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12-13-2015, 07:26 AM
11 combo practice
Done in 2 hours
CnC Please >_<

12-20-2015, 03:54 PM
That was pretty smooth, good job on that. Usually with hits you want to emphasize more on the impact, so try experimenting with some double frames or more easing into the anticipation of the attack as well as adding some follow through. Take Captain Falcon from Smash bros for example. During the falcon punch, he slides back and the way the animators added heavy easing on this adds emphasis that the punch is going to hurt. There is also a lot of follow through to give it the impression of immense power. Your hits sort of lacked this as you would finish one and go right into the next. You also draw your arms a lot shorter than they need to be. If your arms were fully extended at your sides and you drew a straight line from elbow to elbow, they would intersect right about where your belly button is. The second half of the arm is pretty much equal in length and once the fingers are extended the full length comes down to about halfway down your thigh. I also really liked the fire kick, but the resizing is more evident here and during the final pose. Pay more attention to this throughout your animation. I personally resize a lot intentionally in order to add emphasis and exaggeration to certain movements, but you should only do this at points in time where it can be pulled off successfully. Having your figure half the size at the end compared to the beginning is a no-go.

I see you made this thread about a week ago, I hope you've animated some new stuff since then <:

12-22-2015, 09:10 AM
@Arch-Angel thanks a lot, i will try what you tell me here in my next animation. Actually over a week aagter this animation i trying something 3d then last 3 days i make some fanart thing for 4 clans.
I just want to start new animation again tomorrow and i will try some of your suggestion. Next anims -> Fast paced practice