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Name: He has many names, but he refers to himself as Rage. The ancient norsemen also called him "the great equalizer" and from time to time Rage sees himself as that.
Others might have called him moloch, king of war, giant, or "that huge punching red-eyed bastard";)

Age: round about 1200 years

Rage is about 2,20 meters tall (metric system is best system :D) and very thick and muscular. Rage is completely bald and his skin is very pale, almost albinotic. He is wearing old dirt-stained rags. (I mean, what would you expect after more than thousand years in a cave?) He wears heavy gauntlets, which i will describe under the spoiler "weapons". The most memorable thing about Rage, though are his luminous red pupils. The angrier Rage gets, the bigger and brighter those get, until they fill up the whole eyes. The eyes will also get round as circles.

Rage's only weapons are his heavy gauntlets, made of special enchanted steal and scratched from frequent usage. They are also covering his forearms, so he can use them, to block everything, even bullets, magic/energetic projectiles, magic weapons and similar stuff.
They also help him using his "Rage projectiles" and his "Rage-enhanced strikes" (described in abilities)
And last but not least the gauntlets of course make his strikes hit harder. The gauntlets even have short but thick spikes at the knuckles, who make fist strikes even more deadly. They might also penetrate armor.

Strength: 8/10 (increases when angry)
Speed: 5/10 (increases when angry)
Intelligence: 6/10 (heavily decreases when angry)
Dexerity/ Accuracy: 6/10 (decreases when angry)
Sustainability/ Durability: 9/10

I hope i didn't miss any major stats. You will see, why anger is so important in "abilities"

Basic ability:
"Battle Rage": Rage is always angry, but if he fights, takes hits or is being provoked he gets even angrier and more agressive until he falls in some kind of "Battle Rage". The more he gets into that Battle Rage, the stronger and faster he gets. But at the same time he will turn more and more into a mad brute, whose anger is out of control. He will get careless and his movements and attacks will lose accuracy. The battle Rage will also allow him to use his special abilities.

Special abilities:
"Rage-enhanced strikes": Rage enhances his next strike with his anger. The strike will hit with more impact and throw the target backwards. The gauntlets strengthen this ability. The ability requires being at a low level of "Battle Rage" and the enhancement gets lost after the punch, even if it missed. Rage will rarely use this ability, because he thinks his strikes are strong enough. He will only use if he wants to hit his target very hard, because he is angry at it

"Earth-Shaker" Rage enhances the power of his leg with his anger and stomps on the ground, causing it to shake for a second. This might lift lighter foes from their feet. The ability requires a low level of "Battle Rage"

"Rage Projectile": Rage creates a red pulsating ball-projectile and shoots it out of his palm. The projectile is created out of anger and becomes manifest in the ball of energy and heat. It can burn through bodys and armor. The gauntlets strenghten this ability. This abilty requires a medium level of "Battle Rage". It has a range of about 20 meters, so Rage will use it, when chasing foes or against ranged fighters.

"Dual Rage Beam" This is Rage's most deadly ability. It requires full "Battle Rage". Rage shoots powerful energy and heat beams out of his eyes to where he looks at. The beams have a range of about ten meters and destroy pretty much everything in their path. He can use this ability for up to three seconds and is unable to see for as long as he used the beams.

-Every special ability gets stronger, the angrier Rage is.
-The abilities don’t consume "Battle Rage", but if Rage isn’t angry enough he can’t use them.

bonus ability:
"mind-reading": Rage can read the mind of ordinary humans and search through their memory, a remnant of his part-demonic nature. But to use this ability he has to touch the human's head with his hand. He also needs to fully concentrate on the mind-reading. He rarely uses this, but he will usually find out the humans secrets, because wanting to hide them the human will very often think of them. Rage has a hard time searching for specific information, though. The ability is useless in battle and Rage can't read minds, when he is too angry.

