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Let's make an analysis here.

Zalgo is the god/king of his nation.
Omega is the god/king of his nation.

Zalgo covers planets in oil.
Omega turns planets into metal.

Both of them have the same personality.
Both are aliens.
Both are delusional.

SO naturally, these two had to fight at one point. Luckily for everyone here, Veir joined the gauntlet. So without further ado...

The Fighters:
Omega (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?88837-Omega-The-Usurper-King)
Zalgo (forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?86416-Zalgo)

The Battles:
Malacal's Battle (Google Docs) (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1letcHCCleYuI7DQrMj6hdOW_HH2qrGHCaAos4ZOw4uE/edit?usp=sharing)
Atop a mountain rain poured and thunder crackled with the fury of deities. The clouds darkened the sky and gales ripped through the land below causing trees to bow. Above the peaks stood the lord nature gave into. Tall, thin, covered in black metal, and adorned with tentacles, Omega looked over the earth.

Kill them all, or become their ruler? Such difficult questions, the god thought quietly to himself as he overlooked creation, Although I suppose that being a god, difficult decisions must sometimes be made.

The king’s calm introspection was broken by the interjection of another, “There you are.”

Turning around, the warlord witnessed a hideous behemoth. Humanoid in shape, yellow eyes, lines decorating it’s body, star-shaped mouth, and the legs of a dog. In a surprised tone, Omega spoke, “Of all places, this planet is not the one where I expected to meet you”

“I tend to drift. Meanwhile, you have been quite the diligent worker. It was laughably easy to find you” as much as it could, the thing grinned, which more accomplished showing many rows of teeth instead. Omega understood though, it’s hard to accustom to the mannerisms of aliens when you don’t have the proper biology.

“Indeed, I am about to reunite with my fleet and come ba-... why are you laughing?” Omega’s tone became much darker when the creature across from him started laughing halfway through the alien’s story.

“Reunite? You crash landed here didn’t you? You, the mighty deity and king of your race, crash landed on this god-forsaken planet. How disgraceful,” the giant reeled back and clutched it’s gut. This was too much, one of the grandest emperors in the galaxy landing on such an unknown and unimportant planet as this?! Priceless.

“Speaking of god-forsaken, I’m afraid I’m going to have to destroy this planet,” Omega held his hand out to the and a golden circular object sped it’s way towards him. He caught it and the design was a halo with tentacles in the center spreading outwards to grip the edges just barely, “and I’m afraid that I can’t let another deity be here to ruin my plans.”

A lightning bolt came down as a glorious beam from heaven onto the metal fiend. Immediately, Omega contorted and bowed down to pain. The behemoth’s laughter only bolstered, “and now your little speech is interrupted by chance. What a god you are.”

The thing walked over to the weakened mass that dared think itself a deity, it reached down and ripped off one of the appendages on Omega’s back, a tentacle. The pup screamed louder as more agony came upon him. The monster mocked him, “Oh what a fool you are. There is only one god, and that is Zalgo!”

Zalgo proceeded to reach down and grabbed the weak child’s arm. One of the lines on his hand spewed out some oil. The liquid then worked it’s towards said arm, and cleanly severed it from the alien. Then the substance went inside Omega and began shredding the muscles in his shoulder.

“AHH! Begone from me!” the king freed from the grip and struck the form with his halo. As he did, it rippled and disappeared from existence. Then the storm dispersed, light broke through, the gales stopped roaring, and trees no longer bowed. Most importantly, Omega’s suffering left him. It was as if nothing had ever happened.

Omega stood with relief and vigor. In all his travels he’d never healed so fast. But, any sense of celebration was overshadowed by the knowledge that Zalgo was out there creating illusions. He looked over the edge of the mountain, with a feeling of clairvoyance directing him. He saw the thing there, and climbed down the slope with his tentacles supporting him. He shouted as an egotistical priest would to an unbeliever, “Repent now or receive divine punishment from a god.”

