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01-09-2016, 04:14 PM
So i beat this game on insane a few days ago, and I'd like to give some suggestions, and a bug. btw on my main account I'm a 1600-1800 player in stick empires.

BUG: when i tried to mass swordwrath against speartons once, 30% of the swordwrath fought. Then, a lone spearton came charging through my swordwrath and made 70% of my army run away. Then i massed speartons against a swordwrath attack, and the same thing happened. A lone spearton came charging and 70% of the enemy sword ran away. This is really weird.

Now THOUGHTS: Archers are pretty much core in this game. You need them in almost every battle. They do amazing damage with headshots and are hard to kill if you pair them up with some tanks and kite with them. Any army comp without archers most likely won't work. For example, massing swordwrath are too squishy and get rekt by speartons, and massing speartons get rekt by any mage or giant or a bunch of archers. Swordwrath+speartons are just bad in general. Massing giants are way to expensive and slow. Giants with spears/swordwrath get rekt by a bunch of archers (the enemy WILL get them as giants are expensive), and a few tanks. Now magikill are pretty darn useless. This game is all about damaging the enemy, then running away while keeping your damage troops safe. Magikill are slow and just get killed. Plus, they are extremly, extremly expensive. The minions get rekt, and I can't seem to find any use for them in hard or insane as the enemy always has better economy. Right now it's pretty easy to win with just speartons+archers, or giants+speartons+archers when you get giants,

SUGGESTIONS: I think you should add more levels. Seriously, this game is very, very fun. But the fact that you can beat it in slightly more than an hour makes it not as fun. For balance, you should buff all troops except archers and speartons,. Make swordwrath do a bit more damage, make giants attack a tiny bit faster, and make magikill less expensive and able to use spells faster. Also, you should change the ai a bit in every level so the user is forced to use a different army comp every time.

So those are my suggestions.

01-10-2016, 04:40 AM
Submit your ideas here so the devs see them

Vinco Valerio
01-17-2016, 06:44 AM
cheating is the useful key B)