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11-17-2015, 01:40 PM
StickPage will soon be getting a very large overhaul. We've been hard at work the past 6 months rebuilding the whole site from the ground up, focusing on crafting an amazing experience for creative individuals and those who just want to be entertained. Everything is being touched: there will be a new RHG system, a fully functioning portal, tutorials, integrated forum, better profiles, chatting and more. We've still got quite a lengthy journey ahead of us before the new website is finished, but that wont stop us from keeping you up to date on what's going on as well as teasing the hell out of what's to come. We know in the past there have been problems delivering on commonly requested features like a portal, so for the sake of comfort and transparency I have created a new central location that anyone can use to stay up to date on where we're at with the new site. That location is the SP Roadmap, a simple page with monthly blog updates and simple progress bars for each major section of the site.

Visit the SP Roadmap (http://roadmap.stickpage.com/)

Along with progress updates I will also be posting some "behind the scenes" type content where I shed some light on the creation process of the site and related projects. With Stone finishing a new game, a new special surprise from myself, the next GTL competition with a cool surprise, and Stick War: Legacy all coming out in the next few weeks to a month, things are starting to pick up around here again. You can be sure to see some behind the scenes posts for some of these projects, so keep an eye out! I will continue posting links to these articles in the SP Related Discussion thread (http://roadmap.stickpage.com/announcing-the-stickpage-roadmap/) as well so you can look there if it's more convenient. That's all for now!

11-17-2015, 02:07 PM
This is a great idea, this way we can just simply visit the SP Roadmap to check on the progress. It will be worth the wait.

11-17-2015, 06:23 PM
omg ;u; I'm going to love this stickpage more and more. You surely working hard for this. Good luck guys :D

11-17-2015, 07:02 PM
Wow! The hard work is surely paying off. It's looks really well done(even though it isn't done yet).

11-18-2015, 01:04 AM
Thank God for improving the RHG system.

I'll definitely get back into RHG's once this is implemented.

11-18-2015, 05:52 AM
This is all awesome. I'm very happy to see you guys working so hard on the site and I can't wait to see how it all turns out!

11-18-2015, 05:57 AM
what is our currency system going to be called :D

11-18-2015, 06:40 AM
I vote that our currency be named Stone.

11-18-2015, 08:24 AM
Ours is called WHEAT and the name of our world is Thawe it has a Western farmland theme

Just kidding, the new RHG doesn't have currency or points planned for it.

11-18-2015, 08:30 AM
I'm looking forward to this, really really do.

11-18-2015, 09:40 AM
Ours is called WHEAT and the name of our world is Thawe it has a Western farmland theme

Just kidding

Awh maaan.
I love the fact that you guys are putting so much time and effort into upgrading this site and community, thanks a lot for that and hope you guys get the result you're aiming for!

11-18-2015, 02:24 PM
Ours is called WHEAT and the name of our world is Thawe it has a Western farmland theme

Just kidding, the new RHG doesn't have currency or points planned for it.

Ha! I get it!...ahem... so anyway good luck with the updates. Perhaps a refreshed RHG system will finally convince me to join. Or any other person actually.

11-19-2015, 04:17 PM
Just when I made my RHG. Perfect. :o

11-20-2015, 12:10 AM
Just kidding, the new RHG doesn't have currency or points planned for it.

Aw wuuuut. :C That would make it more interesting for sure. At least consider it please?

11-20-2015, 11:44 AM
We have. I don't think it's fair to say that it would make anything more interesting when you don't know what it is we have planned. :P

11-20-2015, 11:48 AM
Surprise me Jeff, dis should be good. :D

11-20-2015, 04:59 PM
We have. I don't think it's fair to say that it would make anything more interesting when you don't know what it is we have planned. :P

Yup, that what make this more interesting.
Can't wait for this!!!

11-21-2015, 05:10 PM
Wow, this is a turning point for SP.
I'm looking forward about it :D

12-13-2015, 06:27 PM
Hi guys,I just have a quick question,how do make an animation:confused:.PS:Whoever helps will be in the credits of my first animation.

12-16-2015, 12:53 AM
Hi guys,I just have a quick question,how do make an animation:confused:.PS:Whoever helps will be in the credits of my first animation.

