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Conversation Between Skeletonxf and Azure

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  1. Nothing else to add to the Farming debate?
  2. Aha. Most of the threads correlate quite well to my lessons in philosophy or my critical thinking qualification so while the content may differ the argument structure is familiar.
    And most science stuff I can understand from the lessons I've had on that.
  3. Yep. In the one I was actively in, it related to diets, and as a Culinary Student/Chef-in-Training, it directly correlated with my studies, which is why I could provide so much input. Which was nice, because I do think I provided some awareness for the others.
  4. Exactly, and sometimes you arrive to a thread with nothing to add to it.
  5. Yeah, I always keep an eye on new threads. But you don't enter a debate of you can't add to the topic. That's just foolish.
  6. There will be new threads - provided someone makes them.

    Honestly it's great to see some new people in the section, I've been lurking it for most of the last year because there wasn't anything I could actually post on. :/
    The thread almost seems to be coming back to life these past few weeks.
  7. Debating with you was pretty enjoyable. Can't find anything else to bring up in the thread, so I won't poke at anything. Just wanted to say that I understand your views, even if I don't agree with them all.
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