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Hey all,

So, some/most of you have probably already picked up the fact that this battle was supposed to be coming around sooner or later. Well here it is, I won't waste too much words on it.

Malacal lost interest and motivation for the battle a few weeks back and declared that he'd be giving up on it (As might be apparent through the fact that he's made a new character and had a battle with them already). I'd honestly say I'd let this one slip past for free, but frankly I've put quite some effort into my piece (albeit after Mal told me he'd give up) and will be claiming the victory by forfeit. (The poll is purely for me to know how many people have actually read the story, please leave a vote if you have ;) ).

For those confused with the battle's setting. Those who have followed Omega's storyline would know that Omega has allegedly been gathering up resources and manpower (he's been recruiting his victims for a reason) for the sake of stealing a spaceship from The Organization's facility. It is also the reason I specifically had to come last in his gauntlet. How Omega's plan fares you can read bellow.

That's about all you folks have to know, I suppose, so without further ado here's the battle ;

Gladiators :

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Gamma (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?95159-Agent-%26%23915%3B-Gamma)

Battle (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QDl_4Jl_8kPJVVHG4Rc8fXeqjKtnp3BDLkzjSAlIOCI/edit#)

The Breaking Point


Her voice was soft and light, and ever so familiar. It crawled over his entire body, every muscle shooting back into action until it finally reached his ears.


Slowly his eyes opened, only to be met with the burning white walls of the hospital. His eyelids drew together again, and sluggishly his hands reached for his eyes. He let out a mixture of sighing and grunting and tilted his head sidewards. She’d sat herself down next to his bedstead.

“Hey” he responded in kind, but his voice was feeble and raw. It’d felt like an eternity already, but he’d only spent two months in the hospital so far, recovery still was nowhere in sight.

Gamma blinked slowly. Although she made an attempt at hiding it, he could discern the concern on her face. She caught his glimpse and forced a faint smile for a moment as she stroked a lock of hair out of her face. A strong silence hung above the both of them.

“I…. I’ve done some thinking, and” He began hesitantly. “...and I believe my apologies are in order for holding you at knifepoint earlier. So yeah, sorry about that.”

She chuckled softly. “Thanks, but I already forgave you after the first time you gave your apologies.”

“I’ve said that before, have I now? It must’ve slipped my mind that I had”. He sighed as his hands reached to rub his eyes. His limbs felt heavy, his entire back ached and his head felt like it was floating.

He tilted his head and looked her in the face again. Something else was troubling her.

“I’m here to tell you you’re gonna have to get back in the fray. I told them you still needed time to recover, but they told me they were displeased with your performance as of late, and that you’ll have to make some more sacrifices.” Her voice was distant, her hands slowly gesturing as she spoke, her eyes refusing to look up and meet his.

“You know that’s classified info right? You’re not supposed to tell me this.” He responded, raising his back and leaning on his arms.

She looked up and threw him a glance. “I, well…” she stuttered, before abruptly going silent and looking away again.

He grunted for a moment before slowly throwing his legs out of the bed.

“Well, no use in waiting around then, is there?” He remarked bitterly, his voice grave and low.

His feet touched the cold, pale tiles on the floor and slowly he stretched his muscles to get up. He rose out of bed, but his knees began to shake and he stumbled forward. Nathalia quickly caught him before he hit the ground.

“You alright?” She slowly helped him stand up again.

He waved it off and closed his eyes as he turned his head away. “Haven’t gotten up in a few months, don’t worry. I’ll hold up.”

She let go off him and he almost fell through his knees again, and she reached out to support him before he regained his balance. The door slammed open and a nurse rushed in. Seeing Gamma out of bed, she quickly turned her gaze towards Nathalia and gave her a crushing glare.

“Excuse me miss!” She bellowed heavily. “The patient’s not supposed to leave his bed yet, what do you think you’re doing?!”

Immediately she let go of him and he stumbled towards the walls. She shrunk a bit when she heard his stumbling, turning around with a face seemingly saying “sorry” before proceeding towards the nurse. Casually she walked her outside as she began rambling off an explanation of sizeable proportions she undoubtedly had to learn by heart for this very occasion.

