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Hey all! First I want to thank Malacal for accepting my challenge against his gladiator~
Second, thank you Malacal for providing me a few extra days to write while I dealt with personal problems. (For real though, thanks man. You didn't have to, but you did, so you da real mvp)

Anyway, here are the battles!

Omega v. Chance

Malacal's Story (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oOTuzHE1HSaVvLX4h2nOShk5t2qjYgBBsz7zdZ4Dxt8/edit)


“Ah, thanks mate.” Chance said as the attendant handed him a bucket of ice with a wine bottle set neatly in the center. When the prince looked back towards the man, he grinned. “If you’re not busy later, you are more than welcome to join us.”

“No he’s not, Chance.” A woman’s voice came from further in the hotel room. The attendant chuckled in embarrassment, and waved a goodbye before turning and walking away from the door.

The redhead groaned and kicked the door shut behind him. “Oh come on, Isabella. Don’t you know that a little ménage à trois is good for the soul?” As he entered the hotel bedroom, his charming grin returned.

His ‘date’ for the night, a beautiful Latina named Isabella, was sitting upright in the bed with sheets wrapped around her bare torso. Chocolate-brown eyes looked the royal womanizer over.

“You know, that tank top and those sweatpants really suit you well.” She giggled, twirling a strand of dark hair around her finger. In response, Chance chuckled and fished a small ice cube out of the bucket and threw it gently at the woman. Isabella laughed and swatted it away before falling back into the pillows.

The redhead smirked and set the bucket on the bedside table. He crawled up from the end of the bed until he was over Isabella, his face mere inches from hers. “You know, girly, you’re even beautiful from this angle.”

The woman smiled and wrapped her arms around Chance’s neck pulling him slowly closer. Her lips brushed his, and she leaned up to meet him--

A violent crash and the sound of glass breaking jolted the two, causing Isabella to headbutt Chance. The prince yelped and fell back off the end of the bed as his date shrieked and pressed back into the wall behind her.

“God damn it, what in the blazes--” The redhead started, but Isabella screamed and pointed towards something behind him. Chance turned quickly, and his body went cold. “Shit.”

Standing in the doorway of the small room was a black figure, glowing red eyes surrounded by a shell of dark, metallic armor. A halo hung ominously above its head, and its body was strangely disproportionate.It should have been hard to read its emotions, but something about it gave off an angry vibe; Chance knew exactly why.

“Oh shit.. Was that today, mate?” The prince asked sheepishly, scrambling to stand up.

“Of course it was today, you ignorant mortal.” The creature growled, taking a step into the room. It wasn’t until the thing moved that Chance noticed the large tendrils extending from its back, planting itself into the ground and keeping the being just above the floor.

“Now, now, Omega. No need to be so hostile around a beautiful woman.” Chance chuckled, motioning to the now-sobbing Latina that looked absolutely terrified. Mascara was running down the sides of her face, and she seemed unable to take her wide eyes off the thing that stood menacingly in the doorway.

The redhead felt warmth spread over his lips, and drip off his chin. When he put a hand to his nose, he discovered that he was bleeding; the vicious headbutt from Isabella’s surprise gave him a nosebleed. He couldn’t help but crack a smile.

“Listen, Mr. Xenomorph,” The prince said sarcastically, wiping his hand on his pants leg. “I say we let this woman leave safely so as to cut down on civilian casualties. Deal?”

“Your insolence amuses me.” The creature said. “I have come for your head, and your head alone. If the woman wishes to flee, it should be in her interest to hurry”

Without a moment of hesitation, the Latina woman jumped out of the bed, blankets and sheets still wrapped protectively around her body, and pushed past the creature warily as she bolted out the front door.

“Well, I suppose that takes care of her safety.” Chance chuckled, his eyes narrowing at the otherworldly being. The prince kept his eyes locked on Omega as he walked over to the ice bucket still sitting on the table. He picked up the bottle of wine and filled a glass with the crimson liquid. “Care for a drink?”

The creature growled and one of his tentacles slithered into the room, grasping the doorframe and pulling Omega into the open space. “I’d much rather kill you on the spot, and claim my winnings.”

Chance laughed and walked towards the angered god, glass of wine held daintily between his fingers. He swiped a hand across his upper lip, wiping away the small amount of blood that dripped down from his nose. Once he was near the being, he lifted the glass to Omega with a friendly smile. “Not even one drink, mate? Helps soothe the nerves.”

