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The Sun shown with a brilliant radiance.

Beaming, Archikos laughed as she danced across the stage of the Theatre. The verdant folds of her himation flowed together as she swirled without pause. So graceful was her display, that all in attendance were completely awestruck. Even the sand beneath her feet rested in admiration as she spun over it. A veteran of the battle of Messana, even Linos found himself dumbfounded. However, his confusion was that of anger not adoration. A foolish woman like herself knew nothing of the cruelty of true combat. That, he would teach her today.

Grip tightening, he charged forward like the mad bull his unit was named after, kicking up clouds as he sprinted. Much to his chagrin, the sunlit woman continued to twirl aimlessly. Perhaps she needed to be reminded of where she was and who he was. Surely a flesh wound would be enough for her to learn her place. Linos grinned at the thought of wounding the shining sun of Megalopolis.

The loud clank of metal rung out as the golden woman caught the tip of his spear with her own dory, pulling the seasoned warrior into her tango. Once again, Linos found himself staggered. His own shield, resting against a far wall, was neglected in pride. He was sure all it would do is slow him down, but truth be told he felt it wasn’t even necessary for a fight like this.

The angry clonk of wood smashing into his helmet suggested otherwise.

Knocked off his feet, he landed a few feet from her, mouth agape and spear discarded. Smirking, Archikos ended her pirouette and faced the fallen soldier, pointing her spear to the cloudless sky. Broken from their trance, roaring applause and cheering reverberating through the Theatre as she held the two at her side.

“You’re going to have to do better than that my friend.”

As though on cue, the air between them wavered and cracked like a mad crow. A small orifice hung there for a moment, then out of it sprung a dark black shawl. Mesmerized by the floating black linen, the radiant woman took her eyes off Linos. It was a deep absorbing black that seemed to hold captive any light that was unfortunate enough to strike it.

It reflected nothing.

A hopeless horrible darkness.

Undeterred, the Sun of Megalopolis held onto the shawl, retrieving it from its ethereal throne. In her hands, it was no more than a dark silk scarf. Not worth the trouble it had given her.

A battle cry shocked her from her stupor as the mad bull refused to be ignored. Wrapping the scarf around her neck, Archikos raised her shield and braced herself. Despite its cryptic entrance, the scarf seemed to be harmless. The lost treasure of a god perhaps? Who else but a god could possess something like this?

The Sun was shrouded in clouds.

Sulking, Six continued to search the heavens for answers, only to find disparate patches of lightning. On the cold, dusty abandoned seats of the Great Theatre, the dark haired girl could let out all the feelings that had plagued her of late: curious affections, careless aggression, and ceaseless anguish.

All of this was due to her loss to the time traveler.

All of this, she prayed, would be washed away by the rain.

But it did not.

As though any god would answer a prayer of hers. The amber-eyed girl couldn’t help but chuckle.

Instead, an unyielding breeze blew across the stands. Shivering, the cold girl sheltered her neck with her hands. Her trusty scarf was nowhere to be found.

Looking down towards the stage of the old theatre, Six could see Four flaying her small arms excitedly, tracing out the huge gash within the arena walls to her extremely plain butler. For a moment, she considered dwelling on his name, but she ultimately decided that nothing of value was lost in forgetting it. The damage was impressive to say the least. It was as though something had smashed into the wall like a truck, and then ripped through it like a sheet of paper. If the gladiators of old were truly that powerful, then Six would like to kick their asses one day. After all, that stupid time traveler came from the future, why couldn't she go to the past?

The young master had mentioned something about a game, which was the stupid reason they where all here now. At least if she had her books, it wouldn’t be a total waste of time, but those disappeared before her scarf did.


“Hey Six! Stop moping about your boyfriend and come check this out!”

The brown eyed girl smiled, although it was clear that her eyes told a different story.

“Don’t tell me what to do…bitch.”

She was too far for the insult to reach her, so the dark haired girl proceeded to move down from the stands into the dark tunnels that lead to the stage.

Puffy white clouds slowly drifted among the Sun. The arena glittered like gold.

Broken and battered, Linos fell to his knees. The shield he had abandoned remained on the wall, chastising him for his arrogance. The spear he had carelessly wielded reduced to pieces scattered across the stage, criticizing him for his audaciousness.

“Good fight.”

