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Alright, here's the battle between Lien and Ralic! This is my second battle and Kamiroo's first.

Please judge fairly and I hope you enjoy both battles :D

Lien (Test Subject 11630) Character page (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?94223-Lien-(Test-Subject-11630))

Yellow began to dash across the skies as the morning sun peeked its head out from the horizon. Lien had stepped out of his apartment and went out for a stroll. At first he thought that he was given freedom (albeit limited). But he quickly realised that the only difference between now and three months ago was the size of his cell. Though everything was claustrophobic and slowly choked him, Lien somehow found joy in the simplest pleasures of each day: from the rising sun, to the evening breeze, to the nightly silence. The small world around him gave off a peaceful atmosphere. Although he was in conflict over whether or not he was truly happy with his current life, he could not deny that he was at the moment at least content with what he felt about it. Lien eased his face into a serene expression whilst he continued on his way.

While his emotions toward the environment around him were without pure, the motive behind his stroll was not. The second notice had come in for him. With the familiar, upbeat tone that the last one had carried. It read:
Target: Ralic Raye
Your second target has arrived my dear subject! This time instead of a deranged serial killer I present to you (drumroll please)… some kid with an axe. I mean I guess he used to be a part of a multi-billionaire family, but he pretty much cut all ties to them and is now his own free man. Just like you! Ha, but yeah, you fight him at around dawn in some dirty alleyway in the town. You’ll know when you get there. :D
There wasn’t a picture attached to the letter like last time, but the according to the note Ralic wouldn’t be too hard to find.
”Alright all I need to do is to walk around for a bit looking for someone with an axe. Although when I find him, I’ll need to follow him around for a bit first and try to discover if he has any supernatural powers.” Lien told himself.

Wandering through the city, Lien found himself going from the relatively clean streets into what was becoming more and more of a slum. Trash became more prominent as did the suspicious activity going on around in the hidden corners. Moving onwards, Lien found himself in front of what seemed to be too large to simply be an alleyway. It was actually quite spacious. Surprisingly so even, with hardly any pipe-lines and the space between the two buildings being at least 7 meters apart from each other. As predicted, a pungent stench gave off the distinct smell of rotting foodstuff and discarded tools all scattered across the ground. However, what got Lien’s attention was not the trash, but the strange rose-like plants that sprouted out of them. They appeared harmless enough, but something about them made Lien cautious.

More important though, was that there was a strange boy standing in the centre. His supposed opponent, standing still with only slight movements of his head. Lien quickly scanned this person for any outstanding details, but the only thing that stood out was the bright-green coloured axe that the boy held. The sheer contrast between the dark, bland colour of the alleyway and the strangely fluorescent weapon unnerved Lien, as if it was made of an otherworldly substance.

But other than his weapon Ralic himself didn’t appear to have anything else that stood out of the ordinary. He could have easily passed off as another average civilian. Ralic only wore a grey hoodie with long pants and didn’t appear to have anything concealed within them. Just simply looking at Ralic gave Lien the complete opposite feeling of the beginning of a battle. Ralic appeared completely defenceless, even wearing earbuds and bobbing his head to whatever music he listened to.
“My name is Lien, and I take it that you are my opponent Ralic Raye?” Lien called out, only to receive silence. Unlike with Penny (who at least acknowledged Lien’s presence), Ralic completely ignored his opponent.
“Hello? Are you Ralic Raye?” Lien called out again, only to again receive nothing. Losing his patience, Lien walked up to Ralic and took out one of the earphone buds, which finally caused Ralic to notice him.
“Oh hey! Are you my opponent?” Ralic asked Lien with an innocent curiosity.
“Yes. I am Lien, and I suppose you are Ralic Raye?” Lien replied, trying to cool himself down. He couldn’t let something so petty clog his mind before a life-or-death battle.
“Yeah I am! Hey, could I ask you something?” Ralic said again.
“Huh? Sure, but make it quick.” Lien snapped back.
“Alright, so you know how you’re here for the RHG battle? Can I just ask you… if you could just say you lost the battle for me?” Ralic requested, as if mocking the entire system of the RHG.
“What?” Lien was honestly dumbfounded. Although technically he could go along with the request, there would have to be an extremely good follow-up for him to actually comply.
“Well, you see… I just don’t feel like I want to fight. I mean, fights are deadly. ’Live long and prosper.’ you know? I like my life, and I’m sure you like yours so let’s try to settle this peacefully before I have to hurt you. Plus look at this place, it’s all dirty. I’m sure a sharp-dressed man such as you would hate to dirty such a refined suit. ” Ralic explained with a grin. Each of his words only further pushed Lien into a silent rage.
“This is… just plain stupid. If you don’t want to fight then just stand there and let me kill you.” Lien replied with a sigh. Never before had he felt this exhausted against anything and furthering the conversation would only continue to sap away at his patience.

