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The Healing Hands clinic had settled into the local community. So far, there had not really been any cases that required his attention, but nevertheless Dr. David MacBeth had made a point of being present for at least a few minutes with every patient. Life was moving slowly for him, currently, so this provided diversion. More importantly, however, he was looking into the private lives of the populace of that city. His clinic was especially popular with the upper class, a people who particularly interested him, if only for their potential benefit within the coils of Nehushtan, his “ghost” organization.

The quietude of his life ceased, however, when one of his Serpents – sworn servants of Nehushtan who worked for a common goal in varying capacities – gave him a call. The screen on his satellite linked smartphone showed that the call was sourced through the specialized network that all of his Serpents used to contact him. He scanned the perimeter of his roof top patio to make sure that no one was nearby, and then answered the phone.


A voice on the other end spoke in a meticulous English with a think Indian accent. “I am a leading advisor for a disaster relief organization. We recently responded to what appeared to be a terrorist attack. It was, though, the work of a certain Zoe Thanatos, female, age 18.”

Dr. MacBeth picked up one of an assortment of canapes from a golden table beside his mahogany lounge chair and muched it languidly before responding. “Did you contact other pertinent Serpents to get relating information about this young lady?”

“Yes sir. Her track record is easily categorized as disobedient to Nehushtan, and quite possibly totally rebellious. She is driven by vengeance on a supernatural level, and possesses immense powers she cannot well control.”

David’s roaming eyes fell upon the faint traces of blood splatters from the assassin he had so recently dispatched upon this roof. “Why have I, The Head, been specifically contacted?”

“We attempted normal methods, but this is a difficult situation. Most of our contacts – governments, military groups, the drug cartel, terrorists, and the like – are too mainstream to be manipulated into fighting a being that is in the first place supernatural, and in the second seems to be only a young woman. Out of the organizations we could use for a target like this, two are already disobedient in their own right, and are not complying to our will. We did attempt to use the RHG, by orchestrating matters so that a powerful paladin sought her out, but he was annihilated. Since The Fixer has been only sporadically available at best as of late, you are now Nehushtan’s greatest manifestation of power.”

A slow grin crept across David’s face. “Give me all the information Nehushtan has obtained…”

The level of misery in Zoe’s heart was steadily rising. She was ashamed of her nature, yet at the same time proud. Her deeds were horrendous, but they were either justified, or entirely out of her control. Why did she do what she did not want to do?! Why?!

As she under the graceful stone bridge, the babbling stream that danced over the rocks in front of her counterpoised an irritating joy to her own inner conflict. A car rumbled overhead, but she paid it little mind. Just upstream, the splash of a kingfisher broke her reverie, cutting her eyes over to its perch on a bare limb, she considered the regal bird. Its striking colors were lent a royal hue by the rich gold of the late evening sun streaking through the slender branches of willows and maples. Farther in the distance, the pristine white upper branches of might sycamores glistened in the radiant light, attesting to a purity which she felt – at this moment – she could never obtain.

She pulled her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. Despite the approaching summer, there was a chill in the air, at least where she sat on a little patch of dry sand with her back against old, cold stones. She spoke aloud to the lengthening shadows around her, frustration and pain laced through her voice.

“If only I could control these parts of myself, then I would be able to accomplish something…anything.”

“Perhaps you can.”

The sudden voice from behind her made her give a little cry of alarm and jump to her feet. She failed to get a grip on the sand, however, and instead tumbled into the stream. The shock of its frigid water made her whole body tense, and she fought to keep herself from crying. The fragile bubble of all the hurt and confusion and fear she was feeling had suddenly been burst by the intrusion of this man. She did not really care if he was good or evil – right now she merely wanted to vent her turmoil upon him.

As she slipped and skidded up to her feet, however, a hand slowly extended toward her. It was slender and smooth, yet there was something reliable and strong about it. A finely engraved gold ring glinted in a lone ray of sun. Despite what she had just been feeling, she took it, and with a calm power it pulled her onto her feet back to the stream bank. Wiping her sodden hair out of her eyes, she looked up into the face of this strange man.

The sight that welcomed her was startling. He was not particularly bulky, but was taller than most men. The sun partially silhouetted his form, casting his flawless hair into a ruddy glimmering halo. His entire body was clothed in a suit of white, save for the occasional highlights of another color, and the glimmer or jewels and gold sent shining beams of light through the shadows that surrounded her. A part of her wondered if this was an angel sent by the Council to kill her.

The other hand reached up and gently caressed her face. Not in a sensual manner, which would not have ended well for this visitor, but the same way she remembered her father doing when she had performed well in her training. The flood of emotion broke her restraint, and silent tears trickled down from her eyes as she searched his face. Her voice, despite the obvious emotion, did not break when she spoke.

“Who are you?”

“To some I am The Head. To others, their Healer. I have been called a Miracle, and a gift from God. As for myself, it would be prideful of me to speak of the truth of these things. I am a man. Dr. David MacBeth.”

Zoe suddenly realized that as he spoke, he had been tenderly wiping her tears – and she had stopped crying. Now, he stood with one hand at his side, and the other reassuringly on her shoulder. His voice, though, was what struck her. It seemed as if every last part of his being was focused into pure compassion, even, perhaps, love.