Their voices died off in the distance. Not that he had paid any attention to what they’d been saying anyways.

His mind was elsewhere. He tried to remember something, though what that was seemed to slip past him. Every part of his body felt as if it was going to cave in at any moment, but he knew he had to keep going.

Remember why you fight, Gamma, know in your heart that the cause is true and right.

The words echoed through his head. Even now, after all these years, he could still recall them. The voice he remembered wasn’t his though, and no matter how he tried he couldn’t manage to put a face on the voice.

Not that it mattered anyways. It had been a long time ago, and he wasn’t who he used to be anymore. That much he knew.

One step at a time he began making his way out of the hospital.


He tumbled and crashed into the facility’s wall again. All the sprinting and hand to hand combat had taken a heavy toll on his already weakened body. He sat himself against the wall and allowed himself a moment to catch his breath again as he tried to recall how this all came to be again.

It wasn’t long after they’d left the hospital that he started to notice Nathalia wasn’t taking them back to headquarters. He’d inquired what was going on and she’d finally explained everything to him. She’d told him about the facility, the attack, the mysterious robed figure, everything. Not much later he found himself here after having had to change his attire while in the car.

Occultists had assaulted their facility out of the blue, that had been neatly disguised as a corporate warehouse. The handful of Guards holding the facility had quickly been dispatched by the copious amounts of attackers and now they had to fight to take back the facility.

It had been nothing more than a trivial mass-clearing mission to him so far. The attackers were under equipped and undertrained, they fell to him like wheat to the scythe. But fighting went heavy on him. He’d felt nauseous for quite a while now and he knew that he was pushing himself to the limit of a blackout.

He got back on his feet again, barely managing to keep himself up. So far they’d managed to drive the invaders back fairly easily, all that was left was to recapture the hangars. Then it’d be over.

The metal hinges creaked as the door slowly swung open. A nearby robed man turned his gaze towards the doorpost and raised his gun, but saw no more movement. Step by step the occultist approached, curious for what had opened the door but ever so careful and vigilant.

Suddenly something took a hold of him from behind. He tried yelling for help but found his voice muffled by something he couldn’t even see. Then all he felt was cold metal sliding across his neck as his eyesight went black.

The body went limp in his arms and clumsily Gamma dragged the corpse back with him through the doorway. In the blink of an eye he had swung the man’s robes over his own suit. He picked up the rifle and with a flick of the switch the bluish haze around him dissipated. He closed the door and another man in the distance yelled at him.

“Everything alright there?!” he inquired, hands itching towards the trigger of his rifle.

With a gesture of the hand he waved it off. “Everything clear, it was just the wind, nothing to worry about.” He answered casually.

“Alright!” the other robed figure yelled before continuing on his way.

He chuckled internally.

Heh, classic.

The disguise worked in his favour. Slowly the agent glimpsed about, carefully scanning his surroundings. The hangars were riddled with catwalks, crates, supplies and vehicles of all sorts. The room was humongous, steel and concrete stretching as far and high as the eye could see. Armed and robed men and women littered the entirety of the complex. Ready to defend this position to the last drop of blood, it seemed.

Something in the distance seemed particularly interesting. Dozens of the goons were busy at work lifting what appeared like a spacecraft on top of a big truck. One individual in particular caught is attention, towering above all of the others in his exceptionally well decorated robes. He reached for his earpiece.

“Nathalia, I’m in. There’s too many of them in here. Any breach made by the Guards will simply turn into a bottleneck slaughter.”

“I figured as much from these thermal readings. I’ll need a moment to do a few calculations, stand by.”

The line went dead again. He could hear a metallic, hollow voice bellowing in the distance. Something about it seemed ever so familiar to him, but what was it? He shrugged and walked off to a more discrete location before opening communications again.

“It seems that they’re packing whatever they came for. If we want to get them, we better do it fast.”

“I know, I know!” She answered frustratedly. From her tone he could judge the calculations were tougher than she’d anticipated. He’d gotten used to her getting frustrated whenever something doesn’t go the way she wanted it to.

