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Important notice: These battles deal with, in greater or lesser extent, more uncomfortable themes. These include: inebriation, sex (of which there is some amount of bondage and S & M), adultery and, depending on how you interpret it, rape. If you believe you would rather not, or cannot, deal with any of this, then this battle might not be for you. Otherwise, please enjoy.

For acutelatios or any other mod that happens to see this: If you believe I still need to add more to this disclaimer, please tell me. I'll do so as soon as possible.


This will be the thread for the wRHG battle between me and TwitchyPidge. Below you will find our battles, but there's something I'd like to add. On a whim, I ended up creating two extra pieces related to my version of the battle. I'll give a brief explanation of what they are about in a moment, but the important thing to note is that they are entirely optional and should not be taken into account when voting. Only consider the main story. The other two are there if you're interested. Feel free to comment and critique them, of course, but don't use them as reasoning behind your voting choice. However, since copying them from the file would end up breaking the character limit for a post, I have to leave them as simply links to Google Docs. I could post them in the Original Literature section, but they're not relevant enough to be posted sepeartely. They're just extras.

For reference, here are our gladiators (descriptions taken from our lovely Hall of Warriors):

SJCRPV's Gladstone (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?43723-Sebastian-Gladstone-(Nickname-WIP)) - Pixels | Skilled Martial Artist | Electric Tonfas | Semi-fingerless gloves

TwitchyPidge's Janice (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?96000-Janice-Faceless-Woman) - Shapeshifter | Contortist | Whip and Chain | Extensive Medical Knowledge [ | Expert Identity Thief ]

SJCRPV's Side:

This happened before the main story. It's just a quick excerpt of a conversation Gladstone and Selena had regarding Janice.

Selena is pissed about Janice (OPTIONAL)
Google Docs (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XcqpOrzhJ1qBkii2-v4GeauwRwRtIzdg3JcBd1fFGMY/edit?usp=sharing)

Main story (Note: Just want to drop a thank you to a friend of mine for giving me the idea for this plot)

Gladstone sat pensive on the outside area of the café, casually sipping his glass of soda while taking a good look around. He had been waiting for someone, and given that he had arrived a bit early, he had gone ahead and already ordered something for him to drink. It was a rather pleasant afternoon outside. Clear sky, light breeze, warm temperature. It made the cold beverage in Gladstone’s hand all the more pleasant.

- Did you find anything else about this bitch? - Came a stern voice from behind, quickly revealing herself to be Selena, who wasted no time sitting on the other side of the table. The slouch in her posture and the more than obvious dark bags beneath her eyes would tell anyone just how tired she was; but if any doubt remained, how carelessly she took her laptop out of the sack on her shoulder, and how she looked at her friend confirmed it all. Gladstone had already expected her to be this way. He had tried to convince her for the past week to give up on finding information about a recently returned woman who, for all intents and purposes, did not exist outside of the RHG. But it only served to spur her further against the wall of nothingness that was Janice. It worried him.

- Nothing beyond what we already know. - He provided in a similar tone. - Cirque de Nuit, shape shifting, under Sabine’s supervision. Nothing else.

The tired techie audibly groaned as she brought one of her hands to her face and let the other fall on the table after moving halfway. She dragged every word coming out of her muffled voice:

- How is it even possible? This is unreal!

- Unreal or not, - Gladstone remarked with a chuckle, grabbing his glass to prepare another sip. - that’s all we have to work with. So let's make the most of it.

- It’s what we had to work with ever since we started! - She refuted, dropping her other arm down to look at her friend in annoyance. - We tried to make the most of it.

- And it caused you to become obsessed with it.

- I’m finding all there is to know about this doxy, whether you’re with me or not.

Were she not as tired as she was, her tone would have carried actual threat, but the level of determination Selena still revealed was applaudable.

- Alright, alright. - He conceded, raising his hands in submission. - I’ve been trying to talk you out of it because it has actually been affecting your health, but now that Sonia, somehow, let you come, I have no other option but to help you, right? If anything, it’ll at least bring you back to normal.

There was a brief moment of ponder before he asked in curiosity.

- How did you convince her, anyway?

Selena did not provide. Her expression reverted to a worrying grin as she straightened her posture slightly and chirped.

- Oh, I gave her the same tender, loving care that she gives you and she eventually became putty in my hands. She has such an adorable face. - Selena stopped for a brief moment before bursting into laughter at his reaction. His cheeks glowing red as he looked away. - I’ll never get tired of that! I just told her since that woman can hide her tracks so well, we could get her to work for us too.

- You... must have been quite convincing. - Gladstone commented with a raised eyebrow, not having fully calmed down just yet but suspecting something out of his squad mate. - I’m sure I could have handled it on my own if all we want is to recruit her and even then, if I actually required you to help me, you could have just told me what I had to do from home.

Selena stretched her body during a yawn, trying to keep herself awake the best she could, almost punching the waiter who moved towards them after noticing the new occupant at the table. With a quick but surprised apology, the exhausted techie simply asked for coffee, continuing the conversation supporting her weight on her crossed arms after he’d left.

- And that is what you’re going to do. Go to Cirque de Nuit tonight and strike up a conversation with her. Give her a bit of your charm. - She added with a tinge of mocking. - I’ll go to the police department during that time and get inside their network to see if I can find anything about Janice in their private database.

- Wait, you’re not coming with me? - He inquired with surprise - Why not get the information you want straight from the source?

- Because I nicked a password from one of the computers that won’t work by the morning. And I don’t have any guarantees that I’ll get another anytime soon so I best get to use it while I can.

- Couldn’t you have left a backdoor when you last went there with Elena and access it remotely? - Gladstone questioned, now curious as he took yet another swig.

- No, because the moment I were to activate it, they’d notice the outgoing traffic logs and trace me.

- Through Tor? - Came Gladstone with a raised eyebrow as the waiter brought Selena her coffee and awaited his payment.

- Through Tor. No system is infallible. - Selena replied as she tore open the sugar pack and poured it into the coffee. - Oh and Seb, could you be a dear and pay for the coffee? - She still added with a cheeky smile as she started stirring the drink - I’ll make it up to you, ok?

- Are you so tired that you forgot your wallet? - He chuckled, to which Selena stuck her tongue out playfully before ingesting some caffeine. Quickly finishing his own drink, he paid the waiter and the two talked for a while more before she claimed a few hours rest would do her well and they both went their own ways.

Cirque de Nuit was a hard place to miss. Its outside is decorated in the same fashion as the opening of a circus tent flap. Red and white stripes, cloth supported by strategically placed poles and little flags at the top peacefully moving to the wind. It’s business seemed to be going well. There was a fair number of people moving at the entrance. Some waiting for friends, some just out for a smoke, more simply coming in and out. Activity was something which the club did not lack. All to the beat of a music loud enough to be clearly heard even well into the building’s opposite street.

Gladstone felt nowhere near close to his comfort zone. He was never fond of nightclubs, finding them to be places with too many people in too small a space with too loud a music, but he had to resign to it. With a deep breath and a pixel sitting snugly inside his hair, he made his way across and into the building, where the inside, besides deafening to Gladstone’s unaccustomed ears, turned out to be much larger than what appeared on the outside.

The place could be divided into four different areas. The right, and, to some extent, the far front before the stage, had quite a number of tables. While the ones ahead were a bit more traditional, all of them allowing, initially, four seats, the ones on the right were a bit different. They were small, white, cubic and not of that great a quality, looking to be functional more than anything. The need for such came from the red and white striped U-shaped couches around them. It made for both easy access and, for the less polite, a nice footstool.

Practically all of them were occupied by groups of varying size, sex and age; drinking, talking and laughing.

At the center there was a large dance floor, where the colours of the squares on the ground twisted and turned with the rhythm, along with the array of theatrical lights. The nightclub was by no means well illuminated; it was quite dim. However, it certainly had a semblance of a light show going on.

Beyond the dance floor and the numerous people dancing on it, there was a large stage adapted to hold high platforms, ropes, swings and other equipment that formed the basis of a circus show. Tonight however, a band occupied the floor. Gladstone had no idea who they were, but their music didn’t seem all that bad. At least from what he could discern to be their music. The crowd appeared to be enjoying it but, besides overly loud, on a sound table to the side there looked to be a DJ remixing the band’s music as they played it, adding some electro and dubstep to the initial more rock style of the song.

The last area, the left, held a bar. A long, wooden drinking table that spanned for a few good metres, allowing it to hold about a couple of dozen people and the signature illuminated wall behind it, filled with several different bottles.

Of the two tenders working behind it, there was one who Gladstone recognized. Sabine. He already knew she worked there, but seeing her made him feel a lot more comfortable. At least now he had a safe place to return to in this nightclub.

- Seb? Hey! What are you doing here, cheré? - Noticed a pleasantly surprised Sabine with a quick glance of his arrival, preparing a drink for another customer while she spoke.

- Hey. - He replied in a similar tone, getting comfortable in his seat and leaning towards the counter. - I just thought a change of pace would do me well.

The Iwa, after delivering the glass, turned to Gladstone. The hands on her hips and the raised eyebrow elicited a chuckle from him.

- Don’t fret, I was going to belie it if you had fallen for it anyway. I’m just here because I need to keep an eye on someone.

- And who might that be? Maybe I can help you.

Politely, Gladstone shook his head:

- I appreciate it, but it might not be necessary.

Sabine looked as if she suspected something, but decided against voicing it; opting by changing the subject instead with a teasing smirk, her arms stretched against the counter.

- Alright then, what can I get you, Mr. Watchman?

- Just a beer, for now. - Gladstone replied, his mouth curling enough to match hers.

As Sabine pulled a glass to fill his drink with, another woman joined the conversation, leaving an empty serving table next to her colleague and leaning right next to him.

She held a similar height to Gladstone, meaning she was somewhat shorter than Sabine. Her hair was both fiery red and long, curling enticingly along her back and complementing her seductively bright emerald eyes marvelously. The body underneath her tight dark jeans and low cut shirt looked well developed and her smile was inviting, if a bit mischievous.

- Hey, Sabine, you know this boy? - The new arrival asked with curiosity as she took a good look at him and widened her smile.

- Yeah. Sebastian, the leader of that clan I was in. - Sabine replied casually before noticing her look. The Voodoo Queen quickly warned after delivering the beer. - And don’t you try to get your hands on my friend! You have enough boy candy as it is.

- The thought hadn't even crossed my mind. - She blatantly lied, the Iwa clearly not falling for it. - Besides, if he's old enough to come here, he's old enough to decide for himself, isn't he? I'm Kaye, by the way. - She finished, extending a hand to greet him.