-Rage is big and strong

-He can take lots of hits and does only feel little pain, especially if he is angry. Getting hit just makes him angrier. But he still has the weak points of the human body. He might not be that much affected because of his pain-resistance (e.g. a punch in the solarplexus doesn't harm him that much. He feels the immediate impact, though), but he will be unable to move his arm for example, if you cut the right nerve. (Nerve? I’m not that good at anatomy ;)) he might also bleed to death from too many wounds, as he does not heal, while fighting He won't faint from pain or bloodloss, though.

-He is a very powerful combat fighter, because of his strength and durability. He might not be very fast or accurate, but when he hits, the opponent is in trouble.

-The longer the fight goes, the better for Rage. He does barely get exhausted, as long as he is angry and he is going to hit earlier or later.

-Rage can block everything with his gauntlets. They might actually pull magic attacks to them and negate them.

-His abilities are medium to very powerful.

-Rage doesn't need food, water and sleep, unless he is recovering from wounds

-Rage doesn't grant any mercy and usually finishes his opponent right away, as soon as he has the chance. Especially if he is angry.

-Rage doesn’t fall for sexual or material attractions.

-Rage's abilities take concentration and effort to use. Therefor he can't spam them.

-Rage is only effective in close combat. He struggles against ranged fighters.

-He often is too slow to block attacks. He usually can't block bullets.

-The angrier Rage becomes the less intelligent he gets. He will get careless and ignore attacks. He will also fall for traps pretty easily.

-Rage will usually choose the most obvious attack (especially when angry), which makes him easily predicted. He will sometimes do the least expected action, though.

-Rage doesn't have a lot resistance, when it comes to fatal attacks at his head, neck or important internal organs. If you hit him hard enough he will die.

-This, and him being less intelligent while angry makes him extremely vulnerable to sneak attacks.

-"Rage Projectile" and "Dual Rage Beam" are his only tools against heavy armor. And he has to be pretty angry to use them.

-Rage does hardly wear any armor himself

-Rage might underestimate his opponents, especially if they look like or are regular humans.

-Taunting: Rage likes to taunt and provoke his opponents before the fight, because angry opponents tend to go into melee range more often. He also has a better understanding of angry opponents, because he thinks like them. Rage isn't really dumb (unless he's angry) so he might sometimes actually come up with clever insults, that hit the weak spots of his opponent.

-Staying close: Rage will usually enter close combat, whenever he can, especially against ranged fighters.

-Bowl down and finish: Rage likes to knock people down or throw them into walls (or similar objects). After that he will either try to stomp them dead or to finish them with his ranged abilities.

-Pick up and kill: Sometimes Rage tries to pick up his opponents. Then he will either punch their face in, twist their neck, break their back, break other bones or rip of extremities.

Rage was once a regular human, called Alcher, living in the medieval times, and training, to become a knight. As his teacher started to secretly teach him magic, a demon tried to possess him, but because of his strong mind, Alcher regained control for a short time, which led to his teacher setting up a mental barrier, that kept the demon from controlling Alcher.

Later he became a knight, got married, fathered two children and started to learn war-magic. He also got a longsword, made of special enchanted unbreakable steal, which he could use his magic trough.
In a war against the Norsemen, he eventually turned a battle around, by using his powers, while fighting at the front lines, and became a hero. However, he got hit by several arrows and an Axe, almost ending his life so one of his friends, another warmage, who focussed on healing put him into a magic healing coma.

The coma lasted for about three years. When he woke up, the castle, he was in was being overran by the Norsemen. Going down the stairs of the castle keep, Alcher eventually faced his wife and his crying children getting murdered by a Norseman, using Alcher’s very own longsword. As the bloody bodies fell on the floor dead, like everything Alcher fought for a forceful emotion started to rise in Alcher. It was pure anger that was strong enough to overwhelm him and to tear down the mental barrier. The demon in him, who already scented his chance because of the coma rushed to take control, but as he was about to take over, a stronger force consumed Alcher’s mind and the being of the demon. Again it was the anger, the rage that merged with both.