Omega simply stared at the redhead, his anger and impatience practically palpable. Two tentacles uprooted themselves from the floor, and hovered ominously behind him, their metal tips pointed at the prince.

Chance cocked his head sadly, playfully pouting his lip. “I take it that’s a no then?” He asked, wiggling the glass of crimson in front of the god’s face. “No matter. Shall we begin?”

Before Omega could react, the prince splashed the wine into the his face. The god staggered back against the wall as he tried to wipe the liquid from his face. Chance took the opportunity and ran past him, opening the door to the small hotel room and sprinting off down the hallway.

The prince was halfway down the corridor when he a loud roaring noise behind him. When he looked over his shoulder, Omega was tearing down the hallway after him, metal tendrils ripping in and out of the walls as he closed the distance between him and the prince.

“You insolent mortal! Get back here!” He yelled. Wallpaper and drywall were ripped from its holdings, and Chance could only keep running.

Shit! At this rate, he’ll kill me before we get to the lobby. The redhead thought, turning a corner and practically flying down the flight of stairs. He hit the landing of the floor below him a little too hard, and a drop of blood dripped from his nose to the ground. That’s it! Let’s make this a little more interesting..

As the prince took off back down the new hallway, he snapped. A tendril of blood whipped out from under his nose, and quickly sliced across his shoulder. As the open wound began to grow, as did Chance’s grin.

Another snap caused the blood to float away from the gash and to swirl next to him, slowly taking shape next to him. By the time Omega had reached the bottom of the stairwell, the crimson substance had taken the form of the prince, matching his running gait and following along next to him.

Both versions of the redhead looked over their shoulders and grinned, coming to a stop in the midst of the hallway. The wrathful god stopped at the end of the stairs, his metal tentacles stuck into the walls and the floor to keep him aloft. His gaze shifted between the two quickly, trying to decipher which one was the real prince.

One of the two versions smiled, and looked to his counterpart, “I see we’ve at least managed to trick him.”

“I’d have to agree with you on that one, mate.” The other replied, crossing his arms and winking playfully at Omega.

“It doesn’t matter which is the real one, I will simply slaughter you both!” The creature yelled. Two of his tentacles unhooked themselves from the wall, and sped towards Chance and his blood-double.

The two ducked under the oncoming weapons and ran for their attacker. One of the metal tendrils whipped to the side and tried to slam into one of the princes, but he jumped and the tentacle slammed into the wall, scattering debris into the hallway.

“Missed me, you shiny bastard!” The redhead yelled, while his companion chuckled and sprinted harder at the alien god.

Omega’s eyes narrowed at the oncoming version of Chance before lowering himself unsteadily to the floor. The god’s balance waivered, but he remained standing. Three tentacles ripped themselves out of the wall, throwing a large chunk of plaster and drywall at the rushing prince.

“Shit!” The redhead cursed under his breath. He ducked and slid across the floor, watching warily as the boulder of wall went flying overhead. He came to a skidding halt, the floor beneath him burning his leg through the fabric of his sweatpants. When the prince looked back towards his aggressor, his eyes widened as two tentacles sped towards him.

The tendrils of metal stabbed through Chance, lifting his body off the ground and pinning it into the wall. The prince gagged as blood poured out of his mouth, his eyes rolling into the back of his head Omega simply sneered, his eyes turning to the other redhead who had ceased his assault.

“Quit toying with me mortal, I realize this is your clone. The innards are too hollow to be real.” The god said as all of his tentacles retreated back to him, the clone of Chance still hanging limp between two of them.

The real prince stood in the middle of the hallway now, with only several yards between him and the metal creature. His expression was blank, and even the usual grin that graced his features was absent from its place. His breathing was slightly irregular from the sprint, but he stood up straight and faced his opponent.

“Are you going to get serious now? It’s starting to become quite tiresome, to say the least.” Omega’s voice was low, as if he was becoming cocky in the current situation. His prey was growing tired, and he was still raring to go; it was clear that he currently had the upperhand.

Chance sighed, crossing his arms in front of his chest and staring at the god before him. “Tell me something, mate. How exactly did you figure out which one was the fake?” He said, his fingers drumming across his bicep.

