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Evening, ladies and gentlelads. Here's Alex, bringing you a battle between myself and Strongest. I take today (7th/8th of June) as our deadline and I request a poll untill the 15th of June. May the best man win.

CnC is greatly appreciated ^^

My story

The sun had finally came upon Stickpage City. The long awaited summer was finally here, and everybody just loved it. Serena was relaxing on a towel, sunbathing poolside in some super luxurious penthouse in the Downtown area of the city. She has never been kin with this type of commodities, and the gladiator life wasn’t really going to change her opinion. But when Tanya proposed her to go and take a day off, for some reason she just couldn’t refuse. And as soon as her girlfriend mentioned ‘chilling poolside in a cool place’, the banshee completely gave in, partly influenced by the ecstatic insistence that Tanya had towards her. It did turn out that there was a catch behind it: theoretically they were not allowed to be up there, but Tanya couldn’t care less about it. Serena tried protesting, but after she saw the breathtaking view, she decided to close an eye just this time. And besides, she did need a day off.

The two women were on the balcony. The whole place belonged to some really rich philanthropist that loved travelling the world. And judging by the previously locked doors and windows, he was on a trip somewhere. Why previously? Well, Serena was informed about 20 minutes after their arrival that the place was supposed to be off limits, but Tanya had disabled surveillance cameras and security systems. The banshee did not take that very well, but it was too late for complaining and it would have been a shame wasting this opportunity. So the two women decided to borrow the penthouse for a couple of days.

The past couple of months she got truly pushed to her limits while training with Tanya. The banshee did get a glimpse at what her soulmate is really capable of, and to say that she was amazed would be an understatement. Tanya was truly an incredible person, a force to be reckoned with. The training was intense, and it did allow Serena to elaborate more combos with her powers. But most importantly, Tanya taught her how to use her wakizashi to its maximum potential. Thanks to her knowledge of kenjutsu, the Irish woman was able to elevate her fighting to the next level, making her a lot more proficient with the blade.

The Irish woman was laying down atop a sea blue towel. She was meticulously covered with sun screen cream, her eyes covered by a pair of dark sunglasses and her hair untied from her usual braided ponytail, revealing the full length of her hair. It was roughly a meter long, reaching almost to her knees. But she had taken measures for that, as it was put alongside her, not bothering her sunbathing in any way. She was rocking a gorgeous crimson two-piece bikini which was suggested to her by Tanya. Initially Serena felt very uncomfortable wearing it, also because of her girlfriend constantly whistling at her. Although the whistling earned Tanya a slap across her face, that did not stop her from ‘praising’ her partner.

<<C’mon and have a swim, baby. The water is amazing! >>
A female voice resounded across the balcony. Serena slowly raised her head, scanning the pool area. She saw Tanya in her amber bikini inside the pool, waving at her with a huge smile on her face. The banshee smiled back, but opted not making any further efforts, as she dropped her head back down on the towel.

“I think I’ll pass. The sun feels way too nice, and I just wanna stay here and chill…”

Serena’s eyes slowly closed, a smile still stamped on her face. Her body visibly relaxed, as her muscles loosened up. She was truly charmed by that magical feeling of comfort.

<<Aw come on. Why you have to be a party popper? >> Tanya pouted from inside the pool, as she swam back and forth.

“Why do you have to be so hyperactive? Can’t you just enjoy the moment?” Serena quickly replied.

Suddenly a loud splashing sound echoed throughout the balcony. Instants later, Serena found herself in the shade. As her eyes slowly creaked open, she noticed Tanya’s figure hovering a dozen of centimeters above her. She was still soaking wet, a couple of water drops slipping from along her silhouette, falling onto Serena.

<<Well that’s one of the main reasons you love me, isn’t that right? >>
The blonde woman had a huge grin stamped onto her face. However Serena did not flinch.

“Honey, you’re blocking the sun.”

With a really quick dash, Tanya repositioned herself from above Serena to her side, laying down onto her purple towel. She began stretching, almost knocking Serena’s head with her arm. A very deep breath followed, which captured the banshee’s attention for a second. After the whole procedure of stretching was finished, Tanya relaxed atop the towel, her head turning towards Serena.