“If you’re just a man, Doctor, then why didn’t I hear you walk up behind me? The woods are a tangle of brush, dry leaves, and dead limbs. And besides – why did you walk up behind me?”

A smile such as graced the face of stained-glass-window saints blossomed onto his immaculate countenance, and his light green eyes seemed to glow with an inner light more vivid than the many-hued slanting rays of the sun as it crept beneath the horizon.

“Ah. First, you did not hear me because much evil has taught me the value – and the secret – of silence, and it has since become a habit. Also, I never said I was ‘just’ a man. Secondly, I can because I know of your turmoil. Your sorrows.”

Despite the kindness he was showing, Zoe could not help but give a pessimistic laugh. “Ha. Really? If you actually know something about me, you’ll be the first.”

Her sarcasm did not appear to face him as he stepped one step closer, putting his face directly into the sunlight, and forcing her to look up to him.

“I know of your father, the kind soul. Talented too, and so proud of his daughter. I know of your mother, so loving and protective. I know of the cruel hand of that prideful Council, and how they ruined your happy home. I know of the slaver who promised you rescue and then betrayed you. And yes, sweet Zoe Thanatos, I know of your light…and your darkness. Nothing, my girl, nothing has escaped me.”

A shiver ran through her as her jaw dropped. Perhaps it was the fact that she was still soaking wet, or perhaps it was how much this Dr. MacBeth seemed to know. Most of the people who knew this much had died as the result of her losses of control. At the sight of her shivering, he spread his arms wide and wrapped them around her, pressing her against himself, seemingly heedless of the cold water that now soaked his clothes as well. Within the warmth and shelter of this embrace, and eyes that did not shy away from the secrets she had kept hidden from the world, she let herself sob out the pain she had borne along for so long.

He stroked the back of her head soothingly. “Shh…it’s alright, Zoe. Everything is going to be alright. Just trust in me.”

After several minutes, she let out a ragged sigh and stepped back slightly. She wanted to say something, but nothing seemed right at that moment. He did not push matters, but merely kept one arm around her shoulders and walked her around to the edge of the bridge.

“I’m going to give you a boost up to the top, and help you up to my car. You have suffered wounds and harm in your fights, recent and old. A stay in my clinic will give those time to heal – as well as your heart.”

She nodded her assent to his wishes and turned around, waiting for him to lifter her up. His hands gently grasped her waist, and slowly lifted her up. After stretcher her own arms for a moment, frowning, she called back to him.

“I can’t reach the edge of the bridge.”

His face appeared over the edge of the bridge, and he caught her extended hand. “I know. I have it all handled. Like I said, just trust in me.”

As he used one hand to raise her over the guard rail and onto the pavement, she cast a glance back down to the stream bank. There was nothing there. If he had lifted her up, how had he also been able to catch her hand from above?

“How did you…do…that?”

He seemed genuinely surprised by the question. “How did I do what?”

“Lift me up and catch my hand at the same time.”

She was met with nothing but a shrug and a smile. Her eyes narrowed. “I think you are up to something. All this being nice…there is some ulterior motive, isn’t there?”

“Trust in me. Just trust in me. I can show you purpose, and peace, and save you from yourself.”

Zoe’s stance changed slightly. “You’ve been too nice too quickly. You are trying to use me, somehow. Trying to get me into that car of yours for god-knows what reason. Well, I’m not falling for that!”

As one eye turned white, David realized that the time had come for what he called forceful conditioning. Bringing the trainee to the end of themselves was always part of the process for spirited individuals. Before he reviewed her information, he had expected merely to perform a purely military tactical operation to knock the offender down to size, or kill her, if necessary. After reading about her, however, he had spotted the elements of a potentially useful ally for Nehushtan, perhaps a Serpent, or maybe even something more, like The Fixer.

Fortunately, there was nothing she was going to do that he could not anticipate, more or less. Precise information on her abilities was haphazard. Her angelic state was well documented by those she had rescued from the slaver, but the demonic form’s information was sourced purely from two survivors from two different rampages. He had long since learned not to take chances.

As her angelic-eye’s power accelerated her speed, he responded by relaxing his muscles. He did not move when she moved, nor did he show signs of pain when she landed a trio of punches. Though she was clearly used to battle, he had felt worse. Apparently expecting him to counter attack, she rushed a short distance away, out of sticking distance. Instead of responding, he merely rolled to one side behind the car, and as soon as he vanished from her sight, generated a duplicate – or Reflection – of himself. He hissed out a quick command. “Fight her, but do not kill her unless I give the word.”

The Reflection nodded, just as Zoe landed a kick that flung it to one side. It staggered to its feet, again, and grasped arm as she attempted to land a punch. It was only a poor grip, but it was enough for the Reflection to land a blow of his own. During the distraction, David slipped into the backseat of his armored Bentley. The tinted bullet-proof windows would provide enough concealment for the time being.