The voice of golden-haired gladiator roused the fallen warrior from his defeat. Raising his head, he saw her glowing, offering her free hand to him like his comrades at Messana did long ago.

“Why are you? Have you no sense of War?”

The golden woman smiled, her hand unwavering.
“Apollo is my God not Ares. I fight for his glory, not for that of War.”

The veteran took her hand. It was soft yet hardened by battle. In one motion, she pulled him up off the ground, armor and all. Was it possible that she had gotten even stronger? Linos chuckled involuntarily at the thought.

“A valiant belief. I pray that the God’s shield you from the darkness of War. Because in the realm of Ares, that light you wield is dangerous…You cannot protect Megalopolis with just that.”

Now on his feet, Linos walked past her defeated. Thunderous praise reverberated throughout the Theatre.




Despite the elation of the crowd, the sunlit woman hung her head in rumination. Linos's warning rocked her to the core. Truly, she had only known combat in the Great Theatre of Megalopolis. Never had she killed struck down another soul and even the thought of doing so was foreign to her.

But the darkness, was it coming?

Archikos drew her hand around the dark shawl that hung around her neck. It was soft and silky smooth, enticing in its seductive and inviting shade. Was this what darkness was?

The creak of the wide arena doors stole her attention.

A new challenger was approaching.

Silver strands arced through the air as the sullen heroine made her way through the murky tunnel. The Sun seemed to struggle through the cracks.

Alone with her thoughts, she continued to stride on dwelling about her prior loss. Was she not strong enough? No. No. The time traveler wasn’t strong at all despite his annoying boasts. Yes, he may have caught her off guard a few times, but ultimately he was the one who lay shattered among the sands.

And yet, she couldn’t kill him.

The thought drove her mad and the silver strands responded in kind, sparking and crackling through the air around her.

Six did not have time for dancing cobwebs however. Furiously, her hands found the door and forced it out of the way. A torrent of light and sound rushed to engulf her.

Shadow draped the earth as the clouds passed the Sun.

The roar of the audience died down into a pallid murmur. The golden-haired gladiator shared their confusion as she stood across from her new challenger, a young Persian girl in strange yellow and black garbs. Tipping her spear side ways, she approached the strange dark haired girl without hesitation.

“Where are you from girl, this does not seem to be the place for you. Are you lost?”

She smiled, trying to ease the stranger, but the stranger scowled in response.

“The name is Six…and this is the Theatre right?”

Archikos nodded happily, but the girl seemed to be distracted, she was looking for something or someone.

“This is the Theatre of Apollo, a place of battle. Surely, no place for a child such as yourself. Perh-“
The crinkle of sand being crushed under her bare feet resounded into a loud crack as her eyes became daggers.

“What did you just call me?”

The arena seemed to grow darker as she said this. Anger seemed to radiate from the strange girl, but Archikos stood her ground.

“This place is dangerous don’t you see? I am only offering my help.”

The girl smirked, her teeth shown wolfishly like the hounds of hell. A strange ghostly light began to string out from her body. Coalescing and twisting until pale thorns of white light coated her body.

“The only one in danger here…is you,” she snarled.

“A sorceress?” the thought raced across her mind as she crouched down behind Iliaki Aspida. The lightning clad vixen crossed the field in an instant, slamming her fist against the hardened Blackwood. The dull crack resonated through the Theatre, kicking up sand around them, as the dented shield buckled but held fast. Ripples appeared frozen in the sand as though it were a pond. The glistening woman did not expect such power from such a small frame but she also knew to never underestimate her enemies. The crowd, confused at first, began to regain its spirit at the sight of their heroine facing danger head on.

Pulling a few feet back, she easily raised the heavy shield and preemptively blocked the sorceress’s successive strikes, each one weaker than the last, knocking her farther back toward the arena walls. Archikos noted that the Persian girl had an innate sense of battle, attempting to flank her or trip her up, but she wasn’t just the champion of Megalopolis because of her beauty.

Right before they reached the wall, the dark haired girl retreated several feet. It seemed like she finally realized the futility of her actions. The bristly silvery aura shattered apart and she began to tend to her injured fists.

“You’ve got to hit harder than that girl,” goaded the golden gladiator. She had underestimated this stranger before, but it was clear that this was a new trial for the Lion of Megalopolis. She relished the challenge.

The clouds began to shift once more, pockets of sunlight breaking through the holes so that the entire stage resembled a spotted leopard.