<<But I am enjoying the moment. I’m relaxing in a luxurious penthouse with my girlfriend, sunbathing and drinking cocktails. This is perfect. >>
As Tanya concluded that phrase, she took a sip from the Margarita that she had prepared earlier. Serena instinctively did the same, without noticing. Then the two women just stared at the sky, the silence broken only by the gentle sound of the waves crashing onto the sides of the pool and the whistling of the cool breeze.

“Perfect indeed…”


Time quickly passed and the duties of being a gladiator caught up with Serena. Meetings were arranged, training began again and sparrings were scheduled. She was really glad that she managed to take those couple of days off. She was feeling refreshed and filled with energy. And Tanya soon noticed that in training. The banshee’s blows were fast, precise and powerful, and were actually managing to challenge her. Tanya initially thought it was some sort of revenge that Serena was acting towards her. Probably thinking the Irish woman did not enjoy the vacation at the penthouse. But as the sparrings began, that thought quickly vanished. Serena was just very pumped and relentless. The opponents that she was facing barely stood a chance. Tanya’s jaw dropped when her girlfriend defeated her last sparring opponent in merely 5,7 seconds; all she needed was two well assessed Symphony of Force attacks.

Then one day, Serena received an interesting mail from a gladiator in the Rock Hard Tournament. A challenge. The message was very simple, going on something around the lines of ‘I want to fight you’ or ‘I would like to have a battle with you’. But the banshee did not hesitate a moment: she immediately accepted the challenge. It has been a while since she has fought someone, and she was eager to test herself after the intense training done with Tanya. Instantly after accepting the challenge, she began doing her homework: she searched archives, registers, combat logs, everything that could have given her more information about the challenger.

Unfortunately, although Serena spent a lot of hours searching into multiple sources, she did not gather a lot of information about whoever had challenged her. But what she did find out was very interesting. Her opponent was a man named Milo Kotara, listed as some sort of hitman or mercenary for some unknown company. His age, provenience and date of birth were unknown. While doing her research, three things appeared quite odd to Serena. The first one was that whoever this guy was; the RHG Database had little information about him. It appeared he had joined the circuit quite recently. The second one was that outside of the RHG Database, the little information that she had found about him said that this guy hunted people in what appeared to be a random pattern. And whoever fought him did not survive to tell the story. Lastly, the way that he was registered into the RHG Database, compared to the public database. In the latter, he was filed as Milo Kotara, as for the Rock Hard Gladiator Database, the name Seele was added. This initially confused Serena: was she fighting one person or two? She had heard in the past about fighting duos, such as the Suicide Sisters or Rhami and Astor, all four being very renowned in the RHG community. There was only one way to clear this doubt: more studying.

It was late afternoon of a day of May. June was one step closer, but the temperatures outside gave the impression that it was August. Serena had to abandon her cool apartment in order to go to the library and study some reports that she had requested about her challenger. This also meant leaving Tanya alone at home, which would result in cleaning duties by the time that she came back. But at the moment that wasn’t important. She had to focus on the task at hand: find out as much as possible about Milo Kotara before their inevitable fight.

The hours flew by. When Serena arrived, the Rockerfeller Library was packed with people, majority of which were students revising for their final exams. But by the time she had finished the reports, the library was almost empty, only her, the librarian and a couple of students that fell asleep remaining inside the building.

Although she didn’t manage to gather much information, she did understand a bit more about her opponent. His main weapon is a handgun, but a couple of things were weird about this fact. First of all, every single report stated a different gun: one said it was a Smith & Wesson; another that it was a Glock; another that it was a WW2 German Luger and the list went on. Secondly, some reports said that the murders happened indoors, but all the doors leading to the crime scene were locked and there were no signs of burglary. Thirdly, one of the many reports had a very interesting thing written within: according to witnesses, Milo Kotara was seen and heard shouting and arguing with his M9 handgun. All reports agreed on two very specific things: there was absolutely no trace of shells or bullets on all the crime scenes, neither on the ground nor inside the victims. And there were two distinct types of impacting points; one being the regular 9mm shell bullet marks. But the other one was special to say the least: although across every crime scene the marks were different from the previous one, all of them were pitch black. But probably the most gruesome detail came from a couple of reports: they stated that the victims were found with their chest opened up and their heard ripped out. The organ was nowhere to be found on the crime scene, which left to speculation. Whoever this person might be, he is definitely not a conventional human being.

