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  1. Dedication to write usually comes from something I see in every day or a particular song/video that moves me. I try to write something at least once a week, whether it's a thought out post or an entire short story (Usually the short story, haha). You can find dedication in anything if you just open your mind to all the inspiration around you.
  2. Hey Boomer, how do you find the dedication to write, and how often do you write?
  3. I can't really explain it, it's the general tone I think that you've really improved on. Believe me, it was difficult to determine who I would vote for.
  4. Also, can you tell me some of the word choices you like?
  5. Haha. I barely write these days. That's the power of deadlines for you. Or rather, crossing the deadline.

    And fyi, Devour voted for Aquila. My version of Scifi is Superhero AKA: oodles of fun and PURE AWESOMENESS! Screw cynicism and pierce through the heaven! ROW ROW FIGHT DA POWAH! (See the Gurren Lagann references?)
  6. OHHHHHH. Okay now I understand.

    Well, I think for the most part it was just a little clunky. Like, you tried to put too many things in at once. Icarus, the magician, orion and the chimeras and it was hard to tell which was which sometimes. I think just specifiying some things a bit more and adding more detail would help you greatly. And as I said before, the corny jokes just didn't fit with the Sci-Fi for me. However, that's a matter of opinion and Devour got a chuckle out of them, so I wouldn't worry too much about that!

    Also, the last thing is--I'm surprised at how much you've improved! Your writing has really gotten great, man!

    One more thing, Could you actually do me a favor and vote on my match with Tsar Bomba when you get the chance?
  7. What i mean is... give me more details in your CnC. I need more info to improve my rusty writing.
  8. Basically, you just have to say what you liked and stuff you didn't like and ways the things that aren't liked can be improved. You don't even have to add the improved part, just what you liked and didn't if you can't think of anything.
  9. Hey Tang-tang, mind giving me some clarifications in the CnC? I've not been writing for a while.
  10. We could hang out Skype someday if you wouldn't mind,
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