Outstretching her hand, the young sorceress summoned a strange looking weapon that the gladiator had never seen before. It resembled a sword, but the blade was wide and full of cracks from the tip to the hilt. Before Archikos could protest, the girl pulled back and was at once covered in lightning once more. Launching it through the air it blurred and flickered, catching the disparate light, like a mad bolt of lightning flung by the god of sky.

Raising her famed shield once more she easily deflected the errant projectile. The bolt flew back for a moment only to shattered into harmless shards and mingle with the sand. It was then that she heard the loud distinctive crack of a tree being felled. Almost immediately, her shield began to vibrate in response. With gusto she flung it towards the sand, her faithful Blackwood companion burst into powdery splinters before it even touch the ground.


Laughing, the Persian failed to notice the advancing lion barreling towards her. With a fury she was unaware of herself, the golden lion leapt in the air and pounced at a breakneck speed. Doru Tou Ilious had hit nothing but sand though as the vixen pirouetted away at the last moment. Roaring, the crowd became a tumult of crazed fanatics cheering for their heroine to claim victory. Deftly, she landed, knee to the ground and yanked up at the spear, sending it arching through the air. The gems embedded within seemed to come to life then, catching the sunlight, and blazing through the air like an inferno. This too the sorceress narrowly avoided, the tip of the spear passed in front of her smiling face. She seemed to be enjoying this. But the lion was not done yet.

Still in motion, the heroine relinquished her spear as it spun, pivoting and kicking off her feet launching her straight at the young girl. Sapphire and amber clashed as the lion pulled her fist back. Although their mouths did not move, their eyes spoke volumes.

You? How?

Dodge this!

As her fist collided with the Persian’s abdomen, the air seemed to rupture, the loud sound of thunder rang through the Theatre. Flying through the air, Six spun haphazardly, landing face first toward the other side of the arena and still sliding, leaving tracks in the sand. Despite their heroine’s victory, the challenger was still a child even if a witch. The crowd hung still in pensive silence.

“By…the gods…” muttered Archikos as she stared at her still trembling fist.

“You gotta…hit…harder than THAT…Old Lady!”

On her feet, the battered Persian girl was obviously on her last legs. Although, she had no visible injuries the way she was hunched over, wobbling, gasping for air, the golden gladiator knew the fight was over.

“Give it up, Pe…Six. You have fought valiantly, but it is clear we should not continue,” she argued, raising her spear to the sky.

“We’re…not finished…”

Cold ice blue eyes unwavering, the lion had made up her mind, “Yes…you are my dear.”

With a vengeance, the lightning returned, once again launching an assault of blows at the golden gladiator. Like the sky above as the storm clouds rolled in, her face grew darker, gone was the glowing sun of Megalopolis. Effortlessly, she weaved through the aimless strikes. Despite the sorceress’s boasts, her strength and speed had drastically reduced, whatever few blows did land simply glided past the armor under her himation.

“Stop it,” commanded the lion, grabbing hold of the vixen’s left hand.

“Never,” she replied, pulling back with her right.

Once more their eyes clashed, but the brilliant blue sapphires became lamentatious pools.

“Apollo…forgive me…”

Gingerly, she placed a single finger upon the poor soul’s right shoulder blade. Despite the dark clouds strangling the sky, a burst of sunlight tore through unabated. Right through the young girl’s shoulder. Flung back a few feet, she miraculously managed to stay standing, clutching her limp dangling arm. A cruel silence shrouded the Theatre as the audience held their breath, waiting for the girl to cry out. But she refused.

The wind howled.

Finger still glowing, the heroine looked down on her defeated foe. For the moment she stood, but Archikos knew it was a fašade. Resting the dory of her spear in the ground, she waited, black shawl fluttering in the wind.

“That….’s mine…” growled the sullen sorceress, her gaze downcast.

Lightning began to crackle within the air, but the golden gladiator simply dismissed it as strange weather. Curiously, as the clouds began to darken, the girl’s dark hair began to lighten, shining white like the light of the moon.

“It’s…mine!” she cried, raising her head once more. Both of her eyes shown with horrible golden glow. Lightning ripping through the air around her, she was enveloped in a soft white radiance. Raising her arms instinctively, she sensed that the young girl she was fighting was no longer there.

But it no longer mattered.