Zoe was infuriated. This doctor did not seem to be a particularly good fighter, yet she did not seem to be able to harm him. She was easily out-maneuvering him, hitting him scores of times to every hit he managed, yet nothing was being accomplished. As her ire rose, and also her frustration, she snatched a piece of flint from the roadside and slashed at her arm. As the demon within her was unleashed, she growled and blasted the man in white with lasers. He merely stepped towards her, slowly. She tried again. Nothing.

With a charge, she clenched her clawed hands around his shoulders, crushing down with all of her inhuman power. The man did not even flinch, but had the nerve to draw a pair of knives of slash at her. She hurled him as far into the air as she could, then soared up to catch him, swinging him and slashing him furiously, before smashing him back into the earth. The impact hurled dust and debris through the air, leaving a crater in the road. Leaping back to the rim, she waited for the air to clear. As it did, she saw the man rise and fix her with his gaze. There was not even a frayed sting on his suit, not a frizzed hair on his head.

Dr. MacBeth depressed the button on his earpiece. “Inside the left side of your jacket, you have an assortment of medical supplies. Take out the vial from the fourth row, third from the right. Tell me when you have it in your hand.”

As he looked out of his rear window, he could tell his Reflection was dutifully doing as he was told, though he was being beaten and tossed like a ragdoll by the demonic Zoe. Her rising confusion and anger were tangible in the air. In his perspective, it was humorous watching such a powerful being waste its time on his own wonderful abilities. That reminded him of the rare-vintage Malbec he had in the wine cooler built into the rear of the console.

The Reflection touched his ear. “Done, Master.”

He rolled a sip of wine around in his mouth casually, the swallowed and cleared his throat. “Grab half of the pills, and with the next opportunity, shove them down her throat.”

As her foe’s body smashed through two trees and a boulder, Zoe growled, her hellish voice echoing in the twilight. “How are you still unharmed? You may be a man, but what man can survive this! Let me see your blood, and DIE!”

She lunged forward, fanged jaws stretched wide. The man shot his first forward, and down her esophagus. She gagged as he let go of something he had been holding, but was forced to swallow. Snapping shut on his arm, she attempted to bite it off, but, as with all of her other attacks, this too failed. Unable to spit out either his arm or vomit up whatever he had given her, she struggled against the effects of the pills, but slowly the world around her grew blurry, and she relaxed into the darkness. The darkness held not pain, no fury, no losses of control…just…


Zoe awoke with a jump. She hated this feeling. The feeling of coming back from whatever horrors she had unleashed. Except this time felt…different. There were no ghosts of bad memories. There was no pain from what her body had been through. She, strangely, felt a sort of heavenly peace.

She whispered into the darkness. “I feel…happy.”

A familiar voice responded from the darkness across from the foot of her bed, on the other side of a brilliant silver lance of moonlight.

“Of course. Dopamine will make anyone feel happy. As will a small dose of morphine. And a decent amount of surgery fixing up several poorly healed bone fractures and wounds. I used some Valium to drop your heart-rate to just shy of death, which brought you out of your demonic state. I then used a dopamine drip to keep you alive through transport back to my clinic and through surgery.”

Glancing at her surroundings, it appeared as if she was in a luxurious Victorian bedroom, yet saw traces of medical supplies scattered throughout. Her bed, too, was actually a gurney, upon closer inspection. Something seemed to break deep inside her as she looked towards where her rescuer sat.

“Dr. David MacBeth. I’m…sorry. I’m so sorry I doubted you. I’m sorry I attacked you, and lost control. I – ” she sighed “I don’t remember what happened. Did I hurt you?”

He gave a musical laugh, and strode through the moonlight to her side, and looked down on her smiling.

“No, you did not hurt me. Not in the least. I knew what to expect about you. Perhaps more than you did of yourself. But now…now I hope to start you on a new course for your life. Will you let me heal your heart?”

She stared intently into his welcoming eyes. Could it be true? Could this man hold the key to the control she needed to have over herself, and the answers she needed for her life?

“I—I hope so. You’re the first person to actually take the time to show me…kindness. I want to give you a chance. I…want to give myself a chance.”

He reached bent down low, bringing his face close to hers, holding her gaze with his own. His hands cupped her face with a parental love. “Trust in me. Just…trust…in…me.”

As the sedatives’ power slowly drew her back into the abyss of drug-induced sleep, his face changed. The same smile that has played across the lips of men from Caesar Augustus to Genghis Khan to Napoleon to Stalin touched his face, yet with a bone-chilling twist of pure gentleness. “Nehushtan will wrap you in his coils, and give purpose to your powers. Sleep, my child. The morning will come, and I shall craft you into a new stage of your life, O struggling soul. You have come to the hands of The Healer and The Head, and I shall give you rest.”

Before he departed, he placed a kiss of approval upon her forehead.

Zoey sat against the strong bark of the giant tree, nestling her body into the large, intertwining roots to try and shield her from the pitter patter of the rain overhead. She was soaked anyway, shivering in the chilly spring weather as it continued to pour water from the heavens into the forest she rested in. She was injured, and sat with a hand holding her side. A blade stuck out of her lower rib cage, threatening to puncture an organ if touched. Zoey was no doctor, but she knew enough about her own anatomy that removing it would cause her to lose enough blood to have her to lose consciousness, and she wasn’t sure if her pursuers were still near by.