- A pleasure. - He greeted back with pleasant smile, taking the handshake. - And is your boy candy usually already taken? - Gladstone asked as his lips turned into more of a smirk before taking a sip of the cold drink.

- Perhaps. - The smile she responded with gave it away quite clearly that she probably knew some were, but both played possum. - If they are, they don’t tell me. Anyway, I need to get ready. Stick around and appreciate the show, Sebastian. You’ll have to tell me all about this person when I get back. For you to come and immediately try to shoot me down, she must be quite the lady.

All Gladstone gave was a confident confirmation before Kaye bid them farewell, leaving him alone with Sabine yet again.

- Leave while you can. - Was Sabine’s immediate warning. - She’s more dangerous than you think.

- Don’t wo-- - He coughed to cut himself off from what he was about to say when her face started to frown. Sabine had unofficially prohibited him from uttering those two words to her since the last time he ignored her warnings. - I’ll be fine. - Was what he ended up going with as he politely smiled and drank a bit more. - I already have someone. What incentive do I have to go for another? I’m not that kind of person.

- Don’t even come near me if she’s sleeping next to you by the morning.

Sabine actually looked rather annoyed with Gladstone. She wanted him to understand the danger Kaye posed to him, but he seemed to think little of it. This was especially annoying because the last time she warned Gladstone of some kind of danger, he ignored her and walked right into it.

His insistence on making the same mistake had the Iwa sighing, mumbling “Idgit” before continuing dismissively.

- Fine. Do whatever you want.

Gladstone tried to assure her once more he’d be alright and that he was listening to her, but she didn’t seem convinced and soon after, it was time for Kaye’s performance.

The previous music ended, the lights went out and the club went quiet for a few moments before focus was given to a gorgeously dressed Kaye. Her shirt and jeans from before gave way to a long and glistening red dress; open with just the right amount of cleavage at the top to catch someone’s attention, but not so much that it was overly provocative. At the same time, it was also open on the bottom side to easily allow the exposure of her leg and high heels, while her arms were covered by elbow-length purple gloves. All of it worked to heighten the sensuality of her aura without making it shocking.

The regulars of the place knew what was coming and quickly started cheering and whistling up until the music started, which by then the noise quickly died out and everyone paid attention to the show.

It was a slow song. A mixture of both jazz and blues, something Kaye was well familiarized with if how how confidently she drew out the lyrics or how she cut words short to bring the most out of the crowd was anything to go by. The Cirque itself, but especially the men, hung themselves onto her every word, infatuated by her presence, voice and body.

It was also a love song. It spoke of a woman trying to get a married man’s attention and how she went about it.

Curious, and even somewhat allured by the beauty of Kaye's voice, Gladstone slid out of his seat and moved closer to the stage, as did a few of the other patrons in what became a considerable concentration of people around the area.

This only encouraged the beautiful singer to bring her performance to the next step. As the crowd started aggregating, she started to partially act out on the crowd itself the methods of the woman. Simply at first. A slow pass by the cheek of someone, a little pull on the tie of another… but the approach of Gladstone caught her eye, so she prepared herself for something bold. With the helpful hand of one of the members of the crowd, but never missing a beat, she walked down from the stage onto the nearest table, followed by a chair and then finally the ground, where she thanked her helper with a small tickling under his chin.

Grabbing one of the few empty chairs that one of the spectators, wanting to get a closer look, had left open, she confidently slid it in the direction of a curious Gladstone who raised an eyebrow in surprise.

In accordance with the lyrics of the song, she slowly, but fearlessly, walked in his direction and spun the confused boy a couple of times before sitting him on the furniture and climbing on top of him, gaining a few cheers and catcalls from the crowd.

Her eyes locked on his and their faces just centimetres apart, she approached the climax of the song, grinning mischievously with her hands on his shoulders as she continued to play her role as the protagonist of the music’s story. The moment the last beat was played was the moment she, and the protagonist, went for the “kill.” The lights over the two went dark and Gladstone found himself enveloped in a deep kiss alongside large cheering from the crowd.

His eyes widened in surprise, a feeling which was only heightened when he tried to push her away and immediately felt a sharp sting between his shoulders and neck. Kaye was forcibly (and successfully) keeping him in check. He could only moan his displeasure into her mouth as she had her way with him, dragging the kiss for as long as she wanted and however she wanted, in no way holding back her “execution.”

- What the hell?! - He whispered at her the moment he was free, his cheeks red and burning from the surprise and embarrassment of the event. He desperately looked for an answer, but he found himself a lot less angry than he thought he should be. He certainly didn't want it to have happened, but the kiss had undeniably been pleasant, and the way she forced it on him... it reminded him of Sonia. And how long it had been since he was last with her.

Kaye provided no explanation to her actions, just looking with a triumphant smile at the confused boy for a few seconds before leaving him to continue with her show.

It took him a couple of minutes before Gladstone fully processed what had just happened and walked back to the bar for the rest of the event.
With the initial surprise gone, worry and doubt started settling in, casting confusion upon what he had just felt. He never questioned the love he felt for his squad leader, but he certainly liked what Kaye did to him on a physical sense. He started wondering how he would even explain this to Sonia, if at all. As long as he explained things calmly and logically she would understand, right? He found it unlikely. He tried to convince himself he did what he could to stop it, but something kept him uncertain.

Why was I not angrier?
Why did I not try harder to stop her? She pinned me, but I could have at least done something more...
Why did I even let her? Sonia is the only one who I allow to impose herself on me like that.

He looked back at the stage a few more times, trying to understand just what exactly she could want, or if it was just as simple as it first looked, but every time she noticed him, she made sure to look back, making him incapable of maintaining contact. Looking at Sabine didn't help either. Having ignored her warning, all he was getting were cold stares out of her.

By the time the show was over and the previous band retook the stage, Gladstone was leaning on top of a pixel with a second empty glass of beer next to him already. It wasn't enough, but he was certainly feeling some kind of lightness in his movements by now.

- Hey, Sebastian. - Came Kaye, still wearing the same marvelous dress from her performance, leaning over him and greeting him next to his ear before sitting to his side. He couldn't help but feel a bit of a shiver crawl up his spine as he dematerialized his cube and leaned upright. - Sorry about what happened before, but it was part of the show. I couldn't let you break the kiss. I didn't hurt you too much, did I? - She was smiling, clearly not regretting what she did, but at least sounding somewhat worried for him.

- No, you didn't. - Came Gladstone's reply, looking to keep his tone as neutral as he could. - But with as many men as there were around you, why did you go after me?

- What? You didn’t like it? - She teased with a giggle.

- That’s... not the point. I did. You… kiss quite well, actually

Gladstone couldn’t help but blush a bit at his confession, even looking somewhat away from her as he did so.

Were he less embarrassed, he would have noticed Kaye subtly bite her lip. As he was now, Gladstone looked so innocent, so bashful, so meek... But instead she simply laughed, thanking the compliment before asking:

- Hey, what was that white cube thing you were leaning on just now?

- Oh, that? - He smiled, the embarrassment from before, having found an excuse to do so, getting pushed to the back of his mind as another one popped into existence between his hands, about the size of a football. - These adorable little things are what I call Pixels. It’s what I do. Up to five of them. Only I can touch them, but I can move them wherever I want, grow them as big as the one you’re seeing here and change their colour. Simple and not that impressive, I know, but frankly, - He spoke, openly exhibiting with his voice just how much he cared for them, scratching the one in his hands like one would scratch a dog behind the ear. - I'm really glad I have them. They’re even, in a sense, alive, if you can believe it.

- “Alive?” They’re not just cubes? - Kaye asked, confused but curious. She looked at the one in Gladstone’s hands before four others, roughly the same size, popped into existence, floating in front of her and lightly startling the singer who quickly laughed it off. Such a simple power. Was that really all there was to it? She went to pet them as he spoke, to test what he had told her, and indeed her hand passed through them like they weren’t even there.

- No, they’re not. - He chuckled. - They even understand what they’re told.

Is that so? - She inquired, looking slightly confused at the cube directly in front of her. It really looked like nothing more than a geometrical figure of pure white with thick black outlines.

- And they communicate as well. I know it sounds like I’m just crazy, but just like they’re physical only to me, only I can understand what they “say.” - He explained, gesturing the air quotes, which prompted Kaye to raise her eyebrow at him so he would continue. - The thing is, they only “speak” to me with emotions or sensations and I have to figure out the rest. For instance: when you said “Is that so?,” I got a sudden feeling of cheerfulness out of all five of them, so I can safely assume that it was a “Yes” to your question.

- And are they different from each other? Do they have any names? - She asked with a simple smile on her face while she watched four of the pixels happily floating in circles around her.

Gladstone chuckled a bit more, starting to feel rather at ease with the singer.

- No, I don’t give them names. And the reason why is because the answer to your first question is both “yes” and “no.”

The request to explain further came as no surprise, and Gladstone was happy to provide.

- They come from the same source. When they float around in this world, they can all tell me completely different things at the same time so in that sense, they are seperate from each other, but the moment they’re gone, all their memories go to the same place; - He illustrated at the end of the sentence by tapping his head with two fingers. - which they then draw from when I create them again. So there’s no reason to give them a name beyond “Pixel” because, at the end of the day, they’re pretty much the same entity.

She nodded in understanding before continuing:

- How did you find out you could create these Pixels though? Were you just born with it?

- Kind of. - He tilted his head side to side. - The short version is that my score in a special test a few years ago indicated I had some sort of latent mental ability, which brought the attention of the test-makers, who proceeded to study my brain until they unlocked it. This is what came of it. I was actually one of the first on that. - He finished with a proud smirk.

- Did they force you into it?

- No no! - Gladstone quickly intervened, shaking his hands and head negatively. - I went willingly. I was, and still am, actually quite interested in the research myself.

Nodding in understanding once again, she noticed a chance and leaned in his direction, away from the glare Sabine was giving them both before suggesting:

- Hey, these seats are a bit uncomfortable. I can see an empty table over there. Why don't we move so we can have that talk, like you promised?

- I didn't exactly--

- Yes you did! - She interrupted, grabbing him by the wrist and tugging him in that direction. But not without asking someone at the counter to bring them a couple of Long Island Iced Teas first.

Gladstone still tried to protest, but the singer did not even acknowledge him until she got comfortable and practically forced him to sit with her.

He wondered if he wasn’t letting himself get led on too easily, but at the same time, he had to talk to her regardless, so maybe it was ok.

- So… - Kaye started, a wide smile across her face. - Let’s start with: who is she?