Alcher sunk on a knee and consuming the demon’s power he grew to inhuman size, while his eyes turned red. He began seeing things through a red veil. The anger completely changed his being, he was no longer Alcher, being angry while having a demon in his head. He was something new now. He was Rage.
Rage then murdered his way through the castle, killing everyone, he could kill, even former friends, because he did no longer remember, who he has been before. However, his anger specifically aimed towards a certain Norseman, the one, who killed his family (although he didn’t remember it). The Norseman however escaped.

In the following months Rage followed the Norseman’s path and started to attack and obliterate Norsemen camps. The Norsemen then eventually found out, that the moloch, killing them was behind one of them. His name was Leif. They decided, to put up a trap for Rage and Leif was forced to play the bait. The trap was set up in an old cave, in which’s entrance the Norsemen had built up a forge before. Leif baited Rage deep into the cave, while the other Norsemen constructed a wall around it. Then they sealed the wall with a runeseal, they made of stone. It protected the wall, holding Rage inside the cave and also prohibited Rage from using his powers. Rage was caught.

For the next year Rage tortured Leif and forced him to smith Alcher’s old sword into a pair of gauntlets for Rage. After one year of torture Leif died, which lead to Rage being unsure, what to be angry at now. But after all it was quite easy to find a new objective. It was to break free and to have revenge on the Norsemen, who imprisoned him, or even better on all humans. Rage began with the long process of slowly destroying the seal.

While Rage was imprisoned the Norsemen set up a holy grove, where druids kept the tradition of watching over the entrance to the closed cave. Later Christianity came to the land and monks built a monastery at the cave’s entrance. Nobody knew, what was behind the wall, but the tradition remained and the brothers saw themselves as guardians.

Rage then eventually broke free at present time (described in my demo). After the massacre a RHG combatant was sent to investigate the situation. This man was Shadowolf. He tried to stop Rage, but Rage won and killed him (First battle). After that Rage decided to join RHG, to be challenged one by one instead of hunted, because he knows, he is getting stronger over time. (The runeseal of his prison prohibited that. For details, Read the battle vs Shadowolf.)

Anger, hate and uncontrolable Rage dominate Rage's being. There has never been a time, where Rage hasn't been angry and it doesn't look like this time will ever come. He might also feel grim joy and rarely fear, but that's as far as it goes. He will never feel happiness or love and he isn't sexually attracted by anything. The inner anger helped him to survive the imprisonment without getting completely insane. However he developed a huge amount of arrogance and the attitude to overestimate himself. Now he sees himself chosen to end mankind, although he is faaaar from being powerful enough to reach that goal. His arrogance will also cause him to underestimate opponents and make him think stuff like "I don’t need armor". His arrogance is also visible in what he says. He will often tell his opponent, that they are doomed or scream they will die. He also uses to roar and scream, while fighting, but he usually doesn't curse, because he thinks he has too much class too curse.

Rage allowed himself a grim little smile. He had been trapped in this cave for an eternity. After fighting for escape all these years, he was finally about to leave this prison, this hell. Taking a last look around he glanced at the corner where he used to sleep. Rage didn’t really need sleep but sleeping did him well from time to time. Then he looked at the old forge and the anvil. The anvil hadn’t completely rusted to nothing, yet, but was about to vanish. On this anvil he made his gauntlets with the involuntary help of Leif, the Norseman. The little bastard died far too soon under the torture but at least he knew how to smith the special enchanted steel of his useless longsword into a more useful pair of gauntlets. “How long have I been here,” Rage asked himself again, but he didn’t have an answer. But taking the anvil into consideration, it sure was a very long time. “What happened to mankind?” Rage didn’t know but he did know, what he will do to the humans, as soon as he’s free. Rage never got hungry during his imprisonment but now he felt hunger, right next to his desire to be free. The hunger for payback, the hunger for violence and to bring death. But before stilling this hunger, he had defeat his greatest enemy, the force, that held him captured for all this time, the seal. Turning back around, Rage faced the heavily damaged ancient runeseal on the wall. The old seal, made of stone prohibited Rage from using his abilities, so he had punched it, scraped it and slammed himself into it, the whole time he was imprisoned. Now cracks were running all over it. It was about to break. Rage knew, he would escape today. He took a glance at his heavy gauntlets with the short but thick spikes on the knuckles. “Just a few strikes and I’m free,” Rage thought to himself, while he gathered his anger for what he was about to do.

