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Conversation Between IgnusBurns and 969_DoomsDruid_969

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  1. Offers you another glass...
    *Just as planned*
  2. I don't need to say it now...

    (which btw was just as planned)(sips martini)(runs out of martini)
  3. I'll just... Stop asking...
  4. just as planned
  5. Oh I see... Weird...

    That crap is weirder than Chtulu and his hentai tentacles...
  6. the wiki page on one of my idols' URL is right here:
    check him out
  7. *Sadly laughing in corner* What does it mean?!?!?
  8. *sips martini
  9. another joins the coven...
    just as planned...

    What the heck is that supposed to mean?
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