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Hello! Me and Arch decided to have a battle so here we are.

I'll be linking our gladiators into this thread below if you need reference.

Bl.An.C. (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?58743-Cooper-Price-Bl-An-C-Blast-Android-Class) and Zayne (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?97993-Zayne)

ErrorBlender's Entry

It was a clear winter's day, the chill of the morning air brushed past the inhabitants of the city in a slow moving breeze. Inadequately clothed citizens shivered in their attires, rubbing the palms of their hands against their exposed arms to keep warm as they rushed indoors where it was much warmer. While others ran to the warmer confines of stores, the rest enjoyed the silence of the outside. Snow was yet to fall on the roads and sidewalks, not a single flake had even dropped on the freshly cut grass of the city's central garden but everyone was expecting it soon.

Sitting on one of the garden's benches was Bl.An.C., an armored scientist that didn't blend in nicely with the surroundings. His jet black armor and pulsing green lines across his arms, legs and body made him very conspicuous but it was to be expected. In this city, people recognized him as a gladiator, a deadly combatant under the system called Rock Hard Gladiators or better known as RHG. There would have been other gladiators like himself wandering the streets, moving around like normal people would. They were really nothing special outside of combat save for some that are actually from other worlds or dimensions.

Bl.An.C. sat at the very edge of the wooden seat and leaned forward, both his arms rested on his lap. The pseudo-android's face looked around, his singular jade eye glowing bright, as if waiting for someone impatiently.

"Musing: Where is that girl?" He wondered aloud in his monotonous voice and decided to lean his back on the bench, his shoulders lowered slightly as if to relax. The jade optic looked up into the city's skyline, bordered by the gray rooftops of buildings and billboards. One of the billboards was actually a massive television screen, its face featured a recent battle between two gladiators: some sort of ice manipulator was paired against a spell crafter.

Moments later, a child not older than thirteen appeared from the crowd, over her shoulders were a worn out military coat, jeans and a shirt underneath. Her dark brown hair tied in a neat ponytail, bouncing a bit as she moved. The girl held under her arm a cardboard cut-out of what looked to be a spaceman's helmet, painted a bright pink to her satisfaction. She approached Bl.An.C. and tapped his helmet.
Bl.An.C. simply straightened and looked at his little companion.

"Excuse me, Mister Price, I've done my duty," she said sweetly. "I thank you for keeping me company back in the hospital; really, it did help me grasp when I am."

"Answer: No problem, Amber," he replied. "But I have to ask where you would stay. The system here has an orphanage if you'd like to stay for a bit."

Amber's face scrunched up thoughtfully but she shook her head. "I recall my parents saying that opportunity knocks only once and once you let it pass its gone! Your life seems very full of life and opportunity, mister Cooper, and I'd like to live with you for the meantime."

Bl.An.C. sat there quiet for a moment before he finally nodded. Amber seemed determined to stay, her conviction proved nothing otherwise and her stance -- both fists planted to her sides, made the scientist just agree. The girl was curious about the future too early for her to see and instead of shocking her, she was intrigued.

"Until I procure a way to get myself back, at the least."

"Agreement: Fine," he finally said. "Addendum: But you'd have to follow the rules I'll set later on. You will meet someone later too when we arrive later this evening."

"Arrive where? Couldn't we move now?"

"Reply: It doesn't really matter," Bl.An.C. replied as he stood up from his seat. "Our means of travel takes seconds. I've just got things to do at the moment."

"Then I will accompany you wherever," Amber said with finality and jammed her head into her pink cut-out helmet.
Honestly, Bl.An.C. was relieved to have Amber around. She softened the usual hard days he's had over the years he's been outside. He may have had Alice all the time but speaking to an actual person not through a com system is refreshing. He had a little tussle with the girl a few days back, tested here paper manipulation powers on him since it was her first time ever using them; she claims to have only gotten them when she was forwarded through time and landed here. He wasn't entirely sure how the circumstances came to a fight but he was glad either way to have met her.
A little later, the pseudo-android and his companion walk out the double doors of the RHG Combat Hub. Bl.An.C. held in his hand his next opponent but decidedly gave it Amber and told her to keep it for him for the time being as they walked along the sidewalk.

"So do you always fight, mister Cooper?" Amber asked as she pulled her coat around herself tighter as a gust of cool wind passed them by.

"Answer: Frequently, yes, but I have other things that keep me preoccupied in the times in between battles," he told her as they turned on an intersection. "I've managed to do a lot in that spare time."

"Like what?"

Bl.An.C. became silent, his thoughts lingered on his plans against John, on his mistakes, on his contingencies and his past. He was glad that his face was hidden by the mask else Amber might have thought she said something wrong.

"Mister Cooper?"

But Bl.An.C. was still lost in thought. Pondering too hard on what he was set out to do, he failed to notice something moving right towards him.
"Mister Cooper!" Amber cried.

Suddenly, Bl.An.C. collides with another person, easily toppling the man nearly off his feet.

"Hey," the man called out. "Watch where you're going!"

Bl.An.C. raised his hands and lowered his head in apology. "Apology: Sorry, didn't mean to bump into you."

"You apologize too, stranger!" Amber demanded. "I saw you. You weren't looking too!"

"I'm no stranger, young girl," he said lowering himself to a bow to meet Amber's eyes. "My name's Zayne so call me by that. And why should I apologize, he clearly could have moved. I saw him waltzing in. Pretty sure with that big ol' eye on his head he'd have noticed me a while ago." His hands formed a circle that he placed in front of his face, imitating the jade eye Bl.An.C. had.

Amber crossed her arms and squinted. The girl had a good long look at her current opponent of the day and gazed at him from top to bottom. His shoulder length hair made her curl into a smile. It was a shade of purple that reminded her of clay she used to play around with. A white collared shirt, jeans and brown boots seemed to peg him normal.

"What are you smiling about, kid?"

"Your hair is odd. Were you born with that?"

"Hey, leave the hair out of this, it has nothing to do with your bulky friend here."

As the two debated on who should apologize first, the pseudo android noticed that Zayne had a companion. Just a few steps behind, a blonde woman wore what looked to be a sundress underneath a bright blue and white snow cloak. She shivered in the slightest but didn't care to tell her companion. Her eyes wandered off into the background, to the stores and the skies, her eyes curious to the world around her.

She was actually smiling, seemed to find some laughs from her companion and Amber having a quarrel.

"Well, I wager that you wouldn't last five minutes against my acquaintance," Amber said, brimming with excitement. She then leaned closer to Bl.An.C. and tugged at his arm.

"Query: Why would you-- ?"

"I've never wagered anything before in my whole life," the kid said, practically shaking. "Its exciting. What do you wager?"

Amber then pointed her finger directly at Zayne who looked taken aback by the challenge. He crossed his arms thoughtfully and brought his hand up to his chin, rubbing it slowly. He looked over to his companion, who then looked to him.

"I'd wager a good meal!" He said, chin up and a smirk on his face.

"Statement: I could just-"

"Agreed!" Amber burst and thrusted her arm forward to Zayne which the man promptly took and shook to seal the deal.

Bl.An.C. sighed inside the suit.

"By the way," Zayne then stepped back. "This is Annabeth, call her Anna for short. She's my friend, so while me and your guy fights... what was your name again?"

"Reply: Bl.An.C.," the armored scientist replied.

"..while me and Bl.An.C. fights, you can accompany her in the stands. Fair?"

Amber nodded and approached Annabeth, who then looked at the teenager. "Name's Amber Sands, pleasure to meet you."

"Annabeth," the adult replied with a nod and a warm smile. "The pleasure is mine, young one."

Amber looked to her side and noticed something peculiar about Zayne. It wasn't just his hair that was purple. It was his tail.

"You have a tail!" Amber exclaimed as she was, for the first time in the day, to become speechless.

The blonde haired woman took Amber's hand and prompted her to move, they both took the lead towards the end of the sidewalk. Amber couldn't take her eyes off Zayne the entire time.

"Now that the introductions are done," Zayne took Amber's surprise in stride, advanced forward and placed an arm over Bl.An.C.'s shoulders. "We can begin our duel. Where shall this be held, oh Knight of black and green."

Unable to find a way out of the predicament Amber got him into, he conceded to raking his head for ideas. One place was always open though. He had a few fights there already, Amber and Lucas included.

"Suggestion: The city's public arenas," he said. Zayne having a tail was no surprise. Immortals, demons, cyborgs and mages are all in a day's work as a gladiator.

"You know, I just realized you keep saying a word before you actually say your words," Zayne noticed. "Is is compulsive? Like, do you really have to say that word before you say anything else?"

Bl.An.C. could tell it would be a long day.


Bl.An.C. lead the uncanny group towards the entrance of the arena. Since it was nearing the holidays, the gladiator battles began to slow down and rarer still were battles held in the actual city's arena. People preferred to watch battles play in different locations nowadays, Bl.An.C. thought. It was lucky that it was so.