Two demon warriors had gotten the best of her from her blind side. A cheap shot to the back, and in the struggle one had landed the knife in between her ribs. She was amazed that she wasn’t dead from the wound, but she wished she was from the pain that spread like fire around it. She had managed to activate her angelic eye in the struggle, increasing her speed and perception, to stun both her attackers before making a break into the woods. It had only been ten minutes since she lost sight of them, but considering they could fly, she knew they would find her eventually. She was too tired to effectively fight back right now, so all she could do is hope they lost interest and left.

Her eye trickled blood onto her white shirt she wore that stuck to her body like glue because of the rain. The wound in her rib radiated crimson and continually grew, consuming the white fabric as it spread. She wiped the blood from her eye and steadied her breathing, focusing on her surroundings in fear of her attackers.

Zoey’s life had been nothing but running from people who wanted to kill her ever since she had turned 16 and discovered she was a half angel half demon born on earth. Her body on earth, despite technically being angel and demon, still had human qualities and was very mortal. She was a living taboo, not that she had a choice in what she was. She never asked to be this monster.

Demons and angels alike were looking for her to end her and hide her existence from the spiritual world in order to preserve peace between the two races. Or in some instances, expose it to begin the war. Spiritual weapon corporations among other companies cared little for the well being of angels or demons lives, and simply cared for the business war provided. Zoey didn’t care what any of their intentions were, she just wanted to live a normal life in peace.

But with her condition and lack of control of her powers, that would never be possible.

Leaves rustled behind her, stopping her heart in her chest. They must have found her. She felt a knot form in her throat as she held her breath, hoping they would pass her. A figure emerged from around the large tree.

A lanky man, about 6’4”, held a briefcase in his right hand. His auburn hair stuck to his head and drooped from the rain, and he wore a suit. He seemed very out of place, and had a bored expression on his face. The expensive looking suit didn’t look even remotely wet, and the water seemingly bounced off the material like a cloth shield. He appeared very fit, and was maybe in his mid twenties, early thirties at the very oldest. Zoey stared at his weapon, a Winchester rifle, slung over his shoulder.

He caught Zoey in the corner of his eye and slowly turned his head, carefully examining her. His eyes looked her up and down, noticing the wound in her side and the blood running down her face. The rain slowed down slightly.

“Oh my, well you’re a mess.” The man said, turning to her. She locked eyes with him, hiding her fear from him. “You look like you could use my help young lady.”

“Stay away.” She said weakly, wincing as the words left her mouth. Even breathing caused the pain to flare up. Spiritual beings such as angels and demons could change form if they knew the magic to. She didn’t know how it worked particularly, but she had learned to trust nobody. The man was no exception.

“You’re being hunted.” The man said, drawing conclusions. “Blow to the back of your head, stab wound in your lower left abdomen, but the blade hasn’t been removed. It’s a good thing you didn’t, you would have bled to death.”

She remained silent as she considered running again. She didn’t have the strength to even speak properly, so how the hell would she out run someone who clearly kept in shape. She didn’t want to take any chances.

Sunlight broke through the leaves overhead as the rain slowed to a stop. She was so cold so the warm sun on her face felt good despite bleeding to death next to a tree. Two shadows suddenly blocked out the rays of sun. They had found her.

Two large, powerful creatures smashed into the earth, sending leaves and dirt into the air on impact. They were humanoid looking despite being demons, but their skin was grey and thick, resembling tough leather. They wore armor, silver and shining as the droplets of water reflected light around the metal. They had curling horns around their heads, and the larger one had a spiked helmet that had a bone mo-hawk that ran down the shiny metal. Their wings were large and powerful, with horns pointing out at the tips. The membrane between the wings looked light and tearable, yet sturdy.

“Stand aside human, we only want the girl.” The larger one barked, his voice burly and deep.

“I apologize gentlemen.” The lanky man said, bowing his head. “I didn’t realize you had need for this young child. I shall leave you in peace friends.” The man walked between the two demons, and the creatures focused on their wounded victim.

Zoey stared at him, hating him more every step he took. She shifted her weight against the tree, preparing herself to jump to her feet and run until she either collapsed, or died, or both.

“You shouldn’t have run, you abomination.” The leader of the two said. “I’m going to enjoy every second of your painful death.”
Zoey was running out of options. Her mind raced for anything. There was no way to out run them at this point, not in her current state. She’d have to go down fighting. Well, if she could.

The leader laughed and sun bounced off his armor, making Zoey squint as he towered over her thin figure. In his hand he held a battle axe that looked worn from countless battles. Dried red spots covered it from its previous victims, and the demon wielded the heavy weapon like it was nothing.

Zoey’s instincts kicked in and she moved as fast as she could. She screamed at the pain as she pulled the knife out of her side, blood gushing as she quickly stood up and thrust the weapon covered in her own gore into the throat of the demon in front of her.

His eyes widened as he dropped the ax in his hand and brought them to his bulky neck. She hit the soft flesh between his helmet and chest plate perfectly, and a deep red blood poured from the wound as she thrust it deeper into his neck. He coughed violently, and shoved Zoey back into the tree, shooting pain up her back. She had used all of her strength, and she slumped into the tree with a hand on her stab wound that now profusely bled onto the ground.

