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  1. Ahhh so another episode has come out. Must watch soon...
  2. Yes, and the episode after that "Beginning of the End"
  3. Haha so I'm assuming you've seen the latest episode with that avatar? (Might've been last I haven't checked yet)
  4. Haha i'll check them some time this week. *Currently working on sprites then heading to bed* But thanks
  5. His current strategy's to make comics with an occasional flash. Just click "next page" and you might need an 18+ deviantart account (or I could teach you the bypass)

    Round 1 (vs Cat and Snow)

    Round 2 (vs Mara and Kepler)

    Round 3 (vs Kalliope) <- Current round atm, opponent never stood a chance, she's still coloring the pages
  6. Holy crap they still make those animations? I thought they stopped.
  7. And Zeurel's at it again in The Walking City (Round 3 atm, judging time) with Lariat and Triangle
  8. love matthew, say yes to love. (I'm posting everywhere, you are the first to experience my posting)
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