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Conversation Between Azure and IgnusBurns

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  1. Don't even fret dude, I know how it is. Just focus on taking care of things.
  2. I'm having trouble keeping track of my battle schedule as of late. Sorry about the refusal, I would absolutely love to battle your Leoncio, he seems like a really cool character.
  3. Oh thanks man! I appreciate that.
  4. I've got the day off, so after I hang out with my buddy, I'll look over, comment on and vote for your battle.
  5. Also, depending on how long the two stories are, I may be able to give some of my famous CnC.
  6. Heh, I put it up. I'm planning to tackle it as soon as I finish my school stuff.
  7. Yep yep, thanks for the heads up. And uh. My and Sri poll in the wRHG section is up.
  8. I believe you have enough actions now to continue.
  9. Ahh. Good point. Noah's gonna meet up Seumas again once he reaches the edge of the forest. I'll have him tell Noah then.
  10. *I* know I've leveled up, but my character doesn't.
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