Suddenly Serena’s phone buzzed, gently crawling across the wooden table. Slightly surprised, her arm reached for the device, unlocking it with one swift swiping movement. It was a message from Tanya. It read ‘I’m getting pizza for dinner :)’. The banshee did not fully understand how those devices worked, but her girlfriend stressed the fact that it would be a lot easier to communicate and a lot more ‘socially acceptable’. So she got her one of those fancy smartphones. Apparently it was called iPhone or something, and according to Serena, it was a futile waste of money and a distraction. But as time went by, she learned how to appreciate technology. It helped her with her gladiator duties, planning training sessions and even buying groceries. She took her time replying to the message. Even though she only wrote a smiley face, it took her a couple of seconds to actually punch the symbols in.

She carefully placed her phone back on the table, subsequently leaning back on the chair and taking a deep breath. Her eyes instinctively looked at the library’s clock: it was 10:22 in the evening. As she was resting on the chair, she looked around the library. At this point everybody had left, leaving only herself and the librarian, whom was about to fall asleep as well. It was time to leave.

She silently stood up, trying to not make the chair loudly slide across the wooden floor. With slow and composed movements, she gathered her reports and began heading towards the exit. As Serena passed next to the librarian’s booth, the two exchanged a quick glance and a smile.

<<Have a nice evening, miss. >>
He politely said. Although Serena couldn’t vocally reply, her lips mimicked the words ‘thank you’, to which the librarian limited himself to a smile.

As she was walking towards the big wooden doors, the banshee’s eyes glanced around the library. The building was huge, entirely filled with books. If she had to give an estimate, she’d say that there were about 30 thousand books or so. As her eyes dashed around, she noticed that the corridor shelves were decorated with mirrors on their sides, making a rather interesting reflection effect. As she passed close to one, her own reflection greeted her: casually dressed with jeans and a shirt, amber eyes and dark long hair. She was still getting used to seeing herself wearing casual clothes on a daily basis.

She kept on walking, childishly peeking into the next mirror, greeting her reflection with a smile this time. For some reason that entertained her. She even stopped a couple of moments more, taking the time to look at herself. In her opinion, she looked exactly like one of those college students, carrying a massive pile of notes accumulated throughout the semester and revising everything just before the final exam.

By the time that she was approaching the third mirror, she was quite excited. She was having a lot of fun for some reason. When she was close enough, she leaped in front of the window, almost dropping the huge pile of reports that she was holding in her hands. Initially she was smiling, but the smile slowly faded into an expression of confusion. Even though she had a happy face at the beginning, for some weird reason her reflection did not. Her eyes quickly scanned the mirror and the image displayed by it. The first detail that she noticed was that her reflection was not holding anything in its hands. It had a very rigid and composed posture, sticking its chest out and having a blank expression on its face.

Terrified, Serena began to slowly back away from the mirror. She freaked out when she noticed that her reflection was not getting smaller. Suddenly, her reflection smiled. But it was more of an evil grin than a cheerful smile. The image contorted itself violently, changing appearance: the banshee’s reflection had mutated into a person. It was a man; green eyes, dark hair with a green and silver coat and black pants. He was slightly shorter than Serena, but his eyes were menacingly staring at her. She quickly tossed an eye behind her, hoping that it was all a stupid prank or something. But as she saw what was behind her, she snapped to reality. There was nothing.

<<Serena Richards…>>
A voice came from in front of her. She slowly turned her head towards the mirror. Although she was still slightly scared, she had regained a bit of lucidity. She understood that she was in danger. As her eyes spotted the mirror, the figure had changed stance: the man was now holding a gun, and it was pointed right at the Irish woman.

