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The Saurian Soldier and the Spartan have faced off...

The arena was ready. Its thick, solid stone walls soared into the air, forming a massive ring-like barrier. Within the ring was a floor made entirely of sand. This surface stretched for such a distance…that one would imagine it was a shard of desert; forgotten by the rest of the world. It was here where two powerful warriors were about to face off.

On the left side of the arena, deep beneath the sand, a ring of metal began to turn. Its scarred surface glittered with a strange blue light, accompanied by a soft hum. Suddenly, the ring rotated counter-clockwise, sending a massive pillar of illumination into the sky. The light faded, leaving an armor-clad human in its wake.

He stood with his knees slightly bent, and his shield at ready. In his right hand he held a spear with a long, solid wood handle. Its stone tip was carved into a wicked point, so sharp that some claimed it could cut the air in half. Slung by his side was his sword, sheathed for now, but ready to be used. His name was Zackeroar.

On the right side of the arena, a similar light pillar burst to life. The illumination cleared, revealing a massive saurian form. A Carnotaurus. Its hide was a mottled light blue and grey, with navy blue tiger stripes on its neck, back, legs, and tail. It turned towards the human on the other end of the arena, revealing its off-white underbelly for a few moments. Its snout, hands, and feet were shaded with a dark grey, nearly black color, as if it had rooted around in ashes before appearing. The dinosaur spotted the human, and it lowered its grey horns towards the target, revealing a navy blue line of spikes running across its back and tail. The beast snorted, the black pupils of its aquamarine eyes narrowing to slits in the sunlight. Its name was Drake.

Drake charged; eyes locked on Zackeroar, his clawed feet shredding through the sand. The warrior raised his spear, giving out a war cry before charging as well. As soon as the dinosaur was close enough, Zackeroar raised his shield to protect himself from the beast’s horns. Drake slammed his head against the metal, sending sparks scattering around their feet. He took a step forwards, pushing his opponent back. Zackeroar twirled his spear, and then went for a jab at his enemy’s face. The point pressed just inches below the socket of Drake’s left eye, barely making an imprint on the pebbly surface.

Drake reared back with a snort, and then lifted his foot, smacking it onto his opponent’s shield. Zackeroar buckled slightly under the pressure, and shifted the spear slightly, drawing back for another jab. Drake kept his foot on the shield, and then suddenly swept his head down, his jaws wide open. Zackeroar saw the attack coming and ducked, hunching his head awkwardly between his shoulders. His foe’s jaws came together with an earsplitting CRACK, just millimeters from the top of his helmet.

Zackeroar twirled his spear and suddenly leapt back, sweeping the weapon at the beast’s massive neck. Drake raised his head to avoid it, but the point grazed his softer neck flesh anyways. With an irritated growl, the dinosaur released his foe’s shield, retreating a short distance. As the warrior took on a fresh battle stance, Drake whirled suddenly, slamming his tail against his opponent and sending it flying.

Zackeroar tumbled on the ground, ending up on his face. He rose, spitting blood and realizing some of his teeth had been loosened by the impact. Rage built within him, and he turned around to face the dinosaur again.

It roared challengingly, scraping at the ground with one foot. With another defiant cry, the warrior gathered his weapons and ran towards the dinosaur.

Drake sprinted to meet his target, thrill running through his veins. This was actually pretty fun! It had been too long since he’d experienced combat, and he’d never taken on an enemy one-on-one before. As he ran, he noticed the warrior raising his spear again, so he kept his eyes on the weapon. It looked like he was going to throw it. Within the next few seconds, that was exactly what happened.

Drake slowed and leaped aside, never taking his eyes off the spear. Hesitating for a few seconds, he lunged, grabbing the weapon out of midair.
Seeing this, Zackeroar slowed down, squinting at the beast. He hoped it wasn’t going to bite that thing in half. He liked that weapon. The dinosaur rolled the weapon back and forth on its tongue, and then suddenly whirled in a complete circle, releasing the spear. Zackeroar recovered from the shock just long enough to avoid having his head impaled. The spear clattered in the distance, sounding as though it had landed very far away. When he looked back up, the monster was closing in at an alarming pace. Zackeroar braced himself, knowing he wasn’t going to be able to dodge in time. As the beast neared him however, it breathed on the ground, sending a thick sheet of ice rippling towards him. Zackeroar then decided to change positions, but the slick surface forced its way beneath his feet, demanding his immediate attention.