“I can see the hangar’s door from the window of my van here anyways. When they leave, we’ll know.” She stated. The line went silent again for a while before she continued “Now, I’ll be needing you to plant explosives on the following locations ; …”

Briefly she explained to him the exact positions he’d have to plant his bombs and discreetly he went to work. It was a trivial, menial task, but he was glad to get a break from all the fighting for a bit. Not much later he already found himself en route to plant his last explosive charge.

Halfway through his head suddenly grew heavy and his eyesight grew feeble. He stumbled and barely managed to keep himself standing, leaning against the wall with his right arm. A heavy pain shot through his chest, his throat growing rough as he caught a serious cough.

He glimpsed the drops of blood on his fist and realized he’d been coughing up blood. This was bad news.
A nearby robed figure approached him and distantly asked him if he was alright. He waved it off and gave him a smiling nod before going back to coughing. The pain in his chest intensified. It went on for a while until he finally managed to recollect himself. He momentarily sat himself against the wall, throwing the busy robed figures in the distance a glance.

Not a second later his whole body shook as multiple explosions made the entire hangar tremble. In the blink of an eye the eerie silence was broken by the sounds of gunfire as Guards emerged from the smoke of the breaches, systematically gunning down dozens of the occultists. It wasn’t long before they returned fire, and soon the entire building rang with the sound of gunfire.

Gamma snapped back on his feet and immediately reached for his earpiece.

“What’s going on here?!” he yelled.

“I have no clue!” Nathalia responded in kind.

He found himself caught completely off guard. Why’d the assault start now?

The peculiar, towering figure suddenly threw their magnificent robes on the ground to reveal a tall, black, metallic body, eight tentacles sprouting from its back. Immediately four of those pinned themselves to the ground and slowly the monstrosity rose into the air. The remainder of his tentacles shot everywhere, piercing and throwing Guards around left and right.

Before he could even react to the situation, Nathalia’s voice rang over the line again. A frantic worry possessing her.

“Gamma, I don’t know why they began the assault, but something about this whole situation’s off. The higher ups just told me that if we fail to take down their leader-figure, they’re going over to ‘plan B’, whatever that might be.”

It was cryptic, but he’d be deluding himself if he’d tell himself he didn’t know what it meant.

“Turns out we were the backup plan all along, then.” he relayed gravely. He hesitated briefly, pondering on his words, before finally adding “Thank you, Nathalia” to his sentence.

He wasted no more time. Swiftly he threw off his cloak. He whipped out his pistols and expertly he dispatched two stray goons that had noticed him, before flicking the switch on his suit and loading in his explosive ammunition. From the safety of his invisibility he began firing at the alien behemoth in the distance, small explosions beginning to riddle its metallic body.

It simply shrugged off his attack as if it were a mere nuisance and turned its empty crimson gaze towards him. Before he could even properly react, one of its tentacles swat him across the room like a little fly. His body crashed against the wall and everything began to hurt as he struggled for air.

The bluish haze around him persisted, however, and it seemed to have momentarily lost track of him. It proved just long enough for him to get back on his feet. Swiftly his feet carried him forward, away from the danger behind him. The behemoth swept its large metal tentacles across the floor a few more times, yet hit nigh but the pale air. As soon as it had lost sight of him, he stopped to consider his options.

His options were bleak, to say the least. The explosive ammo barely scratched it and he’d already used all of his other explosives. The thought was ironically amusing.

Heh, what am I thinking? Not as if explosions would at all hinder that colossus in the first place.

A sense of helplessness overcame him. The more he searched for alternatives, the more it dawned on him that there were none. He lacked the proper equipment to fulfill his task. Why? Why in God’s name had they sent him out without the proper equipment? He couldn’t get his mind off of it.

Everywhere he looked, Guards were falling by the dozens. It’d turn into a bottleneck slaughter, just as he’d anticipated. In an odd way, he began to feel responsible for their deaths. For it was his lack of creativity and options that was driving them all into the arms of death. And for what? He can’t stop the monstrosity. The whole building’s gonna come down on them anyways.

