View Full Version : AMIA New Opening

01-28-2016, 09:14 PM
Hi all,i just create new opening for my AMIA Series. In this current opening will have some new content.
After this i want to make the elder's meeting that talk about the topic for Monthly Meeting of RHG in Center Cosimir with all clan leader in RHG land.
In this opening featuring :

Elang by Apielang
Rafi by Rayyan from "Particle Universe"
Hares by Hares from "Hero vs Survivor"
Mike F by Mike from "Hero vs Survivor"
Transvorter by Marveolus
Ninmars by Ninmars
Sky by Rafel
Fiona by Rayyan from "Particle Universe"
Ice Touch by Angel Robot
Marana by AquanaKnight
Crazy Jay by Jeff
Andre by Stone
Alfa by Terkoiz
Yoyo by Hyun
Micwizard by Miccool from "Micwizard"
Jomm by Jomm
Tentionmaru by Tentionmaru
Jade by Camila
Magus by Anubis
Disc by Asuq
Aero by CaM
Aether by Melispirit
Ajax by Darknesspawn
MJ by ChaosCaster
Jolt by BlindElite
Deus by Nanite

Hope you like it