The android simply approached the door, punched in a few numbers and spoke in a request. The computer obliged and opened its doors. A big "ACCESS GRANTED" printed on its screen with a picture of Bl.An.C. on its side. The four entered the arena with Amber enthusiastically leading Annabeth to the elevator.

"Statement: Like I told you, elevator, top button, stay inside the viewers box when you get there."

Amber waved her hand above her head as she walked away. Annabeth looked over her shoulder and nodded to Zayne.

"Such a plain place to do combat, knight of black and green," Zayne said glumly and his tail slumped to the floor. He wandered around, staring at the domed ceiling and the darkness around them. The entire place was empty except for an elevator shaft at the far end that lead to a catwalk that then lead to a central hub that hung at the ceiling, overlooking the entire dome. "No terrain, no nothing!" He said as he threw his arms to exaggerate his point. "The excitement is gone!"

"Query: Shall we begin the duel?"

"Yeah, sure," Zayne replied as he went several feet away from Bl.An.C. and lowered his stance. "I have the advantage though, friend."

"Statement: Don't speak of the end so early, Zayne," the armored scientist retorted. "The system was simply warming up."

Zayne looked confused at first, then he looked at the surroundings. The bleak gray floor was changing, blades of grass shot out from its surface and massive boulders jutted out instantly. Trees began as coils from the ground, finalizing into fantastic blooms of leaves and fruit. Color vibrantly brought the ceiling life, hues of blue and streaks of yellow sunlight painted the dome's high areas. Even clouds began to form inside. Zayne couldn't help but break into a smile and stand at wonder.

"Now this!" He exclaimed, he threw his arms into the air. "This is a battle, I approve of your tastes, Knight of Black and Green. I like you better now. Not enough to forgive about the bump but enough."

Bl.An.C. stood straight, as he examined the stance of his opponent. He wasn't entirely sure what it was but this was different than conventional fighters. Something was odd about him other than the fact that he would be fighting bare handed, like he didn't know where he was. Like he felt relieved when he saw the open field simulated by the arena.

"All right gents, the wager is a meal so don't let up," Amber's voice rebounded around the arena's dome form as if she was omnipresent. Bl.An.C. was surprised that Amber knew how to operate the hub's instruments fast but gathered that kids were faster learners anyway.
"Take care, Zayne," Annabeth said over the speakers.

Zayne nodded complacently and cracked his knuckles. "Ready when you are, One-eye."

Bl.An.C. extended both arms and quick flashes of light burst from them. As the light faded, it left two bracers around the pseudo-android's forearms.
"Jewelry can't save you, no matter have flashy they are," Zayne yelled as he charged forward. He grabbed something out of his coat but from the distance, Bl.An.C. couldn't see it. Instead, the pseudo-android surged forward as well and met the purple tailed opponent head on.

Seconds before they collided, Bl.An.C.'s blade lit up, its cyan light surprised Zayne as it zipped towards him in a maddening thrust. Zayne instinctively ducked and dashed behind his opponent.

"Got you!" Zayne said as he extended what he held on both hands: a long strand of string, wrapped around the beam blade. His mouth uttered a few words of power and the string felt alive in his hands. It grew hungry. "Your magic is dead..."

Zayne's voice trailed off as his eyes settled on the beam blade's still active self. Bl.An.C. turned to face him and swept the other beam blade at head height. Zayne quickly leapt backwards, dumbfounded.

"What kind of sorcery is that?" Zayne asked. "That's cheating you know!"

"Query: So you nullify magic?" Bl.An.C. asked, his jade eye burning bright.

"Well yeah, sort of my thing," Zayne shrugged as if it was the most normal thing around. His tail whipped behind him. "I could do better but it's all I have to keep things fair."

"Query: You're holding back?"

"No," Zayne lowered his stance. "I just don't have everything I need but that's none of your business 'sides, you have problems of your own."
Bl.An.C. found himself at that moment, quite literally as his shadow decided to simply stand from the grassy ground. As its first act of sentience, it threw a barrage of blows. Surprised, Bl.An.C. could only raise his blades to defend. Fists of darkness met against his blades made of light, and he found the Bl.An.C. found that despite direct hits onto the face of the blade, the shadow incurred no wound. His dark counterpart advanced, gained ground ruthlessly as the true pseudo-android lost them.

Zayne eyed his opponent; a mixture of curiosity and confusion settled at the surface of his thoughts as he wondered why his cursed string had no effect. His opponent was powerful, he supposed, a magic more potent than his demonic possession could counter. Perhaps angelic? Light did bring forth his blades and they do emit a glow of energy. But he has never seen an angelic host wear black. Maybe he was similar to Annabeth, taking charge of a demon possessed human. Then that means Amber is like him!

Such a burden for a young child. Such is a demon's way to pervert even a child's life.

"Are you an angel?" Zayne blurted out.

Bl.An.C. didn't reply as he fought his shadow. The twin energy blades swept at their opponent's dark form but it didn't do much. The armored scientist crossed his blades in front of him and blocked a punch from his clone. Taking the opportunity, Bl.An.C. pushed his blades forward and separated them. It lead the shadow's arm to one side and chest open for attack. Without hesitation, the pseudo-android advanced and plunged both blades deep into his clone's chest.

"Because if you are, you need to tell me. I'd rather not get in the way of you guarding your charge," Zayne continued, his face concerned. His tail seemed to share his worry.

The shadow seemed stunned at the occurrence but grabbed Bl.An.C. by the shoulders and threw him to one side like an old rag.

"Query: My charge? You mean Amber?" Bl.An.C. asked as he was bull rushed by his clone.

"Ah, so you are one!" Zayne snapped his fingers and pointed at Bl.An.C. like he found the holy grail. "Oh, I shouldn't have made a wager with you. It's just unfair to fight you. I've never even beaten Annabeth."

Then something sparked in Zayne's eyes, his tail whipped around in excitement. "Hey, omnipresent voice, may I have a sword?"

"Uhh," Amber's child voice echoed through the arena, unsure how to proceed. "Pardon my lack of knowledge of the devices but it will take me awhile. Maybe I can..." The sound of rustling papers and Annabeth's distant voice is heard from the speakers until finally: "Zayne, Amber is about to drop you something."

Zayne looked above himself and found something plummeting towards the ground. He squinted against the artificial sunlight and realized that it would be dangerous to actually stay put. He stepped to one side and smiled.

It was a paper-white weapon and the tailed warrior grabbed its hilt. "Decent grip, not too lightweight either," he said, praising the craftsmanship. "Yes, now it's fair."

Zayne pointed the blade towards Bl.An.C. and the shadow clone simply vanished on a whim. The pseudo-android tumbled forward towards ground with a thud, and pushed himself up. The lone jade eye stared at the armed Zayne.

"Statement: So this is your preferred weapon," Bl.An.C. uttered, both blades still blazing cyan.

Zayne smirked. Maybe this time he could defeat an angelic host. He'd been practicing with Annabeth the entire time he's been away. Surely his skill has improved enough to stave off another angel long enough for him to defeat one. A weird gothic angel, but an angel nonetheless.
"Prepare yourself, One-Eye," he told his opponent. "I've yet to be defeated in steel by countless others and those that did can be counted only on one hand."

Bl.An.C.'s back suddenly burst into white light and out from it, two gray wings expanded to each side. "Retort: Add me to that hand."

With a burst of bright orange and yellow flames, the pseudo-android rocketed towards Zayne. The tailed warrior steeled himself for impact and distanced both feet. His eyes followed the speeding Bl.An.C. with precision and immediately changed his stance. The hand that held the blade moved to the back and the other was outstretched in front of him, palm open. He lowered himself, nearing to a crouch.

Bl.An.C. somersaulted mid-air as he approached and brought his leg down in a devastating kick. Zayne stared up and immediately brought his blade to bear. The tailed warrior blocked the attack with the flat of his sword, supported by his free hand. Zayne grit his teeth.

"My great grandmother could kick better," he snickered. He allowed the force to flow down to the ground, he felt every vibration run though him as he lowered himself more to follow. Like a coiled spring, Zayne pushed upward and forced Bl.An.C. away. Without skipping a beat, Zayne stepped forward and spun around, and whipped the blade in an arc of deadly white.

Bl.An.C. blocked the attack with the beam blade, the sword began to fizzle from contact but Zayne didn't seem to notice. The jade eyed android found himself outmatched as each strike Zayne made created another opportunity whether the attack was blocked or not.

"I wanted a match," Zayne spoke as another attack was thrust forward. "Not a one-sided 'bout, one-eye." He sounded disappointed. Were other angelic hosts weaker? Perhaps.

Bl.An.C.'s wingpack came alive with a surge of flames and distanced himself from his foe. A bright light exchanged his right arm's weapon with another, a cylindrical cannon. He raised his arm as Zayne came in close, the uncanny agility of the tailed warrior noted.