With the force of Poseidon, the monster slammed into the lion. Unfazed by her measly defense, the two slammed into the walls of the arena. Miraculously, her arms had taken the brunt of the force but the walls of the arena smashed into her from behind, breaking her guard and sending her rebounding a few inches through the air.

But before she could even drop, the lightning clad demon caught her by the neck, ramming her into the wall once more. As the stands rocked violently, the audience began to flee. Lightning coursed through the air and the entire Theatre threatened to collapse.

A horrible grin traced across her face as she dug the heroine deeper into the wall. With a start she began to tear through the walls of the arena by dragging the golden gladiator through it, her himation being reduced to shreds and the armor underneath buckling, cracking, and shattering. Pulling her body out as she hit a pillar, the monster flung her to the center of the stage.

Blood and sand ran together as Archikos landed on her back. Her wounds were already healing, but her breathing was sporadic and strained. Looking back at her, the demonic sorceress pulled Doru Tou Ilious from the ground, her grip cracking the bone spear. Save for the cry of the spear and the crackling lightning, the entire arena was hushed. The few brave souls that remained looked on in horror as the Lion of Megalopolis was to be slaughtered. While appearing to walk, the monstrous vixen glided through the air. In seconds, she towered over her the cold steel reflecting in her blue eyes. Recoiling, Archikos held her breath.



The Sun tore through the clouds.

Broken and battered, the fallen heroine stared at the sky as the Sun finally shown on her face. At once, her breathing slowed to a rhythm and she was comforted by its embrace. Her cracked spear lay by her side, embedded in the ground, and at once she knew that she had been saved by the gods.

Relieved, she stopped struggling and simply rested amongst the sunlight as it widened and enveloped her body. But the relief was short lived. Whoever that Persian girl was, she did not from Megalopolis. No. The wounded lion was sure she was a child of the gods herself.

Although the power of lightning belonged to Zeus, she knew that this was merely a charade. That sorceress never wielded a power like that. No. Her power was that of death, that of the sinister Hades. Now she understood what Linos had meant by “darkness”. And if she was merely the first, what would come next?

“Apollo…Athena…please protect this place…"

The clouds shuddered as the rain poured and lightning coursed through its veins. The Sun was nowhere to be found.

Kneeling down over her torn scarf, Six hung her head as in prayer.

With Wooster holding her umbrella, Four moved in close to the drenched warrior. Her long black hair remained partially in a braid but overall was unkempt. She had called her strange companion minutes ago, but she only seemed to appear from a flash of lightning. Naively, Four reached out to her.

“Hey…Six are you-“



An eruption of raucous laughter rocked her body as she threw up her head towards the sky. Instinctively, Four recoiled into her butler. This what not the friend she had come to know. Her right arm still disabled, she grasped her scarf and retied it around her neck.

Right where it belongs.

The shadow of doubt lifted from Six’s heart.

She had found what she had been looking for.
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Six at Six – Battle Submission (Archikos v. Six)

Where was she?

The rose-fingered rays of the setting sun painted the coastal forest and the grainy sands as Archikos, The Lion of Megalopolis, stood upon a beautiful beach, painted a peachy orange, reflecting off of the deep blue water behind her just as well, only scattering the rays to produce a shining strip upon the water's surface. It was on this beachhead she had first awoken some days ago—as made evident by the rag-tag tent she had constructed out of tattered branches for the base and poles, and various leaves held together by a leaking tree's dried resin to form a ceiling of sorts, keeping out the rain to a decent degree. It was better than lying without a “ceiling” at all, she thought.

Then again, it really didn't matter all too much at this point. She had gathered all of her things together: her armor, her spear and shield, and had what food she had collected in a small brown bag just to the right of her feet. Just the day before, she had met an almond-skinned, fit woman in the forest.

At first, she was quite apprehensive to this fit stranger—as almost adorably short as she was, standing perhaps an inch above five foot. She had been on the hunt for any sort of local game when she had encountered the well-dressed woman – Six was her name, if her memory served her as well as her shield – and she remembered two things in particular about her:

This Six was quite friendly, though near unsettling in the same aspect, and most importantly: she had mentioned that she knew how to return to Megalopolis.

How they ever got on the subject of Megalopolis was lost to her now, but she recalled quite clearly the bright, almost excited expression on her face when she had mentioned her home.