With another sigh of exhaustion, Lien went into his fighting stance and focused his mind. In the next moment, the image of a man in his suit lingered in the air before dispersing entirely. The image of the man then reappeared behind Ralic in mid-air. Contorting his body, his right leg flew through the air, impacting against Ralic’s body. However, instead of attacking flesh, what Lien’s leg hit was instead the strange rose-shaped weapon. Although the ensuing shockwave still occurred, and the area behind Ralic all got blown back, Ralic himself stood strong.
“Whoa! Careful there! This axe is made of a really hard substance you know! If you aren’t careful, you could break a bone or something!” Ralic exclaimed with another grin as Lien landed and jumped away. Although his outburst certainly was strange what Lien was surprised about was that his attack was not only blocked, but the shockwave that should that sent Ralic metres into the air only caused his hair and clothes to blow in the wind.

Regardless, Lien quickly landed and planned to continue his assault. Raising his right leg into the air, he quickly whipped it forward against Ralics head. Spinning around Lien then kicked Ralic with his left leg, sending the boy flying into the air with the shockwave. Lowering his leg, Lien looked over to see if he had won. However, instead of seeing Ralic crumpled over the floor, all he discovered was that his combo was once again deflected by the axe. Ralic himself was relatively unharmed and appeared no different than when Lien started his attack.
“Fine. You know what? You brought this on yourself, so don’t blame me for what happens.” The words rung through the air as Ralic finally took his axe and moved into his fighting stance.

Ralic immediately dashed forward, axe in hand and began his flurry of attacks. Targeting a different vital organ every time, Ralic swung his axe through the air at blinding speeds. Each swing sculpted a path that could have easily spelt out Lien’s death if he hadn’t shifted his focus into his arms and began blocking. Then, out of nowhere came a fist that bee-lined directly into Lien’s face. Completely destroying Lien’s expectations for the attacks to only be slashes with the axe, Ralic changed his fighting style from close-quartered weapon combat into hand-to-hand combat. Overpowering Lien with unexpected strikes, Ralic again suddenly appeared in front of Lien only to head-butt him backwards.

Axe still in hand, Ralic again switched back to striking only with his weapon. Still dazed from the head-butt, Lien was barely able to deflect Ralics assault, and soon found himself directly against a wall. With no other choice, Lien slammed his fist against the axe sending it flying back. Shifting his concentration into his legs, he simultaneously kicked Ralic away and leaped back to regain distance. Losing concentration on his legs, Lien entered his waiting period. Ralic too appeared to be winded by the attack and had a clearly visible footprint on his stomach.

At that point Lien came up with multiple theories about his opponent. Obviously, Ralic was not as weak as he showed. Perhaps he had some sort of supernatural power, or was his weapon enchanted, or maybe he is just naturally powerful. Maybe Ralic had all of those and his nonchalant persona was only meant to distract Lien and lead to an opening for attack.
”Well whichever of those that Ralic has, if I keep observing him I should find a way to defeat him.” Lien thought. Instinctively knowing that his waiting period had ended, Lien focused on his legs and disappeared again. This time he leaped high above Ralic. Shifting his focus into his arms, Lien prepared to smash into the ground and crush Ralic completely. However, by now Ralic had also recovered from the attack and quickly moved his axe upwards as if to defend.
”Whatever that axe is made of; it shouldn’t be able to fully withstand a blow like this. I’ll crush it to pieces!” Lien told himself as he descended to the ground. However instead of blocking, Ralic only muttered something under his breath.

