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  1. No i don't play it
  2. Do you have some time to play Territory War 3? I'm going to posting it on YouTube.
  3. I'm pyroboi3 on skype
  4. Do you have Steam or Skype? If so what's your Steam and/or Skype name?
  5. Taking on your advice and easing more and watching my re sizing. Anim looks pretty good now.
  6. Work on your construction, which is how the stickfigures body parts are connected. Also, ease after attacks which is basically the recoil or how the body would move after making that movement. Also try to move your stickfigure around the screen more so it does not look like he is moving in place. Other than those stuff the animation is pretty nice.
  7. Pyro I saw your trial for Tilt and wanted to ask if you can rate this anim for me? This is it.> <Could you tell me how I could improve? Good luck on getting into Tilt!
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