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  1. It's a list of my works and what I'm currently making.

    Top one is an animation I'm working on at the moment.
  2. what does your sig represent?
  3. Yeah, initially, it is.

    They wanted me to revise it though so the revision is still going underway.
  4. so I remember around Sept. you said the university was paying you to draw a comic, is it done?
  5. Do you mean where you can watch the VGP animations?

    It's been scheduled by Jeff and you can check out the schedule here:
  6. hey, so where can I the Video Game Parody animations if the competition has ended?
  7. Basically, yeah.
  8. Basically, you asked Jeff.
  9. I've lurked for so long, I managed to create my own privileges.
  10. also, why is name black all of a sudden instead of blue?
    ^proof. No photoshop or anything. Clicked on other people's profiles, your name is their Friends list is also black, not blue.
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