The axe flew up to defend as Lien predicted, but then it continued its trajectory upwards. Colliding mid-air against Lien’s fist, the axe cut into his hand but his enhanced fist managed to chip the blade. The shockwave ensued, and caused the cracks in the blade to continue down until the entire side of the axe was covered in cracks. However, despite having his weapon plummet in condition Ralic still persisted in his swing. Completely thrown back by the attack alongside behind propelled back by the shockwave, Lien crashed against the wall of the alleyway. Naturally, Lien attempted to stand back up, but instead he only managed to slouch down even lower as he coughed up blots of blood.
”Damn it… my lungs.” He wheezed. Smashing against the wall probably fractured a few ribs as well and with every breath, a flood of pain coursed through his body. Luckily his right arm wasn’t cut too badly due to being strengthened, but strange thorns were imbedded within the cut and Lien was slowly losing feeling within his right arm. So now he was lacking not only in his right arm, but in precious oxygen.

While Lien was trying to regain his bearings and his breath, Ralic inspected his axe with a sigh.
“Son of a… This is a hereditary weapon you know! Completely priceless in material and in emotional value! Well I’ll just have to talk to some guys to fix it, but still. It’s really thoughtless of you to harm such an important heirloom just because of a battle!”
Slowly dragging himself up by using the wall, Lien looked over at Ralic. The youth still had his casual smirk on his face as he stared at Lien.
“See? I told you that if we fought that you would get hurt. Now you’ve made me draw your blood, and I hope that exchange was enough for you to learn our difference in skill and strength.” Ralic shrugged.

As if to make things worse, whilst Lien was trying to stand back up and regain his strength, the previously harmless roses had grown into massive plants of red and green that towered over Ralic, who was in the centre. As the plants reached their peak, they began to bloom and release a fine mist that slowly enveloped the area around themselves.
“’Every battle is won before it is fought.’ I win not only because I’m stronger, but also because I came prepared. Simple battle tactics you know? All I had to do was plant my seeds in the organic trash before you arrived and wait. You see, these spores will slowly, but surely sap you off all your strength. You won’t die, but it’ll be extremely painful, for you at least. I’m obviously immune to my own attacks. If only you had accepted my offer things wouldn’t be like this.” Ralic explained with a condescending glint in his eye.

Lien was now completely standing albeit by leaning against the wall, but his action only made him cough up another blot of blood. The ground became sprayed in another coating of crimson, but he could at the very least still move. He had rested enough so that he had exited his waiting period, but he could no longer opt to extend the battle. Ralic on the other hand, while weapon-less was still surrounded by his strength-depleting spores. Although by now some of the spores had already attached themselves to Lien and began sucking out his energy like Ralic had told him, it was not at such a rate that Lien would have to worry about for a while.

Breathing in deeply and enduring the pain, Lien sprang into action. By once again focusing on his legs, he sprinted forward leaving behind another afterimage of himself. Gritting his teeth to endure the pain, Lien reappeared behind Ralic with another raised leg. Although by now Ralic had caught onto Liens tactics and turned around to defend himself. Predicting that he would do that, Lien continued his attack except this time he aimed specifically at the weapon. Empowering his already sped-up kick by focusing on its strength, Lien kicked through the weapons tip, completely shattering it into a myriad of pieces. The shockwave itself hurled Ralic far away, smashing him deeply into one of the walls. Whatever Ralic had planned, Lien completely destroyed it alongside the axe.

As the blood from Ralic’s unmoving body ran across the floor, the pain from Lien’s chest finally got the better of him and he doubled over, vomiting over the floor. The spores now completely surrounded him and continued to suck away at his strength. The numbness in his right arm now turned to pain and Lien fell down, collapsed as his consciousness slowly faded away…


…Upon awakening, Lien found himself back in his apartment with another letter by his bedside. Opening it, it read:
“Very good Subject 11630, although you could have at least tried to win without completely destroying such a valuable weapon you won none-the-less. Congratulations on surviving and look forward to the next time we call you~“
Closing the letter, Lien collapsed back onto his bed and closed his eyes to embrace the warm comfort of his bed and nodded back off to sleep.

Ralic The Sakura Descendant Character page (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?96370-Ralic-The-Sakura-Descendant)

Right out the gate? I guess that's too be expected with the appearance of fresh meat, Ralic silently chuckles to himself as he stares down the behind of the rather ceremonious woman who had just placed a neat dossier in his hands. Round, plump, bulbous, and voluptuous, Ralic nearly sheds a tear as her beautiful figure is consumed by a crowd of busy men and women going about their respective lives.