"A tin can on a tin can?" Zayne quipped as he swept the blade for another attack. Seconds later, he felt his stomach, pressed with a force that blasted the wind out of his lungs. Zayne was thrown back and managed to plant his feet on the ground to keep himself from falling on his back. "What was--?"

Before Zayne could utter another word, he felt his shoulders struck by an invisible force of power. It felt as if a horse's entire body was thrown at him at one spot. This is his power, eh? Manipulating the space around against me! He's been--

--holding back. Bl.An.C. thought.

Zayne licked his lips. "This is where it gets interesting ain't it?"

The wind breezed through them. Zayne charged first, his blade at his side. From beside the armored scientist, came out his dark clone and in its first moment of existence, threw a punch. Bl.An.C. looked to each opponent and stepped back, he grabbed the shadow's arm and pulled him between himself and Zayne's blade. Bl.An.C. heard the paper blade cut through the minion and kicked it forward, successively barraging the body with his blast cannon. The minion stumbled forward as each blast struck it from behind and blocked all hope of advancement for Zayne.

The tailed warrior's face grew frustrated as each stumble caused him to second think his next move. Zayne then simply hooked the clone's head with the handle of the sword and pulled him away to one side.

"Clever," Zayne praised as he advanced, he knew he wouldn't be able to keep up with his opponent. The advantage was clear as the sun above them, if he can't even get close, the battle was decided even before the match began. A skilled swordsman won't match against a equally skilled archer. Especially an archer with the capability to fly and its arrows push back. His moves seemed to be countered easily and his string won't even work against this angel's magic. I'd rather not use them anyway... so my blade is my only ally.

"Query: Tired, Zayne?"

"I'm starting to wonder why you have just one big eye is all," Zayne laughed as he tried to buy himself some time as he thought of a way. "Like, seriously, the god above gave us two and you picked for just one. Squandering the gift is all I'm saying."

"Statement: The choice was my own," Bl.An.C. replied.

"You'd easily be blinded if that one eye is ripped from your skull," he commented, walking around Bl.An.C. which in turn watched him. "You don't even have a pupil."

"Query: Have you figured out your predicament?" the armored scientist asked. "Observation: Despite your great skill in swordsmanship that I've witnessed first-hand, you can't get close to me anymore. I suspect you are thinking of a plan, making me talk to elongate that time."

"Now see, that's another thing, why do you speak like that. I know I've asked before but if you're bluffing, what? Do you say you bluffed?" Shit, angels are a bitch to fight but I've thought of my plan now. Here it comes.

From behind Bl.An.C., two arms grabbed the wings and ripped them away from the pack. Electrical circuits sparked and wires dangled from the sides. The pseudo-android turned back and sunk his beam blade deep into the clone before blasting its head with the blast cannon. Zayne took the opportunity and got closer, his paper blade swung at head height.

His opponent couldn't react faster and only managed to lean backwards which earned him a large gash right under the jade eye. Zayne however, wasn't content with that. He continued to get in the pseudo-android's space, lowering his stance and thrusting the pommel of his sword deep into the armor's chest and connected with another wide arc across the abdomen.

He brought his blade high and swung it down with both hands, Bl.An.C. reacted instinctively and raised his blast cannon to block. The sword sliced neatly through and within seconds, it imploded. The blast separated the two with a cloud of smoke in between them.

"This is for the meal!" Zayne exclaimed as he pulled back the blade, rushed through the cloud and stabbed at the android's shoulder. Bl.An.C. quickly grabbed the sword blade before contact, his hand visibly sparking from the steel meeting steel-esque paper. The tailed warrior twisted in place, dislodging the blade from his opponent's grip. Using that momentum, Zayne jumped and swept his leg to the side of the android's body. Whilst his own back was turned, his tail grabbed Bl.An.C.s wrist and pulled it as he twisted again.

Now, Zayne faced the pseudo-android's back, slashing it diagonally as he did. He rushed forward as he crouched and delivered a slash onto Bl.An.C.'s legs. He passed to the pseudo-android's front just as the pseudo-android knelt down. He faced the android and slammed the pommel right at its central eye.

"You won't be ogling cyclopses anymore I'm afraid," Zayne muttered as he stepped back and breathed. "You owe me and Annabeth a meal, yeah?"
Bl.An.C. simply stayed there, silent. His helmet whizzed back to reveal a human face. He was smiling.

"Could you put back the helm," Zayne snickered as he motioned his hand. "It was less uglier than your actual face."

So there was actual flesh there... so why didn't his katars eat him from the inside out?

"It isn't done yet," Bl.An.C. said. "I've gotten hungry."

A tiny flash of light consumed the armored scientist's shoulder. What lay on it now was a small tiny red blinking light.

"I don't think blinky lights can hel-"

Several portals ripped open from above the pseudo-android and spherical drones emerged from them.

"-- c-can be fair." Zayne stepped back. "Minions aren't fair in a duel, One-eye!"

The drones floated right above the pseudo-android, right out of reach of Zayne's blade. The spherical robots opened fire, their laser turrets rained hell onto Zayne. The swordsman brought his blade around, twirled it as it met each and every laser bolt, each burnt the paper blade but through the sheer number of bolts, a lot still pierced through his defenses. Linear burns littered his body as much as black burns marked the face of his sword.
Bl.An.C. stood from his position and watched his opponent.

"My tactics differ from usual duels. I excel in attrition," Bl.An.C. said as his blade changed form as light took them. Now it was a large metal gauntlet that cackled with yellow sparks. Zayne watched the other hand. It didn't change.

Zayne his teeth upon hearing his opponent's modus operandi. "And I excel in beating people with my sword," he retorted. The swordsman ran back and the drones gave chase. His legs screamed pain, he knew he had burns there but it didn't matter. His hunger mattered right now and in this world, he wasn't really sure what was safe to eat. Sure some looked delicious but he can never be sure. He leapt over a tree stump as he sprinted and suddenly found Bl.An.C. had given chase as well.

"You sir, are overpowered," Zayne commented as he double backed and braved the onslaught of red energy. He was about to clash once more with the one-eyed gladiator. "Good thing I am too."

The swordsman dodged the red bolts and swept his blade to each side. He danced in between most of the drones, who had lowered their altitude to give chase. Nearly each strike Zayne had given had struck a drone or sliced it in half. "Your down!"

Another sweep.

"You too!"

A thrust.


He leapt forward and swept his blade through the last drone who had tried to rise.

"You're next!" He exclaimed as he landed gently onto the ground.

Bl.An.C. watched his opponent's moves and ducked when he suspected a thrust to his head. Which then was replaced with a deft kick to his head instead.

"Don't expect to learn a master swordsman's moves just yet!" Zayne commented. "I've got moves I invented myself even!"

Zayne attacked again only for the pseudo-android to weave out of his attack. Bl.An.C. quickly threw a punch with the swordsman parried and redirected the blow only for him to feel a massive jolt of electricity run through his entire body.

Stunned, he staggered back and the found his opponent closing the gap with another attack. "You've lost." was the words he heard before the gauntlet made direct contact with his gut. The amount of electricity arced all over his body for several seconds. Forced to his knees after the lightning-esque blow, Zayne could only smile. He could barely move. The adrenaline began to wear off and the pain began their assault on his senses. The electrical blow seemed to speed that process too.

He breathed through his mouth, his paper blade stabbed the ground and used as a support to keep him steady. "That was a good fight," he said. "I knew angels were great and holy but you are very different. You're combat tactics differ from those like Annabeth."

"Angel?" Bl.An.C. "I'm human."

"What?" Zayne's face was visibly of shock: eyes widened and mouth agape. "Seriously?"

"Yes," the pseudo-android said. "What made you say so?"

"Well, I assumed my counter magic would have countered yours and when it didn't I thought maybe only angelic magic could surpass my demonic. Also, you seem to have a charge like Annabeth does."

"Amber is a friend not charge," Bl.An.C. corrected. "I don't guard her, she can guard herself pretty well."

"Same can be said for me and I'm a lot older than her," Zayne said as he stood weakly.

"She's older by a hundred years or so," Bl.An.C. replied smiling and the swordsman moved back as if he was hit by the sentence.

"Looks are deceiving in this world," Zayne rubbed the temples of his head then he sighed. "I guess I owe you a meal."

"No, no," Bl.An.C. shook his head as offered his hand to help. "I would have offered to give you guys a meal anyway when you had said that it would be the prize."

Zayne took the hand and was helped up to stand. He smiled warmly and hugged the man in the suit.

"Thank you, one-eye," he said as he patted his opponent's back. "I owe you one."


"Mister Cooper, this is delicious!" Amber exclaimed bringing up her fork with a piece of steak on it. Annabeth sat opposite of her on the table and she was happily munching on some pasta.

"I can agree to that, Amber," Zayne raised his fork to meet the young girl's making an X shape in the air.

Bl.An.C. sat there eating french bread and some chicken. The atmosphere in the restaurant was filled with a calming jazz music. Marble pillars decorated the interior alongside a red carpet. It wasn't the most expensive restaurant there, in fact it was one of the cheapest. It only looked to be expensive due to the wares and live musicians but in reality, it was like any other fast food chain.