Omega made a sound that almost resembled a chuckle, and the tentacles that held the clone hovered ominously behind him. “I won’t let you play your foolish mind games with me, you pathetic excuse for a bag of meat.”

Now it was Chance’s turn to laugh. The prince snapped and pointed at the god, a grin spreading across his face. “I see. So if I’m the pathetic bag of meat, what does that make you? The rust-bucket from Pluto?”

The god didn’t seem to be too pleased with the red-head’s comment. The metal tendrils that weren’t stuck in the wall swayed aggressively behind the creature. “I guess I must repeat myself to low-life mortals such as yourself. Your mind games won’t work with me.”

“Are you sure, mate? Because I seem to have just used my ‘mind games’ to gain the upperhand.” Chance retorted, taking a few steps closer to the otherworldly being, who seemed to be slightly bewildered by the prince’s words. “You see, as you were sitting there going on and on about my pathetic mortality,” he paused, pointing towards the tentacles that once held the clone’s body. “You failed to remember that I can manipulate blood, and quite well at that.”

Omega turned his head towards the metal tendrils that should have been speared through the abdomen of the bloody puppet, but instead found that it had morphed into a single, gelatinous form. The blob had swirled around three tentacles, encasing them and making them immobile. The god tried to pull them apart, but the blood had condensed so much the metal tendrils were frozen in place.

“So you’ve managed to disarm three of my tentacles. Interesting. But I’m still not quite defenseless.” Omega growled as he turned back towards Chance. Another tentacle attempted to pry itself from the wall and attack the prince, but another snap caused the blood that was still dripping from his shoulder to shoot out and wrap around the tendril, halting it in its place.

The redhead grinned, walking closer to the creature. His maroon eyes wandered over the god’s ebony metallic features, stopping at the halo that he had almost forgotten about. It was quite wide in diameter, and something seemed strange about it.

“You see, mate.” Chance started, tearing his eyes away from the halo and back towards the god. “As long as I’m still bleeding, even if only a little bit, and as long as my blood is surrounding your metal... things, I win. Plain and simple.”

Omega went still, and his silence soon followed. He seemed to be calculating something, but Chance was unsure of what, exactly. Brushing aside his concern, the prince cocked his head.

“So, if you forfeit now, I won’t be forced to kill you. It’s always such a mess to clean up afterwards, anyway.” He chuckled, trying to push away the arrogant feeling that was slowly building inside him.

“Fool.” Omega said, “Do you really think I can be beaten this easily, and by the hands of a talentless mortal such as yourself? I am a god!”

By the time Chance realized what was happening, it was too late. One of the tentacles that held him close to the wall broke free, and swirled around the prince like a snake. The redhead could feel his ribs straining as the the tendril of metal constricted his torso.

“I don’t need all of my tentacles to crush you,” the god said, a chuckle following. “I only need one. Unfortunately, like you said, as long as you’re bleeding, you have the upperhand, correct?”

The pressure on his ribs made it hard to breath for Chance, and it was impossible to talk. “Well i can fix that easily.” Omega continued. He dipped his head, slowly letting the halo above his head inch closer to the prince’s shoulder.

Maroon eyes grew big as the halo touched his opened wound, severing the strand of blood that held one of the god’s tentacles immobile. A white-hot burning sensation painfully spread throughout his body. Chance opened his mouth to scream, but not even the slightest sound escaped him.

When Omega removed the halo from his skin, the wound had been cauterized and was no longer bleeding; much to the prince’s dismay. Chance’s heartbeat sped up drastically and he began to sweat with the intense pain. He was immobilized, and the angry god still had control over more than half of his metal tendrils. His vision was starting to become blurry from the lack of air, and he was starting to panic with each passing second.

“Now, to take your head, pathetic mortal.” Omega sneered. A tentacle rose up behind him, poised to strike.

Chance couldn’t breathe, it was difficult to see; he was losing consciousness, and fast. He needed to react, and fast. As much as it hurt, he sucked in a deep breath, and concentrated. Slowly the mass of blood that constricted several of the creature’s tentacles began to spin; gaining speed incredibly fast.

Omega looked behind him, feeling the tug on his shoulder blades as his tendrils were quickly tangled up in a vortex of crimson. “What are you doing?” The god growled, turning back quickly to his prey. Chance shook his head and smirked through the pain.