I've gotta get that thirst under control..., Ralic brushes his brown knuckle against his temple gently as he directs his attention down towards the profile resting tight in his grasp, as if the wind of Stick Page City itself would attempt to swipe it for the sake of its own advantage. Ralic flips open the beige file and examines the details about his first challenger, taking numerous mental notes of the provided strengths and weaknesses without so much as missing a line of information. Especially intrigued with the lore, Ralic can not help but

“Such a tragic story behind this one. Do I put him out of his misery...or spare him and allow them to one day exact revenge on his captors?" Ralic sighs and shuts the Dossier before tucking the file into a snug position across the flatness of his empty backpack. He'll have to revisit the details regarding his challenger at a later hour.

Now isn't the time to be worrying about fighting.

The Sakura Descendant's eyes shift towards the massive skyline of SP city, taking in the liveliness of a thriving city bit by bit. Up until this very moment, Ralic had always been eyeing condemned land from his perch upon paradise, watching mortals scramble to survive whilst aiding them as of their god. It was odd seeing the actually city doing well as opposed to the puppet masters behind them. Appearances can be deceiving. The boy stares at the skyline once more in awe at the sight of a civilization with nowhere to go but up, and can not help but crack a wide grin. With only a single million to his name, Ralic's eyes narrow at the sight of massive apartment buildings and dazzling skyscrapers before his feet begin moving across the bus station's cold concrete floors.

“Welp, I know where I'm headed!" Ralic chimes as he steps out of the bus station's revolving doors, following the cleanest of street signs until they become chipped and rusty. Wandering the spotless sidewalks until the cement becomes cracked and stained, Tracing unsoiled walls until the steel becomes brick and the paint becomes graffiti, tracking lights until they become either red or broken, and peeping windows until they become boarded and yet the contents within are no real mystery. The Raye family has lost its sense of value concerning the common man, but Ralic refuses to be corrupted the same way they have. On his way, the adolescent stops a crotchety old man of a skin color similar to his and asks the old timer one simple question:

“Where the hood at?"

The old man gives the boy a crooked smile and points his cane southwest. Ralic slides the old man a clean hundred as a thanks before patting his shoulder and taking off. Behind him, the geezer holds the bill up to sunlight and grins before going his own way. Ralic lifts the Sakura Axe from his hoodie and rests it on his shoulder before smiling and tucking his free hand into his jacket pocket.

Time to meet the heart of this city!

-----------------------------Several Hours later----------

“You're late...and you're bleeding." Lien straightens his tie and narrows his eyes at the splotches of blood bleeding(see what I did there? No? Ok.) through Ralic's jacket. The teenager sighs and scratches his head, avoiding eye contact with his challenger.

“I made the mistake of passing through the wrong part of town on my way here. Stick Page City locals aren't as friendly as I'd thought they'd be, you know?" Ralic straightens his spine and lifts the Sakura Axe from his shoulder before speaking again. “What about you, Suit? You look like you're in one helluva hurry! Relax! I brought some orange soda for us to drink!" Ralic laughs as he removes two cylinders from his backpack, presenting the beverages with an innocent smile. Lien, however, just closes his eyes gently as his opponent tosses a can towards him. Catching it, the Test Subject cracks the beverage open without hesitation and downs the entire can before Ralic can even open his own!

“Jesus! You don't know if I drugged that or not! You have GOT to be more cautious with that shit, Lien! I mean for fuck's sake, I might have even spit on the top of the can for all you know! That's just...nasty..." Ralic cries, gawking at the man standing across from him in disbelief. Definitely older, and much more clean cut/refined. Slightly larger, but that is perhaps a mere product of age, rather than training.

“I'm confident that you wouldn't attempt to drop me with such a cheap tactic, Ralic. I'm always cautious, unlike you, who has just armed his opponent with a potentially lethal weapon." The Suit & Tie remarks, but before Ralic can even question him the boy is thrown to the ground by a soda can cutting through the air as if an ultrasonic holo-point bullet on rush!