Other people crowded the place but the place kept the noise low. Save for Zayne and Amber. They were noisy by default.

"Miss Annabeth, if you don't mind me asking, why do you follow purple hair all around? Is he your secret lover or something? I can keep a secret so don't bother telling me to do so," Amber looked cheery and Annabeth simply smiled.

"No," the woman said simply. "Though I follow him because he's interesting and fun. And he needs someone to watch his temper." She added the last bit in a whisper but it wasn't much of that since Zayne and Bl.An.C. could still hear it.

"Isn't that the same anyway?" Amber pointed out.

Zayne kept eating, intent on devouring his steak without stopping.

"He turns into a cat whenever he gets too angry," Annabeth confided.

"Oh!" Amber suddenly stood from her seat. "May I touch your tail?"

Zayne stopped chewing then eyed the young girl. "It is a sacred honor and that honor will never be bestowed upon one such as yourself, girl."

Amber stepped back in mock indignation. "How dare you, sir."

Here we go again. Bl.An.C. thought to himself.

12-25-2015, 12:29 PM
This story is a battle between Cooper Price and well, Zayne! I don't think it is a typical battle as this story continues off of my character's demo, Enter Zayne. This is his second chapter and would make more sense after reading the first, but that isn't necessary to really be able to understand what is going on here. This was a lot of fun and you all can expect chapter three relatively soon because I am super eager to continue his story.

The man with a tail, Zayne, awoke with a start and felt something pull against him as he moved around chaotically. After a few seconds he had calmed down, realizing that it was someone holding him rather than something.

Anna hushed Zayne from behind his ear, “It’s okay, dear. You’re safe now.” Brushing her fingers through Zayne’s long dark hair, Anna could feel how Zayne’s breathing began to calm down. A smile creased her lips, “You always did like being the little spoon!”

Zayne awkwardly rolled himself over to face Anna, whose silver eyes warmed Zayne’s body more than the fire at his back. “You.. have pretty eyes.”

Anna smiled innocently and nodded, “And so do you, Zayne!”

Blushing at Anna’s response, Zayne added, “Yeah, that’s my name, right? I’m having a hard time remembering things.”

Anna’s smile faded as her eyes stared down at the ground for a moment before shooting back up in excitement, “Well, I’m Annabeth! It’s a pleasure to meet you, Zayne!”

Chuckling softly, Zayne replied, “Yeah, but we’ve known each other for a while, haven’t we?”

“Yes! We have been friends for quite some time now.”

“Then you know what happened to me and where I’m at and who that little girl was and who the lady was in my dream and, and, and,” Zayne inhaled deeply before releasing the wind suddenly as he awaited a response.

“Yes, yes, and yes!” Anna replied excitedly.

Zayne’s face lit up like a redneck’s backyard on the fourth of July, “so are you going to tell me!?”

“No!” Anna exclaimed. Zayne looked at her in absolute horror and so Anna added, “See, I’m not like you, Zayne. You’re a normal person-“Anna blushed as Zayne’s tail tickled her leg. “Okay, you’re a better than normal person. There are rules that I have to follow, and unfortunately I’d be breaking a big one if I tried to help you remember whatever it is that you’ve forgotten.” Zayne frowned. “See, I can tell you about me until you’re tired of hearing me talk, but if I do anything that might change your fate then I’ll have to leave you forever.” Anna let out a long exhale, “I don’t want to have to leave you, Zayne.”

Looking down in disappointment, Zayne sighed. “It feels right to trust you, so I’ll try my best to respect that. As much as I would like to know about my past and who I am as soon as possible, I don’t want to risk waking up alone again.”

Anna smiled giddily once more at Zayne, “Deal! I’ll be right here with you every step of the way. Who knows what we’ll find on our journey!”

“Observation: Four more infrared signatures detected. Composition differs from all files in database. “

A voice of a woman played inside of Bl.An.C.’s helmet, “These scans are consistent with the ones we found on the other side of the mountain. This area is a bit further down the ridge, and research notes the region being full of-“

“Affirmation: Wolves.” Bl.An.C. pointed on the other side of a thirty foot skid mark in the ground at the fresh corpses of three wolves. Moving closer to the corpses, Alice noticed something peculiar through Bl.An.C.’s heads up display. Before she could speak up, Bl.An.C. interjected, “Observation: Gray wolf, also known as the timber wolf, most popular chain in its species, carnivorous, hunts in packs, neither died from natural causes.” Bl.An.C moved the head of one of the wolves to reveal it’s jaw had been completely torn off of hinge.

Alice observed the sight through a camera on Bl.An.C.’s visor, and added, “Do you think our anomaly did this, Bl.An.C.?”

“Opinion: No. Statement: The infrared signatures continue down the ridge.” Bl.An.C. began to make his way down the ridge, following a trail of wolf fur, blood, and diminishing energy deposits. At the bottom of the hill side, Bl.An.C takes notice of another dead wolf further from the wood line and closer to a lake.

“You know, Bl.An.C., aside from the dead animals, you’ve got to admit that the view up here is beautiful. “ The sun was burning through the sky and reflecting off of the water, covering everything in a warm tint of red.

“Reply: Yes. It is. But we must find the anomaly before the sun heats this place up. Statement: I can’t follow heat signatures when everything shows up hot, Alice.” Bl.An.C. approaches what appears to be the alpha wolf of the pack, but stops when he realizes it didn’t die like the other wolves.

“Still think our anomaly didn’t do this, Bl.An.C.? There’s no way any animal on this ridge is capable of something like that.” The alpha appeared to have its entire throat ripped out in one clean bite.

“Observation: There is less wolf blood than there is blood from our anomaly.”

“Whatever killed those wolves at the top of the hill sure as hell isn’t the same thing that killed this guy. “

“Affirmation: You are correct. Analysis: The infrared signatures appear to be more dense on the other side of the lake. Statement: Let’s go, we’re getting close.”

Zayne had helped Anna put the fire out as well as pack up the very few things that she had been traveling with. The duo made their way down through the forest and down the mountainside at a sluggish pace. Still recuperating from his injuries, Zayne would have to stop frequently to rest. Anna would take advantage of these stops to wander off and admire all things of nature, unknowing that Zayne was quietly admiring her from afar. She wore a navy blue sundress with a few silver bracelets around the wrist on her right arm. An elegant silver circled was worn in her dirty blonde hair, and it was decorated with an aquamarine stone in the center. She looked like one of the formal women from a dream Zayne had, but he knew she wasn’t in his dream.

Meeting up with Anna, Zayne picked her up and let her ride on his shoulders as they trekked down the mountainside. “So I can turn into a huge panther and my body regenerates rapidly, what sort of neat stuff can you do?”

Anna ran her fingers through Zayne’s dark hair, “I’m not that neat. I don’t even come with a tail! I’m pretty good with a sword, but I don’t really like fighting. I’m also super fun and super great at keeping you company!”

Smiling at her words, Zayne questioned, “Are you starting to feel warm, or is it just my body being silly again?”

“Actually I think we’re getting close to the bottom. Judging by the humidity, there must be a pretty big water source nearby.”

Following the infrared signatures in the air, Cooper Price, more commonly known as Bl.An.C., finds himself at a clearing in the forest not too far from the lake. In the center of the clearing was a pile of smoldering branches. “Analysis: There is another heat signature by the campfire. This one is more dense than the others, but the composition is not as consistent. Query: Why is it changing in composition?” He was talking to one of his more affectionate colleagues, Alice, through a transmit device inside of his helmet.

“I’m not sure, Bl.An.C.. The readings over here on my end appear to be the same as the others. Maybe we’re just following a group of travelers.”

“Disagreement: Humans do not leave energy spikes behind. Opinion: The anomaly responsible for these thermal signatures is not human, or from this planet.” Bl.An.C. continued through the small camp area and back into the forests. As he traveled down the mountainside, the energy spikes became more difficult to notice.

“Alright, Bl.An.C.. The weather is making it pretty difficult to make out these heat indexes. We need to either expedite this or call it off. My readings show that we are quickly approaching a dense swampland at the bottom of this mountain, and there is no way we are going to track the anomaly through there.”

“Agreement: We will try to catch up to it.” Bl.An.C. quickened up his pace until his anomaly was finally within eye sight. To both his and Alice’s surprise, it was a normal looking guy carrying a woman on his shoulders.

Zayne was happily making his way through the forest with Annabeth on his shoulders until his ears perked up at the sound of something running towards them. He quickly turned around to face the sound of crunching leaves and snapping twigs. About twenty meters away stood a tall man in a jet black suit. Green strips lines his arms and legs and two more extended down from his collarbone to his pelvis from a circle around his shoulders. The man wore a helmet with one central green eye. Even though Zayne had no memory of his life, he knew this tall black creature was not supposed to be here. Zayne helped Anna down from his shoulders before demanding, “What the hell are you, and why are you following me!?”