- I never actually... - Was all he managed to say before getting one of her hands lightly placed in front of his mouth and told, with the same expression still, to just “Shut up and answer.” Despite the initial raised eyebrow, he obliged. - Well, her name is Sonia.

The way she imposed herself was leaving him uncomfortable but, at the same time, it was a sense of uncomfortable that felt familiar. Really familiar. And it soon started creating a sense of longing within his heart that made him want to stick with her.

- And how did you two meet? - She asked with a simple smile.

- The story is a bit… personal. - Gladstone admitted with a light, smiling, blush at the memories. - It’s not something I can just tell like that.

- Is that so? - She pondered before her smile curled into a mischievous smirk. - Are you the type that sends love letters?

- What? Um, no… I mean, well, um… I’ve done that… a couple of times… - He nervously chuckled, the red on his face growing by the second as he began avoiding eye contact.

- That’s so cute! - She giggled, not helping in Gladstone’s attempts at hiding his embarrassment.

Nothing more than a half-hearted agreement came out of him, too flustered about it and too focused in trying to move the subject forward, which only made Kaye tease him further.

- Alright, alright - She finally allowed after a little while, calming down from her laughter. - But does she even like that kind of thing? What is she like?

- Sonia, well… - He started, getting a grip on himself. - she’s incredibly strict. She’s stubborn, controlling and even somewhat unreasonable; but at the same time, she’s also bold, incredibly charismatic, ambitious, determined and, underneath all that, still caring.

- She sounds like someone who is used to being in charge. - Intervened Kaye with a knowing smirk on her face.

- She is. And with good reason. - Gladstone smirked back, but it came as somewhat hollow. Why that was became evident in the growing presence of yearning in his tone. - She’s good at what she does. Not the easiest person to deal with, but well worth it. Truly... - There was a pause. - Whenever I am with her, I never feel insecure.

- You miss her... - Came Kaye’s worried interjection as one of the waitresses arrived with their drinks. A couple of tall glasses decorated with a lemon wedge and filled with a few ice cubes and an amber-coloured liquid that gave a faint smell of orange. After a curt nod from both and a quick thank you, they were left alone again.

- Deeply. What is this drink, by the way? - Asked Gladstone with as much of a genuine tone of curiosity as he could muster, so as to not sound impolite.

- Not looking to get drunk, are we? - She laughed as she went to grab her glass, to which Gladstone accompanied, albeit a bit suspicious. She took a sip before continuing. - It’s a Long Island Iced Tea. It’s not exactly made with Iced Tea, but it does kind of taste like it. With just a bit of alcohol added to it. Nothing too strong.

Wearily, he went for his own and took a swig, quickly showing his surprised approval.

- Oh, you’re right! It’s good. How much does it cost, anyway?

- Don’t worry about that. It’s on the house. - She dismissed as a minor detail before wrapping her free arm around Gladstone’s and pulling herself closer to him, adding slowly and teasingly. - You’ll pay me by keeping me company for the night.

Underneath the new wave of blush, there was something on the back of his mind that rang a couple of alarms regarding both her tone and her choice of words, but they also reminded him of the business he had to attend to.

- I suppose I can do that, but let me ask you something:

- Ah, ah, ah! - Kaye interrupted before he could even start with his inquiry, pressing his arm a bit tighter and looking him in the eyes, the smirk still there. - I’m not done yet. You can ask whatever it is you want to ask after I get my answers.

- If you’re going to be like that, then what reason do I have to keep answering? - He grinned back.

- Because, - She began, her tone coming off as playfully threatening while she set her drink back on the table and lightly pinched his nose, moving his head side to side. - you can be certain that I won’t answer any of yours if you don’t. Wouldn’t that be a shame?

- It certainly would. - Came the confession.

He had to have her willing to answer him so he was left with no other option than to indulge her, but it still puzzled him as to why he was letting her play with him the way she was. He wouldn’t let anyone other than Sonia do that to him, or so he believed. Why was she different? He had been racking his brain for a while and reached a few conclusions, or at least he thought he did. It was getting hard to focus on much. Regardless, Gladstone refused to believe in any of them. He couldn’t. It implied too much.

- Go on, then. - He finished, taking a hefty swig out of his Long Island.

- Alright. Instead of how, what about where and when did you two meet?

- Southampton. About three years ago. - He responded with a smile. - Went to different schools, but we had a mutual friend. She didn’t even set us up. We just started talking to each other. At one point, - He admitted somewhat embarrassedly. - given how shy I am, I walked up to her and discreetly gave her a letter because I couldn’t bring myself to say what I wanted to say directly without stuttering all over myself.

There was something that came to Kaye’s attention. Because of how she was wrapped around Gladstone’s arm, she noticed sudden contractions in his muscles as he spoke. It was subtle, but enough to make her aware. She didn't react to it. Instead, she simply giggled at his answer before continuing, spending the next few minutes trying to squeeze the details of the letter out of him, but without any success.

- How often do you do those kinds of things, by the way? - She eventually resigned to asking.

- What? Courting her? - He smirked back. - Trying to see if I am a good boyfriend?

They both gave a well-rounded laugh, with Kaye responding with a teasing "Maybe..."

- Well, frequently enough to not be lacking, I’d hope. But to answer the question you were really asking: I try to know when she wants someone next to her to listen and when she just wants space; I ask her everyday how she is and if she needs anything. I help her out with her tasks... I really just try to make sure I treat her with the love and respect she deserves.

- Still in the honeymoon phase?

- I wouldn’t say so. - He laughed. - But it’s a bit more complex than that.

- How come?

Gladstone took a moment to answer that. It wasn’t something easy to reply to without giving the wrong idea:

- Lets just say that… it took her a while before we started acting as an actual couple...

- Does she at least reciprocate the effort you put into it? - She asked, drinking a bit more.

- In her own way... - Came the somewhat insecure answer as Gladstone tilted his head side to side, his movements coming exaggerated because he failed to account for how light his head now felt.

- That sounds like a no...

- She does! - He defended with slight exaltation. - It's not with hugs and kisses, at least not most of the times, but she does.

- But does she do it enough?

- Yes.

There was yet another contraction of Gladstone's arm, Kaye now realizing it came from the subtle clenching of his fist.

- Or at least she did when I last saw her. That was over a year ago. - The longing in his voice was more than evident as he prepared the glass in front him and looked ahead. - I've been talking to her online, but it's not the same. It helps, - He added. - but it really isn’t...

Gladstone took yet another long swig, drinking more than half of the Long Island at once before placing the empty glass on the table, prompting her to lightly tighten the grip on the arm in affection and ask, worried:

- Why are you here, anyway? Away from her, I mean.

- Sonia wanted to send someone she could trust over to the RHG to test the viability of our powers. - For the third time, she sensed the contraction in his arm, but Gladstone seemed entirely oblivious to it as he realized what he was saying and quickly apologized about something else, looking downwards in embarrassment. - I’m sorry. I’m supposed to keep you company, but I was about to start talking about my problems.

He was still mostly aware of his actions, but by this point, he was more than just a little light headed as the latest drink started kicking in; and the seductive singer knew that. After quickly ordering two more glasses from the waiter passing by, she grabbed the boy's chin with her free hand and made him look dead into her emerald eyes to make sure she had his attention. Her tone was dreadfully serious:

- No. I'm the one who is sorry. You're being fooled and you haven't even noticed it.

Visibly confused, Gladstone still mumbled an inaudible "what?" before she continued.

- You are. For how long are you to stay here?

- ...Indefinitely. - He admitted.

- I thought as much. - Came the sigh from Kaye. - She got rid of you.

- Impossible! - Claimed Gladstone in disbelief. - She could--She could not possibly do that!

Gently, he took her hand off his chin, matching her gaze, causing the singer to further furrow her eyebrows.

- If that were the case, - He started, matching the tone as well. - then why do I still frequently talk to her through text?

- You're being naïve. - She accused, tugging his arm even closer. - Of course you still talk to her, she still wants you under her control! She just doesn’t want you around.

The notion sounded outlandish to him. There was no one he trusted more than Sonia but, because of that, he had yet to consider the option Kaye claimed as truth and despite him wanting to just yell it out as false, it wasn’t entirely impossible. Therefore, the doubt clinged onto his mind. And that left him frustrated. But his denial mechanisms had another thought pass by as well.

- For you to conceive such an idea so readily, - He began, sluggishly and quietly. - have you ever done it yourself?

Slowly crossing her arms, she easily and determinedly confessed, an attitude that surprised Gladstone:

- Once. Told myself to never do it again.

His thoughts were getting truly hard to focus on. There was one thing that could keep his concentration really clearly, which right now was how the demeanor of the beautiful singer felt pleasingly familiar, but not much else. He felt inclined to trust her. She was confident in what she was talking about.

The glasses of the second drink, same as the last, arrived, which caused Gladstone to raise a questioning eyebrow in Kaye's direction.

- Drink up. - She claimed authoritatively. - You're going to need it.

For the next half hour, all that Kaye did was prove to Gladstone how his squad leader had been manipulating him ever since he had moved. However, the amount of trust that he had in her was not something that could be broken so quickly, despite the progress.

- You seem like a logical person, Sebastian. Don't block out the answer! - The singer commanded to a deeply disturbed Gladstone.

He was a bit of a mess by this point. His second glass was empty, contrasting with Kaye’s, which was practically full; his dark blonde hair was disheveled from the amount of times his hands dug into it; his arms were wrapped around one of his pixels, deeply worried for his creator, and all he could do, amidst half-slurred words, was to babble mostly incoherent arguments about how it was impossible, how Sonia wouldn’t do that, how it couldn’t be true. All while trying his damndest (and failing) to not break into tears at how brutally his mold of what he believed in was getting tore apart.

- I... I jus' don't kno' whatto think anymore... - Gladstone cried, making the singer realize that he had probably had enough for now.

Sliding back to his side, she initially tried to affectionately get his attention one last time, but after two failed attempts, she resorted to more authoritatively call out his name, which caused him to look at her almost immediately, even if he seemed like he really did not want to.

Returning to a more tender tone, she gently cupped Gladstone's cheeks and said:

- I suppose we should stop for today. Why don't you spend the night at my place? When you wake up, we'll talk about this more calmly. And I don't want any of the lies you told me earlier tonight, otherwise I won't help you get out of this mess. Are we clear?

Slowly, Gladstone nodded, sniffling as he tried to keep the contents of his nose where they should be.

- Good. - Taking advantage of her grip, Kaye pulled him closer and gave him a quick kiss that served three purposes. A reward for his compliance, a symbol for what they had just agreed upon, and an apology for how rough she had been with him tonight.