“You can hardly call yourself a god after receiving the punishment of being stuck here. A deity can’t be cursed, yet here you are,” Zalgo grinned. As it did this, the slab of rock Omega was balancing on shattered. He tumbled forward and landed at the feet of his opponent. Then, the dog-legged creature placed it’s foot upon Omega.

“Haha, another hallucination get to you? Pathetic,” Zalgo taunted the one at it’s feet. Omega looked back to where he was to see that the rocks never broke. As if nothing ever happened. Yet another hallucination had gotten to Omega.

One of the lines decorating the fiend’s foot opened up to reveal a maw full of teeth. Then the mouth bit Omega’s arm while he was distracted. The warlord snapped back to the fight, and his pain, as his arm was rended away from his body and carelessly kicked down the slope of the mountain. He scrambled away from the behemoth, screaming in pain and holding his new stump.

“Hallucinations aren’t even needed to scare you. You look like a child, so helpless,” more taunts were directed at Omega as the behemoth giggled at it’s brief musing.

Water formed on the ground beneath Zalgo’s feet. The star-mouthed creature’s first inclination was to look down to see what was happening. The warlord took advantage of the distraction and lunged himself through the air to drop-kick Zalgo. Having little traction, the thing slipped and started falling down the mountain. The slope passed him by while he tumbled and gravity tried to reunite him with the ground. The creature then spotted a handhold in the distance. He recovered from tumbling, grabbed it, and held it for dear life.

Omega slowly descended after his prey, crawling like a spider down the slope. When he neared Zalgo, he stood on his head, “You only have power over people in the form of hallucinations. You manipulate and slaughter with the tools of the mind. But then you meet those strong of will and suddenly you are helpless,” the more he spoke, the more Omega’s toes dug into Zalgo’s skull, “I have power over nature. I have power over the world itself.”

The handhold disintegrated. Then a wind pressed Zalgo into the face of the mountain, dragging him against the stones and spikes that made the formation. The whole time, Omega stuck to his head like a parasite, feeding off of the pain. The giant tried to create oil and grapple the wall to stop it’s descent. But by this point the two were like meteors, far too fast for anything allow anything but the Earth’s crust to stop them. So his chains broke almost as quickly as they were formed.

Eventually, another plateau on the mountain came into sight. Right before they crashed, Omega kicked off, leaving Zalgo alone to fall. A sickening crunch sound was born as the thing hit the ground. Suddenly, it was far less a behemoth with it’s missing shin, another broken leg, a compressed spine, and a severe case of scoliosis.

“‘The bigger they are the harder they fall.’ A lovely proverb from this planet that perfectly describes your current predicament. You thought yourself to be so grand, and now look where you are.” Omega made a speech with his hand high in the sky and his face towards the heaven. Zalgo could only groan in response. This only further encouraged the warlord as he brought his head and hand down, “You can’t even talk anymore. At least when I took the fall to Earth I could get back up again and establish my own dominion here. A true god is immortal, but right now you’re failing to even survive.”

Omega pulled the halo from behind him and began walking at a slow, sadistic pace. Every step brought him more glee as he got closer and closer to killing the one who thought himself above god. A grin eventually turned into a smile. A distance turned into spitting range. Omega raised the halo towards the sky, waiting patiently to play with his new toy.

But before the the warlord could proceed, Zalgo began vomiting the sickly brown-gold oil from every part of him. The liquid then started growing and spiraling upward as it grew teeth. With many heads like a hydra, it snapped at the sadist. He tried to retreat and dodge, but Omega was overwhelmed by the sheer mass of this new threat. He’d move left and something would bite his leg, then right and something got his shoulder.

But there was a simple weakness in all of this, the sadist saw a shine from the center of Zalgo’s enveloped body. It was undoubtedly important, most vital organs of creatures are in their chest. So Omega began trudging along while being eaten.

His left leg dragged, his right shoulder was weak. Then he took his first few steps towards his goal and a mouth mawed on his midsection. Omega struck it down with a simple swipe. More steps, another head lunched on his thigh. The warlord struck it down with a tentacle. Another stride, the hydra snapped for the rest of the stump that was his left arm. He could do little more than tear away and leave a part of himself behind. Wading through the liquid, jaws rended Omega’s legs and lower body. But his goal was near now, the heart almost within arm’s reach.