Ralic just curses and struggles to rise from his position on the filthy ground, looking to the side and noticing that his own soda can has cracked open and is spilling into an open sewer off to the right. Pretending to tear up, Ralic beams Lien dead in the eyes with an unrelenting gaze as he pulls a peanut-butter cup from his backpack and eats, visibly calming down with each bite.

“Q-Quite the arm you've got there, Suit. That was stupid of me, I admit, but I was just trying to be nice." Ralic rises to his feet and lifts his Sakura Axe from the ground, staring down the opponent opposite of him with a malevolent glare. The vacant street they stand in the middle of growing cool as the sun begins to set, almost as if signalling to both of the Gladiators that they are running out of time. Overhead, train tracks are supported by sturdy steel beams and the surrounding red brick buildings turn a shade of brown as a red orange hue takes the scenery.
Lien is the first to charge, rushing Ralic with such astounding speed that the Sakura Descendant barely has time to manage a block with the face of the blade, the weapon absorbing full damage from the the orphan's empowered swing, but not showing any signs of caving to the impact! Ralic, however, is sent flying back into a tireless car, spitting up a small amount of blood and saliva alike as he and the metal vehicle make contact with one another.

Not good! This guy is a beast! Think Ralic..., Ralic spits out the blood slowly beginning to clog his mouth before rising to his feet and making a mad dash for the dark alleyway across from him. Giving him no opportunity to escape, Lien rushes once more much to Ralic's anticipation. At just the right time, Ralic ducks the blow and swings his axe towards the Test Subject's abdomen, the blade harshly scraping against Lien's suddenly hardened skin! The Suit leaps back, letting out a slight breathe of exhaustion before dropping his Aspect Booster and checking his now ruined attire.

Still full of breath and life, Ralic charges in this moment, attempting to wear down the mutant man with a barrage of precise strikes and swings from his bare fists and axe alike. Ralic catches Lien once or twice in the face with his right fist, but lands little more than a cut across the suit with his Sakura Axe. Lien clutches his chest as thorns embed themselves into his system, but takes the stinging pain like a man before looking Ralic back in his dark chocolate eyes.

Ralic takes a deep breath and cools himself off as he was shown in training, spitting any remaining blood from his mouth before speaking.

“I've read your file, bro. You don't want this...why don't you just run? They won't be able to catch you. I know about your past, and those who died at your side would WANT you to be free! Don't let the scientists OR the drugs control you." Attempting to sway the man, the Descendant speaks from his heart, only to be interrupted by an unnervingly calm Lien pointing to the rusted collar strapped to his neck.
“I get orders. I carry them out. This is my purpose." Lien's eyes become daggers and the orphan charges, striking Ralic's face with a flurry of unempowered basic attacks as he zips around him. In return, the axe wielder drops below swinging height and sweeps the area around him with his blade, causing the swift Subject to fly forward on contact with the Axe, ultimately scraping his face against the black street pavement. Slick hair ruined, suit torn, and composure threatened, the Test Subject rises to his feet slowly and uses what remains of his suit jacket to wipe blood from his mug.

Once more.

Lien rushes up on Ralic again, attempting to land quick, devastating strikes against his opponent. Ralic, using his combat knowledge to duck the basic strikes and kicks, tosses his Sakura Axe aside to counter an unbelievably predictable left hook with a palm strike to the sternum. The Suit recovers as if nothing had happened, lifting Ralic off of the ground with a massive tackle followed up by a destructive body slam. The asphalt gives in, leaving a crater where Ralic lie in pain, cursing uncontrollably as his nerve endings roar in agony.

You're still alive, Ralic. I'm not sure how, but you NEED to get up., The boy manages to get onto his hands and knees just as Lien attempts to knock him back down to the earth via dropkick. Ralic rolls away from the incoming damage and springs into action, trotting down the street and scooping up his axe prior to Lien shifting around and rushing him once more with a barrage of lethal strikes. This time around, Ralic sticks to his blade and uses the axe's face as a shield and exploiting any openings by striking the Suit utilizing his weapon's pommel or rose bud tip. Lien catches the rose bud around the fourth strike, but is repulsed immediately by the strong aroma and let's the weapon go without hesitation. Recalling the aroma's affects, Lien steps back from the weapon and wipes his nose, only to be met with a cringe-inducing headbutt from his opponent. Falling back on his ass, Lien looks up to see Ralic gritting his teeth in obvious pain mixed with...regret? Frustration?

