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  1. Thanks for sticking tilt now, the pause is over, you animate and you hand over to the next guy witch is Thegridwhereyouaretraped on April 24th, GL and Lets make this already.

    Again i very sorry cuz of this mess, i had to eliminate some poeple for where blocking and making things difficult for me.
  2. I got duckbeak's file , I already started animating but I'm sure about something, I'm I supposed to animate my guy getting beat up 1 v 1 style or do I just animate him getting punched then falling?
  3. I gonna delay the joint for a 2-3 days, just to know who is going to stay. (to avoid any more delays and nonsense from other people in this joint)
    I apologize for any inconvenience.
  4. jump on the stage, do something silly or kick some air and jump down this is how i did it
  5. So... do u haf to jump down from above , attack , and then jump down?
  6. Reminder; tomorrow on 16 April you passing file on the next guy in the folder!
  7. Check the thread for more stuff to explame!
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