Seconds later, he was lying flat on his back with his enemy looming over him. The beast growled, bringing his horns down. Zackeroar put his shield up, feeling a split second of crushing force as his enemy’s head hit the barrier. The next blow felt a little different, and was accompanied by the shriek of stressed metal. The beast had the front of his shield in its mouth. Zackeroar’s grip tightened instinctively, but suddenly a pungent, warm, wormlike creature oozed over the top of his shield. It’s red, bump-ridden surface dripped a hot, stinking secretion all over his face. Shocked, Zackeroar gagged despite himself, and the shield was wrenched from his grasp. The beast straightened, its prize dangling from its jaws. It was only then when Zackeroar realized what the worm had been. It was nothing more than his foe’s own tongue. The dinosaur hesitated for a moment, as if it didn’t know what to do with the shield at the moment.

Angered, Zackeroar leaped to his feet and grabbed the end of his shield, swinging his other arm and grabbing its inner handhold. The beast shook his head back and forth, trying to dislodge him, but he held on tight. Zackeroar drew a deep breath, ignoring the sickening, spinning world around him, unsheathing his sword with his free hand.

“Zeus, guide my blade.” he whispered, and then he lashed out as hard as he could.

His blade struck flesh and bit so deeply that he felt the burn of the beast’s blood searing across his flesh. His cry of surprise and pain mingled with the wounded roar of his foe, and the warrior fell to the ground in a heap. Zackeroar regained his footing and backed away from Drake, getting a good look at where his sword had pierced.

The blade was buried to the hilt just alongside the monster’s neck. Blood had crusted along the wound as well as the hilt, giving it a disfigured appearance. Drake turned to Zackeroar, breathing hard, and shook his head to dislodge the blade. It remained where it was, and the beast roared in frustration and pain.

Zackeroar turned away and ran. Still roaring, the dinosaur followed close behind. Just as Zackeroar felt the breath of the monster on his neck, he ducked down and seized his spear from the ground. Aside from a few indentations on the handle, it was still in good shape. Zackeroar turned quickly; his confidence building.

Drake lunged for his target, sending a frigid blast of ice shards at the human’s face. Zackeroar put one arm up to shield his eyes, lashing blindly with his spear. Drake managed to dodge two of Zackeroar’s wild attempts to hit him, but the third was shockingly accurate. The metal tip bit deep into his right eye, sending a stabbing pain through his head. Drake roared again, stomping his feet and snorting. Targeting the human with his uninjured eye, he swept his head down, his horns narrowly missing the man’s skull.

Zackeroar realized what he had hit and tried to stay on the beast’s blind side, but it kept turning its good eye his way. Enraged, he called on the power within him. His blue eyes transformed to a vibrant, ruby red, and his black hair changed as well, accepting a new, lighter grey shade.

Drake shifted his feet, and a bone-chilling growl rumbled from his throat. Zackeroar switched his sword from one hand to the other, letting out a little snarl of his own. Then, he rushed at Drake, raising his spear high. Drake blasted Zackeroar with his frost breath, but the warrior didn’t seem fazed by the shards at all. He swung his weapon, catching the side of Drake’s lower jaw with its tip. Drake roared and swept his head down, but Zackeroar sidestepped into his blind spot and slashed into the right side of the dinosaur’s face.

Drake bit again and again, but Zackeroar kept his distance, continuously punishing the dinosaur’s right cheek. Within moments, the right side of Drake’s head was black with thick, ugly ridges of crusted blood. In fact, the crusts became so thick that Zackeroar was unable to make a dent in them after a while. He then tried to aim for Drake’s neck, but the dinosaur fell into a slinking crouch, making it impossible to hit the area. Zackeroar gave out an irritated grunt, and suddenly Drake laid an ice sheet right beneath his feet. The warrior wound up on his face again, and then he felt the unimaginable pain of the beast’s jaws closing around his arm.