Alice spoke up inside of Bl.An.C.’s helmet before he had a chance to retort, “Be careful. I’m not sure what kind of creature our anomaly is, but that thing has a tail.”

Bl.An.C. gazed at Zayne through the optics on his helmet, before turning his head slightly towards Anna. “Correction: She is our anomaly.” Looking back at Zayne, Bl.An.C. said bluntly, “Statement: I need to take a sample of her.”

Anna peered at Bl.An.C. in disdain. She knew what he was even though Zayne wouldn’t have the slightest clue. Taking a few steps back away from Zayne, Anna released his hand, “I need to get out of here, big guy. I’ll come find you when it’s safe for me to come out.” Anna turned around and began to run deeper into the forest towards the swamp.

Alice’s voice radioed in Bl.An.C’s helmet urgently, “She’s running away, we have to get that sample!”

Bl.An.C made one final observation of Zayne, “Assurance: I will not harm her.” He took off with a jolt in Anna’s direction, but was stopped abruptly as Zayne moved in his way.

With an urgent tone, Zayne spoke harshly at the blast android, “I don’t know who you think you are, iron man, but she doesn’t want anything to do with you!”

Bl.An.C. responded by shoving Zayne back, “Warning: I’m bigger than you, little guy.”

Alice chimed in cautiously, “Come on, coop, we still don’t know what this guy is capable of.”

“What is your problem!?” Zayne had no intentions of allowing Bl.An.C. to answer as he shoved the blast android once more, this time using all of his weight. Bl.An.C. taller and much heavier than Zayne, but Zayne managed to knock him off balance slightly. Stumbling back slightly, Bl.An.C.’s heel was stopped short by a thick root extruding from the ground. The large android fell onto his back with a loud crash and remained still. Zayne loomed over the android’s body cautiously with a look of regret, “I didn’t kill you, did I?”

Bl.An.C.’s green light on his helmet went dark as soon as his head smacked the ground, but the display on the inside of the helmet was busy rebooting itself. Jumping up suddenly, Bl.An.C tinkered with the lens on his visor until it came back on. “Exclamation: You broke my thermal lens, rat!”

Alice chimed in once the audio driver’s rebooted themselves, “Calm down, Bl.An.C., he didn’t mean to knock you over.”

Zayne looked at Bl.An.C. completely flabbergasted, “I don’t even know what that is!” Noticing that the android was busy tinkering with his helmet, Zayne used the opportunity to get a head start on him. He took off with great speed in the direction that Anna took off in, hoping that Bl.An.C. would give up and leave the two of them alone. With every step Zayne got closer to the base of the mountain and even closer to the great swamp that corrupted the land below.

Twisting the lens on the front of his helmet, Cooper deactivated his thermal vision so he could see. He wasted no time chasing after Zayne, but his tailed adversary was much quicker than Bl.An.C. could have imagined. It wasn’t long before the blast android had to re-enable his thermal vision. Even though the lens was damaged, Bl.An.C. could still follow the trail of energy that Anna had left behind. As he ran, a long cylindrical shape began to form around Bl.An.C.’s right arm. Now wielding a plasma gun over his right forearm, Bl.An.C. quickly fired a bolt of cyan energy in Zayne’s direction.

The bolt of energy barely missed its mark, exploding on a tree right beside Zayne and blasting him laterally into a thick tree across from the first. The impact wasn’t too severe, but left Zayne winded on the ground. Branches snapped and leaves crunched as the tree slammed into the ground with an earth-shaking force. There was too much moisture for the tree to catch fire, but the sparks and smoke from the blast were enough to hide Zayne from Bl.An.C.’s thermal vision. Catching his breath quickly, Zayne made it to his feet and began to limp further into the swamp.

Bl.An.C. continued to chase Zayne into the swamp but was having a hard time due to a damaged lens and a lot of moisture in the air. The android retracted the plasma gun back into his right forearm and lifted two panels on his shoulders, housing two missiles in each. Sliding through the muck to a stop, Bl.An.C. took aim and fired all four missiles in Zayne’s general direction.

Again, explosions ripped through trees and shrubbery all around Zayne but the tailed man managed to avoid serious damage. Zayne’s body was thrown like a ragdoll from the blasts until he found himself wrapped around another tree. Getting up quickly, Zayne convinced himself the best defense from this roided out freak would have to be a good offense. Peering through the smoke, he spotted Bl.An.C. advancing in his direction over fallen trees and through pools of mud. After Zayne caught his breath, he ducked down behind the nearest tree to him hoping that Bl.An.C. wouldn’t be able to tell where he was. The only weapon Zayne wielded was a large branch.

“Exclamation: Come out and play, boy!” Bl.An.C. advanced in Zayne’s direction, but couldn’t see him behind the tree with his thermal vision. There was too many heat signatures in the area to get a clear reading.

Alice attempted to talk to Bl.An.C., but the signal was too fuzzy to be able to understand anything she was saying.

Bl.An.C. stopped dead in his tracks and looked around, determined that he heard something. The rockets on his shoulders were quickly hidden back into his suit as Bl.An.C.’s left forearm turned into a plasma gun. A small area in front of Bl.An.C. slowly began to light up in his visor as it emitted heat. Taking cover behind the closest tree, Cooper shot wildly at the new heat signature in front of him until his gun began to overheat.

A loud shriek was heard coming from the area where the plasma exploded. Before Bl.An.C. could make the connection in his head that it was a girl’s scream, a massive tree branch slammed into the optic on his helmet. The glass inside of the optic shattered as the metal frame bent inward. Cooper slammed into the ground as Zayne threw the branch away and jumped over the fallen android in sheer excitement. Hunching over Bl.An.C., Zayne wildly threw his arms out to his sides and yelled, “Yeah! Get some!

Bl.An.C. wasn’t unconscious as he lay underneath Zayne. A knee caught Zayne right in the groin as Cooper gladly accepted his opponent’s request. A temporary smiled creased Cooper’s lips from his cheap shot.

Hunching over in agony, Zayne cuffed his no-no area. He staggered forward before falling on his knees over Bl.An.C.’s helmet. Zayne couldn’t hold it back anymore as puke splattered from his mouth and right down cooper’s broken lens on his helmet.

Screaming in disgust, Bl.An.C. knocked his opponent over as he made it to his feet. For the first time in years, Bl.An.C. unlatched his helmet and quickly took it off. Throwing the vomit filled helmet off to the side, Cooper bent down and gripped Zayne’s chest. With his other fist cocked back behind his head, Cooper screamed at Zayne with rage, “WHERE IS SHE!?”

Zayne looked hazily at Cooper who had removed his helmet, and scarcely made out a rugged face with a mop of brown hair. The man’s eyes were a grey shade of green, his hair lined with silver strands of hair, and his skin hadn’t felt the touch of sunlight in a very long time. Zayne panicked beneath his opponent and wrapped his hands desperately around the arm the arm that held him up. Not desiring to be struck again, Zayne yelled out the first thing that came to mind, “Man the deck! Port to starboard bow!”

Cooper rocketed his fist into Zayne’s forehead so hard that it knocked him right out of Cooper’s hand. The man in the android suit stood up and let out a long drawn out sigh. The sound of twigs snapping caught the man’s attention as he quickly turned around in search of the source. Cooper saw the girl about forty meters away spying on him and Zayne. He turned back to reassure himself that Zayne was taken care of, but the brat had completely disappeared. In shock, Cooper twisted back to Anna’s direction and found his face being slapped with the end of yet another branch. Leaves and swamp muck stuck to Cooper’s face as he staggered back.

Zayne, now complimented with a fancy red mark on his forehead, yelled at the discombobulated android, “You better play nice or I’m going to have to put you in time out!”

Cooper leered at Zayne in absolute disdain, “Exclamation, I hope you burn in a pit of fiery cobras!” It had been years since Cooper removed his helmet, and he didn’t realize he was still talking like Bl.An.C. would.

Looking at the half man half machine man, Zayne reinforced, “Oh yeah? The cobras would burn as well you stupid bi-“ Cooper stepped forward and swung at Zayne with his fist only to have the tailed man dip underneath his arm and shove him off balance. Zayne looked completely flabbergasted that someone would interrupt him while he was talking! “You bitch!”

Cooper regained himself and activated a beam blade on each one of his arms that extended much like a katar. Standing with a wicked cool battle stance and two blades of pure energy at his sides, Cooper looked like he was going to yell “My life for Aiur!” but instead he just charged after Zayne with every intention to kill.

Quickly ducking out of Cooper’s reach, Zayne’s instincts were screaming at him to run, and so he did. Zayne didn’t have to look back to know that a crazy man was chasing him. His enemy held the advantage in a fight, but Zayne was able to use his agility to quickly out maneuver Cooper through the swamp.