The deity grabbed the heart and abandoned his legs. He tightly clamped his hand down on the organ. At that moment, all the liquid around him crashed to the ground as oil. As a cascade erupted, he and Zalgo’s corpse slid off the edge of the mountain yet again.Omega spent no time idling and impaled all his limbs to the clifface. His right hand was the first thing to go, then a tentacle, then seven more after that. One by one like branches they snapped off. But, they slowed his descent just so slightly that when he hit the next plateau, he survived.

I’ve lost all my limbs yet again. What kind of hell is this? Omega contemplated. Then, his arm and various other appendages crashed around him. It was mildly disturbing, but he could hardly care after all he had seen.

His eyes drifted over to Zalgo’s nearby, almost indistinguishable, corpse, Fool, he thought himself far greater than what he was, look where he is now.

Veir's Story (Google Docs) (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EcpC4P-aDE0u9PhiGxyoDOqjv58RpVNZZOYInBvgRWI/edit)
Zalgo sat patiently upon his black throne, scouring the planet. He had been doing so since he joined Leoncio in this dreadful team. He sensed the being somewhere on the continent. A certain species that he hadn’t sensed in quite a while.

Finally Zalgo locked onto the being, jerking himself out of his own thoughts. It was depressingly close, making Zalgo feel like he had wasted much of his time on a planet-wide search.

This better prove to be as interesting as I expect it to be.

Zalgo arose from his throne and ascended to the top floor of the Night Creatures’ base before spewing oil onto the ground in front of him. He stepped upon the puddle before allowing it to carry him towards the creature of Zalgo’s interest.


As Zalgo approached the creature, he concluded that he wanted the being sane enough to speak. He was curious as to how the creature would react, the one they called Omega. Zalgo relished the memories of the last time he heard the name spoken. So much delicious fear to feast off of. So much terror. It truly was a time of great prosperity for the godking.

As Zalgo came closer and closer to Omega, he noticed that his surroundings had changed into a charred forest, the haze of smoke still filled the air. Zalgo commanded his oil forward, riding the small wave through the blackened bramble. He was nearing his target, who was lying within eyesight now. The familiar metal body, yes this was certainly the correct creature.

Zalgo stopped about thirty yards from the being.

”Are you the one they call Omega?” he sent the query mentally.

Metallic tentacles ripped themselves from the creature’s back, the steel-like flesh shining in the sunlight as the alien rose from the ground.

“Indeed I am… and who might you be?” Omega answered, turning to face the newcomer.

”Hmm, I expected you to be more impressive…” Zalgo stated as he crossed his arms.

“Me? More impressive?! Hahahahaha! Are you just foolish or do you not know what true power looks like?”

”Of course I know what true power looks like. I witness it every time I see my reflection.”

“Oh ho! I like you. Tell me your name, creature.”

”A name you may recognize me as would be Zalgo, and I’m not here for your appreciation, only your loyalty.”

That did it. The mention of Zalgo’s name brought sudden realization to the Usurper King. The alien’s stance changed, his posture shifted. Zalgo smirked as the sudden and terrible realization of just how drastic of a situation he was in dawned on Omega.

“Zalgo is a myth! A beast made to entertain the fears of children!”

”That’s the same thing your people thought as I ripped their minds apart. Oh how they prayed for their king to save them! How they screamed for you to come and rescue them from the terror I brought! But you weren’t there. You weren’t there to defend them and they suffered for it.”

“You… you killed my people…?! YOU BASTARD!!”

Flames licked across Omega’s frame as his elemental magic was summoned. With a single mighty blast a massive fireball flew through the air towards Zalgo. At the same instant the earth between the two was ripped up from a secondary blast of earth based elemental magic. Zalgo pushed backwards with a single jump, while spewing oil forward and forcing it to harden. The liquid gushed out and formed a single wall between the two combatants. The fireball exploded into a massive burst of heat and force, forcing Zalgo to reinforce his oily barricade to handle the oncoming assault of the boulders. As the thick chunks of rock collided with Zalgo’s defenses Omega was already attacking once more. His steel tentacles ripped into the oil of Zalgo’s protections, tearing through the iron hard material with a surprising amount of force.