“What did you do!” The second demon roared as he took a step forward to end Zoey’s life, but he only took a few steps before a loud crack was heard through the air. His head snapped forward and he tumbled to the ground lifeless. The lanky man’s rifle barrel smoked from behind the body. He turned the weapon to the demon struggling with the blade in his throat and fired a second shot from his trusty Winchester, hitting the demon in his right eye right in the slot of the armor. His choking stopped as the impact from the bullet tossed his body to the side.
Zoey’s breathing got heavy as everything began to hurt more and more. She struggled to remain conscious as she failed to keep the blood from her wound in her body.

The lanky man rushed forward, opening his suitcase and taking out medical supplies. Zoey tensed up at his presence and weakly pushed herself closer to the tree she had used from protection earlier. Her eyes widened with fear at the realization that this man could do whatever he wanted to her as she was too weak to defend herself or run.

“Child, I need you to trust me or you WILL die, are we clear?” The man said as he pulled out a syringe and a few bottles of medicine. Zoey shook her head. She was so used to getting through everything on her own, and right now would be no different. If she died on her own, so be it.

“Then I’m sorry, but you will thank me later for this.” He pulled out some gauze and alcohol from his suitcase and sanitized the needle. He sucked a light blue liquid from a bottle with a syringe. “My name is Doctor David MacBeth, and we will speak soon.

“Stop…” Zoey said weakly as she struggled to resist at all. He stabbed the needle into her thigh, injecting the blue liquid into her bloodstream.

Almost instantly, like cool water spreading through her body the pain seemed to wash away. She breathed more steadily as the pain flushed from her body, and a strange feeling of peace and drowsiness washed over her. Her eyes felt heavy as her body began to lose sensitivity, and she slowly lost consciousness as the doctor continued rummaging through his briefcase.


“Hello Zoey.”

Darkness surrounded her. She opened her eyes, but it made no difference. She felt like she was floating in nothing, falling maybe? No, suspended perhaps. She almost forgot a voice had called out to her.

She looked around for the source, but she was surrounded in darkness. She couldn’t even see her own body in the murky black environment.

“Hello?” She called out.

“Do you remember me Zoey?” The voice said again, sounding younger.

“Who are you?” Zoey asked, but she couldn’t hear her voice. She mouthed the words again, but no sound came out as the darkness seemed to take her voice too. She felt completely helpless.

“Do you remember me Zoey?”

“What about me Zoey?”

“Zoey! Remember me?”

Zoey covered her ears. Trying to block out the countless voices calling out to her. Or were they in her head?

“Stop!” Zoey yelled, but again, she only mouthed the words as no sound came out. She felt like she was drowning into the darkness and her own madness as she struggled to keep a level head.

“Zoey I’m here too, remember me?” The voices sounded like children sometimes, men at others, women on occasion, and were different every time they asked.

A burst of light pierced through the darkness. A little girl stood with a teddy bear in hand. It looked beat up, and the girl's clothes were torn and burned. She was smudged in dirt, and her little blonde curls covered in dirt and debris.

“Do you remember me Zoey?” The little girl said, sticking a finger in her mouth at the innocent question.

“No…” Zoey whispered. She heard it this time.

“I was at Praven.” The girl said innocently in her high pitched, young voice. “Do you remember Praven Zoey?”

Zoey desperately searched through her memories of anywhere called Praven, but she couldn’t think of anything.

“No...Should I?” She whispered to the girl. She felt a ball of guilt build up in her stomach, why did that name sound so familiar?

“I lived in Praven with my mommy Zoey.” The girl said, dropping her teddy bear to the ground, only illuminated by the girl’s presence. Zoey fell to her knees and was now eye level with the small girl.

“What is Praven. Who are you?” Zoey asked.

The girl frowned. Clearly upset.

“How can you forget Zoey?” She asked. “You KILLED me.” The girl screamed. “You killed mommy and daddy too! You tore our house down and crushed us all!”

Tears welled up in Zoey’s eyes. She felt horrible. Her insides felt disgusting as a ball developed in her throat from emotion. It sounded so familiar but she didn’t remember.

The girl reached her hand out and placed it on Zoey’s face gently. As the child made contact with Zoey’s skin, she remembered everything. She had traveled to Praven, a small town by the coast, in hopes of finding a normal job and living in peace. An attempt to run from who she was. She had transformed into her archdemon form in the small town of Praven. She hadn’t planned the transformation, but for some hazy reason she couldn’t remember she turned into the murderous monster. She went on a rampage and tore the town apart building by building, killing all in her path. She suddenly remembered every gorey detail, every bloody moment, and the guilt that came with the memories.
The child also had tears from her eyes, and Zoey began sobbing. She was this girl’s murderer. She was her demon. And she was responsible.

“You will remember me Zoey.” The little girl said. With inhuman strength she grabbed Zoey’s throat with her little hands, and Zoey began choking.

Zoey tried screaming as air failed to enter her lungs. Zoey couldn’t move her arms to stop the girl from choking her. She coughed violently, and her eyes rolled into her head as the girl didn’t remotely let up. The light around the girl suddenly erupted in flames, and after the brilliant display of fire, Zoey and the girl faded into the darkness.