Drake pressed one foot on his foe, gnawing on its right arm for a few moments, and then he switched to one of the human’s wildly flailing legs. Then the Carnotaurus picked the warrior up in his mouth and threw it, roaring defiantly. Zackeroar sailed through the air, landing on his injured leg. To Drake’s surprise, red lighting surged from the skies, striking his enemy and sending blazing white sparks across the landscape. His opponent rose, completely healed of his injuries.

Surprise gave way to anger, and Drake laid an ice path, surging towards his foe. Zackeroar turned away from the charging beast and bent down to pick up his shield. He raised the battered metal just in time to avoid being skewered by Drake’s oncoming horns. Zackeroar stepped back as the dinosaur staggered, and then lashed out with the shield. The metal made contact with Drake’s chin, staggering him further. The dinosaur roared and spun again, but Zackeroar had anticipated the attack and ducked beneath Drake’s tail. As the beast repositioned itself, Zackeroar glanced about the arena, spotting his spear lying in the sand, about a stone’s throw from his position. He had to get it.

Drake began to back up, keeping one eye on his target. The human was nearly invincible at the moment, so it should survive a full on charge attack. He just needed to get it on its back again. Then he’d have the advantage.

As he moved, he saw the human rush over and pick up its spear. It then held a battle stance, ready. Drake’s pupil slitted, and he charged with another roar; temporarily replacing the arena’s ambience with primal thunder. Zackeroar raised his shield, hiding his smile from his foe. He waited until the dinosaur was really close, and then thrust the point directly at the beast’s head. There was a sharp CLINK as the metal made contact with the top of Drake’s head, after which the spear promptly snapped in half. Surprised, Zackeroar was thrown off balance for a fraction of a second…long enough for Drake to make a move. The Carnotaurus closed the gap, sending the human flying with an upward sweep of his horns.

Drake slowed for a moment, peering at the human as it gained altitude. There was a flash of red lightning, and suddenly its appearance changed again. As it began to fall, the look on its face was one of pure terror. The Carnotaurus’s eyes narrowed. Something was wrong. The human’s flight path was going to bring it right into the arena wall. Drake sprinted, laying down an ice path and surging across it. Whenever he ran out of ice, he made more paths, streaking towards the impact zone. The human wasn’t invincible anymore.

As Zackeroar sailed through the air, he spotted the wall coming up quickly. Gritting his teeth, he stared fearlessly at the barrier. He’d die facing down his enemy. Only cowards closed their eyes. Even so, he braced for impact. Just as he was about to become a rather disgraceful mess, a blurred blue-and-white form replaced the stone. Helpless, Zackeroar crashed right into it.

Drake gasped as the human hit his stomach, and he crumpled against the arena wall. As he lay on the ground, he turned his head to look at his foe. To his relief, the human had survived. The Carnotaurus tried to rise, but the sharp pain in his neck stopped him. So far, every motion he’d made since the injury had caused a tiny amount of blood to leak and crust on his skin. Up till now, he’d thought very little of how much blood he’d lost. He made a second attempt to get to his feet, but his legs just trembled and stayed in the same position.

Zackeroar got to his feet, slightly dazed from the impact. It had saved him? Why? The warrior stared at the beast, query in his eyes. For one thing, he himself had almost died. Did that mean the dinosaur won this fight? Another thing…the dinosaur had saved his life. Did that mean it was smarter than he’d originally thought? The idea chilled Zackeroar’s blood. Somehow, the beast’s presence felt far more dangerous than before. He walked over to its side, watching as its flanks rose and fell, erratic with labor. Once Zackeroar reached its head, he bent down, hesitating slightly, and then grabbed his sword with his left hand. With a little difficulty, he pulled it free. Drawing a deep breath, Zackeroar lifted the sword high. Was the beast really too dangerously intelligent to live? The thought stilled his blade for a few moments, and he paused.

Drake watched as the human raised its weapon, its non-dominant arm bent awkwardly. He closed his eyes. Well, it was KIA for him now. At least he’d done the right thing. This was the human’s decision. The battle shout of his foe reached his ears, but instead of the feel of steel to his neck, there was a dull thunk by it instead. He opened his eyes, finding out that the human had simply stuck the blade into the sand next to his weak area. The warriors locked eyes for a moment, and there was a split second of wordless understanding between the two.

< Thank you. > Drake told him, and then the dinosaur was out cold.

