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Conversation Between Exxmorphing and Miracle

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  1. Because society, dear friend.

    Because society,
  2. One month.
    One fucking month.
    One mother-fucking, god-damning month and you already have almost as many posts as me.

    How do you do it?
  3. She just has a repressed hatred for music threads after how the last one went.
    Still funny though.
  4. Rosie continues her crusade against music threads. Thoughts?
  5. I thought it had potential too. :'c oh well. Stickpage's funeral. Because now I shall make the 50 shades thread.
  6. Rosie just binned your thread XD
    Well, at least it had potential to me.
    Also, I sigged your 50 shades part of the thread.
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