Zoey screamed. She violently sat up as the bright lights over her bed blinded her caused her to squint. She breathed heavily and swallowed hard. It was just a night terror.

Pain shot through her side and continually hurt with each breath as she struggled to keep her breathing under control. She was sweating, yet still was cold. She looked down at herself. She was in a hospital bed, and an IV was stuck in her arm. The light blue sheets that covered her rested just above her knees, and the room was a plain white with minimal furniture. There was a doctor's sink and cabinet in the corner, and a small red cushioned chair with a coffee table with a fern on it. A few magazines were scattered on the table, and the wooden door had little glass window through it. A set of sea blue eyes peered at her from the window, startling Zoey, who was still hyperventilating.

The door opened and the woman whom the eyes belonged to walked in. She had dark hair neatly kept in a bun, and she had a doctor’s lab coat on with a stethoscope around her neck.

“Zoey, my name is Valera, and I’ll be caring for you, but I need you to remain calm.” She said with a hint of an accent. Zoey looked her in the eyes and nodded her head, still struggling to keep her breathing under control.

“Deep breaths, there we go.” Valera said as she cautiously approached Zoey. She pulled her sleeve up and pressed the small of her wrist to Zoey’s forehead, who didn’t resist her and began breathing more normally.

“You’re feverish still. It should start to go down and it’s better than it was last week.” Valera said as she scribbled something on her notepad.
“Last week? How long was I out?” Zoey asked, Laying back down on the slanted bed. Her head felt heavy, and pain kept resonating from the wound in her side. It was neatly dressed, and gauze was wrapped around her body.

“You were unconscious for ten days.” Valera said as she filled a cup with water at the sink. She opened the cabinet and pulled a pill bottle from the second shelf. She took two little blue pills from it and walked back over to Zoey with them in hand.

“Take these. It will help with the headache.” Valera said as she placed the glass and pills on the tray next to Zoey. She reluctantly downed the pills with the water she was given.

“Where am I?” Zoey asked, resting the glass of water in her lap as she tried to sit back up. It felt cool in her hands as the droplets of condensation trickled onto her hand.

“Lay down.” Valera said, and Zoey obeyed. “You are at the Healing Hands Clinic. Doctor MacBeth brought you in himself.”

“MacBeth. He saved my life. Is he here?” Zoey asked, almost immediately feeling the effect of the pills ease her headache away.

“He is in his quarters on the top floor. He had business to attend to, but he’s been checking on you personally every day. You will meet him soon enough. Now, I’d like to ask you a few questions Zoey to see how we can continue treatment, and if any further steps need to be taken medically.

Zoey nodded, and answered all of Valera’s questions. Her weight, height, past drugs and injuries, and anything else that could be of use to the assistant. She scribbled many notes onto her pad as Zoey answered her questions one by one. About an hour went by when Valera had all the information she needed.

“I’ve never treated an angel before, this should be interesting.” Valera said.

“I’m still human.” Zoey said, disliking when anybody called her anything but that. She hated any part of her that wasn’t human.

“Perhaps not as much as you think. That wound went in between your ribs and punctured multiple internal organs, and on top of that, according to MacBeth, you then ripped it out and used it as a weapon, and still survived.” Valera said.

“I did what I had to to survive. And I still wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for that doctor.” Zoey said, looking away from Valera.

“He ensured your survival, but I have a feeling you would have made it on your own Zoey. You’re strong.” Valera said bluntly. “All of your internal wounds were already healing when we took you in, we wrapped the wound and let your body heal on its own.”

“I always did heal pretty fast, but I don’t think I have super human healing…” Zoey said. “But I mean, who knows, I don’t know the extent of my own powers myself.”

“Well, your wound we stitched together, but in a few weeks you should be good as new if the healing is as rapid as it appears.” Valera said. “If you feel any sort of pain, or any form of discomfort, don’t hesitate to hit the green button on the side of your bed. It’s a call button straight to my pager and I’ll be right up.” Valera smiled. “MacBeth will be here to check on you later today.”

“Valera, are there any other patients in this hospital?” Zoey asked, her eyes looking fearful.

“Yes, there are. Why?”

“I shouldn’t be here. I need to go.” Zoey said suddenly, remembering the little girl from her nightmare. She ripped the IV out of her arm, causing it to beep. Valera held her wrist and looked her in the eye with authority. Zoey froze, debating whether she should just run for it.

“Rest Zoey. We will not let you hurt anybody if you happen to transform into an Archdemon.” Valera said.

“How are you going to stop me! I’m a killing machine while in that form, and I can’t stop it, and I hurt so many people and, and….” She rambled before finally bursting into tears. Valera, although not one to generally be affectionate, grabbed Zoey by her shoulders and pulled her into a hug.

“We won’t let that happen Zoey. I promise.” Valera said, holding her tight. She released her and pulled a remote from her coat pocket. It had a red button on it.

“Press this Zoey.” Valera said, placing the remote in her hands. Zoey wiped her tears with her arm as she calmed herself down. She slowly pressed the red button with a click.