Brother Martin didn’t hurry, although he had to. He was late for the group of tourists he had to show the monastery to. Being a brother he had to work, but he hated this kind of work. “I would rather take out all the trash or even clean every room.” The young monk thought to himself. Some of the tourists were quite nice, but most of them were unbearable. While some seemed to be actually interested, many didn’t have any clue about the monastery or what he, as their guide was actually talking about. Also, the majority just visited the monastery to take photos and to say: “Hey, did you know, I visited an old building in my holidays. I’m so interested in culture.” As Martin arrived at the group he remembered another reason, to be annoyed. It were the clothes. A monastery is not a place for revealing clothes, aloha shirts and socks with sandals. Those people would’ve never been allowed to entry but unfortunately the brothers needed the money to renovate the sanctuary. “Good morning. I am Brother Martin and I will show you around today. Feel free, to take photos of everything you see. Follow me, and if you have a question just ask.” The tourists followed Martin, while two of them loudly discussed, whether the building is older, than the Eiffel Tower or not. Martin sighed. One of them was a man around 40, who wore a neon-orange shirt and red shorts from expensive brands. The combination almost knocked Martin’s eyes out. The other one was his roughly 15 year old daughter, who wore hotpants and was chewing a gum. “Dad.” she said,” of course this church is older, than the Eiffel Tower. After the middle ages no one built those, because they discovered, that religion sucks. We learned that in history.” “It seems, you didn’t ever learn anything,” thought Martin, as he went on. The woman, who her father was with, had blonde hair, wore high heels and shimmered due to all the make-up on her face. She didn’t pay attention, but refreshed her make-up instead, only looking inside her pocket mirror. “What a Family of stupid.” Another guy didn’t manage to follow, because he took a photo of everything. Great. Now he had lots of time to spend with Mr. new-rich, Shimmerface and little Miss History. Martin stopped the group. The place, where he had to stop and wait was actually a place Martin found quite peculiar. Going through this floor, he often heard a hushed knocking from the left wall. Asking the older brothers, they said it’s either nothing or just water, but as the knocking got louder recently, they seemed to be worried. Of course they denied that towards Martin. They sure hid something from him, but what might that be……? “Did you hear me?” Little Miss History stood in front of him, lasciviously chewing gum and looking at him in a way, that Martin interpreted as “trying to be sexy”. “I’m sorry. What did you say?” As if his day wasn’t bad enough. “Well,” The girl smiled. ”I asked, where the women live. Do you guys have wives or girlfriends? Or are you single?” “Is she provoking me or does she seriously know nothing,” Martin wondered. “Um, well,” began Martin, when suddenly the knocking started again, louder than ever.

Rage started punching the seal. The strikes hit with immense impact and the seal started scrunching under the brute force. Punching was good. It was fresh coals on the fire of his rage, making the fire burn hotter, making him angrier. And it was the fire, the anger that fed him the power for his punches. “I will be free.” bellowed Rage, going rampant on the seal once again. “Oh, yes” thought Rage “I will and if I am I will have my revenge. They will feel my righteous wrath. I will make them scream in agony, and stomped into the ground by my very own feet they will die. They will burn with me in the fire of my rage.” The seal was almost done. “I will kill them, EVERYONE.” Rage’s punches, strong enough to penetrate walls continued to crash into the seal. “Rhaaargh,” he screamed and put all the years of imprisonment into his last strike that broke the seal and shattered the ancient wall, which wasn’t held together by the seal anymore. Finally he was free.