Unlike last time, like he said, Gladstone did not know what to think; and as such, he did nothing to stop her then nor right after, when she let her hands fall from his cheeks, slowly tracing his body all the way to his hands, where she gently pulled them away from the pixel grabbed in between and dragged him up, careful to not let him fall over.

Eventually they made their way to Kaye’s place, but it wasn't the one Gladstone was expecting. Even if still more than just a little drunk, he remembered she was living with Sabine.

Despite the trailer that was sitting in front of them being large, it was still simply a trailer. And it was left on a park that looked pretty much abandoned. Not something the RHG would likely have given them to live on. A remark which he voiced while hanging onto Kaye for support. As long as no sudden movements were made, he could mostly keep himself upright. His words were still coming slightly slurred, however.

- This doesn't look like the house you and... Sabine liv' in... Wher' ar' we, Janice?

This was actually the first time he had called her by her actual name in the whole night. While it did surprise her, she hid it quite well and was even pleased to know he was aware of it, gently reassuring him as they walked in, even finishing with a pat on the head.

- Well, I can't actually bring you home. Sabine sleeps there too, so I brought you to this trailer I have. It's still, technically, my place, so don't worry your precious little head over it, alright?

With the lights turned on, Kaye was pleased to see that the place was still as she left it. Gladstone however did little more than make a few quick comments about how neat the place looked because of how his head was spinning. He didn’t properly look at the queen sized bed that stood in front of them with a barred metal guard at the wall, half of it snugly placed in the alcove and neatly arranged with tainted white sheets, just waiting to be used. He didn’t pay much attention to the wardrobe made out of industrially polished dark wood that was on his left with small, horizontal openings all across its double doors. He also didn’t quite notice how the door to his right lead to a bathroom and even beyond that, the main room of the trailer. A sort of mixture of both living room and kitchen.

- Sorr’ I kept leaning on ya. - Began Gladstone as he was led onto the bed. - Just gimme a moment and I’ll move to the nearest couch.

- And why would you do that? - She asked, amused, sitting next to him.

- Because I’m really not sure we should do this…

- Oh, my dear Sebastian, - She started, her tone seductive as she leaned in his direction and trailed her hand over his cheek. - that’s just the nerves talking. It’s perfectly normal, but you just have to ignore them.

He blushed again and looked down to ponder for a few moments before replying:

- Ya wouldn’ really take a “No” either way, would ya?

She chuckled lightly. Coming off more as slightly disconcerting rather than pleasant.

- Nope! - She almost sang, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. - And don’t even try to tell me you don’t like that I’m not giving you any choice. I had you pegged five minutes after we started talking. Go and have a cold shower, - Kaye almost ordered. - it'll help you clear your head. But do so while sitting down. I don't want you knocking yourself out because you fell. There should be a couple of towels in there and you can leave your clothes on the chair in the next room.

- Ladies first! - Came the half-shout from Gladstone as he let himself fall on his back, smiling and left arm pointed towards the ceiling as if it helped him make his case. - Imma gentleman, after all! Imma go after you.

- There's no need for that. - Admitted Janice after a melodious laugh. - I need to check on a couple of things so you might as well go first. Besides, - She added with a smirk as she slowly took her purple gloves off, making sure he was watching. - a gentleman should never make a lady wait.

- Fair point, my dear! - He proclaimed.

Springing back to a sitting position, Gladstone took a couple of moments before rising up and walking as straight as he could towards the bathroom, regretting having moved so quickly previously.

With him out of sight and the water running, Kaye was left to her own devices. Knowing exactly where to look, she quickly opened the closet in the room and smiled wickedly. It was all still there. Reaching for the top compartment, she grabbed a pair of handcuffs and a piece of rope, the first of which she hid under the pillow she was going to use and the other under the bed. There was also a box with an assortment of sex toys that she took. Those ones she placed on the small section that served as an in-wall nightstand. Finally, she closed the closet door and made sure to lock it before darting to the kitchen, finding a roll of thick, black duct tape and a pair of scissors in one of the drawers. She used it to make sure the closets' doors remained closed, taping the top and bottom sections. But not before Gladstone finished his bath. The sound of running water ceased and Gladstone spoke, eventually coming out of the bathroom, his hair completely disheveled and still a bit wet, wrapped up in nothing but a towel on his waist:

- That actually helped a lot. I still feel lightheaded, but I can walk better now. Also why is there no mirr-- - Noticing what she was doing, however, he asked in curiosity. - Hey, why are you taping that wardrobe shut?

- The thing tends to creak a lot and I forgot to bring some oil for the hinges, so I'm trying to make sure it doesn't bother us. This should do.

- I'd suggest also taping the middle. That way, you're covering all possible sources of force. Here, let me do that for you.

Careful to not let the towel fall, he walked over and did as promised, but not without noticing something. Through the openings, he saw a couple of things shining oddly against the room's lighting, which prompted him to politely ask about it as he returned the tape.

- I sometimes come here after my shows. That's probably just one of my dresses. - Kaye calmly explained as she left the tape and the scissors on the nightstand before smiling and asking as she turned her back to him, raising her undulating red hair around the back of her neck. - speaking of dresses, could you help me unzip mine, please?

Slightly blushing, Gladstone agreed. Moving delicately, he did as asked. The zipper silently going until halfway down her spine, slowly exposing more of her smooth skin as he set her free of her clothing.

- Thank you. - She said, craning her head in his direction, fingers slowly brushing his cheek. - Go lay in bed. I'll join you in a few minutes.

The suggestion made Gladstone look down with a saddened expression, eliciting Janice to ask about it.

- I’m still not sure if I want to go through with this… - Came the doubt, almost as a whisper.

- Getting cold feet again? - She teased at first, but noticing his hesitation, she went further. Suddenly grabbing him by the arm, Janice dragged Gladstone to the bed, immediately falling on top of him and enveloping him in a deep kiss, taking his surprise as her chance to slip one of her arms under her pillow and grab the handcuffs she had hidden, deftly attaching them between Gladstone's wrists and one of the bars of the bed guard tightly, effectively chaining him.

- I'll join you in a few minutes. - She repeated imposingly as the kiss was broken and the sly seductress moved away.

He tugged at the cuffs for a few moments when he realized what had happened, but he soon understood that he had no choice but to wait. Janice however, took the chance to play with him further. Knowing he was watching her on her way to the bathroom, she removed the straps from her shoulders as she walked, allowing her movement to let the dress simply drop, her elegant and alluring body in her lacy, dark grey underwear uncovered for him to see, making Gladstone blush and shift awkwardly in place at the sight ahead of him.

Cuffed against the bed as he was, albeit exciting, gave him time to think. He still hesitated doing what he was about to do. There was no one he had trusted more than Sonia, but what he was told tonight... it really made it look like she had just... gotten rid of him. Like he no longer mattered... Now, it is not like he was looking for revenge sex but Janice, Janice just... clicked. Despite how brutally she tore down what Gladstone believed in, she did so because she saw that he was being used. In the end, she was being kind. And the way she forced herself on him, how bold she was, how confident, how elegant, how... honest. It was as if she knew exactly which buttons to press, when to press them and how hard to press them.

He still wondered how he came to trust her so quickly, but he couldn't really put it into words. Nor really focus that much on it either. The air around her simply made him want to trust and admire her. Was it charisma? That was all he could conclude before the water stopped once more and soon came the sound of a hair dryer. Not long after, Kaye came out with a pair of underwear hanging in her hand. Wearing absolutely nothing.

Her face more than confirmed that she did so on purpose. She wanted him to see her body. Her marvellously sculpted figure where no part seemed bigger or smaller than it should. Her legs as just long as one can consider them alluring, her thighs just as thick as one could wish for, her bottom just as plump as one can find enticing, her chest just as big as one imagines to be arousing, her face just as beautiful as one can think to exist. She exerted beauty and elegance from all pores, and Gladstone did not remain indifferent, blushing harder than he already was before, unable to keep his legs still, even arching his back slightly.

Chuckling, Kaye walked towards the bed, throwing the underwear next to him.

- No need to be embarrassed, Sebastian. - She cooed while crawling her way on top with predatory eyes, making sure to pull away the rest of towel he had around the waist, baring him. - You're mine now. There's nothing to be ashamed of in that. So let me hear your voice.

In an instant, Janice lunged against his neck, nipping on it and winning a gasp of surprise out of Gladstone, something that quickly turned into moans.

This kept going for a while. Kaye seemed content in simply teasing him and hearing his wails, finding various ways to abuse him, making ample use of the contents of the box in the nightstand, without actually giving him what he wanted. Not until he begged.

Slowly at first, low whimpers came out of Gladstone, but she soon coaxed out more; to the point where he was practically screaming his desires to her before she decided it was time.

She purposefully took as long as she could, but the new sensations that came with the next step were overloading his mind. However, they also
became tied to what had turned into a bit of a game. Janice would give him an order or dictate some sort of challenge and, were he to miss it, she would get to punish him in whichever form she thought appropriate. Were he to succeed however, she was not heartless, she would reward him in some fashion. Of course Kaye tried to sabotage his efforts, but regardless of either outcome, Gladstone was not getting any sort of relief. She wouldn’t let him. She always seemed to know whenever he was reaching his peak and ceased all affection for a minute or two so he would calm down, content with just appreciating his frustrated reactions. The feeling of control she got out of it was addicting, making her desire for more and more. And that was driving him crazy. Janice wanted him truly desperate. She needed him in that state. It would make his mind that much more malleable. The fact that she had a partner that got a kick out of getting toyed with; someone who played into her own tastes, only made it more fun, so she wanted to treasure it while she could. And so the game continued.

- That won't do, Sebastian. - She smirked, moving painfully slowly, her voice just overflowing with predatory intent as she saw the man underneath her failing to not squirm and whimper under her care, pleasurable shivers creeping up her spine. - I thought I had told you you weren't allowed to move. Couldn't you hold out just a bit longer?

Gladstone tried to give out multiple apologies and excuses in between wails and gasps, but that didn't stop her. If anything, it egged her to tease him further.

- Well, what should I do with you, hmm? What do you suggest? - She asked, never really giving him any sort of rest.

- That's... cruel. - Was all he could muster in between the assault of both pleasure and agony he was receiving.

- What was that? - She asked, leaning closer to him and placing one of her hands on his chest. Her voice now coming low, but still no less threatening. - I couldn't hear you.

He could only start to repeat himself before she carved her nails into him and dragged them down, hard. A scream came out as he tried to shift in place, not managing much under Janice's weight and the cuffs in his hands.

