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  1. Yo, sorry I havent been online for a while now and I do not usually check my profile. But anyways happy new year, I hope you had great holidays and had fun. To answer your questions:

    1. Although I have been inactive for a couple of months I would want to come back, so given my current availability, we could have a spar if you so desire.

    2. I am sorry for not checking your story. If it still stands, I can still CnC it. Again, I apologize, but at the same time if that story was sent before the actual battle that would go against the policies of a fight: every story must be personally thought, written and checked until deadline. After being posted CnC is accepted and votes are given.

    3. I am as a matter fact, The Comrade Crew on youtube ;D
  2. Are you the comrade crew ?
  3. Also some could you pleae do some CnC
    Here it is so far :
  4. I LOVE your rhg ,I just searched it up . Though the thing is i cant battle you cause Urako/Dozer just challenged me and i accepted . the deadline is the 27th so if you wanna challenge me after that i'm up for it .
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