The room suddenly changed from the bland white to a bright red. The walls around her split into different panels and flipped, turning the once calm room into a red, steel plated prison. Metal bars dropped from slots above the door, sealing them both inside.

“Oh my god.” Zoey said as the room looked like a prison cell instead of a hospital bedroom.

“There’s an electrified barrier beyond the door, and every other room seals the same way. So even if you manage to break out of here, you won’t be able to hurt the others.” Valera took the remote from Zoey and pressed a different button. The panels flipped back to the plain white walls, and the bars on the door flew back into the ceiling, turning the room back to normal.

“We also have a camera in the room, but I think you’ll be able to warn us if you start to transform. The red button on the side your bed, next to the green one to page me, will set your room into lockdown. If that happens, and you start showing signs of escaping, I’ll seal the other patients in order to protect them.” Valera explained. Zoey nodded.

“You’re free to leave at any time you like, but you need to rest and recover first.” Valera said as she walked to the door.

“Thank you Valera.” Zoey said softly.

“You’re welcome. The doctor will be here shortly to check on you. Get your rest Zoey.” Valera replied. She took her notebook back out and scribbled something as she exited the room.

Zoey sat in thought for a while before finally dozing off to sleep again, only to be haunted by more nightmares with the little girl.

Zoey nervously twiddled her thumbs while standing in the elevator that led up to MacBeth’s personal quarters. She had been there for one week since she first met Valera, and every day she said that the Doctor was busy and would see her when he could.

Her wound had almost entirely healed. She still had it wrapped up, but overall the pain had mostly subsided and it was nothing more than a stitched up scar that she added to her collection of scars she had acquired over the years of living on the run.

The elevator stopped with a ding, and the door slowly opened, revealing an elegant lobby with a female sitting at a desk. She looked young, and her blonde hair lightly bounced as she looked up at Zoey, who was dressed in her black jeans and white shirt. She had on a leather jacket, and although it wasn’t like her favorite trench coat, it would have to do as Valera did the best she could to find the clothes she requested.

“You must be Zoey!” The girl stood up and ran over and hugged Zoey, catching her off guard as she tensed up at the sudden display of affection.

“Nice to meet you too?” Zoey said in the embrace, politely trying to wiggle away. The secretary let her go and smiled at her ear to ear.

“I’ve heard so much about you! How you’re a half angel and half demon and still somehow human? What’s it like? Is it interesting? No wonder you’re so gorgeous!” The bubbly girl kept talking and throwing questions at Zoey before she could answer any of them. The girl continued on as if she had received the answers she were looking for through her silence.

“Anyway, I’m Lily, and Doctor MacBeth is in there waiting for you!” She handed Zoey a card that had her contact information. “If you ever want to get a drink or go hang out let me know! I’ve never hung out with an angel before! Or a demon!”

“Or a human?” Zoey asked jokingly.

“Ha! You are just too funny Zoey!” Lily said giggling. Zoey couldn’t tell if she was being sarcastic or not considering she just subtly insulted her.

“It was nice meeting you Lily, but I’m going to talk to MacBeth now alright?” Zoey said, trying to keep her distance from the bubbly, carefree girl.

“Awesome! I’ll let you in!” Lily said as she ran over to her desk, clopping along in her high heels and knee high skinny blue dress. She pressed a button on the phone.

“Doctor! Zoey is here to see you!” Lily said. A click sounded through the room, and the door behind Lily opened up.

“Enjoy your time Zoey! He’s such a talented man!” Lily said, smiling the whole time.

“Thank you Lily.” Zoey said politely before rushing into the room to escape the secretary.

“I apologize for her behavior, but sometimes a hospital filled with grim injuries can use her positive optimism.” A voice said from the center of his room. Macbeth looked the same way he did in the forest. Trim suit, and utterly sophisticated. Zoey felt very under-dressed.

“Thank you for saving my life.” Zoey said nervously. Why did her frighten her? Frighten wasn’t a good word to describe it though. More like intimidated her.

“Don’t mention it. The pleasure was mine. I have never had somebody of your anatomy in my hospital. I love knowledge. Crave it.” The doctor said. He took a seat in a comfortable looking seat. The room was elegantly decorated, and a long couch that was used in therapy sat across from his chair.

“Please sit Zoey. I would like to get to know you a little better if that’s alright.” He pulled out a notepad and clicked a pen in his hand, writing something as Zoey sat on the couch, lying down like it was designed to do.

“Who are you, Freud?” Zoey said jokingly.

“No, however I have read all of Freud’s work. Quite fascinating for a cocaine addict.” He replied. “So Zoey, I’m going to cut to the chase. Would you like to gain complete, unhindered control of your powers?”

The question hit Zoey like a truck in her abdomen. Her wound felt like it throbbed at the shift in her emotion. Nobody had ever asked that before. Only one other person had ever helped her attempt to control her powers, and she had almost killed him.

“Of course, but I don’t think I can.” Zoey said, eyes falling to the floor. “I only control the first stages of both transformations, but even that is so risky. Then there are instances where it happens so randomly…” Zoey could feel the tears building up in her eyes as she thought about the girl. She had that same nightmare every night for the past week. She was afraid to sleep, and some nights, didn’t.

