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Conversation Between Camila and Kon

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  1. cami-sempai are you streaming anytime soon??
  2. cami sempai did you get my message by chance?
  3. cami sempai how are you doing? i just had a question about something... umm.. i was wondering... if i have gained enough skill to tryout for a clan like yours? not asking if i can i know there arent any spots... i was just wondering... so yea if you could get back to me i would appreciate it
  4. nevermind found it
  5. i watched it but i cant remember your livestream anymore... sooo can you send me a link please?
  6. If you mean the little shochwave i made. Then there's a tutorial about it on my LS.
  7. that the thing you did in your BSE 6 with the background effect thing?
  8. What is it?
  9. camila can you help me really quick?
  10. Oh derp thanks a bunch cami-sempai
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