This might be a bit more difficult than I originally imagined. Zalgo thought to himself as his defenses were ripped apart.

Zalgo opened the mouths on his arms, spewing oil forth while pushing himself backwards. The oil flung itself at Omega in an almost desperate attempt at slowing him down as the Usurper King flung his tentacles into the substance and into the ground between the two of them. He then used the tentacles to lift himself up and over the oil barrage before shooting himself like a missile towards the retreating alien. Zalgo hardened the oil in his body seconds before the steel foot of Omega collided with his shoulder, tearing the iron-like flesh slightly.

Black oil oozed out of the open wound as Omega lifted himself above him with four tentacles, lashing forward with the other four in rapid piercing motions. Zalgo puked rapid amounts of oil out of his arms and legs before commanding the liquid to form tendril-like spikes that also struck forth in a piercing motion. The two barrages collided with one another, the rapid multitude of metallic clangs echoing through the burnt forest.

Zalgo opened the massive mouth on his abdomen and roared a single word,
”ENOUGH!” as a single wave of oil blasted forth and slammed directly into Omega’s chest. Launching the alien backwards through the air. The steel carapace that was his body cracked from the sheer force of the attack, slightly cutting into the alien as he landed.


Omega arose, his tactical mind taking into account every little detail around them. Possible retreat points, advantageous areas for himself. He was slowly forming a way to defeat this imposter god. Suddenly all of that disappeared into a black fog as he was rushed back to his homeworld. The planet was covered in oil. Black statues of the solid substance were all that remained of his subjects. One of the statues cracked around the mouth before shattering away completely to reveal the living creature still inside.

“Save us my lord!”
“We depended on you!”
“You have failed us!”
“There is no longer a home for you here!”

Suddenly the hardened oil statues came to life, tearing themselves from the planet-wide ocean shell beneath them. The army of false beings marched towards their king, shouting out his failures as their leader.

“No… No this is a ruse! One of that monster’s tricks! I will NOT be fooled! Face me you coward!” Omega roared as he ripped the oily shell beneath him asunder, tearing the army of statues apart around him as his tentacles lashed out in every direction.

The black fog once more went over his vision, this time taking the horrific sight of his destroyed homeworld away. All that was left in its absence was the alien being in front of him reeling from the mental assault of his affliction being defeated.

Omega shot forth, using his tentacles to quickly close the distance between the two before slamming his knife like hand into Zalgo’s head, tearing through the nearly iron material that was the god’s skin. However Omega felt no brain, or skull for that matter. Zalgo’s head split into a multi-tiered mouth, splaying open like a giant flower full of teeth and black oil, which surged over Omega’s hand and wrist.

The oil flowed across Omega’s arm as Zalgo grabbed the other with his right hand, struggling to keep Omega from counter attacking. Omega slammed a tentacle into the ground behind himself before lifting his leg and slamming a powerful kick into Zalgo’s inverted knee. A sickening crack filled the air and Zalgo let out an unearthly scream as the hardened oil creating his leg shattered. Omega then brought the rest of his tentacles around and slammed them full force into Zalgo’s torso, the sharpened steel spikes piercing Zalgo’s back. Black oil gushed around the appendages as the wounds attempted to close. Zalgo’s torso-mouth opened once more and blasted a torrent of oil straight down, lifting the two interlocked combatants into the air. Omega’s arm still in Zalgo’s open face as oil crept along his elbow, getting closer and closer to his face.

The two beings were nearly forty feet in the air when desperation finally struck. The oil was just beginning to reach Omega’s shoulder as Omega used his left hand to rip into the steel of his right shoulder, tearing the appendage from the joint and removing his tentacles from Zalgo’s back. He fell from the god’s maw, reeling through the air as he struggled to right himself using his wind magic. He crashed to the earth, most likely only living because of his air control. The broken jagged steel of several wounds cut lightly into his body, creating stinging pains that only annoyed him slightly in comparison to the massive ache ebbing from his missing arm.