“I’m aware Zoey, but I need a definitive answer.” He looked at her in all seriousness and all pleasantness that was in his tone before was gone.

“Yes or no Zoey.”


The doctor leaned back in his chair and wrote in his notepad once again.

“Then let us begin. I will warn you that there is a chance that your emotions may force your body to transform.”

“Does this room lock up like my room does?” Zoey asked cautiously.

“Yes.” MacBeth replied.

“But what if I kill you?” Zoey asked morbidly. “I don’t want to accidentally kill the person that saved my life. ” She said, referring to the weeks of rest she had at the hospital.

“I can handle myself Zoey.” He said. He pulled a book out and flipped through it.

“I need you to tell me about Praven.”

Kamiroo Wolf
05-09-2016, 06:39 PM
Wait, what? Another one?! Jesus, you two...]

Can read, vote, and so forth later ;o busy atm

05-09-2016, 08:01 PM
Wait, what? Another one?! Jesus, you two...]

Can read, vote, and so forth later ;o busy atm

Im pretty sure alphaeus pushed my shit in to be honest. I'm so rusty. This is like the third story ive written this month, but that was coming from like a 6 month break from writing because of work, school, etc.

But I'm writing every day now, so hopefully I'll improve.

Kamiroo Wolf
05-09-2016, 10:15 PM
Im pretty sure alphaeus pushed my shit in to be honest. I'm so rusty. This is like the third story ive written this month, but that was coming from like a 6 month break from writing because of work, school, etc.

But I'm writing every day now, so hopefully I'll improve.

Welp, you're certainly better than me if that helps...

Read half of Alphaeus', but can finish and cc in school tomorrow =u=

05-09-2016, 11:40 PM
Welp, you're certainly better than me if that helps...

Read half of Alphaeus', but can finish and cc in school tomorrow =u=

Daw thanks brah

Kamiroo Wolf
05-10-2016, 12:15 PM
Ok. So. First off: I do NOT like this Macbeth guy. Quite the charming devil, from what I can gather. Venomous, very venomous.

As for my vote, it's going to Cruel! His, I felt, was equally as well-written as Alphaeus, but I enjoyed more out of personal preference.

However, both were great and we can all appreciate the amount of work you all put in.

05-10-2016, 07:16 PM
Im pretty sure alphaeus pushed my shit in to be honest. I'm so rusty. This is like the third story ive written this month, but that was coming from like a 6 month break from writing because of work, school, etc.

But I'm writing every day now, so hopefully I'll improve.

Okay, like, literally, wtf?! IF I have an edge over you, it is ONLY slight, and primarily grammatical and description. As for actual content? Hell, yours is heavenly, man (Hell, heaven, man...clumsy deliberate pun there...)!

More seriously, I really REALLY like yours. You totally captured one side of Dr. MacBeth. Though I felt you showed little of actual "battle" for him, your description of the Clinic was executed remarkably well, and the professional side of MacBeth was perfect. Not to mention doing a good job with Valera and Lily (though I think she was just a touch exaggerated, still on track with my image of her).

Honestly, I would personally change very little, and will be perfectly happy with making yours canonical if you win.


05-11-2016, 03:45 PM
Okay, like, literally, wtf?! IF I have an edge over you, it is ONLY slight, and primarily grammatical and description. As for actual content? Hell, yours is heavenly, man (Hell, heaven, man...clumsy deliberate pun there...)!

More seriously, I really REALLY like yours. You totally captured one side of Dr. MacBeth. Though I felt you showed little of actual "battle" for him, your description of the Clinic was executed remarkably well, and the professional side of MacBeth was perfect. Not to mention doing a good job with Valera and Lily (though I think she was just a touch exaggerated, still on track with my image of her).

Honestly, I would personally change very little, and will be perfectly happy with making yours canonical if you win.


Thanks bro that actually means a lot :).

Seriously, as far as descriptions and grammar, you do a really awesome job at describing environments and situations and beat me in that by a landslide. And yeah, Lily was supposed to be a little comic relief from the otherwise heavy content of the story I was trying to make, so I went a little overboard on her. Valera also was a little more affectionate than you described her, however, I needed some sort of emotional support character other than MacBeth who I wanted to keep as mysterious as possible. I had no real way to incorporate his reflections into the story too unfortunately, and initially thought about having Zoey lose control and fight MacBeth in his office at the end, but leaving it on a cliff hanger I feel left a little more impact.

Also, I would like to stay in touch with you for a few things if you want to pm me your skype if you have one. Your descriptions are incredible and make mine look shitty in comparison. I'm writing a book about this character, and I'm 3 chapters in, and my BIGGEST problem is descriptions. I think I'm ok at best for dialogue and plot, but I can't use descriptive metaphors to save my life. If you're interested, I could let you take a look at it. Shoot me a pm if you are.

I enjoyed making this fight, and I hope you did too man. I like how we both went off the whole "control Zoey's powers" theme unintentionally. Kinda cool.

05-11-2016, 06:49 PM
I voted for Cruel! Both writers had amazing stories, but I think Cruel's was better.

05-12-2016, 01:51 AM
Thanks bb <3