Helplessness made way for a peculiar feeling of determination. He didn’t know what had gotten into him, but he couldn’t bear the thought anymore. The thought that through his failure, he’d condemned them all. No, the best option, the only option he had, was to buy them as much time as he possibly could.

He glimpsed to his right and saw a group of Guards pinned down behind a stack of crates, not too far from the smoldering remains of a breached metal door. Their assailants had tactically positioned themselves in such a manner that anything that left the confined area of the stack of crates would immediately be gunned down; It’d only be a matter of time before they’d get flanked.

The goons naturally didn’t pay any attention to Gamma. How could they, even? With his knife in hand he snuck up on them and he made quick work of them all. By the time the last one noticed his comrades fall, it was already too late. Now that the goons were dispatched he hurried over to the others, who still dared not even peek.

Carefully he flipped his switch and the blue haze dissipated. The jumpy guardsmen raised their weapons, though lowered them as soon as they noticed his beret.

The eldest of them, presumably serving as their makeshift leader, spoke up.

“Agent, sir! We’re grateful for your assistance in helping us get out of this precarious situation. We have come to assist you in the endeavor of recapturing the warehouse, sir.”
Gamma waved it off, slowly shaking his head as a faint smile sketched onto his face.

“Quit the formalities. Boys, you need to get out of here as fast as you can. The whole building’s gonna come down in a few minutes and you don’t wanna be inside when you do. I need to go warn the others, but if you happen to meet anyone on their way here tell them to make a one-eighty before this place is FUBAR.”

The man with the grand mustache, who he judged to be somewhere in his forties, gave him a simple nod and with a gesture of the hand all of them retreated back through the remains of the smoldering doorpost.

And so he went. A few more times he managed to save handfuls of Guards desperately trying to push up, his headpiece commanding their respect on mere sight. It was far from everyone, but a few managed to escape. Who is to say how many more they in turn saved.

It didn’t last though. Those that remained were made quick work of by the alien monstrosity. A static stabbed him in the ear before Nathalia’s voice rang through his head.

“Gamma, the higher-ups are wondering why in God’s name you aren’t carrying out your orders. They’re telling you to dispatch the blatant threat, or they’ll go over to plan B. Just what are you actually doing?.. Hello? ”

He glanced around. As far as he could see, death and dismay reigned. There was nothing left he could do. He reached for his ear, and coldly he answered.

“I’ll save them the trouble.”

The hangar’s main gate was the only immediate way out of this place, but it was still shut as tight as the lid on a can of beans. To make matters worse, the goons were putting the finishing touches on their operation in the distance. The spaceship had already been loaded on, and they were undoubtedly in the final phases of removing any sort of tracking device from the vehicle.

Asking his assistant to open the gates would be but a triviality, but that’d just be inviting the occultists to make a break for it. Then again, was there much anything else he could do that wouldn’t lead to his own untimely demise?

The choice was never his to make anyways. That much dawned on him when the entire hangar lit up in a dim, red light. The explosives had been primed, and it’d only be a matter of seconds for the entire room to collapse in on itself. He wasn’t the only one to realize what was going on however, as the metal giant in the distance glanced around shortly before striding towards the hangar’s gates. It dug two of its tentacles into the steel gate and ripped it clean open as if it was nothing.

As soon as the way was cleared the truck took off with roaring engines. The alien behemoth itself appeared more hesitant to retreat, bellowing loud insulting commands to the occultists still inside the hangars. Gamma saw his chance clean and began sprinting for the exit.
Time, it became apparent, was not on his side. He found himself but a few metres away from the freshly made exit when a sudden shock wave blew him on the ground. A nearby explosive had gone off, and it was but the first of many to follow. The stinging pain in his chest had returned, which he figured to be a broken rib along with damaged lung tissue, but he had no time to shrivel and writhe in pain now.

His legs shook and his feet shuddered, but he managed to get up again and, in a rapid sense, limp towards the gate as the entire building starting falling apart around him. He could hear the screams of many as well as the roarings of the beast, but they all fell short to the sound of the explosions. Just a few more steps now…

And then the pale, cold air blew in his face and his eyes flinched to the stabbing bright light of dawn as he stumbled outside. His feet fell short and he dropped to the ground, but he wasn’t in the clear yet. He pulled himself forward for just a little while longer before the strength in his arms gave out too.