<<…I have come to kill you. Goodbye. >>
Everything happened in a split second, but to Serena it felt like an eternity. The man’s index finger slowly pulled the trigger. The banshee’s reaction was instinctive: her muscles twitched all together, her body began leaning to the side really slowly. It felt like being in a Wachowski brother’s movie. Her arms flinging the reports in the air, attempting to protect her face from lethal damage. Then the gunshot came. Moments after the deafening sound echoed throughout the room, Serena felt excruciating pain coming from her shoulder. Serena tumbled on the floor, pushed back by the strength of the impact. A quick glance at her right shoulder confirmed the obvious: she was shot.

Another loud gunshot broke the moment of silence that was created. Serena did not have time to analyze the situation or think about a plan. The only option was to act instinctively. With a really clumsy movement, she dropped on her back, hoping that she had guessed correctly. The bullet whizzed right past her face, hitting the wooden floor just behind her head. Inside, she was very proud of herself in regard to that prediction, but time was running short. She quickly glanced at her opponent: he was adjusting his aim slightly, and now the barrel of his gun was directly pointed at Serena’s head. But with the corner of her eye, Serena noticed something that could have served her as an escape plan: her reports scattered all across the floor. Serena quickly chanted a short series of notes. Suddenly, a strong gale bursted onto the two, violently blowing the paper reports right towards Serena’s opponent. Another shot got accidentally fired, but it was nowhere close to hitting its target. The banshee took that opportunity and dashed away from the man, heading for cover.

With a couple of quick strides, Serena managed to slip behind one of the bookshelves, breaking line of sight with her opponent. As she slammed her back against the bookshelf, she took a deep breath: the pain was killing her, and blood was pouring out from the wound.

<<No, I did not let her escape. She just got lucky. >>
Serena overheard the man talking to someone. But besides her and the librarian, there was no one else in the library. And it was unlikely that he was speaking with the librarian, as he had disappeared.

It didn’t take long for the Irish woman to understand who the man was. She was just reading about him: that was Milo Kotara, her opponent.

<<Don’t worry. I’ll find her. She couldn’t have gone far. >>
Milo stated again. Serena peeked slightly from behind her cover, seeing him standing in the same spot, scanning the area for his target. As she did so, she received a sting from her shoulder, reminding her that she was injured. She did not had the time to medicate her wound, but she had to stop the bleeding. With a quick, strong move she ripped part of her shirt away to use it as a bandage. But that ended up giving away her position.

<<There you are. >>
Loud thuds echoed through the silent library as Milo headed full speed towards Serena. But as he was closing in, his ears picked up a gentle series of notes. The banshee was singing her Charming Melody, hoping that she could buy herself some time. But her hopes got demolished moments later, as bullets zipped right past her. Serena tossed herself off the wooden shelf and began running to the left, trying to put some distance between her and Milo. As he turned the corner, he quickly rose his arm, aiming his Desert Eagle at his target. A couple of shots were fired, but miraculously none of them hit Serena, only one barely touching her, scratching her shoulder. Serena planted her feet into the wooden floor, and sang a powerful Symphony of Force towards her aggressor. But the distance was big and with sharp reflexes, Milo took cover behind a bookshelf, allowing the devastating attack to pass right by him.

Serena took that chance and hid again. She sat down, leaning her back against another bookshelf, about a dozen rows farther from her previous resting point. The pain was agonizing: she had lost a respectable amount of blood and she was starting to get headaches. With careful movements she gathered the piece of shirt around the wound, gripping one end with her left arm and the other one between her teeth. As she pulled, pain overwhelmed her, but having the cloth in her mouth managed to muffle her moan just enough to not give her position away again.

Having a second to breathe, Serena logically broke down the situation. Her conditions were not the greatest; that meant she had to beat this guy quickly. He was a gunslinger, so staying behind cover was a must. He apparently has some sort of supernatural transportation power, so the banshee had to check her back at all times. Although long range fighting favored both of the gladiators, the banshee had to stay in closer quarters, due to the fact that bullets travel faster than her songs. She had finally figured out her win conditions.

Serena slowly rose up, hugging the bookshelf as she took small steps towards the corner of it. Before she could reach it though, Milo’s voice echoed throughout the library. And it was really close.