A thin string of blood ripped itself away from its origin, and sliced through the air. It elongated and whipped itself across the ceiling and floor. Finally, the thin strand of blood was moving fast enough, and it sliced through the tentacles at their base, cutting them cleanly off of Omega’s shoulder. The three fell to the floor with a thud, and the god roared in pain.

The metal tendril that held Chance released its grip as it rushed to keep the god upright. He fell to the floor and gasped, holding his stomach as his lungs finally felt relief. At the same time Omega was busy trying to right himself, metal tentacles scrabbling at any available surface.

The prince looked over his shoulder as he tried to catch his breath; the otherworldly god was certainly angered. Omega’s head whipped towards Chance, his anger pulsating off of him. “I will kill you!” He roared, losing whatever composure he previously had. His thin arm whipped out to the side, and a small burst of flame ignited within his palm.

Chance’s eyes widened, and rolled out of the way as the small fireball hurtled past him, the heat brushing his side. Two more were fired off, and each one only brushed past the heaving prince. As he rolled out of the way again he snapped, and a yell of pain could be heard from behind him. Another tentacle had been severed, and Omega struggled to keep himself standing.

I need to finish this, before I pass out.. Chance thought. trying to focus on keeping the blood aloft. He could feel the connection beginning to weaken with every second, and he needed to finish this fast.

The prince snapped again, and another strand of crimson sliced through the air, cutting through drywall and plaster all around. Omega tried to move out of the way, but his disproportionate body was against him, and he fell to the floor. The bloody whip lashed out across his back, missing the tentacles but striking across his back, forcing another howl of pain.

“Check..” Chance huffed, struggling to stand. His hand rose weakly in front of him, damp from sweat. He snapped.

The mass of crimson erupted, sending bloody spikes and whips flying towards the fallen god. The rest of Omega’s metal tendrils were severed from his body, and fell to the floor. Red spikes drove themselves through the creature’s hands and feet, pinning him to the floor forcefully.

“And.. Mate.” The prince said, his voice low. Omega struggled against his restraint, his halo swaying back and forth as he whipped his from side to side in defeat. Chance watched his opponent. “It’s over, you bloody metal-beast.”

The prince snapped, and one last strand of blood of rose above Omega’s head, slowly churning until it morphed into a crude spike. Chance looked away; he never enjoyed doing this. One last snap, and a sickening crunch filled the red-head’s ears. He never turned back, but instead limped towards the stairwell that led to the lobby.

Lacerations lined the wall, and several scorch marks were apparent. He wasn’t sure where everyone on the floor was, but he certainly wasn’t going to be responsible for the damages


Remember to vote fairly, and CnC is always appreciated!

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Can't read Malacal's part, the google doc ain't working right. It says and I quotes, "Sorry, the file you have requested does not exist.

Make sure that you have the correct URL and that the owner of the file hasn't deleted it."

06-12-2015, 07:22 PM
Okay, should be fixed now! Thanks Aquila~

06-12-2015, 09:22 PM
(For real though, thanks man. You didn't have to, but you did, so you da real mvp)

Eh, I would've just kept extending the time until you got it done, sounding more and more serious each time :P
I know people work better under pressure so I give them deadlines. I don't like forfeits though, so I extend those deadlines. It's genius really, but now the secret is out...
Regardless, I hope our audience enjoys.

06-13-2015, 07:18 PM
I like both of yours, but i have to say that Malacal's seemed a little more detailed and more fun to read. Chamel's is good, but he's either running away, or trying to talk his way out of it for a good percentage of the match. So Malacal gets my vote.

06-14-2015, 11:33 PM
Alright, I need to advertise this, and I think the best way to do so is give some good ol' CnC.

"The prince was halfway down the corridor when he a loud roaring noise behind him"
Damn, took me this long to find something, I must be losing my touch or you're better than alot of people here.
Regardless, "Loud" is a lousy word. It's not as bad as "Very," but it comes close. Saying "Very loud" is a heresy. We have so many ways to describe sound, bellowing, booming, boisterous, just to list off the ones that start with B. Also, the word "noise" is sort of redundant, as roaring typically isn't a silent thing. You also forgot the word "heard." So, end result being:
The prince was halfway down the corridor when he heard a thunderous roaring behind him.

"A tendril of blood whipped out from under his nose, and quickly sliced across his shoulder."
Saying "his own" has a slight bit more clarity.

