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Conversation Between Crank and Ipman

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  1. Alright, seems awesome, ill try to get my writing skills back through the RP i joined, i'm kinda lost on fancy words now.
  2. Uh, couple weeks at least, I gotta wrap some stuff up
  3. All right, so when are we gonna continue it? After a couple of weeks or months?
  4. Yeah, that sounds like a plan
  5. Crank? vv
  6. Dude yeah, i feel the same
    we should just do this all over again cause i'm kinda lost in my own story, like i forgot what was my intentions to the story...
    And we should do a longer date. that is, if you want to battle again.
    And plus i kinda got rusty on making stories so lets battle again once we got our tastes back.
  7. Shoot man, I'm sorry I dropped off the grid. I never really got back into it after my grandma and then as soon as September started I was getting killed by more than I could handle, schedule wise. This is my last 70 hour week between work and school, but after that, I should be able to get back into it if you didn't want to cancel. Personally I'd rather just scrap it and possibly have a new battle all together at a later date, the massive pause just left a bad taste in my mouth with it, but if you do want to finish this one, just let me know.
  8. Hey bro , sorry if im still not yet done on the wrhg fight..
    Internet got lost and without internet i cant go on
  9. Oh okay! And I'll second that!
  10. Haha i was just joking, i can surely try to think of a way to make it longer though.
    good luck to both of us heh
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