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Conversation Between Op34 and Kanga-B

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  1. try joining collabs or make you weekly
  2. Dude, what should I animate now?
  3. yeah, and thanks
  4. OK no one's stopping you from making a clan
    good luck
  5. dude, i was thinking i would make a clan, and i said i would make one, so i will
  6. ohh i see but I don't need to find you some members just make one and let them see your clan if your lucky you might get some members
    btw are you sure you want to make a clan with your bad reputation ._.
    no offense
  7. thanks, but what i meant was that you actually find someone with no clan, so i can ask them if they want to join or not, not you to join
  8. sorry man i can't join you remember but i will support you good luck
  9. dude, i'm gonna make my own clan, so i need with memebers
  10. OK. I respect that good luck on your new clan
    and really how hope she can be are Nakama
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