"'Quit toying with me mortal, I realize this is your clone. The innards are too hollow to be real.' The god said as all of his tentacles retreated back to him, the clone of Chance still hanging limp between two of them."
"Chance sighed, crossing his arms in front of his chest and staring at the god before him. 'Tell me something, mate. How exactly did you figure out which one was the fake?' He said, his fingers drumming across his bicep."
How Omega should've responded: "Are your ears damaged? I already told you now, need I do so again?"
Seriously though, he says it's mind games. What happened was Chance paying no attention to Omega.

These are the only individual cases I can find. In an overall sweeping critique, good job! You were missing a few words and a few parts seemed rushed or just done lazily, but this is just a quick little story you did, so mistakes are expected.
Now for my critique on how you portrayed my character. He seemed a little... not evil. My dude's a villain, go all out with it. He'd probably kill Isabella just to screw with Chance's emotions a little. Beyond that, I think his insults seemed improperly placed or timed. Calling Chance ignorant when Chance has yet to display anything to that point, for example. But, Omega's not too terribly easy to write in that regard... his speech pattern is odd. For the main thing though that I found interesting, you made Omega super angry the whole time. I think you're the first to give Omega a reason to be angry and frustrated an entire fight. It was interesting.

06-18-2015, 08:57 PM
I think both of you guys did really well! Definitely a close fight, but I've got to give this to Team Ch myself!

First off, Chamel, it just suddenly clicked that the guy who fights with blood says the word 'bloody' a lot. I feel really dumb.

Anyway! First thing is kinda to you both. Both of ya had your battle take place in a highly public area, Mal(I forget the rest of the letters and I'll be damned if I check) in (and then around) the church and Chamel in the hotel. Now don't get me wrong, hell breaking lose around me doesn't necessarily activate an innate hero complex that resides within me (that's a different, more badass Kubacki), but it still seemed a little odd that both battles were vacant of any interference or any kind of other distraction from the other people around. Retrospectively, I'm a huge freaking hypocrite because I just did that exact thing, but curiosity is an extremely powerful feeling. It would've been interesting had someone intervene, or had there been a gathering or even just a line of words to show that other people exist here. That there are more souls at stake than those locked in combat. I don't know, I think it adds an interesting flavor to a fight and it would've been nice to see explored a bit more.

Mal(i/a)cal, I think the main thing I was missing from your battle where the power shots. Not necessarily finishing move type stuff, but the blows you really highlight. You want to make your reader feel the guy stagger, flinch when they take that disorienting punch or rally behind a turning point.

But, any feeling of victory Chance may have had quickly diminished as the alien spun out and jabbed his halo into the young man’s gut, burning his flesh and knocking him off the roof of the chapel and into a brick wall of an adjacent building.

Chance sat against the building. He looked down to see that he was coughing up blood and that the world was spinning.

Instead, you didn't really have that effect, at least not to me. That might be what it'd look like it was strolling the street, possibly in an out-of-character selfie position in preparation, but that isn't what it looks like to Chance or Omega. To them, it'd look like Omega's shrinking as the raging air is rushing through his awesome hair before suddenly jolting to stop as the sound of his spine smashing against brink ram though his skull before his head follows suit and the ringing in his ears take over before his feet finally meet earth, barely propping him up. For Omega, it'd be this cocky threat that he gave the gift of flight to, send spiraling beautifully through the air before a building squandered his trajectory in a ghastly wump as he impacted a crude, pathetic excuse of a dwelling, dropping from it and striking the earth like a broken baby bird.

That also kinda brings me to emotion, don't be afraid to let a character's viewpoint dictate your word choice from time to time. It adds a nice flavor to the work.

Chance, I think the main thing I have for you is with characters just dropping off the map. Isabella was in the first, I wanna say 4th or 5th(?) portion of that, but when she exists stage right she's no longer even mentioned. Now I'm not saying Chance's mind should be locked on this girl as he strides the line between life and death in his engagement with Omega, but as a guy, if I were him, like, I was this close to having sex! It just seems odd to me she'd just entirely ghost out, even after the fight comes to an end. She came off as important in the beginning, and it's odd when things that do, suddenly just aren't. I even think something like a lingering thought of how much of a better night he could've been having or a regret or something about putting her thought that would've added a bit of closure for her. I don't know man, more than the battles, I like the characters.

That being said, we are in a battle section, so that could be just me!

Again though, very well fought to you both!