Exhausted, he rolled on his back and looked at the hangar. The entire building made loud metallic shrieks and creaks as the support beams he’d so precariously sabotaged gave out. A few more seconds he could hear the cries of the people inside and the poundings of the alien’s tentacles as it rushed to get outside.

It was to no avail. The entire roof came crashing down in a rampant rain of steel, glass and concrete. The sound pierced ears, his body shaking to the bone. Then, a few moments later, all of it settled. Huge tracts of smoke and dust were spewn from the many holes and crevices of the building’s wreckage, and then there was nigh but the eerie silence and the distant rushing of tires on dirt

Nothing much remained of the compound they had neatly disguised as corporate private property. It was curious how they’d even found the remote location here in the midst of the forest to begin with. He let out a painful sigh. Nausea and fatigue got the better of him as pain enveloped every little cranny and nook of his body. Not as if it mattered anyways. They’d gotten away with what they came for.

“Gamma, I’ve been monitoring the truck’s movement since I saw it leave the building. It appears the truck’s gotten stuck deeper down the woods. If you’re fast you could still probably catch up to it.” It suddenly sounded in his ears. Here was one who hadn’t given up on her job yet.

He grunted as his muscles contracted. Moving was painful, but he had to bite through it. Although he struggled, he managed to get back on his feet, albeit that any forward movement looked more like stumbling than walking or running. Through his misty eyes he reached for his pistol and he looked up towards the forest. Now that he thought about it, he could still hear the faint rumbling of the truck’s engine in the distance.

He made forward with heavy steps. While he did so he involuntarily threw a glance behind him, just so he could see Nathalia’s van parked in the distance. It stood there near the main entrance, well away from the hangar but still in such a manner that she could see anything leave its gates.

But then something else caught his attention. A lone robed figure, a survivor it seemed, was limping away from the remnants of the complex towards the parked van, rifle in hand. It made him antsy. He reached for his earpiece.

“Nathalia, you need to leave. Right now. There’s a guy heading your way.” A certain nervosity had nestled inside his weary, exhausted voice.

“What? I-... Oh god, you’re right”. He could hear her rushing to get behind her seat, but simultaneously he saw the robed figure raising their rifle to fire. The front of the van got fired up as they emptied the entirety of their clip. For a short moment the line remained eerily silent, and panic started getting the better of him.

“Help..” she whimpered suddenly. A rush of relief crawled down his spine, though that faded as soon as he saw the figure rush towards the van. At the same time, he heard yelling in the distance, the sound of the truck’s engine starting up again. For a moment he found himself torn between completing his objective or saving Nathalia.

In the end it didn’t prove much of a choice. The weight of his objective barely held up against the weight of saving his assistant. The Organization had enough resources to get their hands on a new spaceship, after all.

His feet carried him to the van as fast as they could. He could see the occultist enter the van and images of them gunning down Nathalia, or finding an already bleeding-to-death Nathalia inside started flooding his head. He picked up the pace even more. It’d only be a few seconds now.....

He slid to a halt behind the van, it’s back doors swung completely open. To his surprise he found Nathalia struggling to keep the robed man off of her inside. Struggling, but very much alive. Immediately he threw himself on the man’s neck and pulled him away from her. His foe was built sturdy, however, and with a well-placed elbow to the face he broke the agent’s nose.

He flinched and his steps fell short as he fell on his buttocks. The man raised the barrel of his gun, ready to empty a clip in him, but Nathalia tugged his arm away right as he fired and the bullets instead riddled the computers and equipment to the right.

He quickly whipped out a knife and got back up his feet. His opponent tried batting him away with the stock of his weapon, though expertly he managed to avoid the hit and with a well placed slash of his knife the fight was decided. The man’s eyes ran blank and his limbs limp, his knees giving out beneath him.