The teen shakes the pain away from his cranium before this time rushing the Test Subject, swinging his axe in a flurry of vicious, yet rigidly precise set of cleaves and chops. Enhanced perception combined with speed, Lien easily dodges the swipes and follows up a clean duck with a series of empowered strikes to Ralic's stomach. Something pops inside, but nothing too important it seems. The teen holds down whatever unholy amount vomit is brewing within him, and brings his axe down with unrelenting force, aiming for Lien's back as the onslaught of blows continue. The pain impairs his strike and the axe merely catches Lien's side, but it's enough to cripple and send Ralic's opponent to the ground. Thorns eat and gnaw at the Test Subject, invading his open wound as if starved parasites to a fresh and equally bountiful feast. Roaring in pain, Lien sits there for a moment writhing in agony as Ralic limps backward over to the car he had smashed into earlier, propping himself up against the tireless vehicle through the aid of his axe.

“You're full of holes, and you should have thought twice before engaging. I offered you a chance to walk away. No formal training? Are you fucking kidding me?! You can't rely solely on your powers to save your skin, especially when you're still learning the extent of what they can do, Lien! I'm leaving. You've lost. Come back and challenge me again when you think you've learned a thing or two." Ralic turns his back on the Test Subject, showing zero signs of respect nor sympathy for the battered dog behind him. Lien tightens his fists and narrows his eyes as flashbacks of his dead friends resurface in memory: Images of their betrayed and surprised expressions as the bullets of a madman claimed their lives, The fearful yet desperately vicious look on Erika's face during her final charge, and the cries of a fifth child during her final moments back at the Orphanage...Lien grits his teeth and charges Ralic with full force, his speed, strength, and even bloodlust unwavering as he closes in on his fleeing opponent. Just before Lien can grab full hold of the boy's hoodie-covered neck, the Descendent ducks and has his jacket ripped cleanly from his dark body.

Lien stops the attempted rush from behind and faces Ralic head on, seething with uncharacteristic rage as horrific memories flood his conscience. Unfortunately for the Subject's flair, Lien is stopped dead cold by what he sees next. Sprouting from the Descendant's blood-covered shoulders...are a pair of massive, crumpled red roses. Ralic adjusts his white wife beater and makes it clear that he has no fear in his system, locking gazes with his livid adversary once more before grimacing.

“Did I strike a nerve? Calm and collected, remember? It's clear you have no intention of conceding...so we're ending this. Now." Ralic rushes the Test Subject with his axe raised, the roses on his shoulder feeding from his life force as he charges down the darkening street. Lien meets the charge head on, tossing aside his opponent's jacket and grabbing Ralic's axe by the blades with hardened skin prior to wrestling the Descendant to the ground with unparalleled strength. The once-hooded boy spits in the freak's eye, distracting the Test Subject for a split second as the slightly forgotten flowers beside him Bloom and attach seperate spores to his throat and head from point blank range.

In response, Lien grips the roses by their stems before ripping the delicate flowers from Ralic's shoulders, causing the Sakura Descendant to roar in severe anguish as blood spurts from the rose's former host and onto his attacker. The now crimson Suit then proceeds to wrap his hands around the teenager's throat, squeezing the life from Ralic with merciless empowered strength. Ralic's vision begins to blur, and the young adolescent's mind races!

Acting fast, Ralic scoops his axe up off of the ground beside him and absorbs the spores attached to Lien, draining all of the Boosted Aspects directly from the source and gasping for air as Lien's grip weakens! Quickly, Ralic delivers a brutal disengaging gut kick to the weakened Test Subject before rising to his own feet and dragging his empowered Sakura Axe along the dark, gritty asphalt.

Lien can barely move as the spores attached to his throat and face wither and detach.

