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Conversation Between EclairCat and Terror-Sama

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  1. ayt ? i don't understand x)
    but sorry i can't for now :c
  2. Ayt bruh,I get you
  3. well no i can't. i have only few minute of free time to do like 1 or 2 frame in my animation and all the day i'm busy at school >_<
    also i suck at speed battle (can't do 10 sec of fight on 1 hour)
  4. How about Speed battle?
  5. oh well idk if it's challanges with due date i can't ._.
  6. So you're accepting challenges?
  7. well i did catch up my works for school so i have some time that i can spend on animating :/
  8. So you're back?
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