Zackeroar fell to his knees, shocked. Had the dinosaur just spoken to him? Before he could make any sort of response, he flinched, suddenly aware of the pain in his right arm. He looked down at it, spotting a wicked-looking hole in his palm. He was silent for a moment, staring grimly at the amount of blood he was losing. He must have caught the tip of the beast’s horn in his hand when it charged into him. It had hit him quite hard, so he wouldn’t be surprised if the collision had resulted in some sort of hole in his shield. Zackeroar opened his mouth, but he didn’t even have enough strength to curse his luck. Keeling over, he lay motionless by his foe. Even as his eyes closed, he could feel his will trying to keep his mind active.

Stay strong! he thought with all his might. Do not give in to weakness!

His body had other plans, and his consciousness failed abruptly.


The warriors were found lying quite still in the arena. Zackeroar was taken to the wRHG recovery center immediately. The wRHG regulators made preparations to move Drake, but when they returned to the arena, he was gone. Still, his vitality tracer shows that he’s alive, so maybe he had enough strength to rise and go back to his forest by himself. The strange runic markings around his previous position suggest otherwise.

The battle has officially concluded. The winner will be decided by the people.

Zackeroar limped out of the clinic and into the streets of Cansad City. His last fight with Aiba really took a toll on his body. He didn't understand though why the doctors needed to put crazy machines on him just to heal him. He wasn't even fully healed yet! For Zackeroar, it was good to be back in his armor again. The plume on his helmet swayed as the wind blew. He had retrieved his spear and sword as well, and his shield hung from his back.

"Damn those doctors to the nethers! If only they had let me use my Wrath..." he murmured as he used his spear as a walking aid, wincing with every step.
"I don't know why the concept of getting struck by lightning is scary for them. I do it all the time! And look at me, I'm still fine. Enough of this foolishness." The son of Zeus looked up to the skies and said, "Zeus, my father, heal me!"

The sky was blanketed with clouds as gray as the asphalted roads below. Rain poured as people rushed to get out of it as quick as possible. Not ordinary rain, though. Rain so white that you might mistake it as melted snow. Thunder came soon. You know what comes after thunder. Lightning, as red as blood, struck Zackeroar, whose hair was turning gray, and eyes turning as red as the lightning. People were awestruck as they watched the spectacle.

Soon enough, the rain stopped. The Spartan's colors also returned to normal, his eyes becoming as blue as the seas and his hair becoming as black as night. Zackeroar looked to the skies and whispered, "Thank you, father." Looking up, Zackeroar noticed the people looking at him, jaws dropped. "What? Go on with what you were doing, mortals! Haven't you ever seen a Spartan get struck by lightning before? Your stupidity and ignorance annoy me. Go! Before I kill you all."

A ringing in the pocket of his tattered leggings alerted Zackeroar. Aiba had given him a phone as a gift while he was still in the hospital. Four phones, in fact. This was his fourth phone. You can guess what happened to the other three. Zackeroar grabbed his phone and answered the call. Well at least he tried to. His fingers were too big for the keypads. The phone shattered into pieces as it hit the asphalt road. People ran from the Spartan, afraid of his wrath. Luckily, that didn't happen. The phone was designed to be indestructible.

Zackeroar grabbed the phone, which was still ringing, and forcing a smile, approached a stranger and said with the utmost kindness, "Hey, mortal. Press the answer call button or I swear I will destroy everything you love and when you've finally suffered enough, I will send you to the depths of Tartarus to suffer even more." The stranger laughed. The demi-god's gaze was serious, though, as he grabbed his sword from its scabbard. The stranger shook in fear and tears rolled from his eyes as he was frozen in place. "Are you going to do it or not?" The stranger pressed the button and ran away as quickly as possible. Most probably to the nearest police station.

