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Conversation Between Skyler ( adiva zahwa ) and Kursura

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  1. Indeed. Hello there~
    Up and down mostly but still going. How about you?
    I see your steam invite there, took a moment to realize who it was.
  2. Hello Kursura, it's been a while since we've last talked in 2015. How are you?
  3. cool that what people says , but the playing isn't easy . Yes for me is hard too
    yup xD
  4. It looks cool. My internet's not up to multiplayer though and vs players isn't my sort of thing. There to hard for me XP
    'Ninja's play for free' should be the tagline XD
  5. what do you think about the game ? . its a online games with uniqe weapons and also that we play as a tenno ( idk about it ) , ninja play for free xD
  6. I've heard of it. Don't know much about it.
  7. Owh... , thats a good game too , Do yu know warframe ? . Ah... i see .
  8. Mainly 'Total War' stuff with a little Team Fortress 2 on the side. Nothing else really for now.
  9. hahahaha.... , so you play games from steam right ? what kind of game ? strategy or others ?
  10. Over the years? I dread to think XP Probably many weeks worth.
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