Gamma grunted and wailed deliriously as he dropped against the van’s side. It was all a bit too much for him. He could hear Nathalia catching her breath again next to him. Being shot at and subsequently attacked must’ve been a bit of a shock for her. She got up and helped him get outside. His head felt very light all of the sudden.

The fresh air helped alleviate the pain, even if it was just a little bit. He sat upright, Nathalia standing next to him. Together they looked at the remains of the hangar.

“That guy smashed up all my equipment. No way we’re tracking down that truck now.” she remarked distantly. Both of them were too occupied watching the alien behemoth burst from the remnants of the hangar in the distance. It wasn’t that intimidating from way back here. It didn’t even pay attention to the both of them, it just took off into the woods.

“I can’t wrap my head around it. Why’d they order the assault to begin early?” he began. His voice was hoarse and barely audible.

“I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. I think-... Maybe-... No, I really don’t know…” she murmured.

It went silent again for a moment. Both of them had seemingly fallen short on words in the aftermath of what had just transpired.

“You let them escape, just to save me. I haven’t thanked you yet.” she stated, and she turned to him.

“Yeah…” he replied softly. He didn’t even bother to look at her. Everything was hurting, even moreso now that the adrenaline was leaving his body. Nathalia sat herself down next to him.

“So, now what?” she asked anxiously. They had failed to do what they’d been told to. She knew this was bound to have repercussions.

“Now? Nothing.” he shrugged off carelessly. “I-... I need time-..” His words began to fall short and his head grew heavy.

“I need-... time, to…”

Then everything went black.


The light, mahogany door silently slid wide open over the wooden parquet floor. The house had a dusty, antique smell, yet it was ever so familiar to her. After all, this was her home.

Her feet barely managed to carry her through the doorpost. She felt like a wreck and a glimpse in the mirror told her she looked the part. With a loud sigh Nathalia shut the door, leaning on it for a little while. This was all getting too much for her. She couldn’t help but softly whimper for just a second.

“You alright, sis?” A singy, little girl’s voice asked behind her back.

Nathalia turned around in a shock, a mild, mixed expression of desperation and stress still plastered on her face. It was her younger sister, June. The small ten year-old girl with the softly pale blonde hair and sky blue eyes stood there joyfully waggling and humming as she always did. Seeing her always managed to cheer her up, and soon her sad expression made way for a faint smirk.

“I-.. It’s nothing June. Just a really rough day at work today, is all.” she tried to sound as happy as she could but the words still came out in a snicker.

Her little sister immediately came over and held on to her tightly to cheer her up. Nathalia set herself on her heels, closed her eyes and hugged back. She was glad to be home again. Then June suddenly pulled herself loose. She looked up to meet her eyes. Her gaze was filled with curiosity and confusion.

“Sis… Why is there.. blood, on your hands?” she inquired vaguely.

Her pupils narrowed and she let loose to look at her own hands. They were still stained with the blood of Gamma and whoever knows ; She’d forgotten to clean it off. Quickly she tried to come up with something.

“Oh, that. Well, you see… One of the other bartenders had cut their hand on a broken glass bottle of coke today, and I helped them get it patched up. I was probably too busy to notice I hadn’t washed it all off afterwards.” She barely believed it herself. This was too much blood for something that innocent.

“Are you lying to me, sis?” June asked, a sad undertone in her voice. This wasn’t the first time she’d asked this, and every time she did it only hurt her more and more. Nathalia hugged her again just so she wouldn’t have to look at her face when she answered.

“No, June. I’d never lie to you.” Her voice was weak, and barely sounded convincing. But it had been enough for her little sister and she simply hugged back in response. God, it hurt. It was all becoming too much. Way too much.

She wiped away her tears as she let go, and proceeded by casually asking “So, how was your day at school today June?”, to which she’d always give the same, boring “It was okay”. They got up and made for the kitchen as the conversation dragged on.


PS :
FUBAR, I have been told, is military slang for "Fucked Up Beyond All Repair". In case you were wondering.
(also yes I know there isn't a lot of Omega vs Gamma action but frankly this way the plot works best >:c)

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The CnC shall come...but I gave my vote to the Upper Vern. The Lower One just didn't sound as good. :P