“Megalopolis?” She had repeated. “I can show you there tomorrow night! I already know where your shelter is, so I'll meet you there at sunset, okay?”

She remembered nodding quietly, a brow raised with a mix of curiosity and questioning stirring about in her mind, and afterwards Six giving her a youthful “See you then!” before running back off into the thicket of the local flora, presumably back to wherever she had come from in the first place. The encounter in itself, Archikos thought, was as strange and abnormal as it could be in terms of Six.

Sure, she was friendly, and supposedly knows how to get to Megalopolis, but a certain strangeness almost seemed to ebb from Six—emitting from her every word as a sort of subtle wind from some unseen, yet open door.

Perhaps, in that case, it was a door of sorts that she'd rather close. How did Six know where she had settled down at? She had only been here – wherever here was – for a day, now two. That statement alone raised all sorts of questions in its own right, most of which couldn't really be answered, at least, not by herself.

In any case, she had not the slightest idea where she was, and any lead was better than none. Until she had gathered her surroundings and formed at least a decent idea of where she was located, even the slightest chance of return was worth grabbing.

But now, here she was, far more than ready to depart as far as the trip would ever need to take her. Her spear was tightly gripped in her right hand, her shield perfectly fit in her left, and her armor all finely suited beneath her classical gowns and draping clothes of silk and grace. As for the clothes, there may have been a couple spots near the bottom from the outdoors, but it was expected.

Regardless of the lack of a spotless attire, she was ready to go, and it was time. So, where was Six?

Archikos was about to call her name when she heard a rustling in the thicket just about ten feet to her front. Were it simple bushes and bushes alone, she'd probably be able to identify the thing making such a noise. But with how the trees and their vines melded with everything else, it could be a strangely curious deer, for all she knows.


Or, thankfully, it was Six. She could recognize that voice and the signature warmth that ran with it from a world away.

Before she could respond with a greeting of her own, the short, light, almond-skinned Six had practically vaulted her way out of the greenery and onto the sands of the beach, taking just a few more steps to stand about five feet away, her arms at her side, and an excited, wide smile on her face.

“I thought this was the right place!” She was certainly energetic, Archikos thought; she began to think that were she too much more eager, that she would pop from the immense amount of energy beneath her skin and the visible muscles that lied in clear sight. “So, are you ready to go?”

A brow of hers raised as she noticed a curved sword on her waist. As bereft of responsible care as it looked – made evident by the maze of cracks snaking up and down the thin blade – the presence of the weapon itself was a tad unsettling in its own right. Six wasn't armed when they met in the woods, so why was she armed now?

“I've been ready.” Archikos took a deep breath as she adjusted the cast iron butt-spike of her spear in the sand, twisting it slightly as a sort of tick.

“You are too, from what I can see.” Her eyes motioned down to Six's visibly fragile sword. “Armed for whatever comes?”

That smile of Six's grew slightly wider as Archikos brought up her weapon—what was she planning? Though invisible to an outside viewer, Archikos's left hand tensed around the handle of her shield. The situation wasn't right, and it wasn't hard to tell.

“I was on my over here about an hour ago when I saw that you had your own weapon out.” One of Six's hands slipped down to the hilt of the sword in question. “So I went back home and got it. I thought I should bring mine, too!”

And? Archikos didn't like the answer, and began to near squint, her sapphire eyes locked in Six's own.

“Time is short,” She remarked, her eyes wavering none at all. “I'd like for us to get mov--”

Before she could finish her sentence, Six had propelled herself off the ground and at her in a swift dash of sorts, reaching for her right hand with an outstretched arm.

Yet her tension paid off, as she managed to twist her shield around in that blink of time before impact, forcing Six to instead collide with its solid surface. Instead of falling on her back with a loud oof, her apparent talent in acrobatics allowed her to thrust herself back some feet away just as she touched the ground.

She hadn't even time to think! Out of the blue, Six had made a lightning fast attempt for her spearing arm, and she had reacted just in time.

What the hell was this?!

“Six!” By this time, she had pulled her spear from the sand and was in a combat stance, her left foot forward and firm as her shield and spear were both readied. “What was that?!”

Six was back on her feet, her sword still sheathed, and a grin on her face. She seemed to have gotten quite a kick from her attack!

“What's the problem, Archi?” She teased, brushing off a few grains of sand from her shoulder. “Don't like to fight?

