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Conversation Between Skyler ( adiva zahwa ) and Kazumi

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  1. since u said that you animating anime fullbody, i was thinking if you made your own Anime Character...
  2. I kinda don't understand your question right there
  3. great to hear.
    Ooh thats cool, looking forward to it. hehe... does that mean an Anime Character now? xD
  4. yow I'm cool.
    I'm still animating but now I'm doing anime fullbody
  5. Hi its been a while how are you?
  6. forget what i write
  7. to make him less mainstream
  8. ok... , well it's kinda strange RHG actually and some of it make me laugh . But , why do you make your RHG like that ? ( sorry if this upsetting you or something else )
  9. oh ok... thank you . i'm gonna read it
  10. rhg
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