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Conversation Between Apex-Predator and Mark XD

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  1. you change your sig around a bit, didn't you
  2. lol,
  3. nice new avatar bro
    well i guess i'm gonna change my sig too :>
  4. I guess we can prospone it till later in the year and those anims in my sigs are projects from this year till next year or longer
  5. yup
    and i see ur sig is full of anims, i guess our speed battle is off, then because i also forgot about that,

    but kuchannel kiss my gf in a anim he made so now i have to speed battle him, for faziri, with me luck
  6. Thanks man, nice avatar
    I see she's been unbanned
  7. nice new sig bro,
  8. Thanks Bud

  9. plus
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