- You've yet to see cruel. - She whispered to his ear, a large, snail-like shiver passing through Gladstone as she spoke. - When I'm done with you, you will be nothing more than a crying, obedient, little pup. - Janice started pressing her nails deeper, blood starting to come out as she emphasized the end of every word, letting them out slowly and actually starting to scare Gladstone. - And you will love. Every. Minute. Of it.

She left his ear to face him. Her emerald eyes just centimetres away of his light blue, both noticing just how much control she had over him. Were things to stay as they were now, Janice could probably get Gladstone to do almost anything for her. But “almost anything” wasn't enough. She needed him willing to do anything.

- Would you like that? To be my adorable little puppy? I could pet you and teach you tricks. With just a call, I could have you drop whatever you could be doing and come to me. From anywhere. With a call, I could make you tell me all there is to know about Halberd. Their contracts, their research projects, their operatives with unlocked Potentials... With a call, I could make you abandon everyone. RHG, your team, Sonia... Before the night is over, I will make you mine. Entirely mine.

- H-how? - Was all he could say. How did she know he was from Halberd? He had never even given so much as a reference that he had a connection with them ever since he had joined the system. All communications with his squad had been done through secure, encrypted networks and done peer-to-peer. He had been thorough in his security. So how...? - How do you know that!? - He ended up muttering in a mixture of anger and astonishment.

Chuckling in a rather unsettling way, Kaye grabbed the underwear she had initially thrown in his direction and curled it into a ball, shoving it in Gladstone’s mouth with the order to bite on it, unless he’d rather choke. Not finishing there however, she reached for the nightstand and took hold of the tape, slowly sealing the clothing inside.

- Some people have a vested interest in knowing more about people like you, - She answered after a quick kiss through the adhesive. She didn’t have to tell him, but there really wasn’t much he could do about it, and seeing him try to do something just gave her an even bigger thrill. - and they don't quite enjoy that Halberd doesn't like to share their data. Now, they only asked for one, and they didn't specify which one of you I had to bring, but I'm sure I could haggle them to pay me double if I bring them two, so here's what it is going to happen: - As she spoke, she went for the box yet again, but this time, what came out of it was a handgun. Sleek black and cold, it was carefully placed on the side of Gladstone's forehead, whose eyes visibly widened as his skin paled and his heartbeat skyrocketed. - if you do as I say, you won't get shot in the head, and I promise you I will make you feel better than Sonia could even dream to make you. So good, that you won’t want to go back to her. - Turning the safety off, she gently dragged the gun across his forehead, thoroughly enjoying seeing him nervously following the weapon with his eyes and feeling his increasing heartbeat. - I am going to break you. And when morning comes, I will deliver you and your friend Selena to those people. You will cooperate with them, but you will answer to me. You will be at my beck and call and no one else’s. - Janice, moving once more, calmly returned the weapon back to where it was and wrapped her arms around his neck, looking at him with a renewed wave of domineering lust. - For now though, let us enjoy the night.

He tried to voice his surprise at the mention of Selena, but with his mouth covered the way it was and Janice's movements carrying a renewed vigour, all he managed to do was produce a number of muffled grunts of a pleasure he no longer wanted to admit he was feeling.

He needed a way to regain his full mobility. Considering how he was chained, any attempts at doing anything against her right now would be
thoroughly unfruitful, if not lethal, given the quick access to she had to her “toy." But he couldn’t focus. No longer could he see anything other than the woman on top of him and how her emerald eyes, even if mad with the desire to use him, were still sending pleasurable chills down his spine, making the onslaught of sensations being brought onto him too strong to allow any kind of coherent thinking.

Surprisingly, despite the very real threats leaving him quite nervous at the time, it didn’t take that long for Gladstone’s body to start reaching its limit again. But once more, he was denied the trip past the tipping point.

Reading him like an open book, Janice saw it coming and climbed out of him in time, chuckling sadistically and teasing him further as she snuggled besides him, slowly rubbing her hands across his body, making sure to give emphasis to the marks she had previously made while he “calmed down.”

With the threatening dominatrix making the most out of Gladstone’s reactions, the sensation of being “so close, yet so far” was drawn out far longer than he expected, or even wanted, soon finding himself trying to speak through his gag. It was only because of the context they were in that Kaye even understood what he said:

- Hmm? - She acknowledged in slight surprise, but never stopping her ministrations.

He repeated amidst groans and moans the best he could, Janice expertly making use of the most sensitive spots in his body.

- You’re willing to submit to me already? Oh, that is just adorable! - She laughed, ruffling his hair while resuming her stronger affections without leaving his side. - Puppy thinks he can fool the owner. Tell me more sweet things, Gladstone.

Just how much did she know? He had yet to tell her his surname as well.

But that didn't deter him. His next few minutes were spent trying to convince her of his desire to switch allegiances. If anything, just so he could relax.

- If you are truly willing to submit to me this quickly, my pet, then I'll need you to prove it.

He nodded enthusiastically, even going as far as trying to bark despite his mouth being covered. He wanted to show her how dedicated he was.

And it worked. Kaye decided to give him a chance. She reached for the key to the cuffs binding Gladstone and set him free for the time being with the single order that he were to immediately assume a proper position, going as far as berating him for even taking the time to rub his sore, and slightly marked, wrists.

He looked for an opportunity, but Janice, likely deliberately, kept herself within arms reach of the nightstand, which made him unable to do much unless he was feeling suicidal. He just had to wait.

Even if it only took a few minutes, waiting felt so much longer than that. She mercilessly instructed him, all of her commands clearly demeaning. Rolling, crawling, barking... There was no doubt about it. She was pretty much treating him as if he were nothing more than a dog now. And as much as he didn’t want to admit it, heat still coursed through his body the whole time. But when he saw the chance, he could not let it pass.

- Paw! - She happily ordered, sitting on the bed with an open palm, grinning tremendously.

Instinctively, he gave her his left hand, but her brows furrowed and her tone went stern.

- I said right paw!

She hadn’t, and they both knew it, but this was where Gladstone saw his chance. He went to correct his “mistake” when he saw a path to the gun. Using his position, he pushed her to the side at the same time he lunged himself towards the inwall nightstand, hand aiming for the box where weapon had been left.

All its contents as well as the very box itself came crashing down onto the bed as he spun around in the air, gun in his hand aimed at her. Various toys of varying sizes, volumes and purposes just scattered across the sheets or over him.

In no more than just a moment, she was back on him, caging him underneath her, forehead pressing against the barrel of the gun. She showed no fear. To her, Gladstone was still under her spell, simply testing his limits. What fun she would have breaking him, she thought.

- Are you really going to press the trigger, my pet? - She teased, slowly and seductively.

He couldn’t really answer properly through the underwear and the tape, so he resorted to simply glaring at her.

- I don’t think so. - Came the chuckle.

In a flash, one of her hands moved the gun away from her head and another reached lower onto Gladstone, which caused him to pretty much scream in pain in a tone higher than he thought possible as she squeezed with a force that made it look like she intended to crush instead.

Throughout the trailer the sound of a gunshot was heard, causing the ears of both characters to ring. Gladstone, instinctively contracting every muscle in him had accidentally fired, the bullet flying to the side and possibly even out of the vehicle, but it didn’t stop there. Kaye, maintaining the pressure, tried to wrestle the gun out of him until a second shot was heard, and Gladstone felt a splash of blood fall on top of his face and chest.

For the first time in the night, Janice was the one who screamed, crawling back with a look of shock in her face, left hand on her right shoulder, immediately bloodied as more came out profusely.

Realizing what had happened, Gladstone jumped out of bed and once again aimed at her, panting; his posture a bit uneasy thanks to the lingering pressure on his testicles and a ringing in his ears that took a few good moments to go away.

Janice looked pale. No, more than that. She was turning white. Her skin gradually lost its colour, her hair started to shrink, the curves on her body became less pronounced. She even lost some of her height. Janice was rapidly reverting to her true form. Entirely white, her face was doll-like almost as if made of porcelain, her hair non-existent, her proportions adolescent. He knew she could do that, but seeing it happen before him still unsettled him deeply. It just wasn’t natural.


Gladstone’s head snapped to his side. It had come from the wardrobe.


There it was again.

He backed toward the closet wearily, holding his aim on Janice as she retreated to the other end of the bed. She winced with the effort.


After removing his own, cursing lightly at the pain, and slowly taking the utterly soaked underwear out of his mouth, even throwing it with a disgusting squelch in Janice’s direction for good measure, he began to withdraw the tape from the wardrobe.

- What’s inside? - He asked, his tone deep, even somewhat threatening.

- I don’t... - She flinched a bit, her eyes teary. - think you want to know.

What worried him was how, despite getting shot and being in obvious pain, she still smirked. Like she had something else she could bargain with.

And what that was became clear when Gladstone tried to open the wardrobe’s door. It was locked.

- Where’s the key?

- I don’t know. - She played. - Losing all this blood made my memory a little hazy. If only I had an obedient little boy who could go and grab the first-aid kit I have in the bathroom…

- I suppose I can’t really leave you like that. - He conceded. - Leave the bed and I’m shooting your kneecaps as well.

- What happened, Sebastian? You were acting so meek a minute ago. You were adorable! - She teased as he made his way.

- Take a guess! Your hint: Messing with my feelings. - He proclaimed, returning to the room and coldly throwing the kit towards her. - Now, about that key...

- I can’t possibly take care of my wound alone… - Came the enticement.

- I figured as much… - He sighed.

Next to the wardrobe again, Gladstone raised his leg and, taking advantage of the spaces between the openings, brought the back of his bare foot with trained precision on the lower half of the closest door, making an opening without sinking his foot too far in. Internally, he regretted the decision; it hurt and he likely cut himself somewhere, but to his credit, his face produced no reaction to it.

Janice on the other hand widened her eyes in surprise, finally realizing that she had lost all of her control on the situation.

Kitchen. Topmost drawer to the right of the oven. - She admitted, now looking to the side, sulking as she opened the first-aid with her uninjured arm.

- Much obliged. - He sarcastically added, already moving with a strong stride.

Grunting from within the wardrobe became audible as he returned. Human grunting, which made him wonder just what in the hell she had there. An answer that came crashing against his mind just moments after when he pieced Janice’s previous words together.

- Selena!?

Dropping the gun, it took him a couple of desperate tries before he hit the wardrobe’s keyhole as Janice laughed, recoiling slightly from her wound.

- I told you you didn't want to know.

- You had her here the whole time? What is wrong with you!?