<<Yeah, yeah, I know. I should be more decisive and not waste so much time bla bla bla. Whatever… >>

Serena peeked around the library. Her eyes spotted Milo walking down the corridor, looking left and right. She withdrawed behind cover, preparing to strike her foe. The banshee began breathing slower and deeper. She was ready to unleash an absolutely devastating blow. But as she did so, hear ears picked up something. Or rather, they didn’t. The library was completely silent.

Serena looked once again into the corridor, again just allowing her eye to slip past the wooden plank that was the side of the shelf. But when her eye scanned the corridor, what she saw send a ripple down her spine. Milo was standing right in front of her, his silver Desert Eagle merely a couple of inches away from Serena’s head. The banshee instinctively gulped.

<<How unfortunate. You reached the end of the road. Time to say goodbye. >>
Serena’s eyes closed shut. She never thought that she would die like that. Die to some trigger happy kid. Die now that she had found happiness again. Milo’s finger slowly caressed the trigger, before violently pulling it.


That sound echoed across the library. It felt like somebody had just dropped a bomb, and everything was getting obliterated by the explosion, just like one of those famous Hollywoodian movies. Serena’s eyes cracked open.

*click* *click*

<<Oh Seele PLEASE! NOT NOW! >>
Serena’s amber eyes scanned Milo’s face: anger and frustration were the main emotions that she could read off of his expression. But also a slight tone of fear. A grin rose onto the woman’s face.

With a quick move she jumped back, creating separation between herself and her opponent. After taking a deep breath, a really powerful note erupted from the banshee’s vocal chords, aimed directly at Milo. The man had a second to realize what was about to happen, but not another one to react and move. Serena’s Symphony of Force collided with him moments later, sending him flying. As the wave travelled along the corridor, it completely shred any obstacle that met its path, carrying Milo along with it. The attack was so potent that it began ripping the man’s clothes off.

While her attack was still unfolding itself, Serena quickly changed the pitch and rhythm of her singing, switching from a strong, upbeat tone to a more calm, solemn and high tone. Suddenly, a massive blue spirit arm appeared out of thin air, slamming its fist into one of the remaining shelves, completely smashing it. The rest of the body quickly followed, revealing the spirit of a huge Viking warrior. The result of the Serena’s Song of Wars and her personal guardian.

As the massive shockwave finally wore off, Milo violently landed on the remains of the wooden floor, dragging debris along with him. He slowly lifted his head, his sight slightly blurred. He gazed around him: his immediate surroundings were completely demolished, his clothes were partly ripped and blood covered areas of his body. As his eyes focused, he managed to get a better grasp of what was happening; he spotted Seele laying between the debris a couple of meters away from him, and a huge blue figure standing in the distance.

Serena did not hesitate a moment; she shouted one authoritarian note, and her ethereal guardian took off, charging full steam ahead towards his mistress’s aggressor. His bare feet vigorously stomping into the ground, passing through the remaining wooden planks and the debris scattered across the floor. At that moment Milo realized: the fight was over.

The guardian planted his feet into the ground, leaping into the air and striking Milo with a massive double punch. The impact pushed both men farther into the ground, creating a deeper crater and unfortunately destroying the library more than it already was. Dust and smoke exploded in the air, pushing away part of the debris closest to the impact area. The shockwave was really strong; enough that it even managed to reach Serena. But she did not flinch. She stood there, finishing the last couple of notes of her song. Her clothes were ripped, her hair was ruffled and her whole right arm was covered in blood. The pain was grueling, but somehow the Irish woman seemed to not care.

The dust slowly settled down, the smoke dissipating itself. When the scene cleared up, Serena’s guardian was gone, vanished into thin air in the same way that he had appeared. Milo was laying at the center of the wide crater, blacked out. The banshee slowly turned around, taking a deep breath. Her left hand reached into her pocket, grabbing and pulling out her phone. The screen was shattered and it was barely working. With a small effort, she managed to send a message to her girlfriend. It read ‘I’ll be late for dinner.’