Hello RoccoTheStickmen, MSG me and I'll help you out ;)

01-06-2016, 06:46 AM
Love u guys, love this site, love almost all the animations and games on this site! :) Keep up the good work! by the way, what is the Rhg system?

01-06-2016, 07:55 PM
god yes.

03-19-2016, 08:11 PM
mmm.... what is the current progress?

03-20-2016, 06:41 AM
I'm looking forward to the new RHG system, and all other features that you mentioned. Probably the release date will be April 1st.

03-23-2016, 09:10 AM
I'm looking forward to the new RHG system, and all other features that you mentioned. Probably the release date will be April 1st.

Ha ha, it would be funny if the April Fools thing this year would be that.

03-23-2016, 09:12 AM
Everyone's gonna be on the lookout for a prank this year, so it wouldn't surprise me if nothing happened/Jeff just gives a bunch of the people on the forum random effects/Mods some people/something else that's obvious but still funny.

04-30-2016, 08:03 AM
ooo, so stick page is getting another renovation, nyc!

04-30-2016, 10:49 AM
Hey Jeff, how's progress on the site? Doesn't seem like any percentages have really changed.

Everything all good?

05-01-2016, 11:54 PM
ya, like GMR said, since I've known of the SP Road Map, I haven't ever noticed a percent change

05-03-2016, 10:10 AM
I've updated them once or twice as I've hit internal milestones, but I've definitely been a little bit too busy working on the new site and handling some personal stuff to write out new posts. Shortly after we finished production on SW:L I revisited the state of the new SP and made the decision to support up-coming web technologies that will greatly benefit user experience. I've rewritten the web server with full support for things like HTML streaming, HTTP/2, service workers, and the new Brotli compression format. I've also optimized the critical rendering path and asset delivery system to take advantage of these.

This was a tough call because it means another delay, but ultimately I think it's for the best because by the time SP comes out anyway these technologies will be more commonplace and we'll already be out of date. I'd rather just have the waiting period for the initial relaunch be a bit longer than to release something and immediately drop support on it to focus on implementing the new stuff. These improvements are important for our long-term goals for the site, especially for our foreign members who have a higher latency accessing our servers hosted in the US. Progress is steady but I'm just not going to be making any predictions about when we'll release from here on out. I know it's more gratifying to hear about specific dates and timelines, but due to the large nature of this overhaul and the fact that I am a one-man development team I think it's just safer to say that it'll be done when it's done.

Feel free to grill me if you want about the new site, if there's anything you guys are curious about. I'll answer as much as I am allowed at this point.

05-03-2016, 05:56 PM
Excellent, glad to hear it's going smoothly at least.

I have nothing to ask about right now, but I'll be sure to ask you about it if I have any questions.

10-31-2016, 08:18 PM
Sorry for pulling such a hard necro, but Jeff, the SP Roadmap hasn't had another post since the start of January

I can't remember clearly, but the percentages do look like they've gone up, so that's good.

11-01-2016, 10:34 AM
Yeah I haven't updated it much this year as there has been quite a few things that have gotten in the way. The new SP is still in active development though despite the lack of updates to the roadmap. After I finalized the design I wanted I realized I was going to need a more robust client framework, so most of 2016 has been devoted to nailing this so it can be used in all of my future web projects and not just StickPage. Once the framework is done (getting close), I intend to update the roadmap again to show it off and talk about it in more detail. From that point on the pieces of StickPage will start falling in to place and I will have many screenshots to share.

11-01-2016, 07:34 PM
Are you being given some kind of deadline are you being given the freedom to pace yourself?

11-01-2016, 08:20 PM
Oh hey, I forgot about this thing. Keep up the good work Jeff, I'm still excited to see the end result. :)

11-02-2016, 10:57 AM
Are you being given some kind of deadline are you being given the freedom to pace yourself?

At the moment I have the freedom to pace myself, but I have my own deadlines that I stick to as a good work ethic practice. I only change those deadlines if I can justify it, and in this case I have looked hard at the situation and believe the added up front time investment will be well worth the time saved in the future on both development and maintenance of my projects. It's the difference between putting building blocks together vs doing everything from scratch every project.

