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  1. If you are confused, you can ask. Nobody will judge you.

    In a single turn, you may do several things:

    -Move to a specific region (fast mechs can move and shoot in the same turn)

    -interact (i.e, picking things up, salvaging defeated Invicti)

    -Deploy/brace (if you are a heavy mech, you can deploy a blast shield or an artillery weapon. Otherwise, you brace to increase weapon accuracy)

    -Attack a target (Agile mechs can attack twice in the same turn)

    -Dodge incoming attacks (agile mechs can dodge a guided weapon)

    -Call reinforcements (if available and you have enough morale)

    You take your turn by writing a short post that describes what your character will do. For example: "Shane peeks out from the skyscraper, firing guided missiles at the hostile Bulk." You can include character dialogue as you feel necessary. Does this clear up the confusion?
  2. That's so uncool Grimm, idk how to play the forum game though but if i did i would :I
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