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Conversation Between Chromium7 and Hewitt

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  1. When I see Dooms, I see a writer who clearly wants to do stories- but insists on their character being at least marginally godmodded, and being used in certain stories/clans/people, and those stipulations are changing far more quickly than I can keep up with. I remain willing to work with Dooms (or any writer) so long as they are able to provide characters and ideas that will work well with my stories, and the stories of people I work with. What Crank and I were looking to do with Moirai, for example, would have clashed with Dooms' character Alex, who was a god-level being with a crush on Serif. In fact, it would have likely derailed Crank's entire storyline up to that point. I tested Dante's interactions with Alex and they were.. not terrible, same for him and probably, but yo- Serif's entire storyline, all robot wRHGs- just gone. Why should I put in the time do stories with characters like that over other, not OP ones, even if I want to give newer writers a shot?
  2. Because I've got a good story going and it's not just about me anymore. If I bring someone into that story as powerful as (assuming this is who you mean) that I simply cannot account for, I would inevitably wind up causing other people grief as the character inevitably wreaks havoc on the entire lineup of characters, not just my own. Add to this that I have other stories to plan & write for currently, and, or any of DoomsDruid's characters so far, aren't really worth fighting for me right now. I would be open to doing a story with DoomsDruid's characters on the condition that the characters' further use could be agreed upon, but so far this has not been the case, I should in fact be writing for other things, and I'm not seeing any real... pitch, from Dooms.
  3. Then why won't u fight mr null field
  4. Tough question. The closest description I can come up with would be "worth fighting." If I feel fighting a character is a waste of my time, this character is not worth fighting. If, after fighting a character, I don't feel that my time has been wasted, then maybe they were worth fighting after all. I suppose I should say that I haven't fought a character and felt that it was a waste of my time, rather, it's the characters I have not fought, have not worked with, that weren't worth fighting or working with. Inversely, it could be said that I consider every character I've fought or worked with in the past to have been worth fighting / working with, because I like having fought / worked with them in the past and ending up where I am currently, so then a wRHG I'd "like to fight" covers a very wide array, and extends back to what wRHGs I've already fought.

    Which really doesn't answer the question, come to think of it.
  5. Hey chrome, if you had to summarize a wRHG you'd like to fight in 1 sentence, what would it be?
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