- This coming from the sub. - She mocked

There was no doubt about it, it was Selena. Sitting on her knees, both her feet and her arms looked bound tightly against something on the wall.

She was not in the best of shapes. Her long black hair was a complete mess, doing a poor job hiding the mostly dried blood on the side of her forehead. It trickled a bit still, which would cause one to assume that that was the source of the banging. Her eyes were also red and even recoiled somewhat at the new amount of lighting, showing how long she had been there. Her mouth was taped, something Gladstone took care of immediately (perhaps a bit too fast even, considering how his friend reacted to it), and her voice came tired and a bit hoarse, as if she had tried to call for help before.

- Oh thank God you heard me, Seb! - She cried, tears flowing out at the sight of her friend - It was my fault! I thought I was going to get you shot!

- What do you mean? - He asked in surprise before looking to release her bindings.

- I told her that if she ever made any noise that caught your attention, I would kill you. - Janice freely chuckled.

- She found out. About Halberd, about the squad… about the Potentials. Because of me! I was so tired trying to find her that I got careless, Seb. I'm so sorry!

Her face was a meltdown of relief but at the same time, of immense worry. As if she feared for her friends' life almost as much as her own. Just what did Janice do to her?

He struggled a bit with the knots that were in place, cursing that he hadn’t gone to grab a knife, but eventually he found how to untie them.

- Careful. Careful, Seb! - Selena asked, strained as he, after grabbing the gun back, slowly helped her up by carrying her with his shoulder. - I don't think I can stand on my own just yet.

- You are utterly insane. - Claimed Gladstone towards Janice with a threatening glare before turning in worry to Selena. - How long were you stuck in there?

She was about to answer when Janice took her place.

- How long do you think? - She waited for Gladstone’s eyebrow to raise before she continued with a voice that shocked him. - Longer than you might imagine…

She laughed the best she could as Gladstone’s chin dropped and he looked at his colleague, who turned away in shame.

- She kidnapped me right as I left the airport this morning…

- Wai-- So… this morning… You… but… the coffee… Her…

It took him a moment to fully process the fact that the conversation he had earlier in the day with whom he thought to be Selena was actually Janice, fooling him so thoroughly that he would never have believed he had talked to someone else if the shapeshifter herself hadn’t told him.

- I even had this fun idea where I was going to turn into her and make you think that you slept with your friend instead. - She laughed before hissing a bit at her wound.

- Fucking psychotic succubus… - Growled Selena in light of a Gladstone without words. - Let’s just clean that blood and get you dressed, Seb...

There was about a couple of minutes of silence before Janice decided to speak again; her tone playful, but her words poisonous.

- You know, even though I did it because I was hired to, what I told you about her can still be true…

Oh how he wanted to just blast her brains against the wall… His mouth showed nothing more than a frown, but his eyes could not have been clearer. They just itched to burn a hole through her.

- Fanaticism is not healthy! - Janice half-shouted as a tease. - Useful, for the wielder. But can we really call it that after what happened tonight?

It was done out of her sight, but Gladstone, preparing to carry Selena again, froze for a couple of seconds. He had yet to have the time to truly think about it. She may had lost control of him, but she was going to make sure that he paid for it.

- Can you even go back to her? I mean, all it took me was a couple of hours and a few drinks...

- ...shut up. - He mumbled, canceling what he was about to do, clenching his fists in barely contained rage. Gladstone’s boiling point was close by and it showed in his raised voice. - You took advantage of my inebriated state, my current situation and my taste in women to plant within me a crippling amount of doubt that you then manipulated to get me into bed with you.

- Oh how logical of you! - She mocked. - Is that what you’re going to tell yourself before you sleep tonight, hmm?

Selena, slowly regaining the feeling of her legs, felt tempted to warn her but, in all honesty, she wasn’t all that inclined to be kind.

- Actually, - She continued, seemingly having reached some sort of epiphany - "do you even want to go back to her?" would be a better question. - Gladstone turned the safety of his gun off and was preparing to walk to Janice; whether to shoot her in the head or somewhere else he did not know yet, but Selena grabbed his arm and looked at him with an impish smile, suggesting him an idea. - I mean, I liked what we did tonight, and I know you did too. You can stay with me. I'll be sure to take good care of you.

Her tone would sound honest to most, but context dictated that there was obviously more to her words.

- I mean that. - She continued uninterrupted, despite the reappearance of the duo - Unlike her, Sebastian, I would make sure to give back all the attention that you'd give me. I'd never make you feel lonely. Never insecure. Never unloved. All you have to do is to stay by my side.

The more time that passed, the further away from her spell he was. It’s not as if thoughts of staying with her and what would come of it didn’t cross his mind, but he interpreted them with utter disgust by this point.

- Here’s what is going to happen: - Gladstone started with a tone unusual to him. Imposing. Truly imposing. It forced even Janice to make a double take before understanding just how serious he was. - Sit still and all we’ll do is tie you up and leave you here until medical care arrives. Try to attack us in any way, and we’re leaving you to bleed out with a few more bullet wounds. I’m fine with either.

It didn’t take her long to silently conform to the first option, which meant that she soon found herself with her left wrist cuffed against the bed guard and her legs tied both together and against one of the bed’s legs with the rope the shapeshifter had previously hid underneath. But there was one thing left:

Gladstone leaned over until he met Janice face to face, her’s an expression of frustration, displeasement and also a bit of pain, while his’ was one of pleased dominance.

- The moment you take a sub for granted, is the moment you lose control over him. - He said, gently grabbing her chin to make sure she did not look away or try anything before stretching his other arm back, getting Selena to hand him something.

It felt disgusting on his hand. Half-moist, half-dry and curled into a ball. It was the same pair of underwear that previously been shoved into Gladstone’s mouth. The same dark-grey lacy underwear. And now, he turned it back on her. Under the same order she had given him, even if his’ was said ironically, he did the same to her while his friend taped the mouth shut.

- I’m glad you cooperated. - He thanked, patting her cheek simply to add insult to injury. - An ambulance should come for you shortly.

The moment they both left the trailer, Gladstone took his phone out and made the call, but he didn’t reach the emergency number. He reached for Halberd.

Janice had found out too much about them and as such, they needed to know just how much information she held. He identified himself and gave the necessary instructions, promptly receiving confirmation that a team was on its way.

With a sigh of relief that the event was over, Gladstone continued to move away from the trailer in the company of Selena.

Then he moved faster.

And faster.

And even faster yet...

- Hey, Seb! Wait! I can’t keep up with you! - Selena screamed amidst her heavier breathing, snapping her friend out of his trance.

He had sped up his walking without even realizing it. Now that he had the time to think, the weight of his actions was starting to catch up to him. And he wasn’t dealing well with it at all, as she came to realize when she saw his face.

- Seb…

He was crying. His composure was just crumbling by the second as tears followed suit. He knew the consequences that his actions would bring and he regretted the actions themselves. Right now, he just wanted to crawl into his bed, hug his Pixels and sleep.

There came a sudden pressure around him. Selena embraced her friend, hugging him tightly as he sobbed next to her ear.

She too wanted to cry. After all, she considered that it was her carelessness that even caused this to happen in the first place, but she held back, for the sake of comforting her friend.

- It’ll be fine. - She lightly whispered.

- I doubt it. - He sobbed.

- It will. Trust me.

Gladstone didn’t.

Google Docs version of the story above here: Click (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lEqCBwTzJ2tuxvaCKn-cYRPP5w9gCG7oY6FsivvaiQI/edit?usp=sharing)

This one happens right after the main story. Just a few minutes after the two of them arrive at Gladstone's place.

Aftermath (OPTIONAL)
Google Docs (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qaIw7HbuwLH26pXSNA9mkFOcNTOciMQ1bs215sErfyk/edit?usp=sharing)

TwitchyPidge's Side:

“So, Kaye, do we have a deal?” Janice tilted her head and pursed her lips at the use of her alias. "This flash drive and any files pertaining to Halberd and their projects in exchange for the agreed payment."

“Consider it done, Mr…” She paused eyeing her employer, realizing she’d been put in the delicate position of them knowing her identity but having no knowledge of theirs. Though I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard to find “... don’t believe I caught your name.” The man in front of her smiled and lightly patted the back of her hand.

“You don’t need my name, not while Hayes Industries has yours. We’ll be checking in.” One of his bodyguard looking men stepped forward to escort her out, handing her the files on the case. “See that it’s done before the end of the month.”

Once safe within the taxi she sat staring out the window until the huge office building was out of view. “Hayes industries...well played” She frowned down at the file, fingering the initial fee she had managed to charge them before skimming through the particulars on this Halberd and their Sebastian Gladstone.

After arriving home to see Sabine off to work, the Shape-shifter shut herself in her room and got to studying. His crew would be the only way to get close enough to snag the files he supposedly possessed. When she discovered Sabine had once been in his clan, she considered that route; however, from what she could get out of Sabine, they’d never been intimate enough for her to have any fun.

The rest of her time was spent digging up info on the rest of his team, getting photos, voice recordings–anything her resources could offer; depending on the situation she might need make use of all of them. The next few days she tailed him in disguise, taking note of any weaknesses she could find if it came down to fighting, as well as gathering further information that could prove useful when the time came.

During some drunken sharing, Sabine gave away that her ex-leader was a bit of a masochist and that he and his Squad leader, Sonia, were definitely an item. Said golden ticket now made Janice’s job ten times easier, as well as infinitely more fun.

After finalizing some false travel documents, Janice spent most of her time perfecting Sonia's appearance, accent, and the few mannerisms she had access to. She imitated her facial expressions and memorized her speech patterns and stern commands. She corrected her posture into the elegant stature and presence of her disguise. When she finally fooled Sabine, who had the uncanny knack of knowing when Janice was posing as someone else, she deemed it was time to pay Mr.Gladstone a visit. Hopefully it wouldn't take much to get his guard down.

Timing-wise, Janice decided evening would be the best choice for her appearance, and went for a fresh-off-the-plane sort of look. Not bedraggled enough to mandate immediate bed rest of course, but enough to stay any hesitation of welcoming her in. ‘Sonia’ arrived giving a weary, travel-worn smile to a pleasantly surprised Sebastian once he opened the door.

"Well, are you gonna let me in?"

"Sonia! Of course, come on in.”

He stepped aside, taking hold of her luggage and making way towards what she assumed was a spare room. "Could you leave it in the bathroom? I'll wanna clean up soon." With a small smirk he nodded and left to straighten up his room and bathroom.

If he turns me down I'll at least have reason to get in his room. Thank god the floor plans were right: the only bathroom is an en suite.