It was time to retreat. He needed a moment to heal, to think. He arose from the ground, gripping the stub that remained of his right shoulder. He slammed his tentacles into the ground in a bid for speed, throwing himself in the opposite direction of Zalgo. However before he could make it very far the other alien had used his oil to torpedo himself towards him. The two unearthly bodies slammed into each other and caused them both to tumble across the ground.

Omega’s cracked skin leaked with blood while Zalgo’s ripped features dripped with oil. The two creatures rose from their prone position, both suffering from their wounds. Zalgo suddenly threw a glob of oil at him, the black glob soaring through the air. Omega launched himself upwards with his tentacles, dodging the projectile. He hurled through the air, closing the distance between the two gods before landing slightly in front of Zalgo and slamming his steel-like fist into the monster’s ruined maw.

Oil splattered across the ground in the direction of the blow and time seemed to slow down. Zalgo slowly turned back towards Omega, his eyes now longer the bright yellow they once were. Now they were black as the oil that coursed through his veins. Zalgo’s arms opened to reveal rows of teeth, as did the sides of his legs and his ripped apart face-hole. Black oil started pouring out of the openings as his chest opened once more. Omega launched himself backwards, escaping the sudden flood of oil.

Omega watched in horror as the burnt land around Zalgo was soon coated in the black ooze emanating from the godly being in front of him. At this point Omega turned tail and ran. His tentacles carrying him like a spider away from the monster behind him.

If I get away I can heal… I just need time. thought the Usurper King.

He retreated into the remaining forest that had not been scorched. He prayed the trees would give him cover enough to find a place to rest. His prayers were not answered as he noticed oil below him. The vegetation was being ripped from the earth and consumed by the dark material speeding across the ground.

Omega leapt through the trees, using his tentacles to lash around branches and swing himself swiftly through the air. However it seemed every tree he grabbed onto would explode into a shower of splinters shortly after, a massive spike of oil protruding through the bark before the tree itself was swiftly swallowed by dark liquid.

Omega reached for a branch, but the tree was already being covered in black. Omega attempted to correct his course for a different branch, but it was too late. His only alternative being to fall to the black sea beneath him, he wrapped his tentacle around the oil covered vegetation. Immediately the oil swarmed his tentacle. It swiftly traveled down the appendage before lifting him into the air, far above the forest.

More oil lashed itself around him, grabbing his arms, legs, and the rest of his tentacles. Omega noticed Zalgo approaching atop a massive moving pillar of oil. The liquid surging over itself to carry its dark master. Once Zalgo was close enough he stopped and the two stared each other in the eye.

“If you expect me to beg, you have me sorely mista-” Omega’s brave words were cut short as one of his tentacles was slowly ripped from his back. When the appendage was finally ripped free from his body, the oil dropped the appendage down to the black sea beneath them. When it splashed down into the liquid, it began to tug on another tentacle. The cycle repeated until every tentacle was removed from Omega’s back.

“I’ll… I’ll kill you… Y-you bastard…” Omega stammered out, his body weakened from the pain.

Blood flowed freely from his back as well as from the cracks on the front of his carapace. Zalgo said nothing. Instead a tendril of oil rose from the pillar and stopped in front of Omega’s face. The tendril slammed itself against Omega’s mouth, pushing itself down inside his body and spreading out. Zalgo’s black eyes did not change as alien blood splattered his face. His eradication of another alien race was complete.


Zalgo stumbled through the door of the Night Creatures’ HQ, barely supporting himself on a cane made of hardened oil.

“Jesus christ what happened to you?” blurted out Leoncio as he rushed to help his ally.

”I thought I could convert another lost alien to our cause, I was wrong.”

“Do you need me to call a doctor or anything?!”

”Just get me to my room.” coughed the alien.

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And the battle to see who gets to be Veir's 2nd Best begins.