The Strongest
06-07-2015, 05:11 PM
“They are an affront to our ideals. They must be destroyed.” Milo quoted. His boss’s words still rang in his head like church bells. The plan, however, wasn’t as bloody as Milo expected it to be. Instead, it was a respectable engagement. Practically a duel. The fight had been announced well beforehand, and Milo was only now reading up on his opponent. A banshee. A fairy tale creature, or so Milo would have dismissed the notion had he heard of her before he was claimed. She was a fighter without any physical capability. All of her abilities were focused on her voice. An easy mark, Milo figured.

Except he wasn't allowed to simply put one of Seele's bullets between her eyes. It was, after all, a bit of bloodsport. There would need to be a show. To that end, Milo and Serena had been scheduled to do battle in an old concert hall. The Hewitt Theater had been scheduled for demolition, so that it could be rebuilt anew. What better way to see that destruction realized than a battle?

Milo looked up when he heard a sharp rapping at his door. He reached for Seele instinctively, but the voice that called from the other end quelled his fears.

"Milo, get ready! We leave in 15 minutes." a familiar voice called.

"I'll be right there, Rindai." Milo called back.

Our first real battle as gladiators. Oh, isn't it exciting?

"Technically, Seele, it's my first battle. You were registered as a weapon."

A weapon? Is that all you think of me? Hmph.

"It's not like that! It's just that--"

I know, I'm only teasing you. Though I do most of the work. I deserve more credit than 'weapon.'

"First thing after we finish this, I'll see what can be done."

"Milo, are you coming?" Rindai called again. Milo was ready.


Rindai's car pulled into the parking lot. They weren't the first to arrive, though. Another vehicle was already parked on the far end of the lot. A quick check of the time showed that they were on schedule.

A pre-show warmup. Seele quipped.

"Maybe you two should have practiced." Rindai joked.


Milo walked through the abandoned theater. Time had not been kind to it. The rich red carpets were beginning to mold. Half the lights didn't agree with the power turning back on for the battle, and the other half were still making up their minds, based on their flickering. The place had been mostly left intact, or as intact as months of looters could leave it.

Milo could clearly see why some of the tattered posters had been left behind. They were, for the most part, unrecognizable. Scratches of red and black, mixed in with generous coatings of sprayed on graffitti, almost gave them a character of their own. Almost.

"We'd better get our tickets." Milo said.

He ignored Seele's protests to the contrary and stepped up to the aged counter. As he expected, there was a service bell. Pressing the button seemed to change the world around him. Milo watched as the whole thing rippled from a rundown heap to the height of its old glory. All around him, people crowded. Everyone was demanding a ticket. Hands reached over his shoulder, reaching towards the last ticket, which was being handed to Milo. A collective groan rose from the crowd, and Milo turned to look at a tugging st his arm. There was a gun in a dress at his elbow. But she was a weapon, she didn't need a ticket, right?

An employee stopped him to inform him that, yes, he did need a ticket for his companion. Nothing to it. Milo pulled Seele out of her holster and fired. The mirage shattered along with the door he had shot the hinge off of. The old thing had been practically matchsticks already. The round had merely finished the process. From down the hall, Milo heard a voice. There were no words, only sounds.

The only other person here should be our opponent. The Deathsinger. Seele reminded him.

"Right. Time to put on my game face." Milo replied.

Milo pushed the double doors open, and there down on the stage was his opponent. She didn't fit into his vision for the place. She seemed ready for a fight. Yet there she was, singing. It was a mournful piece. Slow and powerful in its grace. It reminded Milo of abandoned castles, of the creeping realization that whatever was coming could not be stopped. It was a powerful voice, but one without words.

Milo felt a creeping dread filling his mind. There may have been a threat, here.

“Shit. Seele, the oven’s on, still.” Milo said, already turning back towards the entrance.. “Hey, Deathsinger, I’m going to have to accept a defeat on this one. Umm...bye.”

Wait, we’re just leaving? Seele complained.

“The oven is on. It’s leave now and stop the apartment from burning down, or we lose a place to live while we’re here.”

He left, then. Serena’s face registered surprise, briefly, before she remembered the other part of why she was here. As Milo walked towards a surprised Rindai, and more importantly Rindai’s car, the theatre collapsed, the dust blowing outwards like so many ambitions forgotten.