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Conversation Between acutelatios and Azure

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  1. Updates? Ya mean the Hall? Not on the phone.
  2. Gonna do any updates while you're around~? =w=
  3. To you too, Acutie!
  4. *curls up into a ball in the corner*
    w-well I think I better head in now; 4 am now
    o w o

    Good night and have a nice day bud!
  5. It's because he was a ghost and came back to life. Now he can spread his evil everywhere once more. His stupid, stupid evil.
  6. FREAKING NAPPA! I swear he seems to stalk me wherever I go
    ; m ;
  7. Oh my god. You dreamed of DBZA. NAPPA KILLED ALL THE WHALES!!! TTmTT
  8. Very true! Though my dreams are getting a little odd as of late; I dreamt I was on a sort of rollercoaster ride over an ocean and I saw the whole sea littered with the floating carcasses of Blue Whales... First time I ever dreamt something like that (well maybe my zombie apocalyptic dreams count)
    ; A ;
  9. Yeah, I have a lot on my paws. But you should be getting to sleep little missy! Sleep is important for one's health! (Well, dreaming more than sleeping.)
  10. Yay for multitasking! Sounds like you have your hands full~
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