"Hello? Who is this?"
"Hey, Zack! How are you doing? Heard you got out of the hospital."
"Hi Aiba. Yes, I did get out of the hospital. No thanks to you. Anyway, I'm all fine now, got struck by lightning so my injuries are good."
"That sounds horrible!"
"What the hell is with you people and getting hit by lightning? I get healed by it, for the gods' sakes! Have you forgotten aboout my Wrath, Aiba?"
"Oh, right. You're a demi-god. By the way, you have a battle. The wRHG organization called as soon as they heard about your discharge."
"In some arena. I'll mark the location on your phone's map."
"Thank the gods! I've been yearning for battle since I was stuck in that dreaded hospital. Do you know how boring it is to lie on a bed every damn minute of every damn day? I guess you do after the beating you took fron me. Heh. Oh, before I forget. Aiba, can I ask you a favor?"
"Sure, anything, buddy."
"Do you know of a greatsword that can split into two smaller swords? It's made of mithril and has a golden hilt with a ruby encrusted in it. I saw it in a dream, probably a message from Zeus."
"No, but I'll do some research on it."
"Thanks. I'll be going now."
"Take care, dude! Be sure not to get beaten up like you did when we last battled."
Zackeroar grunted. Nothing was permanently injured from their last battle except his ego.


Zackeroar was pumped up as he walked towards his destination. Aiba didn't give him details about his foe, but he didn't need it. He was a Spartan, after all, trained in the arts of war and battle. As a child, Zackeroar watched gladiators fight to the death in huge arenas with sand floors and thousands of people crowding the arena. He had only been a spectator, but now he was going to fight in one. He smiled.

Then, he finally reached it. The great stone arena stood in front of Zackeroar like a giant facing a man. Its circular stone walls surrounded the sand-floored interior. Thousands of wooden seats lined the stairs, each descending down towards the sand floor where gladiators fought and blood was spilled. Zackeroar grinned as he entered the portcullis, spear and shield in hand.

"Ah, you must be Zackeroar." The Spartan heard a voice in his head. It wasn't his though. He heard a deep, growly voice, as if it was from some beast.
"What is this sorcery? Show yourself!" The demi-god's thundering voice echoed along the stone walls surrounding the sand floor.

Zackeroar looked around, searching for any sign of his foe. Suddenly, a shadow appeared from across Zackeroar-under the balcony where you can get the best view of the violence. It was a dinosaur! Not as tall as a Tyrannosaurus Rex, but not as small as a raptor. Its horns were gray, like Zackeroar's hair when his Wrath activates. It had a ridge on its snout as black as night reaching up to the middle of its aquamarine eyes. Its skin was a mixture of gray and light blue with dark navy blue tiger strips here and there. Some parts of its body had a blackish shade, and the others white. It didn't matter to Zackeroar what kind of monstrosity this was. Today, the demi-god was the predator and the Carnotaurus was his prey.

Insticts kicked in and Zackeroar dropped his shield and aimed his spear. The spear flew as fast as the wind, hitting its target. The steel-tipped spear bounced off the skull of the Carnotaurus, landing on the sand floor. The dinosaur shook his head, and narrowed his eyes at Zackeroar. Dust scattered as the dinosaur charged at the Spartan. The demi-god sidestepped and bits of iron flew as the dinosaur crashed through the portcullis.

"By the gods! It has spikes on its back as well!" The dinosaur's navy blue spikes ran across its back and tail like waves coming out of the ocean. The Carnotaurus shook its head, bits of the portcullis falling. Zackeroar braced for impact, holding his sword and shield tight as his foe turned around. "Come on, beast! I'll put you back in extinction!"

The dinosaur seemed pissed, yes, but he didn't charge. Zackeroar was puzzled, but still held his ground. "This creature is smart." The Spartan thought. The Carnotaurus lowered his snout and blew ice from his mouth, as if it was a dragon blowing fire. Sand turned to ice as the dinosaur's breath reached the floor of the arena. A straight pathway of ice led straight to the Spartan. Shocked, Zackeroar leaped back from the ice. Suddenly, the dinosaur slid onto the ice and charged at its foe.

The demi-god sidestepped, but barely made it. He slashed his sword at the dinosaur's underbelly. The Carnotaurus roared as steel kissed hide. The beast's blood slowly flowed out of the wound. Zackeroar smirked. The dinosaur whirled, sending the Spartan flying with the flick of its tail. Zackeroar dropped his sword and shield mid-air then hit the stone wall. His body landed with a large thud as he slouched with his back at the wall. "Bastard!" He yelled.

The Carno walked towards its foe then tilted its head. It wondered if the human was fine. "Hey, are you alright?" Zackeroar heard the voice again. He shook his head as he regained conciousness. "Yes I am. But you won't be!" The demi-god jumped at the dinosaur's snout. The Carnotaurus, seeing this, opened its mouth. It bit metal as Zackeroar landed in the saliva-filled mouth of the dinosaur.

