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Conversation Between Apex-Predator and Mark XD

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  1. so what r we making?
  2. well it's like this, two people in the clan are saying they can't animate atm. But you can still make your part
  3. sup, when are u starting ur clan promo? >.>
  4. long story short- i had one spot open, and then 2 of my best members left the clan, leaving me with 3, so i got uset, because i don't like it when people keep leaving their clans, i want a clan like zeta, where no one leaves even if it is inactive, but everyone today is just leaving clan over and over again, but after i dicided to wait, to see if they would come back, it gt binned, so i dunno, i not creating another clan though, i rather be a member than a leader now, hope u understand
    well, its best if you read the last few pages to find out what really hapen
  5. what happened to Magnum Mark?
  6. dun forget to link me that promo template for your clan, i must be in
  7. lol, thank you, and i'm stiil looking for our speed battle >w>
  8. Happy Birthday dude
  9. its badass dude, gotta love the color,
    better change mine
  10. like my new sig?
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