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Conversation Between -yuno- and renZen

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  1. what men ? lel
  2. Wat. did u say zex
  3. imma hunt ur friends and kill them , i know where you live .
  4. Im sssiiimmoonn nigger
  5. wassap , le swim later on mate
  7. ok then make 3 tryouts ill be looking forward to that ,
  8. hey REN ZEN, i will animate a try out in 3D, is that ok? tell me right away. ... i will also animate one in just macromedia. so i will give two tryouts. and also..... i will give you my game that im making.... i dont kow but please count the game as a try-out... so it will be 3 try -outs...... I WANNA JOIN!!! AH!!
  9. hey ill send another try uot... i wont give up on this awsome clan......................... remember... im a animator that never gives up hope.
  10. hey am i in?
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