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Canis Majoris
12-20-2015, 06:36 PM
Subject Number: 50
Full Name: Madeleine Ornell Rivers (Original Surname: Sharma)
Status: D̵̡͟͝E͘͘͠ĆE͘͟͠҉A̶̕͝Ś̷͟͝E̛͡D̴̀ UNKNOWN
Ability: Crystal Mimicry and Manipulation
Volatile personality. Capture on sight. Bounty on capture: 1.000.000$. Bounty on dead retrieval: 500.000$.

Name: Madeleine Rivers
Nicknames (often unwanted): Maddie, Gem, Sharma

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Nationality: American (Indian ascendancy)

Madeleine is a rather short girl, standing in at 5’4’’ (1.65 m). If viewed from the right side only, she would seem no more than a typical American girl with Indian ascendancy, darker skin, brown eye, and long, dark hair that runs down her back to her hips. She never wears shoes, preferring to use orange sandals instead.

However, her left side is the one that holds many differences to a regular human. That side is composed solely of a sturdy crystalline material several have called the “Blood Gem”, due to her abilities and the crystal’s red colour. One would not see Madeleine’s originally brown eyes, instead, they would stare at a pale red eye that seems to see through you. This crystal also seems to be fairly dense, giving the girl an impressive 661 pounds (300 kg) in full.

Her clothing is fairly simple, a gentle green shirt and dark blue shorts.

Maddie is reserved, not choosing to speak unless spoken to. She is not one for combat, avoiding it until she is forced to fight back. However, those who become her friend quickly see that she is a rather happy young woman, despite her condition.

She holds a strong dislike to injustice, and will often come out of her shell to fight those who try to harm, particularly wild animals.

Blood Gem Body
The left side of Madeleine’s body is a blood red crystal aptly nicknamed “Blood Gem”. It is an incredibly sturdy material, managing to withstand great pressure. Her right side has this applied scarcely, but it also has some abilities granted at a smaller rate.

As a result of the crystallized body, Maddie can take a great amount of punishment to both her left side and her right - with a good amount of pain suppression on both - though her left side is much more extreme with this.

While Maddie’s right side regenerates only a bit faster than an ordinary human, her left regenerates at a brisk pace. Faced with near destruction of her left side (only a few molecules of crystal remaining), Maddie can regenerate in full in about a day. The regeneration rate is exponentially faster the smaller the injury: a broken arm or leg regenerates in about 5 minutes, and a broken hand or foot will regenerate in half a minute.

Crystal Generation
Madeleine can fire off small “Blood Gem” crystals from her left side of the body as projectiles if need be. Being dense, these crystals are comparable to bullets fired from a gun. Her right side does not have these abilities, and she mostly uses this as a way to keep assailants away. Additionally, she has only been able to fire crystals from her hand, so if broken, this ability will not be available to her.

No Killer Instinct
Arguably her main weakness in the field of battle, Maddie refuses to kill unless faced with a true life or death situation. Driving this point further, she will not attack unless she is attacked first.

Being a half-crystallized human weighing about 661 pounds, Maddie is, of course, slow, not being able to run nearly as fast as an ordinary human. Thus, Maddie could be considered a “Mighty Glacier” type, packing a powerful punch and being sturdy, but very slow.

Sound Frequency
The easiest way of practically immobilizing Maddie is to use sound manipulation. The right sound frequency will get her left side to begin to crack, then break off without being able to regenerate at the time. Her right side is unaffected, but without her crystal body, she is not more than half an ordinary girl.

Son of two Indians, at least one of which holds the surname “Sharma”, to her knowledge, Madeleine lived little to no childhood, being captured at the tender age of 2 to work at the crystal mines in [REDACTED] when she became 6. There, she met several others about her age, and some older, having already worked at the unsanitary place for a few years.
Maddie gained her abilities after 10 years working in the mines, when a sample of the “Blood Gem” grazed her arm and infected her. Soon, crystals began to form, and it wasn’t long before she was pulled from the mines to a lab in [REDACTED], U.S.A. for testing, where she was acquainted with a boy that had gained abilities, though different ones, from those very mines.

The crystal child grew restless after 3 years. She managed to break out and escape of the facility, even with several security members in pursuit. She couldn’t live her life being tested upon. Knowing that someone with those abilities could be extremely dangerous, the organization that captured her put a bounty on her for her retrieval.

Faced with many pursuing her, Madeleine now lives a life on the run, though she did sign up for wRHG, hoping that someone, anyone, would help her live a calmer, more peaceful life.

Brittle. Flawed. Rough.