“I was LATE because I was too busy waiting for these two stupid plants to start budding," Ralic calls, planting his foot hard on Lien's rapidly expanding and receding chest. “Considering our respective skill sets, you were doomed from the start. I told you to walk away, but you didn't, which tells me that you WANT to die here. Trying to escape both the physical and emotional pain of being a slave? Fine, but don't tell God I never did anything for you." The Sakura Descendant spits on Lien's defeated and pathetic face one more time before bringing the Axe down hard on the test subject's rusted collar, the empowered blade cleaving through metal and an attempted skin hardening like butter while the thorns from the cut work like tiny hypersonic razors to tear through any resistance. Blood gushing from the decapitated body, Ralic turns away from the fountain-of-a-man that was once Lien before throwing his axe onto a distant sidewalk and collapsing hard onto the cold street. The sun still has some presence on the abandoned road, but all Ralic can feel is cold emptiness as he slips into a deep unconsciousness and begins to bleed out himself.

-----------------------------------That Next Morning---------------------------------

“Are you sure, Mr. Raye? I'd recommend keeping SOMETHING for yourself." The agent from the day prior, Eiyla, questions as she hesitates to document the Descendant's seemingly rash decision. Ralic adjusts the blood-stained gauze wrapped tightly around his wounds and clears his throat before looking Eiyla in her crystal, sky blue eyes and repeating himself. He has a habit of eye contact, doesn't he?

“First: do not associate me with that name. Ever. Second: I can earn whatever funds I need through honest work and will support myself through that and that alone. I want 50% of all my winnings from now on to go towards the poorest sections of Asune City, and the remaining 50% go towards Stick Page City's poorest families. That shouldn't be a problem, should it?" Ralic slides his wife beater and grey jacket over his body wraps before retrieving the Sakura Axe and stuffing the handle down his freshly washed aforementioned jacket. Eiyla hesitates once more, but gives Ralic an approving smile before scribbling the arrangements down on the paper attached to her navy blue clipboard.

“Will that be all?" Eiyla gently dips her head to the right and sticks her pen in the space between her ear and skull before rising from her plastic hospital seat with a small huff. She runs her fingers through her delicate blonde hair, fixing it, and follows Ralic as the two make their way out of the official RHG infirmary.

The day is bright, and the sun's rays are as unforgiving as ever, but Ralic still steps out of the hospital doors with his grey hoodie dawned and jeans held up by a black belt. In his wake, the agent asks the teenager once more if that is all he needs from her and Ralic stops to think for a moment.

I wonder...

“Actually, Eiyla, if possible...could you figure out if the people who had been testing on Lien are tied to a group known as Night Creatures? It may be a bit much to ask, and I'm not confident there is a connection, but I'm merely curious. Any information you can find would be much appreciated." The Descendant shuts his eyes and dismisses the agent after she finishes writing down his requests, but can't help and turn around to watch her walk off.

I'm stayin' thirsty...

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Really good battle, by both of you. I don't even know, who to vote for right now. :)

However, regarding Kamiroo's battle, I would doubt, that Ralic can just read all the information about Lien, as if he would read a character thread. Gladiators would not give their opponents detailed information about their powers. Also, the organisation behind lien would try to remain hidden and therefor not provide such information. This makes that part really unrealistic.

Kamiroo Wolf
08-19-2015, 10:49 AM
Really good battle, by both of you. I don't even know, who to vote for right now. :)

However, regarding Kamiroo's battle, I would doubt, that Ralic can just read all the information about Lien, as if he would read a character thread. Gladiators would not give their opponents detailed information about their powers. Also, the organisation behind lien would try to remain hidden and therefor not provide such information. This makes that part really unrealistic.

Especially since what Night Creatures stands for has been altered after this thread was created. Too late to change, I'm afraid ;-;

08-19-2015, 11:28 AM
Especially since what Night Creatures stands for has been altered after this thread was created. Too late to change, I'm afraid ;-;

What was that about Night Creatures?

Kamiroo Wolf
08-19-2015, 11:41 AM
What was that about Night Creatures?

In a post made by Waffles, it said that Night Creatures used to dabble in Human Trafficking. This is the only reason why they were mentioned in my story, but since the clan's Rebirth you can go ahead and disregard any mention of them in my story x3

08-19-2015, 02:11 PM
They do still dabble in Human Trafficking. There are 2 Night Creatures, the Clan and the Organization (which was originally the Clan).

Kamiroo Wolf
08-19-2015, 04:26 PM
They do still dabble in Human Trafficking. There are 2 Night Creatures, the Clan and the Organization (which was originally the Clan).

Well, thank you for the clarification ^_^