Zackeroar hit another wall. Dust scattered as he landed with a loud thud that echoed around the arena. The demi-god's body was aching. His bones were broken, wounds and bruises were spread all over his body. He was a god yes, but he was as much god as he was human. Zackeroar grinned as he struggled to stand up.

"Finally! A worthy adversary. Thank you gods for this gift." Zackeroar thought as he stared at his opponent, smiling at the sight.
"Come on, you worthless piece of meat! Aiba Kannagi hits harder than that, and he's human! Come at me!"

The Carnotaurus blew ice once again then lowered his head. He charged towards his opponent, standing weakly and unarmed. His scimitar lay close. If he could reach it then maybe, just maybe, he could kill this beast. Zackeroar jumped towards his sword, causing the dinosaur to miss as it hit the stone wall once again. The demi-god laughed as he stood up, his scimitar now in hand.

Zackeroar's foe ran towards him as he clutched his scimitar now with two hands. It didn't matter if the Carno's hide was thick. He was going to end this beast no matter what. He turned to the skies and prayed a silent prayer.

The dinosaur stopped right in its tracks as rain began to fall and lightning began to strike. It cowered back to a wall as lightning hit the human. The human was transforming somehow. Its hair turned from black to gray and its eyes turned from blue to red. Then it stood up, and charged at the dinosaur, shouting as it went.

The Carnotaurus charged at its foe as well, rain still falling. It let out a challenging roar as his opponent drew nearer. Zackeroar slid left and kicked his opponent in the shin. The ground beneath the dinosaur disappeared as it slid face first into the sand. The Spartan wasn't done yet. As the dinosaur got up, he charged at it once again. He jumped and slashed the beast in the arm horizontally. Blood spilled as the steel broke through the hide. Zackeroar landed on one knee as the dinosaur growled then charged at him.

The dinosaur lowered his head as he neared Zackeroar, still crouching down with sword in hand. The Spartan jumped and striked with a downward arc at his opponent's skull. The sword broke into pieces as it connected with the hard skull and Zackeroar fell back-first towards the sand. "Sh*t," he murmured.

The sun began to shine again and the clouds were clearing. Zackeroar ran for his life's sake. The Carnotaurus was in close pursuit. "Gods damn it!" he whispered as he ran into a wall. The dinosaur slowed its pace, like a predator stalking its prey. The beast roared in Zackeroar's face, saliva leaping from the dinosaur's mouth like a slimy frog. Zackeroar panted as he looked around for something he could protect himself with. Then he saw it.

Its ruby-encrusted golden hilt shone in the sunlight as if the gods themselves were helping the Spartan. Its blade sunk deep into the sand, but its hilt was exposed. That was all that mattered for Zackeroar. To reach it though, he would have to get out of the dinosaur's grasp. Metal scratched, sparked, and sang as the dinosaur's claws tried to get through the armor. Its teeth tried to chew the armor to no avail. The dinosaur let out a thundering roar which bounced along the stone walls of the arena. Zackeroar was spat out, all covered in saliva.

The dinosaur headbutted the human. The force from the headbutt broke the wall behind the Spartan. The demi-god grunted as stones and rocks fell on him. The dinosaur stomped on Zackeroar, who was lying down on the sand. The Carnotaurus roared once again then left the body of his foe.

Zackeroar coughed up blood then sat up. His body was broken. He shook to remove the stones that fell on him. He still had Zeus's gift, though. He still had Wrath. His face grew redder by the second as anger took control. He stood up, clenching both of his fists so hard that they too became red.

The demi-god threw his armor away. It was already dented because of the dinosaur's stomp. The sound of metal against metal caused the dinosaur to turn around. It was taken aback. The human should have been dead by now! "Curse this beast! My armor.... No matter, I will get Hephaestus to forge me a new one. All that matters now is me killing this monster." thought Zackeroar.

The Spartan shouted then charged at the beast. The Carnotaurus let out a loud roar as well and charged at his foe. Veins showed up on Zackeroar's face as he shouted louder and louder. "No one angers Wrath's Incarnate," he thought as the dinosaur swung his tail low.

