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Conversation Between Andrewgho and Mustika

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  1. Haha, nice
    Kebayang kok haha. Still, give your best~
    Ganbatte yoo~
  2. wkwkwk, sebentar aja mumpung liburan
    pasti udah rusty banget
    good luck buat kita!
  3. Dear lord you're back. What a miracle.
    Wiih cuy, gimana kabar basic-basic skillmu? Coba latih dulu tuh kalo sempet hehe. Aku juga akan bikin RHG battle kok mulai minggu depan. Wish you luck though!
  4. Hey Mustika!
    Andrew sudah hampir 1 tahun gitu gak nganim. Pas bukak SP ada yg ngajak battle.. saya accept doain saya menang yaa!!
  5. SMA yaa? Just wait until uni/college and you can kill yourself afterwards if you wish.
    And thankieees~
    Yeah, busy with SMA now. sigh
  7. Hmm, seeing you've been inactive a lot over here since around few months back I won't be surprised with your upcoming hiatus.
    Just recently won a StickPage competition for a Film Tribute Competition entry, sort of thing and got second place there with money to be deserved. X3
    Until later then~
  8. lol hahaha. sup. how are you? im going out from this forum i think and will be back in someday
  9. With our 36 worth pages of Visitor Message, how could I not?
  10. hey there, still remember me?
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