"Sure. Now, to what occasion do I owe this visit?" He returned, brimming with curiosity.

"To make sure you’ve not declined in your skill during my absence." A small grin graced her features as she took a commanding presence, placing herself just out of range if he were to reach for her. He seemed hesitant and a bit worried, but fully alert to the sudden proximity change, as well as her tone."Has something led you to believe I was less than adequate?"

They locked eyes and to Janice’s relief realized he was playing along. Let the fun begin.

"You know I can't reveal my intel. Besides, what you should really be focusing on..." She moved forward, gauging his reactions as she circled him, a hand gently caressed his shoulders. When that did little more than make him tense, she jabbed him in the chest with a finger. "...Is proving me wrong."

Where she expected a flinch, there was a spark. With a grin, she gripped his face firmly in one hand. "Understand?" The pressure from her nails left tiny crescent marks as she released her grip. His breath hitched as she drew even closer.

"Perfectly." A smile split his face and she backed him against a wall. "Perfectly, Ma'am." Janice corrected, noting how well he reacted to her commanding touch she leaned in for a sudden kiss, and pulling away before she’d allow him to deepen it. His hands grasped at her hips and let his head loll back against the wall. “God I missed you.” Janice grinned and pressed her lips to the shell of his ear. “Good.”

When they finally managed to find their way to the bedroom she halted her ministrations and ordered him the cover the en suite mirror and close the door. "May I ask why?" He looked back at her, genuinely puzzled. "Because the only angle I want you seeing from-" she grabbed him by the collar and brought his eyes level with hers. "-Is the one I give you."

The mirror was covered without another word, providing her slight relief and the chance to spot his computer and stow her flash drive nearby. Now, where were we? She mused to herself as Gladstone closed the door and turned back to his 'Sonia'.

"Anything else?" Sebastian was eager to please, and Janice ever so ready to give orders. Their night continued until Gladstone was simply exhausted, and just to be safe she pushed him even further to ensure he’d rest well that night.

Finally she let him be, lying off to the side.
"Di-did I meet your expectations?" He laid back, caressing her side and gently running a finger over a fresh scratch on his cheek.

"For now." She planted a slow, somewhat yielding kiss on his lips and let him fall into sleep amidst a tangled embrace. Once his breathing evened and she was sure he was fully asleep, she set to pulling free of his grasp.

Groggily, he questioned her motive, only to be assured of her return. Evidently satisfied, if disappointed, he rolled over and drifted back into slumber, leaving Janice to pick through his computer, copying any important files onto the hard-drive she was to deliver to Hayes.

Once the transfer had finished, she heard Sebastian begin to stir. Quickly, she removed her device and hid it under her discarded blouse.

"Do you always browse the internet naked?" Janice glance over her shoulder and grinned at the man.

"Only when it serves a purpose."

"And that would be?" He chuckled, watching who he thought was his squad leader make her way back into his bed and hover over him.

"Well, I'm afraid if I told you, I'd have to kill you."

"That certainly would be a shame." Gladstone said this with raised his eyebrows, placing his hands on her waist. ”I'd have to agree, especially since I'm just starting to tolerate you." Janice agreed, fiddling with a bit of his hair.

"You tolerate me? Really, I thought we had something more than that.” A quiet chuckle rumbled through his chest as she lay down to meet him.

"Alright, maybe I like you. So what?” She lay her head on his chest and traced some of the marks she’d made.

“Well, good. If you didn’t, I might have to revoke your internet privileges.” He wrapped one arm around her waist and nudged her slightly with the other. “What were you doing anyways?”

“Just checking in with the team. It’s morning for them right now.” She pointed out the time difference to him and adjusted so she was laying more comfortably beside him.

“Alright…” A slightly clenched fist as he shifted around her revealed he had his doubts, but resolved to let them be for the time being. Neither slept easily and the activities of the morning were a welcome distraction from the looming suspicion.

Sebastian set to picking up the discarded clothes about the room as Janice showered. He discovered the flash drive and sat at his desk until she stepped out.

"And just what is this?"

"You caught me; I was double checking your reports." Sonia raised her arms in defeat.

"And saving them? The whole point of our messenger system is to eliminate the need to extraneous hard copies." He stared at her, utterly perplexed. "What's going on, Sonia?"

"Nothing you need to worry about."

"It's definitely something if you came all the way from Bristol to get files I could've otherwise sent you."

Janice sighed, discarding her towel to don her day clothes.

“Sonia, answer me.”

“I told you, it’s nothing to worry about,” Heading back into the bathroom she gathered up her toiletries, being tailed by rather unsettled Gladstone. “Just drop it.”

“What the hell is going on?” Frustrated he placed a hand on her shoulder to have him face her only to be slammed back against the bathroom counter. “

“I said drop it.” She held him by the collar, and her glare tore through him until she caught a glimpse of her own reflection. The force of her outburst had knocked off the cover from the previous night. Petrified she watched her face go white and hollow. An exclamation of shock from the man in front of her rallied her nerves enough to dash away from the scene.

Sebastian caught his breath, stepping out to see the woman groping through her bag and struggling to regain her composure.

“You’re not Sonia, are you?”

"You see what happens when you question your superiors?" Janice dropped her accent, choosing instead to use a flat, unamused tone. Sebastian stiffened at the stranger’s voice confirming his fears.

"W-who are you?" He stuttered, his face going red as the realization washed over him.

"No one to bother your pretty little head over." She turned, aiming her gun. "The flash drive, please."

Gladstone repeated his question only to have her backhand him.

"The flash drive."

The only thing he gave her was a stone-faced glare as she watched his fist clench tighter around her prize.

Janice smirked moving to press the barrel to his temple and straddle his lap, going back into her accent. "What's the matter? You loved that last night."

Sebastian’s expression tightened, a strained stoicism, refusing to meet her eyes. She sighed and cocked the gun. “Flash-drive, now Gladstone.”

The item was place in her hand, smiling she tucked it into her blouse and looked back to her target. “Come on, now. The fun doesn’t have to be totally ruined now, does it?” Smirking, she laced the fingers of her free hand into his hair, tapping the gun against his head as he tried to pull away.

“It’s not like you didn’t like it…” She leaned in to press her lips against his only to be shoved away. Surprised, she lost her grip on the gun as her back connected with the edge of his bed.

He knelt over her, pinning her arms to the bottom of the wooden frame. She struggled for a moment before sighing and looking back up at her captor with a twisted smile. “I thought you preferred it the other way around, Sebastian.” She brought her knees up to accommodate his hips, only to be sat up by his harsh grip on her arms.

“Who are you?”

“Sonia Maria de Lobo Melo.” She grinned and his hold on her arms tightened.

“Who are you?” He glared down at her, searching for any hint of remorse, any sign that this could all be turned around.

“I'm Sabine.” Janice changed her face to mimic that of her roommate’s. “Didn’t you always have a secret thing for me, Chere? I mean, stuck in a clan house of dudes, we must’ve had one fling–”

“What do you want with my files?” He growled, watching as Janice once again changed, taking on the visage of another squad member, Alexander. “We should talk more; you know. Team bonding and all that.”

“Why do you need the files?” This time she became Selena, beholding a skeptical expression. “The servers were down; I had to collect them myself. Why? Is there something you want kept a secret?” At her smirk, he hoisted her to her feet and rammed her up against the wall.

Slowly, Janice melted back into Sonia’s image, watching him level his breathing. “Who. Are. You?”

“Whoever you want me to be.” Janice gripped his arms for support to bring her legs up around his waist. “What does it matter–”

“Shut up, SHUT UP!” Gladstone shook his head, trying to clear the confusion and anger. “It was just a lie.”

“A lie?" Janice laughed "How would you know? Wasn't it just like those other times? Didn't I know just what you liked?" His face went blank at her words so she continued, mocking.

"Maybe it was all made up, but you felt it, right? The breathlessness, the pain...the shivers up your spine. Tell your body that wasn't real." Janice grinned watching the man's shoulders slump as he tried desperately to ignore her words.


“Why what?” Janice cut him off, trying to pull his torso closer with her legs. “Why–why me? Why Sonia–?” He hung his head, voice cracking for a moment. He took in a deep breath before finally meeting her eyes. “Who hired you?” Janice frowned. "I flew all the way here to spend time with you and this is what I get." Sebastian quaked "You're not Sonia!"

The woman scoffed at his resistance, earning a glare. Sebastian ground out his demands between clenched teeth. “Flash Drive.” The only thing he got was a smirk. “Get it yourself.”

She gave him a disappointed look when his touch didn't linger under her shirt. He frowned, letting her fall when he suddenly pulled her from the wall and freed his waist from her grip.

Janice was quickly tied to the desk chair and Sebastian set to checking the flash drive. Idiot. She waited until his back was to her before maneuvering herself free of her binds, grimacing as her spine stretched and ribs flattened to accommodate her action with silence.

Collecting her gun, she never took her eyes off his hunched figure. She silently positioned herself at the perfect angle and, just as he turned to see her in the edge of his peripheral vision, she brought the butt of the gun down on his temple. With a peck on the cheek, the shape-shifter reached over his slouched form to recover her drive and made for the window.

Sebastian recovered just in time to see her tuck a small knife into her boot and break through the glass with her elbow, making a mad dash for the streets. He frantically grabbed his gloves and snatched up his tonfas before darting out after his assailant.

She hadn't gotten terribly far, scaling the fire escape of a nearby building in hopes of stealing some clothes in order to disappear. Gladstone wasted no time tearing after her, leaping up the ladders and platforms in half the time it took Janice.

He watched her suddenly become much more petite and lithe, now swinging up the escape in a hurried chase. Unfortunately, her light form simply wasn't fast enough. He came up behind her, a charged tonfa sending her into convulsions on the hard metal steps as the current seared her spine.

"The flash drive." His knee was in between her shoulder blades, pinning her before he removed the weapon from her back. He was so focused on regaining the stolen information he mistook her next movements for struggling as she slowly brought her legs up behind her.

"Give it to me!"

"Fine." With a grunt, she slipped her shins up under his shoulders and flung him from her back. Just when she got back to her feet she felt him grasp her ankle and, with a sharp yank, she was back on her stomach.

Her form filled out once more as he flipped her and raised a fist, suddenly staring down at Sonia’s face. The slightest hesitation was all she needed to knee him in the ribs, only for him to trap her leg under one of his own and restrain her again.

“Flash-drive.” Janice’s eyes darted to the buzzing tonfas in his hands, wincing as the spot on her back burned. “Why don’t we trade the fighting in for some dominance play-"

One tonfa grazing her temple made her mind reel and every muscle seize with pain.

