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Conversation Between Skyler ( adiva zahwa ) and Mustika

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  1. well, technically, Vector gives you a better image, even if you zoom it, it give a sharp image of it. but, BitMap, is commonly used in the past BUT really ruins great pictures, however, our computer and technologies also relies on it... ( you know? those small dots when you draw digitally xD ), example Mario Bros. is a pixel game that uses a bitmap screen ( bits= Pixels ), like 64-bits, set up or 34 bits set up...
    I guess thats obvious..., its awesome if you can combine 3D and 2D together, i mean it is possible but very complicated xD ( also, Blender is on Steam lel. )

    ( sorry for late replies, i am so busy here xD )
  2. Sometimes it is? I'm not sure XD
    That's like one of the most used software that our community relies on. There are also other free ones like Blender for 3D, or even ToonBoom if you could use with some of money to purchase it.
  3. lemme guess, cuz bitmap ruins everything? xD
  4. Well as a long-lasting Flash user, try Flash 8 if you want. They're vector-based though, but it's very handy.
  5. btw, you have any reccomended software that i could use for animating?
  6. sup, sorry for late reply ( quite busy ;-; ), yeah, i'm pretty sure its about those big projects...
  7. Heey, welcome back
    Which PM? The one where you sent me 'bout your character's story?
  8. btw hi again, sorry i havent been online, its due to... many works here lel xD anyways how are you?
    *and yes i send you a PM
  9. Eh..? Did you PM me?
  10. yeah
    you've read the PM right?
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