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Conversation Between mizu and Azure

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  1. I'm pretty sure I do but going through my list of 250+ followed tumblr blogs would be one hell of time, If I see any I'll let you know.
  2. Hey, by chance, do you know any pokemon artists? I'm still working on that Pokemon VN, and while I have placeholders, they're kinda not that great.
  3. for me it's his choice of color and just the way his forms look, very similar to saane
  4. I dunno how Doxy makes me love everything he does, but I know I do. Maybe it's the curves he gives his ladies~ Maybe it's the damn fine coloring. I dunno, I'm just a fan.
  5. i don't know what doxy does but it's fucking amazing
  6. Oh yeah, his style is definitely neat. Mango has a funky style that I love as well, as does Doxy.
  7. honestly I wish he drew more neat sfw stuff, because I actually really like his style
  8. You make a very convincing point.
  9. for some whose taste can't stay in one spot shit it amazing.
  10. I always found the Shapeshifter series to be a bit... out of my tastes. Power to ya though, dude.
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