Words used to describe the floor that the young Madeleine was on, just waking up from ephemeral slumber. A cave, not larger than a room, lit up from a small candle nearby.

The girl looked at herself, clothes dirtied, no doubt from sleeping on the cold, rocky floor, but otherwise unharmed. It had been a while since she last ate, a day, to be exact. Not that she had any time to: from running away to fighting off assailants, she lived a rather harsh life.

Maddie reached for her bag. Even through all of the damage that it took, the food was mostly intact. Pulling a Granny Smith from the worn leather, she took a hearty bite out of the rather small meal. A second, then a third. Few were the taken bites before she had finished the apple, tossing it out of the cave for it to possibly bear another tree.

With her hunger out of the way, Maddie could now focus on the path to take. She pulled out a worn map, though it served its purpose. From where she was, it was about 3 miles to the subway. If she steadied her speed and nothing hindered her she would take about an hour or so.

She walked outside, bag at her shoulder. It was a rather pleasant day, not a cloud in the sky, trees all around. The park was mostly empty at the time, and if she left right then, Maddie could make it out without anyone noticing.

These thoughts were quickly replaced by fear as a click of a gun, as well as a somber voice, called to her. “Turn around slowly. Try anything funny and you’re dead.” The crystal child had no choice but to comply. Her brown eye and pale eye stared at the man. A guard at the lab she was tested in, she thought. “Look, let’s make this easier for you. I take you back to the lab, I’ll get the money and quit my job, and you won’t get killed.”

“And get myself shocked, burnt and cut to pieces?!” Maddie snarled back. She’s always hated that organization. The hate only grew ever since they nearly killed one of her friends with their ‘research’.

The guard almost laughed out loud. He started twirling his gun like he had already won, and this gave the crystal girl a chance. Almost on instinct, she pointed her left hand at the man, shooting a bullet of crystal square on his shoulder. He cried out in pain, dropping his gun to clutch at the fresh wound. Maddie wasted no time to run at the man in her slow pace, slamming her red foot against the tall, armored figure, pinning him to the ground as he once again yelled loudly, a second form of pain forming. The girl, of course, took the gun to herself so he would have no weapon to use.

“Don’t follow me. I don’t want to hurt you more than you already are.” Maddie made it clear she didn’t want to kill anyone, but if she had to, she would. Her bag was filled with the weapon she retrieved, and the man simply cried out in rage. “You bitch! They’ll know it was you! My shoulder’s filled with your fu-” He was cut off by another cry of pain as she now pressed her foot against his shoulder, an audible crack heard by the two.

“Just leave me alone. I want to be free.” Maddie’s last words to him were a simple request, before she turned around, running away from the injured man.

She hoped this would not happen again.

Six (The Organization) (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?97811-80-6)

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12-20-2015, 06:50 PM
I request a challenge, 1 month deadline. Deal?

The Organization
12-20-2015, 06:53 PM
Man this wRHG is cool, can she manipulate the gems she fires?

I request a challenge, 1 month deadline. Deal?
WOW What ninjaery
Considering I just got out of a wRHG battle, and I have BOG to do I can't but put me on that hitlist Canis

Canis Majoris
12-21-2015, 12:16 PM
"Oh man. I think I'm good... what do you mean I have to?! It's... ugh. F-fine. Give them these addresses..."

Madeleine reluctantly accepts your challenge! Do PM for any details you want to arrange!

01-05-2016, 02:37 AM
So what's her motivation? Her goal?

Canis Majoris
01-09-2016, 07:31 AM
Sorry about replying so late, work's hit me a bunch lately.
She's trying to get back home (which she's aware is in India, but doesn't know exactly where), using wRHG as a method to pay for the big travel there. She lives life on the run, and only remembers her motivation when thinking about her parents. Like said in the OP, she only fights out of reaction, almost never iniciating.

01-18-2016, 12:34 AM
But what about fighting to protect? Or being instigated? Enraged?

01-18-2016, 03:00 AM
India has Internet hubs right?

Just have Madeleine go in one and google her home address. Problem solved

01-18-2016, 09:41 PM
India has Internet hubs right?

Just have Madeleine go in one and google her home address. Problem solved

She's been away from home for nine years (and that' just the time in the mines) and I doubt she as a two year old memorized her address.
Honestly, I'm more curious as to why she would care after all of that. Like, she was two.

Canis Majoris
04-22-2016, 07:32 AM

I shouldn't have started up a character/returned when I was at my (almost) busiest.

That said, I did ask Xate a while ago if he was still looking to do the battle, and he never ended answering, so I guess Maddie is open again. I want to work with this character, and I want to practice my writing skills. So I'm willing to try this again, now that I'm not as busy anymore.