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Conversation Between Devour and Damian

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  1. Shame, my appetite for roleplay has returned as of late. But I'll definitely pay more attention to the discord, some people on this site I can't forget.
  2. Hop on Discord if you miss us mannnnnnn

    And I made the RP for Veir, but he left so I closed the RP as well lol since I didn't want to do it super bad myself. I'm writing on a visual novel with Zero right now though
  3. I kinda miss y'all ima be honest. And apparently the old academy of heroes group is well and alive, more or less. Is it too late to hop in?
  4. A few hours too late, it seems? I am terribly sorry again. I wasn't able to log in yesterday. It seems like my ability to consistently participate in Forum Games is cursed. It could've been a great game, what with all that was going on.
  5. Yeah I noticed but if I wasn't playing at this time and got sleep properly or even just payed more attention as I should've, having a role like, this I know it wouldn't have happened.
  6. You're not ruining the game. Nish plays aggressively to purposely hurt your morale and make you make mistakes. He did it to Ipman and Bluvarth too. I think he'll apologize after the game is over and assure you he wasn't being serious with any of what he said.
  7. Devour, I need an answer on a question I posted on the thread.

    Never mind, I'm stupid. Sorry for ruining your game
  8. are Captains still immune to being ejected?
  9. Devour, can I use the Truth Serum during the day? I'd love to be able to use it on someone and have them testify for me that I am Captain.
  10. Could be. I always wondered what the system does when you have multiple tabs open.
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