“F-front left pocket.” Her captor glanced away long enough for her shaky hand to slip the knife from her boot and ram it into his side. She managed to shove him off to the side, gasping as his weapons stung her legs. She carefully began her ascent up the nearest ladder, gaining speed when his little box creations helped him regain his footing.

Janice had just scaled the final length to the roof of the building when Sebastian used his pixels to make it to the top.

Janice readied her knife and dove behind one of the metal chimneys. The pixel-spawner easily picked up on her scuffling and made his way towards her hiding place. Seeing his reflection approaching rapidly Janice leapt atop the thick pipe and stood her ground.

They eyed each other with caution. Janice could see the climb had taken a nasty toll, along with his wound, but he had the strength she lacked, so she would have to match him in speed.

Finally, she leapt at him. He easily dodged only for her to land and lunge again, slicing at his arms and legs as she ducked and fled from his advances. She managed to sweep his legs, but he simply rolled back to his feet. Panting now, one hand abandoned its weapon to clutch at the bleeding gash in his side.

“Come on, you can’t be tired already!” She taunted him, fanning his anger into an advance, where he knocked the knife from her hand and held her to the ground. “Enough. Who are you?”

“You know who I am. I’m Sonia.”

“No, you’re not!” His voice rasped, with anger, she softened her features and they locked eyes.

“Who else could I possibly be?" His grip shifted from her wrists to her upper arms in order to slam her back against the ground. “Give me answers!”

Janice groaned from the impact, a steady throb sounding through her skull. Her arms slipped up to wrap around his forearms, locking into a stonelike grip right under his elbows. “You should ask better questions.”

“How long?”

“How long do you think?” Janice kept up her facade, the accent as well as the dominating presence, despite her vulnerable position

At her response, however,Sebastian blanched. Was there a possibility that their entire relationship was a cover for some thief? The thought that it was all a lie sent him reeling. The trust they had, the amount of faith he’d put in her. All of it, simply an act? His arms shook under the new weight of his speculations, providing his captive opportunity to escape.

With every ounce of strength, Janice shoved his arms up and brought her body out from under his, gripping onto a single arm to hold him from behind. Twisting the arm back, she placed a knee between his shoulder blades. When he began to push up, a sharp torque of his arm resulted in a harsh cry as he fell back to the roof. Her other knee stretched to pin his wrist off to the side.

“This is one of my favorite positions,” she admitted, pulling on his arm ever so slightly, listening to another grunt of pain. “The more they struggle, the more damage they cause.” The constant shifting of his shoulders ceased as she spoke, earning a grin. “Usually that's when they squirm more.” Her free hand retrieved the tonfa resting close by, she clicked the button releasing the current.

“This was fun, Sebastian. We should really do this more often. Maybe next time I’ll bring my whip.” Janice raised the tonfa, aiming for his temple, but she paused, leaning down to press her mouth to his ear. “See you in Bristol.” With that, she brought the club down and watched his form go limp.

Janice quickly shed her disguise and gathered her belongings from Gladstone’s home. She considered leaving a note, instead resolving to place a single fingerprint from one of her aliases on his screen. He was clever enough to find her eventually, and this was too fun to disappear without a trace. With that she took off into town to claim her paycheck and see if there was anyone remotely interesting to play with at The Cirque.

And there you have it. Feel free to give out your thoughts about whom you voted for and why. That would be appreciated.

01-20-2016, 12:57 PM
Oh gosh.. SJCRPV.. That was just a great read.
I thoroughly enjoyed everything about it. From the interesting plot that shied away from the typical battle scenario, to indirect details of his torture (seriously well done on that), to the heart-breaking ending. That was just an enjoyable read from start to finish!
I loved the pacing of the story too, and your writing style complimented it well! It didn't seem to go too fast, and honestly the ending left me a bit sad that it ended.
I think my absolute favorite component of the story was the emotion, and how it affected it your writing. At one point, I could almost feel Gladstone's anger, and that is truly impressive.
Very nice read.

I have yet to read TwitchyPidge's side, but I am excited to.

01-20-2016, 03:32 PM
Gosh, both of these were amazing to read.
I mean, terrible. Freaking terrible. Why would you two do these... terrible things to Gladstone?
Alright, but seriously- both of your stories had me feeling for the poor guy. He's a happy little pixel... pixeller, with a partner he enjoys but doesn't see much any more, and in both stories he has to deal with a shapeshifter taking the form of (or at least the place of) that very woman. It's rough, and it's actually so rough that it's going to have an effect on my voting, which isn't something I expected to say.

SJCRPV's story was absolutely stunning. He took this battle as a chance to tear apart his character and break him. So when he eventually scores his "win" it is immensely satisfying and immensely painful too. This story affected me far more than a story has affected me for a while, and I give you enormous props for being able to do that for one, and for two having the guts to actually have her do those things to your own character.

But let's take a look at Pidge's story. Janice achieved her objective in this version, and she certainly messed with Gladstone, but... the ending's a lot more light-hearted, mysterious, and open-ended. I think there are a lot of very good reasons for that.

Let's consider what would happen if Pidge were to write Janice how Seb wrote Janice. Every person she battled, she would completely, utterly disassemble. Consider what would happen if she were to write her end of the battle, and the other party were to forfeit or couldn't meet the deadline? The only record of that character's existence, excluding their demo or any previous battles they've fought- would be them getting shit on. Like, really, getting absolutely shit on.

I applaud you Seb for the uncanny way in which you can shit on your own gladiator in your own story. Honestly, I'm SERIOUSLY jealous of how well you managed to do that. But my vote goes to Pidge on this one for having the class not to take a dump on your (extremely vulnerable, easily exploitable) character. She didn't... ultimately, permanently, severely BREAK him is what I'm saying- she got in, she tied him up in knots, stole some shit, and left a trail. That's the kind of story I personally would would prefer to read more of.

But for now I guess I'll have to put up with Seb's tie-in stories. :rolleyes:
Well fought, both of you.

01-20-2016, 07:19 PM
Okay...so, I have to say Seb won this one.


Well, for the same reasons that Chromium7 said, except I liked it. Call me a sadist. Whatever. That was awesome. And the ending was perfectly done. Also, I have to say, you get extra creds for how well you did the sex scene while at the same time not using one explicit description, or even one word. That's not the easiest thing in the world to do...congrats.

Really, I also love Pidge's version. The ONLY reason I didn't vote for that one is because it was excellent...but Seb's was just more excellent.

The only CnC note I would make is that I would have liked some more quotation marks in Seb's...but I'm sure he has a reason for not using them. Otherwise, please see Chromium7's Cnc, since he covered most of what I would have said.

The only thing I would add is that while I have to respect Pidge for being "kind" (not that she was really kind, but compared to Seb's edition...) to Gladstone, physical mercy I can see....but on the psychological level I love to do the maximum damage. Additionally, when it's your char, you can do absolutely whatever you want with him/her, which Seb did masterfully.

And there's my reasoning.

01-20-2016, 07:28 PM
Huh, you caught me just as I was about to go to bed.

The only CnC note I would make is that I would have liked some more quotation marks in Seb's...but I'm sure he has a reason for not using them.

I believe you're referring to the fact that I use hyphens instead of quotation marks to denote vocal speech?
Well, yeah, there's a reason. Where I'm from, that's how you write dialogue. I could use the quotation marks, which I have done so in the past, but I find that using hyphens is more clear to me (as you might imagine, it's likely tied to the fact that I'm just more used to them). You'll find that, if the conversation is being held through indirect methods like text messaging or phone or anything of the like, I'll end up using quotation marks. Otherwise, hyphens.

In any case, I'm glad people are enjoying the stories from both sides.

01-21-2016, 04:00 AM
Decisions, Decisions...


Both reads were amazing, my eyes slightly hurt because I forgot to readjust the monitor after playing CS:GO. But nonetheless better.
I enjoyed that both of the stories strayed away from the typical "LETS FUCKIN HAVE A FIST FIGHT" format, and went more into a decieving, noir genre (which on the side I really love <3 ).
Now about the stories.

Seb's was a bit dragged out, maybe a tad too many sexeh sentences (you kinky fuck), but the pacing was amazing. Never got bored of reading and had a great time. I think the cliche where Janice has captured Selena and all that jazz brought the story a bit down, but not that much.

Twitchy, yours was short, engaging and straight to the point. Great read, although it was slightly hard for me to keep track of all dialogues due to not-so-optimal spacing and paragraphing. The pacing was a bit awkward, going slow and detailed at times, fast and skippy at others. But I really enjoyed the read.

In the end I'll have to give it to Seb. Pacing really is my softspot, and his was really well paced and filled with niceness and cookies. No diss to Twitchy's, both were equally good. But Seb takes my vote.


01-21-2016, 10:11 PM
Damn, not even on the actual story and I already found a sin.
Then again, I don't expect many more from here on out:
Sin Tally I:
"Geez, I-I'm sorry, Selena. But I really couldn't find anything more about her as well... ._."
U-um. Wh-who the fuck stutters while typing?

Sin Tally II: You use the words embarrassed and smirk alot. I don't think I have to tell you how to improve upon that. Smiling is also done excessively.

Sin Tally III: "Therefore, the doubt clinged onto his mind. And that left him frustrated."
Such anger, so rage. Wow.
Um, if you want to add emphasis to a part about emotion: never speak the emotion you want to imply. Describe the clenching of fists intensifying, his patience and understanding thinning as a little part of him wished to just lash out and not deal with the supposed facts. The more poetic you get with such emotions, the more the reader will be able to feel the characters at a personal level.

Sin Tally IV: "Are you really going to press the trigger, my pet? - She teased, slowly and seductively."
Well, you just threatened me, my wife, my organization I work for, Clan members, etc. Soooo BANG
"And what that was became clear when Gladstone tried to open the wardrobe’s door. It was locked."
So he bodied the damn thing shoulder first because he's a grown ass man and has atleast some muscle. He's even in a state he'd probably be lots more violent right now. (I take this back now, he ended up kicking the thing so that's pretty great)
This is what a logical human would do. Granted, I suppose people aren't logical. (This sin is more a pet peeve of mine)

Damn, just hot diggity damn. I am glad I finally got to reading that. I think there was a missed opportunity with making this far darker, especially with characters who are so human. But, I'm picky like that so I'll take what I can get.
Absolutely excellent sir, I doubt I'll read such a story on the forum like this for awhile.
Now I just have to read Twitch's, tomorrow, when it's not so damn late.