The tail hit nothing but sand as the Spartan jumped out of the way. Zackeroar then ran towards the hilt of the sword, but the Carnotaurus was already on him. The demi-god froze in place as ice hit his feet. He screamed. It was supposed to feel cold, but it didn't. It felt like fire. He flew into the air like a bird when the dinosaur smacked right into him. Zackeroar barely grabbed the top of the stone wall he was about to hit. "Phew."

The Carnotaurus ran towards the human once again. It roared and opened its mouth below the human. It was about to fall! Zackeroar let go of the stone wall. As he was about to fall into the dinosaur's mouth, he kicked the wall. The Spartan landed on the Carno's back. The dinosaur tried to buck the Spartan off, but his hold was firm on one of the bony spikes.

When the dinosaur was tired, the Spartan dismounted and punched the Carno's shin. The beast fell on one knee. Zackeroar ran to its face then landed a blow on the dinosaur's right eye. The dinosaur squinted as fist hit eye. The Carnotaurus let out a roar, but the demi-god was unfazed. He proceeded to land blow after blow on the legs of the fallen dinosaur, trying to limit its mobility.

Zackeroar forgot about one thing, though. The dinosaur's tail swung out of no where. The demi-god's body flew through the air then landed hard on the sand. The Carnotaurus stood up, but not with the same fight it had in it before. Zackeroar laughed heartily as he stood up.

The demi-god spotted it once again, but nearer. The sword was still there! He reached for it, then stood up. The gold-hilted greatsword was now in his hand. An evil smile crept on his face as the dinosaur walked towards him, claws ready for killing.

Metal sang, metal rang, metal scratched, metal scraped. Zackeroar parried, dodged, and countered as the dinosaur tried to claw him left and right. The silvery luster of the sword drew Zackeroar's attention. "Could this be it? The sword from my dream?" he thought. The blade was lightweight, but as strong as steel. Only one metal was like this. Mithril.

The demi-god sidestepped right and stabbed the dinosaur in its underbelly. The dinosaur roared as blood slowly flowed out. The Spartan gained a moment of respite when the dinosaur backed away, exhausted from the fighting. Zackeroar pressed hard on the ruby of the mithril sword like he saw in his dream. Suddenly, the sword split into two slender mithril blades.

Zackeroar charged at the dinosaur with the two blades now in his hand. The dinosaur roared and lowered his head. The demi-god jumped and slashed both of his blades diagonally. The mithril blades connected with the dinosaur's hard skull to no avail. The dinosaur tried to grab Zackeroar, but the Spartan took a step back then thrusted at the hand. The blade was buried deep into the dinosaur's skin. Bones cracked as the hilt of the other blade slammed into the hand of the Carnotaurus. Blood spilled onto the sand as Zackeroar pulled his blade from the hand.

The demi-god brought the two swords back together, merging them back into the greatsword. The dinosaur lowered its head and charged once again like a bull charging towards a matador. Zackeroar sidestepped right, but he was a step too late. Sand scattered as the Spartan landed with a thud.

Soon, the Carnotaurus was at him again. The dinosaur kept biting the dust as Zackeroar rolled left and right, greatsword still in hand. Bite after bite Zackeroar dodged, but with each bite, the dinosaur was getting slower and sloppier. Zackeroar knew he had to finish this soon. His hair was already black in some spots. This wasn't good. His Wrath was fading.

Zackeroar tried to slice at the dinosaur, but the beast caught it with its teeth. The two wrestled for control of the sword. Finally, Zackeroar pulled the sword away from the clutches of the dinosaur's teeth. The Carnotaurus was forced to take a few steps back then fell from the force of the pull.

The Spartan jumped with his greatsword pointing directly at the dinosaur's chest. Blood flowed out as the mithril blade sunk deep into the hide of the Carnotaurus. The dinosaur roared, sending saliva everywhere, but Zackeroar didn't care. It was finished. He pulled out his greatsword and cleaned it with the sand. He grabbed his armor, spear, and shield then walked out of the arena. Admiring his new sword, he said, "I think I'll call you 'Desolation'."

04-04-2016, 02:36 PM
So the thread is finally up! May the best writer win! Voters, please give constructive criticisms. It's ok to me if it's harsh lol. Once again, may the best writer win!