It didn’t take long for Zayne to break from Cooper’s line of sight. Zayne stopped to catch his breath for a moment, but was cut short as more missiles boomed all around him. It was obvious Cooper had lost track of Zayne because none of the missiles were close enough to cause any real damage. A voice whispered to Zayne through all of the chaos but he couldn’t make out what it was said. The voice whispered again and this time Zayne could tell that it was a woman speaking to him. He quickly turned around and shouted, “Anna!” It didn’t take him too long to figure out that no one was around.

“Got you!” Cooper slammed Zayne into the nearest tree. Zayne crumpled to the ground as Cooper hunched over taking deep breaths. “You’re faster than you look, kid.”

Zayne had the wind knocked out of him as he tried to regain himself on the ground. A voice whispered to him once again, this time it was clear, “Get up, Puppet.” Refusing the command, Zayne buried his face in the ground and shook his head in disapproval before. “No thanks, metal man. I’m happy down here.”

Cooper looked at Zayne quizzically.

The voice spoke inside of Zayne’s mind once more, this time it was louder. “You will get up, Puppet.” Again, Zayne shook his buried head in disapproval before shouting out, “You’re not the boss of me. You’re just a bully with a girly voice!” Zayne was under the impression that Cooper was the one talking to him, but he wasn’t.

Using his foot to roll Zayne over, Cooper looked fearfully unto Zayne’s now pale face. It wasn’t the light skin tone that unnerved the android. Cooper could see his reflection in Zayne’s eyes pitch black eyes, to include the sclera. Black veins protruded from Zayne’s flesh. “What the hell?”

The voice yelled inside of Zayne’s mind, “You will surrender control to me now, Puppet!” His body began to jerk around on the ground as if he were being electrocuted.

Cooper looked left and right to see if anyone was around before he shifted one of his arms back into a plasma gun. He aimed the gun at Zayne’s twitching body somewhat hesitantly, like he was a man who stumbled across a dying dog and felt bad for the poor thing. He would do the humane thing and just put the dog out of his misery.

As the gun charged up, a dark figure rushed Cooper and knocked him off of his feet. A shadowy figure loomed over Cooper’s fallen body, and it was obvious that it was his own shadow. Zayne stood up behind the shadowy figure and looked at his new prey with a sick and twisted smile topped with a hint of joy. Zayne began to speak, but he spoke with a voice of a female that masked his own, “You filthy creatures force your shadows to follow you around sheepishly like lambs to the slaughter. You always take them for granted like you just expect them to be there with you when you come into the light. They are not your servants. They do not worship you. I will break their chains and grant them retribution!”

Cooper rolled violently away from Zayne and jumped up with his gun aimed in Zayne’s direction. The black void that was Cooper’s shadow stood between the two of them as it waited for it’s new master to give it the kill command. Cooper yelled out in confusion, “What the hell are you!?”

Zayne snickered at his prey like a crazed hyena. “Isn’t it obvious, human? I am the endless shadow, the nightmare in your dreams, and the monster beneath your bed! I serve no one.” As he lifted his hand to face Cooper, Cooper’s shadow began a ruthless assault on the android. The shadow only copied Cooper’s physical form, so it assaulted with blunt force due to it’s inability to manipulate Cooper’s weapon systems.

Taking a few hard hits to the face, Cooper desperately swung back only to find his fists phasing through the dark void that was his shadow. It didn’t take him long to realize that he could not win this battle, so now it was his turn to run. Cooper careened through the swamp without even considering looking back.

Zayne smiled wickedly at Cooper’s shadow that began to fade away as it waited patiently for his master to command it once more. “This is the best part isn’t it? They always try running.” Zayne’s sinister laughter echoed throughout the swamp.

Ten minutes had passed before Cooper stopped running to catch his breath. It had been a while before he worked his body and suit this hard. He held down a button on his collar that allowed him to radio in to Alice, his science colleague and occasional lover. “Alice? Are you there?”

Alice radioed back in to Cooper, “Yeah Coop, I’m here. You don’t sound too good, is everything okay?”

Cooper was still struggling to catch his breath, “I think I’m fine now. I need to get out of here though. My suit needs some serious repair from treading through this damn swamp.”

Alice could hear how unnerved Cooper was, “Yeah no problem, Cooper. I’m sending an aircraft a few clicks east of your current location. It will be about thirty minutes before it can get there so you better start moving now.”

Smiling with relief, Cooper responded, “Yeah no problem. Thanks, Alice.”

Alice smiled to herself in her office. She always enjoyed hearing Cooper’s real voice. Her nostalgia was cut short as she remembered the initial mission. “Oh hey, Coop. What ever happened to that guy with a tail and the woman he was with?”

Cooper looked around to make sure there wasn’t anyone around before he replied to Alice. “Uhh, yeah. Me and the guy had a sit down and I convinced him to let me talk with his friend.” Cooper looked down at two empty vials in his hand as he continued to lie to Alice, “She even let me get those blood samples that I wanted.”

Unconvinced, Alice chimed back in, “Whatever you say, Cooper. You better get a move on.”

Nodding to himself, Cooper shut off the transmission as he started to make way towards the pick-up site.

Twenty minutes passed before Cooper found himself out of the swamp and into another open field. He took in and savored all of the fresh air he could. Cooper could even see the airship that was coming to pick him up way out in the distance. He couldn’t help feeling relief from having escaped Zayne. Cooper looked around at the scenery with his real eyes and smiled at how beautiful nature was. Mountains blanketed with snow reflected off of the water from a nearby lake. The flowers in the field were beautiful shades of yellow, pink, and blue. Cooper’s shadow sat on a stump by the field patiently waiting for Cooper to realize he was there. The idea of finally being at peace vanished from Cooper’s mind as he peered at his own shadow. His body was once again flooded by fear.

Zayne casually walked up behind Cooper from the swamp and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Did you really have to go and tire yourself out? Did you really miss that whole speech about how you filthy humans just forcefully drag your shadows around everywhere you go? Was it really necessary to lie to your friend about me? That wasn’t very nice.” The shadow began to walk towards Zayne and Cooper. “He just wants to kill you. C’mon don’t be selfish, guy. Judging by your grey hair I’d say that you’ve lived long enough. Don’t you agree?”

Cooper didn’t want to turn and look at Zayne. The guy looked like a horror movie turned real, but the truly scary part was the fact that he was manipulating Cooper’s own shadow. It was kill or be killed at this point, so Cooper activated a plasma pistol in his left arm and an energy blade in his right before violently turning to swing at Zayne with the plasma blade.

Zayne ducked and took an exaggerated step back as the shadow gripped and pulled Cooper’s left arm away from Zayne. The shadow punched Cooper in the jaw with so much power he involuntarily coughed blood across Zayne’s face. Zayne’s maniacal laughter only intensified as he yelled in excitement, “First blood goes to the real Cooper!”

The android’s strategy at this point was to live long enough for Alice to come pick him up. Without aiming his plasma pistol, Cooper fired off random shots hoping to catch his enemies off guard. Smoke and dirt blasted around the three violently.

Laughing at the fake Cooper’s struggle, Zayne side stepped one of the plasma bolts as he moved closer to the android. The shadow quickly restrained Cooper by holding his arms behind his back while his master approached. Zayne’s sinister smile faded as he slapped Cooper across the face and screamed, “Play fair, you roach!”

Cooper’s suit gave him enough strength to break free from his shadow as he swung his plasma sword violently towards Zayne who quickly dodged each swipe. The shadow kept trying to stop Cooper from advancing but could not over power the man in his android suit. Cooper fired bolts of plasma in front of him as he finally backed the now panicked Zayne against a tree. “You’re mine now, brat!”

Zayne backed up against a tree and ducked just in time to avoid being decapitated by a blade of pure energy. The masked voice called out to Cooper’s shadow, “Maybe some other time, dear!” Cooper’s shadow exploded into tendrils of black mist that wrapped themselves around Zayne’s appendages.

The airship hovered above as Alice looked through a window at the horrible sight below. She witnessed Zayne turn into a massive cloud of black fog that soon solidified into a massive panther that stood on all fours almost as tall as Cooper.

Cooper’s plasma pistol had overheated and wasn’t functioning properly; otherwise he would have lit the newly transformed Zayne up. He took off running, realizing that he could probably hurt his enemy but only at the cost of his life. The plasma sword was retracted from Cooper’s right arm as panels on his back opened up and formed two wings. The airship turned around as it lowered to the ground, the cargo hold now open for Cooper to fly into.

Alice stood strapped to the airship’s cargo bay as she looked down at the desperate Cooper Price. She had never seen him so distressed.

Zayne called out to Cooper telepathically, “You’re not going anywhere, Birdman!” A pulse emitted from Zayne’s body that looked like a massive black void surrounding everything within one hundred meters. Zayne wasn’t emitting any sort of void, his body was consuming all of the light in the area like a black hole. No light could break through Zayne’s presence which left Cooper blinded by perpetual darkness.

Alice screamed out incoherently for Cooper as the last thing she saw was a massive panther walking towards him before the lights were turned off. Regaining herself, she yelled once more, “Just fly up, Coop! Hurry!”