Again, before she could answer, Six had flung herself at her again—this time aiming for her...shield?

Whatever her aim, Archikos blocked her again, this time adding a bashing motion to her block to try and push her back with rough force rather than as a recovery. Unlike last time, however, Six had used her slightly angled shield as a platform to propel herself high into the air, quickly coming to a landing right behind Archi and her spear.

For better, or for worse.

Archikos did not waste time to turn around, and instead, having heard exactly where her feet touched the sand as she landed, sent back her spear as a counter. Her aim was fine enough to disrupt Six's initial move as she dodged the heavy tip and instead leaped into the air to run upon the shaft. Such a move was enough to confuse Archikos—no, not for long. But for what she wanted to do, it was just long enough.

To throw off the precise running that it took to move along the thin yet sturdy pole of her spear, Archikos had thrust it forward. It would've worked had Six not already not attempted her attack and dismounted already: as unknown as it was to her due to her obscured armor, Six had unsheathed her sword to attempt a slice at her neck, instead only achieving a loud CLANG as metal hit metal.

Using the weight of her shield as momentum, Archikos twisted herself around to face the quick Six just as she made another attempt at a strike, only to clash against her shield as she made slow, careful steps back towards the thickets of the forest. Each of Six's strikes and slashes were fast enough to simply come across as a blur, but despite their seemingly mythical speed, time and time again resulted in another strike against her shining aspis.

Before she knew it, Archikos was backed against the thick bark of a vine-ridden tree, paths to both her left and her right rendered too dangerous to attempt due to the possibility of tripping—which could end in nothing well.

“Six!” She called between the petite woman's lightning-fast strikes, blocking each one of them time and time again, though without room to really adjust her position. “I'm going to give you one chance to run away before I make up my mind!”

“That's a shame,” she had ceased her constant strikes for only long enough to make her remark. She sure was confident, Archikos thought. “I've already made mine!”

With that, Six put an extra dash of force into her next strike, also propelling herself forwards with a powerful push of her legs to add that much more force into the strike that would follow.

It was then also that, after the confirmation of intentions, Archikos had made up her own mind and would bash into her next hit. Just by looking at her sword, she thought she could break it with a powerful bash, she was sure of it!

So, the two bouts of extreme metal clashed with the monstrous kinetic force behind them, and her sword indeed did shatter.

As did her shield!

In that period of shock, her defenses down and her senses abandoning utility to react, Six moved without her now shattered sword to make a debilitating strike to the now shieldless Archikos, intent on breaking that now empty arm.

In another last second reaction, her face grimaced and still in a look of shock, she focused a large portion of the day's collected energy into her right palm, extended her arm, and let the energy burst out in a manifestation of a thick, blinding ray of the sun's concentrated light from her palm, letting it loose not onto any area of Six's body that was covered, but onto her face. Given the source being her palm, the beam was wide enough to cover the whole of her visage—effectively blinding and burning at the same time. The pain from the initial hit quickly escalated into second-degree burns as Archikos maintained the beam.

Thanks to the still present sun, despite its current setting, she could hold the beam for far longer than she could when running on what was stored alone, and moved forwards now in slow, deliberate steps to match Six as she backed away. She tried to cover her face with her hands, but only added the burning, blistering damage of the ray to them in the process.

“I gave you your chance!” Archikos muttered out between her screams of pain through the sustained ray. Six kept backing up, and she continued to move forward. By now, the shorter Six was knee deep in the coastal water. “But you kept on coming!”

Just as she did now.

It was by the time that Six was knee deep in the water that she attempted to dash forward—a dash to the side would mean nothing, Archikos would only move the ray to follow. But if she could dash through it and deal some damage, she could interrupt the ray long enough to counter and, were she to break that arm of hers, hold the advantage!

The ray began to weaken from its own strength as it drew both too much from her stores and more than the sun was putting out at a constant rate when Six made her decisive move. It flickered just long enough for Archikos to gain a brief sight of the face that used to be clear and pretty, but was now red, blistered and raw.

She also managed to see her face when her plan worked perfectly – not Six's, but her own – as she dashed straight into the steel head of her spear. Taking the blindness and the blinding pain likewise to her advantage, Archikos had extended her spear just beneath the beam as Six made her dash, effectively causing her to impale herself about five inches deep on the sharpened tip.