“What is happening,” thought Martin. He stared at the wall, like all the tourists did. Unlike the one taking photos of course, because he was still behind and busy with his camera. “What is that sound,” asked Mr. new-rich. “I don’t know,” said Martin, amazed and scared at the same time. He knew he shouldn’t have said that. “It is sure nothing more, than the other brothers at work. Maybe they are umm… nailing something to the wall.” The knocking got even louder in the moment the young brother finished. “I don’t believe that,” said the new-rich Man, while Shimmerface anxiously grabbed his arm with one hand and her pocket mirror with the other hand. “Let’s just continue the tour,” said Martin, because the camera guy finally caught up. Just as he wanted to turn around the wall in front of him exploded.

After Rage stepped through the hole in the wall and the dust-cloud, he immediately faced some humans. Those little punching bags seemed surprised. Good. But then, a nasty flash of light hit Rage’s eyes. An attack? Who dared to attack him? It was one of them. A man, who held a little chest of something like metal in his hands. “Die with your little weapon!” Rage dashed to him and hit him with a vicious enhanced blow to the stomach. The attacker hurtled back due to the impact of the hit, crashed into the wall behind him. He didn’t stand up again. “Die,” shouted Rage. ”Die and decay!” The woman next to him took a left handed hook to the chin and her neck snapped. Before his opponents realized, what happened Rage was amongst them. He grabbed the man at his right and tossed him into the wall, broke another man’s nose with a brutal punch, straight to the face, twisted a girl’s neck and trampled over another woman, who fell to the ground, as she tried to run. In that moment the others realized, the danger and ran away screaming, but one man, who wore disgustingly colourful clothes decided to fight. He waved at Rage with his fist and shouted something in a foreign language. “You die even harder,” Rage thought, smiling viciously. He stretched his palm towards his enemy and forced his anger through his arm, his hand and the gauntlet. “Raahhh,” he roared. The arm felt like bursting due to the power, Rage was unable to use for all the years, but it worked. A pulsating ball of red energy, created of pure rage burst out of Rage’s palm and sped towards his gaping opponent. The projectile penetrated the stomach and burned a hole through the body of the guy, who stared at his stomach and dropped onto the ground. “My powers still work,” rage silently gloated. Behind him there was a choked moan. It was the guy with the broken nose, who tried to crawl away. Three steps and Rage picked up the fearful man. His hand closed around his forehead and he began to read through the man’s mind. Learning his language, called English first, he then found out more about the development of mankind and their weapons. Again, he was surprised, he even had this power.

“So you have evolved. Makes things more interesting,” said the giant murderer. His eyes were almost completely filled by the red pupils. Martin wheezed rapidly. “Anyway it doesn’t matter” said the moloch, whose pupils, remaining red, shrank back to a normal level. The attackers arm slowly struck out. “Your world is doomed” were the last words Martin heard while the giant armored fist bolted towards his face.

Wins: 2
Losses: 0
Draws: 0
Forfeits: 0

Available: No, I'm in my final year of school and learning for my drivers license aswell. I'll let you know, when I'm available again.

Leonico by Azure (I received a challenge)
Aiba by Ken_Rou (I received a challenge)

vs Shadowolf: http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?96851-Rage-vs-Shadowolf-(Forfeit) (win by forfeit)
vs TheChosenGamer: http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?97676-Zeke-vs-Rage (win)
-This character is dynamic. He might get stronger, learn new skills or get more armor (he might find he needs some). If I decide to change him directly before a battle, I will always inform my opponent, though, so don't worry.

08-07-2015, 02:32 PM
So you won't fight characters stronger than you, meaning you want to be the strongest in every battle? And your character is, as my friend aptly described, "Superman and the Hulk's love child"?

Ah, us in the trade have a certain word for this kind of thing, a sort of specialist term in our area of expertise. It is, if I remember correctly, "bullshit."

08-07-2015, 03:29 PM
So you won't fight characters stronger than you, meaning you want to be the strongest in every battle? And your character is, as my friend aptly described, "Superman and the Hulk's love child"?

Ah, us in the trade have a certain word for this kind of thing, a sort of specialist term in our area of expertise. It is, if I remember correctly, "bullshit."