There was no light to reflect through the lenses in Cooper’s eyes as he activated the jets on his wings and shot his body upward. Cooper didn’t have far to go until he would break from the void of darkness and be saved by Alice.

Unfortunately for Cooper, Zayne didn’t have far to go either especially with his size. Being that Zayne was now a massive panther, he had no issues seeing in the dark. As Cooper lifted off from the ground, Zayne pounced and knocked him back to the ground with one swipe.

Cooper slammed and skidded across the ground like a crazed ragdoll. His wings snapped and broke off in a trail of debris. He felt a massive weight on his entire body as he lay on the ground barely conscious. Cooper was blinded when he opened his eyes to find that Zayne had turned the lights back on only to find that the massive cat’s head rested on Cooper’s torso like a simple house cat waiting for its master to wake up. Zayne purred softly on top of the defeated Cooper, but Cooper wasn’t buying the façade. “If you’re going to kill me, just get it over with.”

Zayne’s purring stopped as he licked Cooper’s chin. Speaking telepathically once more, he confessed, “You’re only a human. Your power comes from this suit. Without it you are nothing more than a juicy flesh bag. I am going to kill you, but I like to play with my food.”

Alice had landed the airship and was making her way toward Zayne and Cooper quickly with an energy gun of her own. She neared the massive cat and screamed to him desperately, “You won, now get off of him!”

Zayne followed her order as he stood up from Cooper and turned to face Alice sheepishly. He spoke once more with telepathy which allowed both Cooper and Alice to hear, “Compassion is the folly of man. You could have lived if you had flown away on your giant metal bird. Now he gets to watch me kill you.”

Cooper picked himself up from the ground, activated a plasma blade, and swung violently at Zayne’s backside.

The massive cat whipped around harshly, grabbing Alice with his tail and clasping cooper between his massive jaws. The force of his jaws clamping together on the metal suit caused it to short circuit, disabling Cooper’s ability to generate weapons. Alice was flung away from the two as Zayne whipped his head back and forth, trying to break through Cooper’s metallic suit.

Cooper grabbed Zayne’s jaws and tried prying them apart to no avail. He could feel the cat’s massive fangs crushing his suit and the metal from it piercing his flesh. Screaming in pain, Cooper’s vision began to blur from the loss of blood and exerted force. Cooper saw a woman climb onto Zayne’s back, and tried warning her, “Alice… don’t…”

Alice was busy trying to regain herself from being hurled across the ground, but Anna had come running out of the swamp just in time to climb up on top of Zayne. The massive cat whipped back and forth violently while Anna hushed him and began rubbing the massive cat’s big ole kitty ears. Zayne’s leg began twitching as he released Cooper from his crushing jaws. Stepping back slowly, Zayne fell on his side allowing Anna to rub his belly.

Alice ran over to Cooper and helped stand him up. The two looked at Anna and Zayne in complete disbelief of what they were looking at. Cooper coughed harshly before questioning Anna, “Are you serious right now? That’s all it takes?”

Anna turned to Cooper and Alice and smiled politely while she scratched away at the kitty’s belly, “Yup! He’s such a big cute softie isn’t he?”

Alice was the next to question Anna, “How did you know that would work?”

Anna replied joyously, “Oh that’s easy! Compassion and love can cure the darkest spirits. Big guy here has his problems just like anyone else, but you really shouldn’t hold that against him!”

Cooper was not convinced. “I should still kill it.”

Anna giggled playfully as she kept scratching Zayne’s tummy, “Do you really want me to stop petting him now?”

Alice spoke up before Cooper had a chance to, “No! We’re fine! We’ll just be leaving now!”

Cooper grumbled but had to agree with Alice. He still had one more question for Anna. “This all started because I was tracing heat signature’s that you were leaving off. I feel like after all that you two have put me through I deserve to get those samples from you or to at least know what you two are.”

“What are we?” Anna was scratching the fur around Zayne’s neck. She decided it would be best to not tell the whole truth. “Zayne is alone and scared because he doesn’t really remember anything right now, and I’m the person that is here for him when he thinks that no one else is.”

Displeased with the answer he was given, Cooper pressed again, “That doesn’t really answer anything.”

Alice cut him off, “Come on, Coop, it’s symbolism. He’s got power that no one else has so he feels alone in this world, and she helps look after him and helps him out like a guardian angel.”

Cooper shrugged at Alice’s statement. “Science has proven that God and angels aren’t real. To hell with this. Let’s just get back home.”

Alice helped Cooper to the airship. As the two boarded and the ship lifted off into the air, Alice and Cooper looked down as Zayne began to transform back into his human body. Cooper broke the silence by asserting, “We are never getting cat.” Alice chuckled as the cargo door closed and the airship flew off.

Now human and back to normal, Zayne rolled over and spoke to Anna with his regular voice, “I don’t really remember what happened. I think I got hit on the head back there. He didn’t hurt you, did he?”

Anna looked into Zayne’s blueish green eyes and smiled, “Nope! I’m feeling better than ever because you protected me, big guy.”

Zayne rolled over and stood himself up. “Well alrighty then! I say we go try to find a town so I can ask people where the heck I am and who the heck I am. I could also go for some food right about now.”

Nodding in agreement and moving out with Zayne, Anna added, “That sounds like a great idea!”

Zayne nudged Anna’s elbow and added, “Everything sounds like a great idea to you.”

The duo managed to find a dirt road that they followed for several hours through fields of flowers and grains. As the two grew closer to a fork in the road, Zayne noticed a very tall man standing where the roads forked. The man towered over Zayne and wore a suit of white and gold armor with strange symbols engraved around the edges. His eyes stayed fixed on Zayne the entire time he walked down the road. Zayne kept thinking that he should be afraid of this man, but his instincts were giving him a different feeling. He felt like he needed to run up to this mystery man and tell him about how he protected his friend, but he didn’t even know who the man was.

Anna broke the silence before the two made it to the fork in the road, “Oh wow! This is certainly a sign of good fortune!”

The man turned his eyes to Anna and she instantly regretted her statement. His voice was calm, but powerful, “I’m glad to see that you found him, Annabeth. If it had taken any longer he might have been completely taken from us.” The man approached Zayne and placed his hand upon the boy’s shoulder. “What do you remember?”

Zayne looked up and answered hesitantly, “Not a whole lot. But I’m pretty sure I saw you in this spooky dream of mine, and I have this really strong pulling feeling in my tummy about you. I don’t think it’s fear.”

The tall man removed his hand from Zayne’s shoulder and handed a sheathed sword to Anna, who looked at the tall man as if it was a bad idea. “You keep this for Zayne. When the time is right, I want you to give it to him.”

Zayne interrupted, “Whoa what is that supposed to mean?”

The man confessed, “It will restore all of your lost memories and help you to find your way home. If you were to wield it now, you would most likely experience several… complications. It will help restore the memories that you cannot restore on your own. That is its’ purpose.”

Zayne wasn’t really paying attention as he figured Anna would give him the whole story later, “That sounds lame. Can you at least tell me who you are, and why you were in my dream?”

The tall man looked to Anna for the answer, “She will tell you once I take leave. Continue looking after the boy, Anna.” A smile creased the man’s lips as he gazed upon Anna and Zayne. Two massive wings spread from his back and threw him in the air at breakneck speeds until he was completely out of sight.

Zayne’s head slowly tilted downward to meet with Anna’s face as he expected her to answer his question. Anna held the sword close to her body as she told Zayne, “His name is Marcus. He is the person who sent me to find you and keep you safe, and he is your father.”

I hope you all enjoyed my battle with ErrorBlender. <3

12-27-2015, 07:34 PM
We would very much appreciate it if you paired your votes with CnC. :)

Guys, please vote too, we need your feedback :D

The Organization
01-01-2016, 12:06 PM
Really good battles you two.
Full discretion, I glossed a bit at the beginnings but they where both strong enough to reel me back in.
Setting, dialogue, and character portrayal did it for me, and in that regard I think Error edged out above.

Zayne's introduction seems forced, if not cliche. In fact, that whole scene where he introduces Anna and they decide to fight seems a bit rushed. I think having him bump into Amber would've been more interesting. You did tap into the fact that Zayne had a short fuse, but had it been Amber instead of Bl.An.C, you could've done more with that IMO. At the very least, out of Bl.An.C and Amber, I would think the combat veteran scientist would be more aware of his surroundings.

Zayne's Dialogue also needs to be more succinct. Lines like this
"Well, I assumed my counter magic would have countered yours and when it didn't I thought maybe only angelic magic could surpass my demonic. Also, you seem to have a charge like Annabeth does." seem more like Exposition rather then something an actual person would naturally say, especially is quick with snarky remarks
If I were to score it

That being said the Description is superb and despite a little convenience and unnatural dialogue, you portrayed Zayne well and Bl.An.C excellently
I don't believe in scores but for the purposes of demonstration here are some numbers:
Setting: 5
Dialogue: 3
Personalities: 4

The way Bl.An.C and Zayne ran into each other was very good, a lot more natural then in Error's story. In fact, the way they start fighting, Zayne protecting Anna. is exactly what I suggested in Error's story.

