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Conversation Between Turquoise#2 and Tsar Bomba

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  1. Woah dude, so sorry. I've cleared it now :C
  2. Clear your inbox, please. Then I can PM you about the RP.
  3. Sorry to be so overbearing. I'm gonna go now, hehe
  4. Just posted, if you want you can respond. It'll be fine either way.
  5. Sorry for bothering, but I kinda have to go. I can stay if you're writing something so that I can reply?
  6. Don't worry haha. I'll be patient. The time difference is an obstacle I'm sure we're capable of overcoming.
  7. If it's school, then I understand. Usually, if I'm careful enough, like now, I can stay up slightly later than 8 PM. I'll try my best to reply to you as quickly as possible, whenever I can. Don't want to leave my master waiting.
  8. I now see that 8pm GMT is 3pm EST (my timezone). I don't return from school until this time on weekdays.
  9. I assure you it isn't laziness or forgetfulness, it's my school hours. I'm sorry if it's peeving, though I don't have much control over it.
  10. Tsar, if possible, could you try replying slightly earlier next time? I'm usually only available from 5-8 GMT, so if you could get online during that time, that'd be great. Otherwise I'd have to sift through a bunch of pages and probably miss a lot, and it's slightly peeving. If it's some kind of irl problem, I don't mind, but if it's just laziness or forgetfulness, I'd like you to, well, not do that.
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