Archikos winced at the sight and halted her rays – easily garnering her an excellent look at the pained, burned, and downright surprised expression of Six – before she put a powerful thrust into her spear, and forced the now impaled, burned Six under the water's surface.

She closed her eyes as she placed her bronze greaves, as were hidden by her flowing, white himation, on top of Six to hold her down beneath the water and drown her therein.

Standing there on top of the pinned Six for about five minutes time was a grimacing, silent Archikos. There were a number of small blood splotches on her stomach from the fierce velocity of Six's impaling, but other than that and the somewhat transparent section of her white, draping clothes from the water, she was relatively clean still—despite all that had just occurred.

She kept Six beneath her foot for about a minute after she had stopped struggling, just to be sure that the job was done, before she stepped off and removed her spear from her stomach, allowing her now limp body to surface.

She glanced at what she had done another time as she stepped back onto the beach with slow, deep breaths: her face was burned—seemingly boiled, there was a large wound in her stomach from her spear, and her body was already a faint tint of blue from the drowning. Her eyes were thankfully shut, as she was sure that those beautiful amber eyes beneath were...no longer as such.

It was a shame, really. All of it was.

There was no need to dwell on the past, however. She glanced back to the shattered remains of her aspis with a sigh—how that sword of her's had even managed to do such a thing was a mystery, but she was going to fix it, regardless.

Archikos reached out to drag Six's body onto the beach before retrieving a cloth sack out of her tent to bag up all the pieces. It was necessary that she made sure not to lose even one—had she all the pieces, she could repair it in due time.

The sun had just crept behind the distant, blue horizon when she had fully readied herself to move again, the beige cloth sack of her shield pieces thrown over her shoulder as she stepped into the thick greenery, and glanced back to the cold corpse one last time.

With a shake of her head and a remorseful sigh, she left it behind and moved into the woods, carefully stepping over the vines that snaked the forest floor. She had to move, now. The body would attract unnecessary attention from creatures, and whether that woman – Six – had known the way to Megalopolis or otherwise, staying put wouldn't get her there any faster.

Or further, really. But nothing ventured is nothing gained.Original (http://justpaste.it/qr8m)

Don't be a jerk, when you vote please comment on our werk.

01-21-2016, 06:35 PM
Wow, really well done both of you. Both of your stories were not only gripping to read, but both had good ways of introducing one character to the other, but good sequences of action as well.
In the end, I went with Org, cause I liked his development of Six through the story and fight.

Still, props go to you Fluffytufts, this was your first battle, and I am very much impressed!

01-21-2016, 07:56 PM

Language wise, I don't usually make comments unless I see what seems to be a major/recurring issue.

Both of you passed that test, so no comments there except good job.

Now to the story itself.

I decided to vote for The Org's story.

To be quite honest, I liked both of your stories a great deal, but The Org's story had an emotional quality to it, as well as a more balanced battle.

Fluffy, your story was great. I loved reading it. It didn't lose because it wasn't good...it was just a little less good than Org's.

In your story, I would have liked to see more of 6's abilities and character shown. All I know about 6 is her appearance, that she behaves erratically, is confident, and fast. 6 didn't seem so much like a fair opponent (in your story) as much as an annoyance that you could deal with without your weps almost, and could totally pwn with your power.

Contrast this with Org's story, which placed a great deal of emphasis on Archi, and had her own character (Six) losing for a large portion of the battle. Gave it more of a suspenseful edge, as did the plot enhancements.

Archi, I guess the problem in your story to me (and the ONLY problem...you're really good) is that it seemed to boil down to this:

"Girl on the seashore for some reason wants to get to Megalopolis for some reason. Meets other girl in forest randomly. Said girl knows things, randomly. Girl in forest comes to her seeming nice. Girl in forest randomly attacks. Beach-girl with the shield blocks, and blocks, and reacts, and blocks, and counters. Girl in forest uses crack-y sword to smash girl on beach's shield. Girl on beach gets angry and totally pwns girl in forest. Girl on beach goes about business as usual."

If you see what I'm saying (Hyperbole applied to help with my point), your story was great, but it had too many unexplained parts...which was such a shame. I was left asking "WHY?! WHY?! THIS IS GREAT, BUT WHY?!"

Hope this helps...you, Fluffy, are a great writer clearly, and if this is evidence of your first work....you're gonna be a kick-@$$ opponent with some more practice.