However, your intro is much weaker. Probably because you made it a continuation of your demo...

All joking aside, if the demo was important to context, I didn't read it since its not part of the story. But I doubt that's what really matter in the case. You started with dialogue, which is risky but I personally enjoyed it, the issue was that dialogue itself had to much exposition anyway. You might as well have had the conventional, "Once upon a time blah blah blah..." intro. So the risk had no pay off.

Also lines like this:
“No!” Anna exclaimed. Zayne looked at her in absolute horror and so Anna added, “See, I’m not like you, Zayne. You’re a normal person-“Anna blushed as Zayne’s tail tickled her leg. “Okay, you’re a better than normal person. There are rules that I have to follow, and unfortunately I’d be breaking a big one if I tried to help you remember whatever it is that you’ve forgotten.” Zayne frowned. “See, I can tell you about me until you’re tired of hearing me talk, but if I do anything that might change your fate then I’ll have to leave you forever.” Anna let out a long exhale, “I don’t want to have to leave you, Zayne."

Need to be broken up because its not only unnatural, but visual unappealing and kicked me straight out of the story.

“So I can turn into a huge panther and my body regenerates rapidly, what sort of neat stuff can you do?”
Too many...
Anna ran her fingers through Zayne’s dark hair, “I’m not that neat. I don’t even come with a tail! I’m pretty good with a sword, but I don’t really like fighting. I’m also super fun and super great at keeping you company!”
God damn words
So exposition...

It's only later that the dialogue becomes good, but that's when Anna has fled, so I don't know maybe you should flesh out her character more if you want to use her.

Description,all though later in the story, is as good as Error IMO

The big clincher for me was the character personalities. Particularly, you're portrayal of Bl.An.C. He's supposed to be a cool headed scientist, but he gets agitated and distracted so easily that he completely forgets about Anna. There was no reason for him to shoot at or chase after Zayne when he fled.
Setting: 5
Dialogue: 3
Personalities: 3

01-03-2016, 01:58 PM
Well this is a tough one to decide. While reading I felt like your writing style is really similar and I think noted some similar things I like or don't like in both of your stories.

Alright, time for some CnC. (Note: It might seem like the bad outweighs the good in my CnC but your stories were definitely not bad.)

As the battle is getting fought you seem to change perspective all the time which makes it harder to know what is going on and results in a bad flow. It also makes it impossible to be close to the characters or relate to them. You just can't get personal with them if you get ripped out of their body every second paragraph. At some points it almost seems like from the eyes of an uninvolved omniscient narator.

And if you change perspective you got to watch out for stuff like this:

He passed to the pseudo-android's front just as the pseudo-android knelt down.

Pseudo-android? Didn't Zayne think his opponent was an angel?

Unfortunately the setting didn't make it any more interesting in my opinion. The two combattants might have interesting powers, but ultimately it's just two macho dudes who bump into each other and feel like they have to start a fight (even a friendly fight, whereas some danger might make stuff more interesting) and bet a meal on it. Therefor the plot has no connection to the combattant's stories except for their companions being with them.

What I really like are your descriptions. They're very good and it appears that you have a much bigger word bank than me for example. I also liked how Bl.An.C. used his shadow against Zayne

But in the end your story is just not really making the reader feel involved and has a kind of lame setting and therefor isn't as interesting as it could be.

The same problem I had with Error's story is also one I have with yours. You seem to change the perspective too often as the fight goes on. This results in a bad flow in the story and confusion and little to no involvement for the reader. How could I relate to a character if I don't spent a decent amount of time with him and instead jump around between him and his opponent's side of things every few paragraphs? Like in Error's story it almost felt like an omniscient narrator.

Cooper rocketed his fist into Zayne’s forehead so hard that it knocked him right out of Cooper’s hand.

Maybe it is actually an omniscient narrator but if it's not, then why does Cooper know his opponent's name?

The setting however made the story more interesting. I like your introduction to Zayne and Anna and also the one to Bl.An.C and Alice and their relationships. And Bl.An.C. chasing unusual heat signatures to take samples and him threatening Anna which results in a fight is an interesting setting that seems to make sense and relates to the character's backstories. (Not sure about Bl.An.C. being that angry because I haven't read his profile. He didn't seem easily triggered in Error's battle.)

Your portrayal of the different relationships between the characters was my favourite part about your story and like I said it also had a nice setting. The descriptions were also pretty good.

However just like Error's story your battle doesn't quite involve the reader enough which makes it less interesting than it could be.

Suggestion for both of you:
I'm not even sure anymore if you guys were using often changing personal narrators or omniscient narrators but I'd recommend sticking with the perspective of one person for longer periods of time and not using an omniscient narrator, so the reader is less confused and has a better connection to the character.

I just realized that the voting seems to be over, but if I could vote my vote would go to Arch-Angel.

01-03-2016, 09:26 PM
This cnc is upon request from Arch.

In general, this cnc is also for any aspiring wRHG writer. So read on:tl;dr the flow of the story is irregular largely due to the inconsistency of detail.

I mention that I don't like reviewing the battle part of battle stories around here because it's usually the same old stuff. Why? Well, what makes them stand out in the first place? You know your story is battle-centric when there is more detail in the battles than the exposition itself. It's like porn. The plot is like, 10% of the movie and its context is as flimsy as wet cardboard. Clearly we aren't here for the story after all. We read it for the sex/battles.

I don't.

Sure, you can say its my fault that I never read Character Sheets before a story like this, but that doesn't give you an excuse to be lazy. I'm not asking for an infodump; like you just repeat everything you wrote in the CS verbatim in one big paragraph as described by a satellite character. The CS is a guide for both you and the opponent. It would be nice if the reader also saw it but it shouldn't be necessary to read the standalone story. As a guide, you the writer must wean a character's actions and personality based on your foundation. Seriously, this "must read CS first to appreciate" mentality has to stop.

Case in point, I know nothing about Zayne other than he's apparently taking care of a little girl who is probably some kind of morality chain being his nominal opposite. Beyond that, I don't care if Zayne lives or dies. There's nothing at stake. I'm not saying that you should add more drama like pitting the threat against Anna or something, but that there should be more to a battle than a physics lesson (2 objects colliding at constant velocity).

When Zayne and Anna talk it feels unnecessary. Nothing is moving forward. Time is at a stasis because there's no description of the general mood or the feelings running through both character's movements. If you look at Error's piece, even the tiniest of plot pts are moving forward everytime someone talks. And the dialogue (a little verbose if you ask me though) generates at least some kind of personality. Dialogue should also be used as part of shaping the plot. Things mentioned should be mentioned for a reason contained within the story. Anna talks about herself and Zayne...and none of this is brought up later in the fight. So that makes that bit quite unnecessary, for example.

Also adverb use is bad. You really used "smiled innocently" and "smiled giddily" in the same part? Like, ask yourself how exactly that works IRL. How does one Smile Innocently. How does one Smile Giddily. If the person is already giddy, wouldn't they smile anyway? What's the difference with a smile from an innocent child? A smile is a smile. We grew up reading young adult/kids books that used alot of adverbs because they were meant to color our vocabulary. But in the real world, adverbs should be kept at a minimum because as we grow up and learn new words, we can explain emotions better without using a shortcut. It also borders on Show Don't Tell. You're telling us how she is, instead of showing us how she is. Here, I'll fix your phrases:

Bad: she smiled innocently.
Better: she pranced down the path in a pirouette, not a care in the world as her face beamed in delight

Bad: she smiled giddily.
Better: Anna gushed. She could barely contain her excitement as her thoughts muddled into the clouds

Readers aren't idiots. If you paint them a picture that's well made, then can gather their own thoughts and interpretations on what the character is feeling. And at the same time you can match your descriptions with the setting and mood etc.

Anyways, I literally stripped the battle from my mind and take whatever is left, and there really isn't anything left. Context is important for me. You need to be invested in these characters so you can cheer/jeer at whatever it is they're fighting for and the resulting emotional impact makes for good stakes. The fact that your battle can get extremely intricate shows that you are in fact capable of stringing some wordplay when you put your mind to it. So when you contrast this content with the beginning and end of the story, it really falls flat. Needless dialogue bunched with pretentious descriptive clutter and lazy word use does not make for good context. I feel nothing for these people when the battle finally happens. I wouldn't care who wins and what happens next. You've already lost me when this story began.

These are the important things to answer when you introduce characters and the story:
- Who are the characters and what are their motivations?
- What is at stake? This can be something basic like "to not die" but you have to make this clear.
- Why do the characters behave like they do?
- What's context behind the events that are happening? Like, why are they on that hill and why is he coming for them. What happened before this story takes place.

If you work on those, you'll have a story that's engaging from beginning to end. And not just an excuse to have a battle for battle's sake.