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Conversation Between Skyler ( adiva zahwa ) and Phaxtolgia

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  1. same username? :O. Let me add you discord tag please...
  2. Ah same here. Not nearly as active on SP. Nowadays I'm mainly on discord. I have the same username there. :P
  3. hi, yes i am, sorry for late reply, i havent been active in Stickpage, but rather in Stickpage Discord. My deep apology of this late message...
  4. A random helloo from a familiar visitor. :P

    Also judging by the other conversations on your wall, you must be into animating?
  5. hmm i see
  6. Flash CS6, but I'm about to change programs soon.
  7. owh i see. yup. Anyway, what program u use ?
  8. I actually don't really have any particular goal tbh. The only goal that can be considered, is "because i can."
  9. owh i see... intresting . So , whats your goal ?
  10. It's a reaper from SC2, animated by Carbot. :L
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