06-20-2015, 07:26 AM
Ooh, I like the granting of the gift of flight. I think I'll have Omega make cocky remarks about granting divine favors of various sorts from now on.
Thank you for the CnC, I'll make sure to apply it to my next battle.
Edit: Also, screw you. My name is not that hard to remember. Especially so when I have a post RIGHT ABOVE YOURS.


06-20-2015, 08:54 AM
So I finally found time to read this :

All in all, a nice battle by both of you. Personally, I just liked Chamel's more as it was easier to see the image of the battle, as well as me just liking it a little bit better.

But damn Malacal, you're definitely improving, keep this up (⌐■_■).

PS : Shouldn't the poll be ending right about now?

06-20-2015, 09:05 AM
Well if we're following the one-week-to-vote rule, then it should've ended yesterday. I have no idea what the time is set for though.

And see Crank? Vern remembers how my name is spelt.

06-20-2015, 09:18 AM
Well if we're following the one-week-to-vote rule, then it should've ended yesterday. I have no idea what the time is set for though.

And see Crank? Vern remembers how my name is spelt.

Yeah Cru... Cro... Crenk? (Sorry I can't remember) It's not that hard ;3

EDIT : regardless, this should end in a draw if you ask me, I liked both too much to see one of you guys lose :p

06-24-2015, 07:22 AM
It should've ended four days ago. Chamel forgot to make an end date it seems.

Either way, Chance won the poll.

06-24-2015, 08:01 AM
It should've ended four days ago. Chamel forgot to make an end date it seems.

Either way, Chance won the poll.

Eh, is there any way to check WHEN people voted? Because I'dd say that the 20th would've been the end date, and I voted back then (which tied the battle). If someone voted after the 20th, though, would it still count? Because that seems a li'l bit unfair towards Malacal, no? :I

06-24-2015, 09:14 AM
Actually, Chamel posted this on the 12th, which means it would've ended on the 19th. It was 3 to 2 then. It went over another day and Vern had a chance to vote due to the extended deadline of the poll, which tipped it to a tie. Then however many days of no voting later someone added a vote to Chamel's side.

There are two ways to look at it, we could say that the poll never should've lasted as long as it did and either make it a tie or a victory for me. Or we could say that the extended deadline has given a more accurate representation of quality in stories and therefore Chamel had the better story and should win.

Regardless, I checked this poll every day just to see if the results had changed. There was no voting on the 21st or 22nd. If there was a vote on the 23rd then it would've been late at night for me. In it's current state, Chamel is still the winner.

06-24-2015, 09:21 AM
It says Cham posted it on the 13th for me, which would mean my vote would still be legit.. no?

Regardless I'm still of opinion that this is a bit unfair towards Malacal. An extended time frame for voting has tipped the odds against his favor, and that hardly seems fair considering that it SHOULD only last a week.

Anyways, what you guys do with it is your business, this is just my opinion.

06-24-2015, 09:32 AM
It says Cham posted it on the 13th for me, which would mean my vote would still be legit.. no?

Timezones are annoying.

If anything is going to be changed about this it should be Chamel's decision really. After all, if anyone else were to change it then it'd be against him. If he feels like engaging in masochism to help me then we can all be hunky-dory (http://lmgtfy.com/?q=hunky+dory+meaning) and move on.

06-25-2015, 08:06 PM
Very sorry for the late response! New computer is giving a great deal of trouble...

Anyway, I refuse to take the win because I forgot about the 1 week poll rule. But I do remember posting it on the 13th? Anyway, Malacal, can we call this a draw?
If not, I'm perfectly okay with you taking the win, especially after you gave me a few day extension to finish my piece. ^^"

06-25-2015, 08:10 PM
Malacal almost had a win. Almost.

Damnit man you're gonna get one in future.

06-25-2015, 08:15 PM
Very sorry for the late response! New computer is giving a great deal of trouble...

Anyway, I refuse to take the win because I forgot about the 1 week poll rule. But I do remember posting it on the 13th? Anyway, Malacal, can we call this a draw?
If not, I'm perfectly okay with you taking the win, especially after you gave me a few day extension to finish my piece. ^^"

Once again, timezones are annoying. You might be farther ahead in the future than I am.
Annnnyways, I'm not taking the win so let's call it a draw. I'm posting this fun scenario to the Hall of Warriors right now.