even rebel against its masters. A world where there seemed to be no escape.

All that came to them was an urging voice. Only one will be free. The other will be sacrificed.

Your past haunts you. Visions of familiar acquaintances that seem so real, and yet not so. In the end, the question echoes from every one of their lips: Is your goal truly just?

Screams of the accursed fill your ears, all different, yet so close to your own. You feel yourself slipping away into the masses, losing control of your very body. In the end, the question pounds in your head: Who are you that makes you different?"


You are nature's force, and by her hand you control the land and the skies. You are its embodiment, and your task comes one and only as that of the executioner. There is one question that you have to answer. In the end, who is to fall?

The deadline comes in three weeks. Everything from here and now, is to your interpretation. When you are done, send them my way, and be judged accordingly.

08-29-2015, 05:44 PM
I think this thread either needs an update or to be removed.