04-04-2016, 09:06 PM
Well I'm not great at criticizing stuff, but here I go.

Both of you made wonderful stories, Cassandra had a better battle and conclusion in my opinion, but Hunter had a better way to begin the story than just already summoning them into the arena. Hunter also showed Drake and Zacheroar's personality more where Cassandra barely made them talk. For me this battle belongs to Hunter, yes Cassandra had a more understanding battle for me, but Hunter's story showed much more love into it or personality. He made the characters feel real to me, and even made Zacheroar mock Drake, which is part of his personality, so my vote goes to Hunter.

So how was my criticism?

04-04-2016, 10:17 PM
Cassandra: there's no such thing as a Shard of Desert

04-05-2016, 03:47 PM
@Hewitt: Noted. :)

04-06-2016, 12:18 PM
@Fellowman I'm glad you enjoyed my story! :D Possibly tell me how I can improve my battle? Thanks!

04-06-2016, 07:02 PM
Brief CnC:

I somewhat know both of your writing styles by now, and heres what I think.

Cassandra: I was dissapointed by your story to be honest with you. When i see you have a battle, i get excited because you're good at descriptions, atmospheric analogies, and USUALLY are pretty good at making interesting plots. For how intricate the battle got, it was interesting, but for me, got boring. I guess im used to seeing more dialogue and depth to your stories that seeing just a fight in an arena was a little dissapointing. To be fair, it was a very well written fight.

Hunternest: you have improved greatly. One thing that bugged me though is that you shouldnt go more than 2 or 3 lines of dialogue without indicating who is saying what, and making them move or breathe or do SOMETHING. Like in the first phone call: was he shuffling his feet? Did he walk while taking. Did he move his hands while he talked? Nobody talks and stands perfectly still. While reading that block of dialogue, thats what it felt like to me.

Hunter gets my vote this time. Good reads over all.

04-07-2016, 10:01 AM
@Cruel: Yeah, you're right. I've been going over my writing and I have to agree. Maybe I'm not really thinking of Drake as an actual character properly. When I write, it kind of feels like I'm writing about an animal instead of a character, which changes my writing style a little.

Example: Animal = it, beast, Carnotaurus, etc.
Example: Character = he, she, they, it

For some reason I'm finding it hard to write about Drake the way I need to. I just can't seem to get it right. I don't want to change him again even though I said he was permanent...but now I'm thinking that may have been the right way to go.

04-07-2016, 11:31 PM
@Cruel: Yeah, you're right. I've been going over my writing and I have to agree. Maybe I'm not really thinking of Drake as an actual character properly. When I write, it kind of feels like I'm writing about an animal instead of a character, which changes my writing style a little.

Example: Animal = it, beast, Carnotaurus, etc.
Example: Character = he, she, they, it

For some reason I'm finding it hard to write about Drake the way I need to. I just can't seem to get it right. I don't want to change him again even though I said he was permanent...but now I'm thinking that may have been the right way to go.

If my opinion means anything, Vamprina was definitely my favorite of your characters.

04-08-2016, 12:44 PM
@Cruel Thanks! I'll be sure to take note of what you said. :D

04-08-2016, 01:06 PM
@Cruel: Yeah, Vamprina is one of my best characters. Since her page is in the wRHG section already, I wonder if it would be too much trouble to use her as my official wRHG instead...

Kamiroo Wolf
04-10-2016, 11:50 PM
@Cruel: Yeah, Vamprina is one of my best characters. Since her page is in the wRHG section already, I wonder if it would be too much trouble to use her as my official wRHG instead...

It wouldn't(frankly I felt a little bad when you switched back over to Drake. I liked Vamprina better, but was startled at the sudden change). Go with your heart!

I have yet to read your guys' stories, though I recognize and appreciate the effort both of you put in! Good work and hopefully I can get some CC in here eventually @_@

04-16-2016, 07:17 PM
It's finally over! Thanks everyone for voting and giving CnC. Congrats Cass! :D

04-16-2016, 10:27 PM
Thanks everyone! I'm always looking to improve and your CNCs really helped!
You did well too XDHunterNest!

Now...Vamprina and I are going to work really hard when the next challenger rises....

"Challenge me...if you dare."

"You know you're not supposed to kill them...right?"

"I'll try not to."