No. Thats not what i meant. I just wouldn't fight characters, that my character has no chance against. Shadowolf would kill Rage in ten seconds, no matter what i write.

EDIT: Changed "too strong" into "impossible" in the first post.

And Rage is also not nearly as strong as either superman or the hulk (in fact i hate superman, because he is super boring). Rage has inhuman strength, but it is maybe more comparable to hm... I think he would be a lot weaker, than a tank from left4dead.

Also my goal wasn't to create a likeable human character. Instead i wanted to make an evil beast, which would go through as a bossfight opponent. Rage does fulfill this role and has several major weaknesses. I would rather consider him underpowered, than overpowered.

08-07-2015, 03:40 PM
LOL at that highly technical terminology, Waffles.

Anyhow, roBEAT, wanna let Shado give Rage a run for his money? I'll PM you as well.

08-07-2015, 04:15 PM
The similarities to my first character are uncanny.
Also, would it kill you to capitalize more?

08-07-2015, 04:41 PM
The similarities to my first character are uncanny.
Also, would it kill you to capitalize more?

Really? Wow, I guess that happens.

Also, what did I forget to capitalize?

08-08-2015, 12:11 PM
ok I made up my mind. I will fight characters, who are too strong for Rage aswell. Also, I accepted Shadowolf's Challenge^^

08-08-2015, 09:31 PM
You mostly forgot to capitalize Abilities and Stats.

08-09-2015, 07:46 AM
Alright, edited that^^

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Points are battles you either win, lose or draw. People challenge you into a story writing 'competition' of their wRHG battling each other. Polls are set up and people vote. If you win, you put one point in the WIN section and if you lose, the LOSE section and so on.
You can always just explore the wRHG pages

08-09-2015, 08:01 AM
Points are battles you either win, lose or draw. People challenge you into a story writing 'competition' of their wRHG battling each other. Polls are set up and people vote. If you win, you put one point in the WIN section and if you lose, the LOSE section and so on.
You can always just explore the wRHG pages

So the first one means wins.
The second one means losses.

But what do the others mean?

08-09-2015, 08:05 AM
Forfeits and ties.

08-09-2015, 08:05 AM
Look carefully. I saw Win, lose, or draw.sometimes,theres a forfeit section too

08-09-2015, 08:35 AM
Ok, thanks guys :)

08-28-2015, 11:47 PM
Want to battle?

08-29-2015, 06:44 AM
Want to battle?

Actually yes, but I won't be available until somewhen this october. I will gladly add you to my hitlist, though and I'll pm you about the battle aswell. :)

08-29-2015, 07:17 AM
You know what equalizers are, right? Weapons that equalize. If someone comes at your car with a bat, you take out a crowbar or something to fight 'em equal. To name someone an equalizer you would need them to be able to reach the status of whoever they're fighting, or be able to bring them down to the equalizer's own status.

A name with potential, but instead you give it to a ragemoder.

08-29-2015, 07:28 AM
You know what equalizers are, right? Weapons that equalize. If someone comes at your car with a bat, you take out a crowbar or something to fight 'em equal. To name someone an equalizer you would need them to be able to reach the status of whoever they're fighting, or be able to bring them down to the equalizer's own status.

A name with potential, but instead you give it to a ragemoder.

He had been called Equalizer, because he killed a lot. Everyone is equal in death.

08-29-2015, 08:00 AM
If you're going that route, I suggest being called the equalizer because he kills certain people to level the playing field. Y'know, like some weird vigilante.

08-29-2015, 08:05 AM
If you're going that route, I suggest being called the equalizer because he kills certain people to level the playing field. Y'know, like some weird vigilante.

Nice idea, but that's not his objective. "The Great Equalizer" is just a name, the ancient Norsemen gave him. Scary threats get scary names.

08-29-2015, 05:45 PM
I'm just gonna chalk up "everyone is equal in death" as both the edgiest thing I've heard today and also the most graspy-at-straws answer I've heard today.

Names given usually have some direct meaning to them.