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Conversation Between Hares and Ipman

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  1. oh well thats sad to hear :/
  2. hard to believe eh, well, i really want to say thank you for supporting me, since only few people supporting me...
  3. are you kidding me? your one of the best i know! and that preview? was EPIC!
  4. dude, do you think i'm good? i f**king suck, i have so much haters now, if i know early i'll never upload this s**t on HD
    i'm so regret but it's was too late, now for them i'm just only piece of glass...
  5. well i doubt that.. your seriously good bro! anyway... thanks! :3
  6. you guys really good, i want to join but i really bad on english, i don't know to animate what.
  7. haha well right now i paused my BSE for the Haunted Mansion... heh it seems like a challenge xD
  8. thanks bro, you too 'v' b
  9. thanks bro! im just gonna practice actually while doing the BSE to improve my skills! and good luck to whatever your doing man!
  10. wow, BSE, good luck man
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