11-13-2016, 12:14 AM
Thank god, finally

Edit: wrong post somehow

03-05-2017, 09:03 AM
Any recent updates Jeff? I know you've been quite busy with this and other things but are there any details you can share? Maybe a rough idea of a release date? Thanks again!

03-05-2017, 10:20 AM
Yeah I wish I had time to update this thing. It is what it is. In the last year I have finalized our backend architecture as well as settled on the tech stack that will be enabling the new design. SP has gone through several concept design stages before I settled on the current and final look, so it's been quite a journey figuring out how all these pieces fit together to execute the vision I have.

With this version I am paying special attention to enabling a seamless browsing experience. I want to encourage you to browse the site or engage in other activities by enabling activities to persist across page loads thus reducing the risk of navigating away. Here's an example of this in the way I am handling video playback on the site:


Keep in mind what you're seeing here is still very much WIP. It's in black & white because I design for contrast first before adding color.

At this very moment I am working on the portal upload workflow. In the same vein as the above, you'll be able to initiate an upload from any page simply by dragging and dropping a file:


This will begin the upload to the correct section of the portal (currently only animations and games), and allow you to fill out details about the animation without breaking whatever it is you're currently doing on the site. When you're done filling out the details of the submission you can minimize the upload to return to what you're doing. The upload will continue in the background (as long as you don't close the window), and you'll see this nifty indicator that lets you know what's going on with the upload while you browse:


It has compact and expanded states, so that even getting slightly more information without breaking your concentration is possible. I post about my progress occasionally in the Discord so if anyone wants to keep up to date feel free to check it out and ask questions.

power fuse0
03-05-2017, 10:24 AM
Looks fantastic so far

03-05-2017, 10:26 AM
our lord and saviour

03-05-2017, 10:36 AM
Let's go jeff!!!

save us

Person McPerson
03-05-2017, 12:01 PM
Holy fucking shit! The design looks great.

03-05-2017, 02:32 PM
thanks guys :D

03-05-2017, 03:41 PM
does http://roadmap.stickpage.com/ is still updated?

03-05-2017, 05:21 PM
It looks so beautiful i could cry.

03-05-2017, 06:35 PM
Man, that will be a nice change. Good luck with the future progress Jeff!

03-06-2017, 05:01 AM
Man, those previews look sexy.

03-06-2017, 12:01 PM
Jeff the God has heard us again.
*bows again*

Looking very practical and cool bro, keep going!

03-06-2017, 11:32 PM
I think it's more practical if I retire the roadmap mini site and begin posting smaller updates more frequently in our official Discord server since I'm on there almost every day anyway. I have set up #roadmap (https://discord.gg/YK5vMwx), feel free to check it out and give feedback or ask questions.

03-07-2017, 11:07 AM
I ask for a resumable upload, one that does not cancel when the connectivity keeps on fluctuating. That's something even Dojo doesn't have.
Facebook and YouTube have it and it's really useful actually. When I reach 99% it won't become 0% after the next few seconds.

03-07-2017, 08:51 PM
Wow such amazing work Jeff!!!
Oh and i agree with Fordz if it's possible i want resumable upload too, sometime when uploading big file it will really help

03-07-2017, 11:10 PM
Already planned, actually! I am really trying to make the upload system a worthy contender for any other existing system. I am a regular YouTube author so I've formed a solid opinion on what I think works and doesn't work with their system, for instance. Our system is set to have a high degree of fault tolerance because I know a significant number of our amazing authors don't always have a solid internet connection. Resumable uploads is part of that; the file is split in to chunks so that if a chunk fails to upload the rest are still on the server and the site will attempt to upload the failed chunk when your internet becomes stable again. I will have a lot of previews of this in action as it's my current focus.

03-07-2017, 11:37 PM
Oh man that sounds really neato. Such resumable upload would save many lives personally. Best of luck, looking forward for the next update.

03-08-2017, 03:05 AM
I'm not sure if you've included this in the portal but it would be great if each user had the ability to store his works where no one can see it unless if it's linked.

It's like Sta.sh but in StickPage.

03-15-2017, 11:27 PM
I dont understant

03-17-2017, 05:24 AM
stickpage is dead, why bother

03-18-2017, 10:45 AM
stickpage is dead, why bother


03-20-2017, 09:49 AM
Good Luck Stickpage
I belive we can Win againts the Dojo