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Conversation Between Devour and Frost10114

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  1. Thanks anyway.
  2. You're gonna have to post in the thread saying you want to join And it would also be good to only join if you know you can be fairly active through the game.
  3. Ok I'll join
    This'll be fun
  4. The next round of Babel is up and taking new members, if you want in
  5. The next round is when one side's team has been entirely killed. Then the other side wins the game. Then I'll open registrations again
  6. Sorry for spam but, is the round the days?or its gonna be new like new players and stuff?
  7. Ok, thanks!I'll be waiting.
  8. You can join next round if you think you can stay active in it The round is almost over.
  9. Can I join Babel?
  10. They are on the way!
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